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  1. maybenxtyr

    How long does your blank check for Elias last?

    I'll certainly wait until he gets a week under his belt before I start judging him. It's going to be near impossible to judge him on wins and losses for the first 3 or so years. As others have said, it will be more of an idea about the farm system, and recently promoted or acquired talent on the field. It's going to be an arduous process I'm afraid. On the other hand though, there's really only one way to go after 2018...
  2. There's not a game plan to March to the World Series as you would like to believe. That is going to take a lot of luck on draft picks actually working out more than any other idea. Certainly not something that you can put a date on like it is a guarantee.
  3. maybenxtyr

    Trade Ponderings Orioles Twins

    My evenings are pretty boring. I stayed until the bitter end.
  4. maybenxtyr

    Trade Ponderings Orioles Twins

    I did give more credit than they deserved.
  5. maybenxtyr

    Who should be dealt this winter/off-season?

    Which player from 2018 would you like to see extende? Even late season call UPS will probably not be here once they are competitive again. There really wasn't anyone from this season that I would expect to be able to help with a winning culture.
  6. maybenxtyr

    Trade Ponderings Orioles Twins

    You are right. Jones is a curious case.
  7. maybenxtyr

    Trade Ponderings Orioles Twins

    No problem. I really was trying to make a dry joke...I think Cobb would welcome an opportunity to get out of Baltimore though.
  8. maybenxtyr

    Trade Ponderings Orioles Twins

    Being traded off of a team that lost 105 games could be considered compensation maybe.😁
  9. maybenxtyr

    Trade Ponderings Orioles Twins

    I thought it was pretty clear what I was implying. He may choose to give up any restrictions if he can be traded to any other team... especially one that could be competitive during the remainder of his contract. He's not obligated to be traded to any team on his ten team list, but it may be better than Baltimore.
  10. maybenxtyr

    Trade Ponderings Orioles Twins

    I agree. The other poster seemed to miss that I guess.
  11. maybenxtyr

    Trade Ponderings Orioles Twins

    Whether or not he would accept a trade outside of Baltimore. It was a joke.
  12. maybenxtyr

    Trade Ponderings Orioles Twins

    He may rethink his position on that after 2018 and what 2019 could potentially be.
  13. maybenxtyr

    “A very good experience?!”

    Probably Boston fans.
  14. maybenxtyr

    TT: Silence of Ownership is Deafening

    They are going to have a lot of work to do once they hire a President. They have pretty much moved on from everyone affiliated with the previous regime. That's a tall order to get finished and assemble some semblance of a ML team.
  15. maybenxtyr

    Buck speaks

    No disagreement from me about being time for Buck to move on. I was more or less implying some of his ideas may have not set well.