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  1. maybenxtyr

    Who replaces Joe Angel

    I live in Salisbury and would love to meet him.
  2. maybenxtyr

    Zach Britton is changing his name!

    Why? He was traded in the middle of the season and signed a contract with a winning organization. I don't really understand why people have a complex when someone improves their situation. In any other industry people would be applauded for that.
  3. maybenxtyr

    Orioles sign Nate Karns

    He's a potential 5th starter on a likely 100 loss team. Could be a nice signing if he's healthy considering the salary.
  4. maybenxtyr

    Anyone Following Manny? (Signs with San Diego)

    Most owners make their money from other avenues. I'm all for paying market rates.
  5. maybenxtyr

    Anyone Following Manny? (Signs with San Diego)

    If anything they need to revamp how a player gets paid when they are young. I have zero interest in watching a player like Davis, or Pujols making a bunch of money for production from 5 years ago.
  6. maybenxtyr

    Anyone Following Manny? (Signs with San Diego)

    They are paid quite well for playing baseball. I'm not arguing against the players, but why would an owner pay more for less production? If anything the cost to watch live games should go down rather than putting money into mediocre players. I know tickets will never go down but they should. Everything is a bubble...sports aren't any different.
  7. maybenxtyr

    1989 - 30th Anniversary: Why Not?

    Each loss counts as a win. That's about the only way their numbers are going to come close to the rest of the division.
  8. maybenxtyr

    The other way to build a 1st place team

    Tampa did win 90 in 2018 in spite of New York and Boston. I don't know about winning 100 this year, but equalling the Cubs, and or Cardinals is a possibility.
  9. maybenxtyr

    Tim Locastro

    It was meant as an obviously terrible joke...
  10. maybenxtyr

    Tim Locastro

    WWHD? (What Would Houston Do?) WWMD? (What Would Milwaukee Do?)
  11. maybenxtyr

    Interesting FAs

    I'm pretty sure most opposing pitchers are going to be lights out against Baltimore this year.
  12. maybenxtyr

    Why is Josh Rogers not in the O's Top 30?

    Certainly a deal only a team like New York can afford. There's definitely a lot of risk/reward on the table.
  13. maybenxtyr

    Why is Josh Rogers not in the O's Top 30?

    Of course the Yankees can afford for him to not be good during this period. Never in question. I just think they overpaid for him. I'm really surprised that he's going to get paid like this.
  14. maybenxtyr

    Why is Josh Rogers not in the O's Top 30?

    I expect the Yankees will soon wish that they had let him go at the end of the season. Signing a guy to a potentially bad contract doesn't really make a good point of reference.
  15. maybenxtyr

    Why is Josh Rogers not in the O's Top 30?

    I wanted to trade him after "The Season". Imagine the talent they could have picked up at that point... Oh well. I'm looking forward to the new Orioles way.