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  1. Teams (except O's) keep saying not in on Cobb.

    IF, we are going to lose a draft pick...I would offer 3/42....
  2. If we are out of it by the All-Star game

    My biggest concern is that we are the 2018 version of the 2017 Royals. Expected to be mid-lower of the pack team that was going for it, with "5" pending F/A. They were out than in than out then back in the race, they went for it and did not make either W/C team. At best they will get 3 plus draft picks. I do "NOT" know if they took calls and or tried to trade any of the five. We going into 2018 with "5" pending F/A and both the GM and manager on the last year of their contract. I am afraid we will end up in the same boat as the Royals this year.
  3. If we are out of it by the All-Star game

    This is what I am asking. If they are not going to be here, than who and what direction are we going to take. I do not think it is doomsday, however what is the PLAN ?
  4. If we are out of it by the All-Star game

    I do not think it is negative. I think it is realistic.
  5. If we are out of it by the All-Star game

    Are Dan and Buck the right combo to rebuild the team for 2019. Plenty of money coming off the books. Possible not here for 2019: Dan/Buck/Manny/Adam/Zach/Brad/Tillman
  6. Tillman back. Are we happy?

    Just adds another person/player for the plane ride out Baltimore after the 2018 season. Gone are DD/Buck/Tillman/Manny/Zach/Brad/Adam, however we will have money to spend and an additional pick or two.
  7. Please explain this

    I "think" that each team has to add something like 10 mil a year to cover medical ins. I could be wrong.
  8. Fanfest

    Yes, Manny's excuse is understandable. He does NOT want to answer to the fans why he will not be here in 2019.
  9. Os requesting offers on Machado

    I remember one of your better quotes...Just add a little sugar to the trade. (as in a player)
  10. Winter Meetings 2017

    Jedd Gyorko, first I like him can play all over the inf. Note: The Padres are paying 7.5 mil over the next two years to the Cards. Makes his salary look better for us.
  11. Matthew Edward Harvey - The Real Deal or Damaged Goods?

    I would trade them O'Day.
  12. Flip Chris Davis and Mark Trumbo

    I was thinking about "only" giving Manny/Jones/Trumbo a day off now and then. It would give them a break and keep Davis in the ballgame a little more. As a side note, it also could/would give Davis a little more value down the road. Pick your team pick your ballpark for Davis to play against.
  13. Flip Chris Davis and Mark Trumbo

    I like it. It also leaves Davis (a L/H hitter) to gets some bats at RF/3B/1B.
  14. Mikolas, Dickey, Tillman/Gonzalez and call it a day

    And you add in Manny, Zack, Jones and Brad may not be here. It's a big why?
  15. Orioles out On Cobb per Roch

    If I am right, their 3rd highest pick would be a 2nd round pick (with its slot money). We have our 1st round pick(I think 12th) and a competitive balance pick after the 1st round...3rd pick would be in the 2nd round.