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  1. You would have to define what teams are legitimately in the WC race I guess. I'm guessing you believe Baltimore is, and that is where I disagree with you.
  2. After watching JJ Hardy deteriorate as he has why would you want to go right back and make the same mistake again?
  3. I don't think anyone is getting too cocky. There is a big difference between the quality of team from Houston to Baltimore and Texas. I'm glad that they won this week but it is more fools good than anything.
  4. They really need to drop Ubaldo and Miley. The season is shot, so there isn't any other reason except cash.
  5. This isn't even competitive. Even when they put an effort in on offense last night it's not good looking. I'm not sure they have ever had pitching as bad as this season.
  6. This has been discussed to the point of not being interesting anymore. Wake me up if they make a deal.
  7. That was as bad as Him Bowden riding a Segway wearing blueish leather pants. Things that can't be unseen.
  8. Jones is by far my favorite current Oriole. That being said, if he wants $20 million per year you let him go. I think he stays for around $12-$15 per year, and I think that will be an unfortunate overpay.
  9. I'm at an age where baseball isn't as important as it use to be. Watching my daughters grow and get ready for college and their lives changed how I followed sports. Probably sounds corny but I just don't feel "invested" in the team anymore.
  10. If you're not first you're last....something like that.
  11. I wonder if fans of other teams feel like their team is in a free fall if the O'swin 2 out of 3 against them. This is terrible baseball.
  12. That should be Jayson.
  13. I don't think Matson has pitched that bad. Any help at all in the field would have been great.
  14. We kinda need him to hit also. He has a decent OPS.
  15. There isn't any one player that can make this team a playoff contender.