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  1. I was more asking about his talent level. I jumped over to his draft thread and got caught up. Hopefully I'll see him in Salisbury later this season, or next. He sounds like a good talent.
  2. I tried to stay up on the threads about the draft picks...is he legit? I hope so, and I'm glad he chose Baltimore over college. On another note, I have probably got t-shirts older than him!
  3. I'm not sure, but another record that could be in danger is games giving up double digit runs. The O's do this very well.
  4. They could use some public flogging now.
  5. They kinda blend together, but I'm pretty sure that this guy has been up before.
  6. Hyde said Tuesday's starter would depend on what happened today. I'm sure that what happened today should surprise no one.
  7. I had made it to page 3. Trying to catch up.
  8. I just woke up...pissed at myself for missing a well pitched game. They are tough to come by.
  9. This has been the response to anyone questioning the team lately... I'm pretty sure 99% of the posters here expected them to be bad. That being said, they are historically bad. Two years in a row. I think it is fair for people to be frustrated at the moment and the OH is an outlet for the frustration. I'm not sure why people are surprised by that... This isn't just about the ML team. There really isn't a whole lot of good going on with some of the MiL guys that were hopefully going to be contributors either later this year, or at least next season. As it looks to my untrained eye today, this could change, but today they pretty much need to trade for, draft, or sign in some form a full roster over the next 5 years to put a competitive team on the field. So, please forgive me for being a fan and being frustrated with the current situation. I'm not trying to be a jerk to you...but several of us got the, "what did you expect lecture this week".
  10. The Orioles themselves have the funny part covered.
  11. You should probably look at the box score for the 2015 WC game.
  12. I'm pretty sure that the wood in the bottom of the barrel is rotted, and they are capable of busting through to a new level. It was nice having DS Jr back though.
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