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  1. fansince1988

    Week 13 @ ATL

    I'll be there too. Which section?
  2. fansince1988

    Week 13 @ ATL

    Agreed JN is the best play by play announcer in the the league. Tony literally calls the plays before they happen.
  3. This looks like a fantastic move by the Orioles, well done!
  4. fansince1988

    Week 11 vs. CIN

    I'll be at the game 9 rows off the field. Seems to be shaping up as a pivotal game in Ravens history!
  5. fansince1988

    Week 9 - Steelers Week!

    With each passing week we get closer to the end of the Joe and John era. Let's hope they can pull this one out and make the Cincinnati game must see TV.
  6. fansince1988

    Fanfest announced for Sat, 1/26/19

    Jack Cust reference? Solid.
  7. fansince1988

    Fanfest announced for Sat, 1/26/19

    I still remember the great Fanfests the Orioles used to host near 17th St in DC before the Nats arrived and ruined it. I can still see Jay Gibbons and The Crow during the final event in 2004. Memories aside, 2019 will be a great one to attend if you like giveaways. Judging by the attendance during last season give away games, there may be a kings ransom for those who show up in January.
  8. fansince1988

    Week 8 @ Carolina

    The next two weeks may define the direction of the team. 6-4, 5-5, J&J have a chance. 4-6? Time to start looking towards the future.
  9. fansince1988

    Week 8 @ Carolina

    DJ M was on the board, could have had him, and he would have been a perfect fit. HH, what has he done this year?
  10. fansince1988

    Week 7 vs New Orleans

    The Ravens install four huge scoreboards in the upper deck corners to improve the fan experience at the games, but as some have suggested, the wind now adversely impacts the kicking game. The irony of it all.
  11. fansince1988

    Week 7 vs New Orleans

    Ravens show everyone they are for real this season. Win column, 24-10.
  12. fansince1988

    Week 6 @ Nashville

    I was so far off last week that I won't make a prediction this week. Ravens win, 20-17.
  13. fansince1988

    Week 5 @ Cleveland

    One of the uglier games I've wasted a Sunday afternoon on in recent memory.
  14. fansince1988

    Week 5 @ Cleveland

    I know two Browns season ticket holders. They both go home with a familiar feeling this weekend, disappointed. Ravens win 35-10.
  15. I attended today’s game, and was surprised at the lack of any acknowledgement of Buck. He wasn’t even shown on the video board, kind of a head-scratcher.