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  1. The NY/Red Sox fans from Northern VA (who also root for the Nats) are bad enough. A friend of mine from out of town asks "how come every-time I come up here they are playing the Blue Jays or Tampa Bay??" The divisions are stale, and I'm done paying to see AL East opponents.
  2. After watching the replay (there is a great slow-mo clip on youtube), he palms the ball, takes three distinct steps, and drags his foot for a grand total of four steps. Truly one of the worst no calls in the history of basketball.
  3. I have no interest in paying to see any AL East opponent, but for those that are looking for tickets there are plenty left. https://www.mlb.com/orioles/tickets/opening-day?tfl=Baltimore_Orioles-Schedule-Baltimore_Orioles:_Schedule:_Schedule-na-x0-Desktop-Landscape
  4. I never enjoyed listening to my home team announcer gushing about the Red Sox and/or the Yankees, so I watch the games on mute most of the time. Mel, John, and Joe were my favorites. Track, wall, see you later was ok too. I do like Dave Johnson and post game with Davis and Dempsey.
  5. The street/area between M&T and OPCY is currently getting a $5 million renovation. Good news for those of us that come up from the south. https://www.southbmore.com/2019/03/08/ravens-walk-undergoing-a-5-1-million-renovation-at-the-camden-yards-sports-complex/
  6. I've had season tickets in the past as recently as 2011 and my family had season tickets at Camden Yards from 1992 to 1997. Unless you root for a perennial playoff contender and want first priority for playoff tickets, or first crack at opening day tickets, you aren't saving money with a season ticket package (on tickets). I have been able to purchase opening day tickets directly from the Orioles (without a season ticket package) for the last several years with no issues. This wasn't always the case, but the last few seasons plenty of OD tickets have been available the week of the game for the general public. Before the internet and the average fan either walked up to the gate the day of the game, bought tickets from a scalper or friend, (bought 1996 ALCS tickets from the Wash Post classified ads--we lost, thanks Strawberry), or bought into a season ticket package. The smart phone era has changed everything for the fan ticket buying experience. I can go on apps such as StubHb almost up to game time and find seats for cheaper than the season ticket price (yes, with SH fees included) nearly 100 percent of the games I attend. It's gotten even easier to do with the recent advent of the paperless ticket, fans no longer have to be tied to a computer or a printer. I think the average price I paid for upper deck tickets with fees the last few years was around nine or ten bucks. I've also sat in the lower level between the dugouts for $35 (SH fees included) or less on many, many occasions. It's not just the Orioles, it's spectator sports in general. I'll keep attending games ad-hoc, weather permitting, skip the time it takes to swap out/exchange season tickets, and still come out ahead.
  7. I think its the other way around. The Orioles did in fact lower concession prices last year, well before the football season started.
  8. Thank you Joe for your dedication to Orioles baseball! I grew up listening to Joe on the radio, and my dad still watches every game with the TV volume off and the radio turned on, mainly to listen to Joe. I'm going to miss his signature call at the end of each Orioles victory, "Orioles...are in...the win! column!" I'm hoping Adam Pohl gets an opportunity to broadcast Orioles games. He has been calling Frederick Keys and Baysox games since 2006 and really knows the young players in the system. https://staatalent.com/client/adam-pohl/
  9. In 2018 I went to 6 Orioles games in Baltimore, and one road game against the Nats in DC. During the last 15 years I've averaged 10-15 home games a season in Baltimore, 1 or 2 road games in various cities, and 1 or 2 Spring Training games-every year. I've attended well over 200 games at Camden Yards since it opened. As for 2019 and beyond, for various reasons, I'm done attending weekday games, Saturday night games, and games against AL East opponents. That leaves me with Saturday day games, and Sunday day games. I'll probably be lucky to make it to 5 games in Baltimore this season, and I'm skipping opening day for the first time in years due to the opponent. I'll be heading down to FL for spring training for a few games and will go see them at least once in DC when they play the Nats. Not much to get excited for this season other than a day at the ballpark.
  10. As the O's try to regain relevancy here are my adjustments as a fan: Attending fewer games in Baltimore (hoping for more Saturday day games, no more night games for me) Skipping opening day due to the opponent (Yankees) Watching fewer games on TV I'll no longer be attending games against AL East teams until MLB changes the divisions. I'm way over watching the Rays, Jays, Sox, and Yanks. I will continue to attend fanfest, make my annual Spring Training Trip, and attend an O's game in DC when they play the Nats. I will also catch a few minor league games to watch our number one draft pick.
  11. fansince1988

    Week 13 @ ATL

    I'll be there too. Which section?
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