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  1. Santander

    Bowie off. Travel day for them.
  2. The Wildcard Race

    Bench will be restructured shortly. Flaherty, Santander and Hardy....all coming off the DL.
  3. We get Tim Beckham...and its a good pick up

    One thing to add to this topic. This is Tampa's M.O. to trade players before they get to expensive (arbitration) or their contracts end and they become F/A. Some on this list: James Shields, Wade Davis, Wil Myers, David Price, Scott Kazmir and Matt Garza. Anyone see a theme. Someone in the Ray's staff can find pitchers.
  4. Deadline Deal Orioles Mega-Thread

    Darvish, is a free agent after this year. IF the Rangers offered him a Q/O and he signed elsewhere, the best the Rangers could get would be a pick in the 70-80 range. The three players may not be great, however they are better than a pick in that range.
  5. Asher and Bleier should each get 5 starts in September

    With talk of moving Smith and or Castillo, I would add one of the above to a trade to get "" a little more back " Note: I think there are seven pitchers on the 40 man roster that are OUT of minor league options. I would not wait to non-tender this winter or next spring training..Add this type of player to any trade to improve what comes back.
  6. Sell Tillman

    I would be willing to add Tillman to/with a trade of Britton to either the Astro's or Dodgers. Both teams need an extra arm. Hopefully this would allow us to get back (example only) a # 4 instead of a #5 and add something in the 20 range of prospects. Note: we would be getting more for Britton, Tillman adds the little extra of above.
  7. TT: The only question left for Angelos

    I too like Kim Ng. I would keep Brandy as a do all V.P.
  8. Hays and Yaz going crazy for BaySox

    You can go to: Roster Resource.com for the options. Note: I think if it shows 1 option, that 1 option is THIS year. I think there are 17 players that need to be looked at to be added to the 40 man roster. Best of that group are: Sisco/Long and Scott.
  9. Rosenthal: O's Preparing to Sell

    Dan can give him some or all of the Intl slot money left to come back to baseball (lol).
  10. Hays and Yaz going crazy for BaySox

    IF, we can sign Manny, I am not as worried about Hay's svc time. We would/could be looking at Chance/Austin being part of moving money around to sign Manny. Wellington and Seth are making 13 mil this year. Chance and Austin would be making the min. (around .600 each). However, I would want to sign Manny now. We need to know what direction we are going in.
  11. Would you trade Manny to the Sox?

    I could not find any manager traded during the season. However did find four traded after the season for players: Ozzie Guillen to Marlins 2011 Lou Piniella to Rays 2002 Chuck Tanner tp Pirates 1976 Gil Hodges to Mets 1967
  12. Would you trade Manny to the Sox?

    That is what make him valuable to the Braves. They already have a good core. Middle of the lineup: Nick/Manny/Freddy/Matt.
  13. Brad Brach might be the first guy traded

    Evan on a bad team, if you lose the close ones because you do not have a closer, he may be worth paying. Also how much is Brach going to get arbitration (big jump with 15 saves already) If too much for the O's to pay...trade him to.
  14. Would you trade Manny to the Sox?

    I like the Atlanta connection. I think in baseball if you have a deal in place (all the players) MLB allows a 72 hrs window for Manny to take to the Braves about an extension (I think). So here is my trade: Manny, D J Stewart (replaces Nick for 2019) and Buck. IF we are going to a full rebuild, I do not think Buck and Dan want to be here. for Ozzie Abbies/ss, Sean Newcomb/lhp, Touki Toussaint/rhp, Anferrnee Seymour/of/inf and Sean Rodriguez. Sean Rodriquez would help on the money side for Atlanta (signed thru 2018) and would replace Trumbo as DH. Note: Atlanta has approx. 50 mil coming off the books and NO high hit arbitration players for 2018. Also Nick and J J are there.