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  1. Question: The O's have first chance in the AL and the Marlins have it in the NL. Could The O's ask the Marlins to claim a player and then trade intl slot money to the Marlins for that player? To me it would be the same thing that we did with Phl in the rule 5 draft and we got Jackson.
  2. MLBTR has a list of out of options players. This is a good start. However about half of the players are very safe to make their teams. I.E.: Bundy.
  3. I think I saw that they were in St Louis for two years together.
  4. Does anyone know if either MLB and or the Players Assoc keeps a list of available ex-players and or coachers looking for jobs ? It is a little late in the season to hire coaches and if you take one from another team then they are looking for a replacement. For the O's I would like to see Bobby Dickerson as bench coach (knows the team and the league). I think Jim Hickey is available (worked one year with Hyde with the Cubs and former Rays P/C).
  5. Could this mean a pitcher taken first in the rule 5 draft ?
  6. Good list, I think #16 drew Jackson was one of the names mentioned in the Manny trade.
  7. Maybe they are waiting for all the other teams to fill the positions, so that who they are looking at can not say that I am still talking to Texas and San Fran. It will be like musical chairs with either one to three chairs left.
  8. I watched last Saturday, did Tom ever talked about the O's or did I miss it. How about spending some time on the 40 man roster, who goes who gets added. Take a look at the minor league players of note that may help is 2019. Who is playing winter ball. I do not want to here about the Dodger's uniform for 30 mins. Come on Tom Sat is the O's talk show.
  9. If from the Dodgers, my vote is Josh Byrnes, Sr VP baseball Ops, in charge of supervised scouting and player development. Has been Asst GM for the Rockies/Red Sox/Diamondbacks and Padres.
  10. Offer him 3.5 mil and get it done.
  11. Yes, I would have him play at Norfolk and Sisco to Bowie.
  12. I think once we reset the 40 man roster this winter, I do not think it will be that easy to write down 6 plus names we can drop at one time as listed above.
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