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  1. He also doubled down the left line off Gilbert in the first inning...
  2. palmer22

    Cubs rumored to have deal (offer) for Manny

    If you're the O's, you have to take this deal. I think people on here are vastly underestimating Baez's defensive skills. And he's a middle infielder. How many of those do we have in the system?
  3. palmer22

    Which team was better, 79 or 83

    Great question. I would say '79 for certain until Lee May started to fade in the second half. Even then, I would give the edge to the '79 team: better run differential, Bumbry was better, the starting pitching was better and they won the AL East against a very strong division (Yankees and Red Sox were stronger in '79 than '83 plus the Brewers were on the rise).
  4. palmer22

    Tillman back. Are we happy?

    Anybody else find it curious that the Tillman deal still hasn't been announced? Maybe it's related to his physical or things are stirring regarding the 40-man roster.
  5. palmer22

    Os requesting offers on Machado

    Is Pittsburgh's haul in the Cole trade the template for the return one might expect for Manny?
  6. palmer22

    Os requesting offers on Machado

    Why would Arizona give up Walker when their pursuit of Machado indicates they are obviously trying to win this year?
  7. palmer22

    Os requesting offers on Machado

    Do the O's say no to Brandon Drury, Jon Duplantier and Anthony Banda?
  8. palmer22

    Os requesting offers on Machado

    Roch in his latest tweets says the Cardinals have definitely pulled back but other teams are still "hovering." O's will continue to plan as if Manny is an O but aren't shutting the door.
  9. palmer22

    Carson Kelly

    Why can't Sisco DH? We need left-handed bats in the worst way.
  10. palmer22

    Os requesting offers on Machado

    When reporters write that none of the White Sox "top prospects" have been offered for Machado that could just mean that Moncada, Jimenez, Robert and Kopech haven't been offered. They are generally the highest rated prospects, at least that's the conventional wisdom. There are a lot of attractive pieces outside of those four: Giolito, Cease, Hansen for instance...
  11. palmer22

    Os requesting offers on Machado

    Roch in his latest blog says the O's are paying close attention to the players the Cardinals surrender to the Marlins in the Ozuna deal. Cites the Cards as "serious contenders" for Machado. Mike Matheny is quoted as saying obtaining another hitter after Ozuna "is on the table" for St. Louis.
  12. palmer22

    Lee May

    I was at that game in May 1979 when the Big Bopper crushed a ball to left in Memorial Stadium for a grand slam against the Angels. That's also my favorite memory of Lee May. We won 9-1 that Saturday night and the next afternoon Dennis Martinez had a no-hitter into the seventh until Don Baylor broke it up. The O's were in the midst of a 15-1 run and they looked like no one in the world could beat them. Good times indeed...
  13. palmer22

    Machado Gold Glove Finalist

    Manny is going to win...
  14. palmer22

    Showalter to meet with Rasmus

    I really like LaRussa, having dealth with him on a professional level (this is long past 1983 when I would have knee capped him). But I completely understand where Weams is coming from and I don't disagree. Bottom line is if Buck thinks Colby is Oriole worthy then I'm all on board. In Buck I trust. And DD.
  15. The radio interview with Tony Rasmus where he blames LaRussa took place in August 2014