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  1. Orioles interested in Cobb

    Exactly. Baltimore is not in a winning situation at the moment. They "lost" 3 starters to free agency and got better. I don't think they can compete right now with the quality of the NYY's and Bos. I do believe the Cobb contract will end up being an overpay for whomever signs him.
  2. Right. I feel bad always being the voice of negativity with Wildcard. How many "what ifs" is enough?
  3. I don't know what the drop rate is on pitchers, but it's hard to count on both of them in the future. I remember the "cavalry" days and folks were counting on them a bit much. As far as pitches for next season...young and cost controlled. I think anything on the FA market will give us more of what we had this year. Maybe Chatwood if he is not overpriced. Other than that, Dan will have to get creative.
  4. I agree with you on this one. I like Manny but I don't think it makes sense to extend him with the current make up of this team. This is not a good baseball at the moment.
  5. Mancini is a ROY finalist

    He definitely did deserve it.
  6. Orioles Halt National's Exhibition Games At Naval Academy

    The Orioles ownership has a rich history of making terrible decisions.
  7. Not. Going. To. Happen. He has been an effective reliever, and he will choose to stay that way. That's how he will earn his FA contract. He's not going to throw away that chance, and the O's would be foolish to try and force him.
  8. Most interesting off season in a long time?

    Ok. That makes sense. I didn't know if you were projecting him for anything else.
  9. Most interesting off season in a long time?

    Hunter Harvey is a no brainer for what?
  10. Getting rid of Chris Davis

    He will hit less HR's than millions on the deal. I don't see him hitting a combined 161 over 7 years. I also think he will K over 161 times each of the 7 years unless he is injured.
  11. Girardi: "Buck, hold my beer"

    Unfortunately I think the Yankees will destroy Houston. They have a good shot of going to the WS, and potentially winning it.
  12. Orioles Roster Review: Replaceable Position Players

    There is a substantial difference between1B and SS. Beckham is what he is at this point. He's not a bad player, but he will make 20+ errors a year and K about 150+ times. Ok...just not great.
  13. Dan wants to reload, not rebuild

    I applaude your optimism.
  14. Dan wants to reload, not rebuild

    I agree unfortunately. Even if some of the young guys pan out, there's just not enough open positions. Couple that with the pitching and overpay contracts, it provides a bleak future. I'm still beating the drum about some animosity as well. You don't generally see a team mail it in like this when they are working in cohesion. I hope I'm wrong and they rebound in 2018, but I'm taking the half empty approach right now.
  15. Dan wants to reload, not rebuild

    Well, they are this years version. The O's are no different than the Tigers at this point. At least Detroit set the wheels in motion to shed payroll this year.