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  1. fansince1988

    Week 6 @ Nashville

    I was so far off last week that I won't make a prediction this week. Ravens win, 20-17.
  2. fansince1988

    Week 5 @ Cleveland

    One of the uglier games I've wasted a Sunday afternoon on in recent memory.
  3. fansince1988

    Week 5 @ Cleveland

    I know two Browns season ticket holders. They both go home with a familiar feeling this weekend, disappointed. Ravens win 35-10.
  4. I attended today’s game, and was surprised at the lack of any acknowledgement of Buck. He wasn’t even shown on the video board, kind of a head-scratcher.
  5. Too many variables to make an educated guess. Do they move the fences back at OPCY? Are the divisions finally re-shuffled after decades of SOS? Do we strike gold in our draft picks? It's hard for me to imagine it's going to be soon, but a wise man once said “things can change quickly. A lot of things can get better.”
  6. fansince1988

    Final series of the season. Will you be there?

    I'll be attending with my father on Sunday to see the conclusion of the Buck Era. Its been a great ride. I was able to get a pair of club level seats on SH a few weeks ago for $15 each.
  7. fansince1988

    Week 4 @ Pittsburgh Sunday Night Game

    Orioles wrap up the Buck Era at home on Sunday afternoon with a W, and Joe leads the Ravens to victory later that evening.
  8. fansince1988

    Week 3 vs Denver

    The home wins have been easy to predict in the Flacco era. The true test comes the next three weeks on the road.
  9. fansince1988

    Great Days in BirdLand

    9/13/98 9/26/99 9/24/00 10/1/00 9/14/03 9/26/04 10/2/05 9/17/06 9/16/07 9/13/10 9/15/13 9/28/14 10/01/15 9/11/16 9/18/16 9/25/16 9/17/17 9/23/18
  10. fansince1988

    Week 3 vs Denver

    The Ravens take care of business at home this week, 28-17.
  11. It's psychological. Picture this, you are the best HS pitcher in the history of your region, or the best college pitcher in the history of your Power Five Conference. Then you accomplish your dream of pitching in the big leagues, only to realize you have to pitch in a historically unforgiving ballpark in the AL EAST. I love OPCY as much or more than anyone on this board, but they need to move the fences back.
  12. 333--364--410--400--373--318 They have to move the fences back. Walter Johnson wouldn't be able to pitch in this ballpark. https://www.mlb.com/orioles/ballpark/information/ground-rules
  13. fansince1988

    Week 2 vs Cincinnati Thursday Night Game

    Ravens are 3-8 vs the Bengals in their last 11 games, and we all know what happened at the end of last season. Ravens need to come out strong on the road this week.
  14. fansince1988

    Week 1 vs Buffalo

    Very impressive win for the Ravens yesterday in front of an announced crowd of 70,591 . It makes me wonder how many more rings the Ravens would have if we were in the weaker division with Buffalo, Miami, and the Jets. NE pretty much starts the season with 5 or 6 easy wins every year while we have to duke it out with Pittsburgh and Cincinnati. Completely baffled as to how the Bills made the postseason last year with the same record as the Ravens.
  15. fansince1988

    Week 1 vs Buffalo

    Weather looks bad this afternoon with rain forecast all day. Tickets for today's home opener are currently going for $12 on StHub (fees included) which is lower than I've ever seen Ravens tickets. Hopefully the Ravens get off to a good start today because they play again this Thursday night in Cincinnati.