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  1. Pick is D L Hall...lhp....rated #13 on mlb
  2. I think they need to decide on Dan and Buck first. Do these two want to stay in a rebuild?
  3. An out of the box trade: O's trade Ubaldo Jimenez plus. San Diego's choice (C. Lee or Wilson) for The money they owe for Melvin Upton Jr. (16 mil) and 2.5 mil and Logan Allen (#17 prospect-lhp) For the O's they remove Jimenez from the 25/40 man roster. We get a young LHP (Allen) and the money is evan. For the Padres they get a healthy pitcher that changing leagues/ballparks should help. Also if he does good they good move him before the trade deadline
  4. Both Yastrzemski and Yacanonis will need to be added to the 40 man roster over the winter or they could be taken in the rule 5 draft. I will agree that Yaz may need more time, however it would give Buck some first hand look at him. It would also give Bourn 2-3 weeks to get the rust off.
  5. With today an off day could we see a lot of movement? I think this team needs a shot of something to get going. With some players not playing a lot and some pitching poorly and the bullpen overwork, I will try and help Dan and Buck. Castillo to be active by Tues and Ynoa can come off the D/L on Tues (if OK). Buck has mentioned going back to a 7 man pen and on Wall to Wall (on Sat) they talked about Kim and Gentry going and Bourn being activated and adding a pitcher to the pen. I would like to see Pena/Kim and Gentry traded for players that do not need to be added to the 40 man roster. This than opens 3 spots on the 40 man. Castillo and Ynoa get activated. Add Yacabonis and Yastrzemski to the 40 man. Option Gausman and Blier to Norfolk and add a L/H pitcher. Pena could be a match for: Cards/White Sox/Angels/Mets Kim could be a match for: White Sox/Giants/Pirates (would have to eat some money) Pirates could hope that he could help Kang. Gentry could be a match for Giants/Tigers/Mets/A's
  6. This is not a bash Kim thread. Kim has been in 16 of the first 30 games and started less. If Buck is not going to play/use Kim, then we should trade him and activate Santander. Santander may not be able to play in the field, however he can hit and pinch run. The biggest gain we get is that Santander will get his time in. Trade Kim to the White Sox for inf/of Jake Peters. He hits left and has played all four inf positions and the corner of.
  7. I am more concerned that we have no one in the pipeline for 2018 at either ss or 3b.
  8. Does anyone have any update. Does no news we are trying to work a trade with the Red Sox? Give them a choice of Drake/Wilson or Wright.
  9. Walker still has an option and that should help his value some.
  10. Nuno has 1 MILb option left...
  11. I would go with Salty, if the price is right. Would be willing to go 1yr with an option for a 2nd yr (back up Sisco). Salty is a switch hitter who can back up 1b.
  12. He could be a 2nd or 3rd pc in a trade...He's cheap and has options.
  13. I have a question: Can we make a trade "today" ?. Can we trade Pedro Alvarez to a team like the White Sox that are looking for a L/H DH (or could use one). IF, Alvarez does not sign, he is still a F/A. We could get something like Intl Slot money and if he signs it could be a PTBNL.
  14. My concern is that I think he needs to be added to the 40 man roster. How many cathers do we carry?
  15. My concern is that he is/will be a 6 year minor league f/a. If we to not protect him on the 40 man roster, we need to trade him now and or have an agreement he will resign with us and pay him more to resign.