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  1. Richmond Bird 9

    Jonathan Villar- Our new 2B?

    Like your thinking...sign me up.
  2. Richmond Bird 9

    Dan to Roch: Possible September Call Ups

    I think once we reset the 40 man roster this winter, I do not think it will be that easy to write down 6 plus names we can drop at one time as listed above.
  3. Just a small note: Joey will be 1st year arbitration going into 2019. If as some say they will cut payroll, I could see Joey traded this winter.
  4. Richmond Bird 9

    Chris Davis

    Scott Boras is an Agent, as such I think he would do all possible to get every penny that his players (current and Future).
  5. Richmond Bird 9

    Chris Davis

    Settlement: Between the 4 years at 17 mil and the 15 years of deferred money at a total payout of 42 mil, he is owed $110 mil over a combined 19 years. I do not think he and or Scott Boras will allow he to take less. Offer: 110 mil by 19 yrs = 5.789 mil per yr for 19 years. As a bonus I would offer 5.8 mil a yr. It would give him a xtra 200.000 over 19 yrs.
  6. Richmond Bird 9

    LHP Sean Gilmartin coming up

    Question: why not John Means ?
  7. Richmond Bird 9

    LHP Sean Gilmartin coming up

    I think he was signed as a minor league f/a a month or so ago.
  8. Richmond Bird 9

    What would it take to move Davis or Trumbo?

    I would look at these three options: 1. Play him at 3b/rf to try and build SOME value. 2. He is owed 110 mil after this season. However it breaks down to 4yrs x 17mil = 68 mil and 42 mil deferred over 15 yrs. Only look at the 68 mil for 4 yrs in trades. The O's eat the deferred money. 3. With everyone's Ok put hem on the DL and send him to a Sports Clinic for a full testing of everything. Nothing found, he is active after 10 days. If something found give him a 20 day rehap.
  9. Richmond Bird 9

    Chris Davis

    Two words: Scott Boras
  10. Richmond Bird 9

    2019+ Positional Review Series: Relievers

    You are doing great work. One thing I would like to see next to their names would be if going into 2019 the player is out of options. This would/could help who makes the team and or is winter trade bait. Thx again
  11. Richmond Bird 9

    Should Akin and Kline move up to get in a pennant race?

    It's nice for a change to see players that should move to the next level because the are doing good.
  12. Richmond Bird 9

    Claim Party

    I like Brad Miller, I think he has played everywhere in the inf and some of. I think he is a couple steps ahead of Jace Peterson.
  13. Richmond Bird 9

    Orioles - Victor Victor Mesa

    Two things I would try and push. 1. Have Y Diaz call him and tell him it would be good to have two young Cuban players playing together. 2. Tell Mesa we will sign his younger brother
  14. Richmond Bird 9

    Orioles Deal Gausman/O'Day to Braves - Schoop to Brewers

    I like the 2016 Villar (62 stolen bases)