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  1. Justin Turner out with broken wrist

    Machado will not be traded in my opinion.
  2. Trumbo out 3-4 weeks

    I like Reynolds, but he doesn't make sense for all the reasons already listed in the article. If they spend any money it should be on some form of starting pitching in my opinion.
  3. Do you know of a guaranteed contract that was ever not guaranteed?
  4. Brad Brach 87-89 this spring

    Even worse, it was Hunter and Bordick.
  5. Brad Brach 87-89 this spring

    I thought they said it was a hamstring during the broadcast of his first appearance.
  6. Does adding Moustakas alter the balance of power in AL East?

    Why would they strike? Players and/or agents have turned down some pretty decent money this off season. They may decide to strike, but it will come at a great cost to the sport.
  7. Could Davis and Trumbo start the season on the DL?

    Unfortunately it would probably make the team better if they did start on the DL. I'm not trying to kick them while they are down, but they represent the "old" baseball way.
  8. Orioles on SiriusXM at 5 PM

    That sucks. I really like DD,and would like to see him back.
  9. Firstbaseman Needed

    Their utility guy was better than most of our starters last season. Gurriel will also be back by April or so. They will be ok.
  10. They All Break

    He really seems like a good guy.
  11. Bleacher Report 2018 Power Rankings: O's Last in AL East

    Honestly, this team is in no position to contend so where they finish doesn't matter to me. I think 75 wins is a bit generous.
  12. Lynn or Cobb? Who is your first choice?

    I believe Lynn will sign in Baltimore by this Friday. 3 years at about 15 million per.
  13. Boras Speak

    I was being sarcastic...
  14. Boras Speak

    Or in case they are ineffective.