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  1. maybenxtyr

    Manny Machado trade: Five sensible proposals

    What do you mean? You don't think either of those are adequate?
  2. maybenxtyr

    Jim Palmer just threw Chris Davis under the bus

    I don't consider it throwing under the bus when it is correct. He is not good at baseball. He makes more money than the GDP of a small country to not be good at baseball. As a fan, I don't care about his feelings. I just want him to at least put in the effort to come close to feeling like he has "earned" his contract.
  3. maybenxtyr

    vs. WHITE SOX, 5/23

    They are a better looking terrible team.
  4. maybenxtyr

    vs. WHITE SOX, 5/23

    I guess the leadership will continue doing the same thing day in and day out. I have no clue about what changes need to happen, but this is epically bad. Embarrassing.
  5. maybenxtyr

    vs. WHITE SOX, 5/23

    I could deal with watching a bad team if I felt like they had a plan moving forward. I really don't feel like they do.
  6. I don't know if I have ever seen a sports team fall apart as quickly as this one has. I really wasn't ready for the good times to end but they appear to be over.
  7. maybenxtyr

    Joseph Optioned to Norfolk (Booo!)

    Has there ever been a player with that much still owed been DFA'ed? I don't think so. I think it would benefit the team the moment it happens, but I guess they are a couple of seasons away from doing it. They will not even release Tillman and his 2ish million...
  8. maybenxtyr

    Chicago Sun: Cubs interested in Manny

    Not really close.
  9. No one will claim him. He's passed through waivers every year since he signed the contract. Outside of him just retiring there's really no way out of the contract. They will have to pay him regardless of production, so they would be better off just DFA'ing him and moving on. However, ownership seems unwilling to eat the Tillman contract so thinking they will shed the Davis deal is a bit far fetched.
  10. There is literally no reason for Davis to do that. He's going to get paid every cent of his deal just by waking up each morning. This isn't J.G. Wentworth.
  11. maybenxtyr

    vs. RED SOX, 5/19

    This team went from mediocre to flat out terrible as fast as any that I have seen. I was on the fence with either 90 wins or 90 losses, but I said the latter in a bit of just. This is terrible.
  12. maybenxtyr

    O's 6-4 since Schoop's return

    Copy that.
  13. maybenxtyr

    O's 6-4 since Schoop's return

    They are winning at a 20% clip versus Boston... 40% against Tampa... A whopping 66% against KC though.
  14. maybenxtyr

    Chicago Sun: Cubs interested in Manny

    Listening to DD on XM yesterday makes me think they will not be trading Manny. I know he can only say so much, and he is limited in what he can do, but it's the feeling I got.
  15. maybenxtyr

    Are Wright and Alvarez the next off the island?

    He plays a mean 3B.🙄