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  1. fansince1988

    Adam Jones interview on C.C. Sabathia's podcast

    I've enjoyed AJ for a long time and I think he has been a top ten CF in baseball for most of the time he has been in Baltimore, but its time to move on after this season. I never liked the pie tossing, the bubble blowing catches, or the .155 post season BA. I hope he does well in the future---he has been a great Oriole.
  2. fansince1988

    Machado to the Dodgers, 5-1 deal

    Easily the pinnacle of my 2018 season. Opening day is now a distant second. Special thanks to the Orioles front office/management, and ownership team for getting this deal done today. I'll miss Manny and his talents, but let the rebuild begin. Lets go after the number one pick!!
  3. I'm going to enjoy the rebuild. I embraced it once, and I can do it again. Hopefully MLB won't bring in the ping-pong balls to "influence" the draft.
  4. fansince1988

    Manny’s an all star

    Nick the Stick also was voted in as a starter. Both well deserved. Cruz should also be an All Star IMO. All three are nuggets in my book.
  5. fansince1988

    Chris Davis

    CD isn't done. I have a feeling he will breakout soon.
  6. fansince1988

    Delmarva Scrapple

    YES! The real question is, Scrapple in Salisbury, or Billy Ripken Bobblehead in Hagerstown?
  7. fansince1988

    Delmarva Scrapple

    The Shorebirds are changing their name to the Scrapple for one day this August. For anyone that grew up in Maryland and had friends or family on the eastern shore, this is awesome. Here is your chance to tell your favorite scrapple story. My eastern shore kin used to love this stuff, and my uncle would always ask us "who wants sausage?" before dishing us a plate of scrapple. https://www.delmarvanow.com/story/sports/2018/06/14/delmarva-shorebirds-changing-name-scrapple/702834002/
  8. fansince1988

    The next 6 weeks - trades better be coming

    I was going to take my Dad to the O's game this Sunday in Baltimore for Fathers Day, but we decided to take in a Keys game instead. I'd like to see some substantive trades before the deadline and a commitment to a full rebuild, including a top 3 pick in the 2019 draft. Looking forward to the future.
  9. fansince1988

    #1 pick in the 2019 Draft

    Wow, was I late to this party! 😅
  10. fansince1988

    #1 pick in the 2019 Draft

    Can anyone provide any insight as to who may go #1 in the draft next year? Are there any slam dunk, generational talents at the top of the board or is next years draft wide open?
  11. fansince1988

    Padres DFA The OH Heartthrob: Chase Headley

    Don't forget Smoak and Sano.
  12. fansince1988

    FEEL the power of the Dark Side...

    I will probably attend fewer games in Baltimore this year until they start the rebuild. I may drive up to Frederick and catch a few Keys games this summer, something I did frequently during the 14 year abyss. I can't watch season after season of bad baseball night after night anymore, that long stretch of losing took its tole. I'm less than 3 miles from Nats Park and a solid one hour drive to Camden Yards. I'll be at Nats Park for at least two games this June when the Orioles play in DC, wearing my O's hat. Or if someone gives me free tickets, otherwise no thanks.
  13. fansince1988

    1988 video segment

    Thank you for posting. My father took me to my first game at Memorial Stadium in 1988 at the age of 9. I was glued to HTS that season and beyond, and became a fan for life. 0-21 will live forever in my memories.
  14. There was discussion a few years regarding a large scale renovation of Camden Yards in the coming years. This chatter seems to have subsided, aside from renovations to the warehouse. After attending nearly 200 games at Camden Yards, here are my ideas for what I'd like to see: Remove all of the seats in the left field upper deck and make that entire area a social/standing room area with a brand new wide screen scoreboard as the backdrop, ie the Scoreboard Pavilion Move the left field fence back at least ten feet Create a grassy berm in left field beyond the fence and make that entire area alcohol free and for families and kids only Open the Concourses in the remainder of the upper deck and lower deck seating bowls to create more standing room What would you like to see if and when they renovate?
  15. fansince1988

    Simple question. Have you lost hope?

    I think we are closer to a full rebuild than a World Series, then again, maybe not. This team as constructed has the talent to compete this year. I'm fearful the fan base, the players, and even Buck are looking forward to the next chapter. They certainly are playing that way in April.