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  1. Ok, I may be wrong. However, no one has advised why both the Red Sox and Dodgers paid and are paying for players to be in the minors. For the two Red Sox players per Baseball Ref they showed both Craig and Castillo off the 40 man roster however still paid them. The Dodger player is Erisbel Arruebarruena and was DFA 12/31/14. He played a couple of years in the low minors for the Dodgers after that and this is the last year of his contract and is being paid...Thx.
  2. Once again, I am NOT saying they don't have to pay him. It gets him off the 40 man roster. If Chris does not want to go...I feel the O's do not have to pay him. The Dodgers had two players they did the same thing with (one they are still paying). He was a SS from Cuba that did not work out. Check out Cots and look at the bottom. Here are two teams (Red Sox and Dodgers) that are paying big bucks for someone to play or not play in the minors.
  3. I think if he refuses to go to the minors you do not have to pay him. I listed two red Sox players, Craig and Castillo. Craig in 2017 had 6 yrs MLB svc time, yet in 2017 in was in the minors and the Sox paid him, Craig wanted that 11 mil paycheck. I feel if Chris want to get paid and he clears waivers he has to go to the minors to get paid. Their are a lot of smarter people on this board than me, I am old school and still look at the back of baseball cards. If there is a rule out there, someone pls post. My question is why is Castillo playing in the minors. 50 mil is a lot to pay for someone to play 5 yrs in the minors (contract per Cots).
  4. Chris Davis option 3: Listening to MASN talking about Chris....PUT HIM ON WAIVERS If someone claims him (and his salary) get a charter jet NOW. If he passes thru waivers you can send him to the minors. If he refuses (he can), he becomes a F/A (however I think the O's don't have to pay him). In 2017 the Red Sox had two players in the minors that they were paying 11 mil or more (Allen Craig/11 mil and Rusney Castillo/11.271 mil). Castillo still has 3yrs/36.8 mil left on his contract and will stay in the minors( batting .295 with NO h/r's). I think this shows that these players went to the minors to get their paychecks. A side note, if a player is in the minors their contract does NOT count toward the luxury tax (that is way Castillo does not get called up as a 4th/5th o/f). Tell Chris when he hits and stays at .300 for a month, you will call him up. Or he and his agent may decide that Chris does not want to ride the buses for 4 1/2 yrs and ask for a settlement.
  5. I think he has too much MLB service time to send him down. They can ask and he can say NO or yes.
  6. Part two / 2 Chris Davis options (1 trade and 1 restructure) 1. Trade Chris Davis (85 mil/5 yrs) to the Dodgers for Matt Kemp (43.5/2 yrs and Rich Hill (35.3/2 yrs). For the Dodgers, this is the reverse of the trade they did with the Braves. Once again the O's pay the deferred money. The O's move Davis and save 6 mil over the 5 yrs. The Dodgers save 21 mil in 2018 and 19 mil in 2019 (helps on luxury tax) Davis to 1b and Cody B to cf (mentioned in MLBTR) 2. Restructure: Davis is due 127 mil over the next """19 years""". 5yrs/17 mil and 10 yrs/3.5 mil and 5 yrs/1.4 mil. Restructure his contract that you pay him 6.7 mil over 19 years and release him. This helps the O's in that we save 10.3 mil over the next 5 yrs. This gives the new F/O time to work with the roster. The next 15 yrs we have to pay more per year, but hopefully the new F/O won't box itself in, as in this year Dan/Buck/Manny/Jones/Britton/Brach and the monster contract of Davis. For Chris he actually makes 300,000 more on the life (19 yrs--I rounded up). He also becomes a F/A now and can take some time off to clear his head, find a hitting instructor to help him. He can also pick and choose his team/time to come back...Take a 1 yr deal and re-establish himself.
  7. This is what I am suggesting...Bad contract(s) for bad contract(s). Fowler is hitting.150.....Davis is hitting .170. Holland is 0-2 and era of 6.17. Tillman and or Rasmus (3 mil ea) are to help = out salary. Cards save 12 mil this year that they can use to p/u a player(s). Cards move their players around. Davis could be used in a double switch and play some 3b and or corner of if needed. Jose Martinez would move to rf in place of Fowler.
  8. Ok...here is my Chris Davis trade: We need to separate the two parts of his contract...17mil x 5 = 85 mil and the 42 mil of deferred money. Davis and their choice of Tillman or Rasmus plus 10 mil to the Cards for Dexter Fowler and Greg Holland. The O's would cover all the deferred money. The money looks like this (all salaries are for 2018 on). O'S: Davis (85-10=75) + Tillman? (3mil) = 78 mil to the Cards. Cards: Fowler(66mil) and Holland (14 mil) = 80 mil to the O's
  9. Richmond Bird 9

    Deadline Trades

    I would also look at the Braves/Dodgers trade of this year. The Braves trade Kemp and his 2yrs and 43.5 mil to the Dodgers for 3 players with "1" year deals plus a min salary player (A Gonzalez/22.3, S Kazmir /17.5 and B McCarthy/11.5). The Dodgers kicked in 4.5 mil to help offset the money. The Braves wanted to get out of Kemp's 2yrs/43.5 mil and the Dodgers wanted get under the luxury tax. However I feel we need ownership to let the F/O have a free hand and the F/O needs to be creative (see above).
  10. Richmond Bird 9

    Teams (except O's) keep saying not in on Cobb.

    IF, we are going to lose a draft pick...I would offer 3/42....
  11. Richmond Bird 9

    If we are out of it by the All-Star game

    My biggest concern is that we are the 2018 version of the 2017 Royals. Expected to be mid-lower of the pack team that was going for it, with "5" pending F/A. They were out than in than out then back in the race, they went for it and did not make either W/C team. At best they will get 3 plus draft picks. I do "NOT" know if they took calls and or tried to trade any of the five. We going into 2018 with "5" pending F/A and both the GM and manager on the last year of their contract. I am afraid we will end up in the same boat as the Royals this year.
  12. Richmond Bird 9

    If we are out of it by the All-Star game

    This is what I am asking. If they are not going to be here, than who and what direction are we going to take. I do not think it is doomsday, however what is the PLAN ?
  13. Richmond Bird 9

    If we are out of it by the All-Star game

    I do not think it is negative. I think it is realistic.
  14. Richmond Bird 9

    If we are out of it by the All-Star game

    Are Dan and Buck the right combo to rebuild the team for 2019. Plenty of money coming off the books. Possible not here for 2019: Dan/Buck/Manny/Adam/Zach/Brad/Tillman
  15. Richmond Bird 9

    Tillman back. Are we happy?

    Just adds another person/player for the plane ride out Baltimore after the 2018 season. Gone are DD/Buck/Tillman/Manny/Zach/Brad/Adam, however we will have money to spend and an additional pick or two.