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  1. As a poster who similarly "disappeared" over the same timeframe, it was more than when things are going well, it's been much easier to sit back and trust the organization, enjoy the players, and read the more interesting threads. During the bad times, the content on here is much more "what should we do to climb out of this", which is by nature, more user driven. Those threads have positive folks and negative folks, but everyone is throwing ideas at the wall to see what sticks. During the good times, the content revolves around game threads, food at the ballpark, history, and other stuff that I personally don't have a ton of interest participating in (but certainly read).
  2. Preach. It's worse than when the Nat's MASN team when they first moved to DC.....
  3. Depends on cost. I'd be fine with a low cost acquisition of either, but my vote was for Venable. A few tidbits on Venable: http://www.baseball-reference.com/players/split.cgi?id=venabwi01&year=2014&t=b He hit credibly in the 2nd half, after an atrocious 1st half. Hits righties pretty well; lefties give him more trouble. Steve Pearce makes lefties cry for their mommas. Plays credible outfield defense. Costs next to nothing, and is a free agent after this year.
  4. I would like to give him the QO, and take the draft pick. If his market isn't crazy, wouldnt be opposed to a 2/28 3/35 type deal for him as a pure DH. Do NOT want to see Cruz in the field at all next year.
  5. I think we make it. This team has shown its true colors on the west coast swing, looking like a true contender. Winning the division means we play Detroit rather than Oakland in all likelihood.
  6. Billy is really going for it. WOW. Lots of pressure on LA, Detroit, and Baltimore to make moves now. This really ups the ante.
  7. Flaherty is hot right now. They wont option Davis (not sure if he has options or not), so pick and arm and JSchoop and bring up two arms. It leaves you with no backup MI (although we could get creative in a pinch), but hes the bat you can most afford to lose. Against Washingtons rotation, we need all the hitters we can keep up to be ready.
  8. So the problem is that if we send kg down, he has to stay down for 10 days and misses a start? Why not option one of Schoop/Lough (hes not gonna be pinch hitting in an NL game) and one bullpen arm?
  9. Maybe I missed a bit of the thread. Are you upset that they have to send the Gas-Man down for a bp arm?
  10. Good point. In this case though, with the ASB only a short while a way, I'm in favor of putting our foot on the gas.
  11. Wins in July are worth just as much as wins in September in the final standings...
  12. This is a good plan. If rest of rotation is pitching well and Jimenez is stinking it up, you let him be claimed. Really hoping he can reclaim 2nd half of last year. Real question is how his contract affects Angelos if we make the playoffs again.
  13. Me too. Gotta think that the Orioles lost pretty much an entire generation of current 18-30 year olds with the dark years. When I joined: Was lifeguarding in highschool so I had a lot of down time. Joined as a way to pass the time in the guard shack. Think that was right around the time we started getting excited about "The Calvary", and so most of my time was spent reading about how prospects were doing, SportsGuy's trade ideas , etc. Now: I work as a financial analyst, in a significantly more time consuming role, so I don't post as much, but I'm still passing the downtime at work reading about trade ideas, game recaps and how our minor leaguers are doing! Great thread!
  14. Ray Rice knocked his wife out. Come on man. You're really out on a limb here...
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