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  1. Richmond Bird 9

    Machado Trade Expectations

    Adding my two cents: Wednesday or Thursday of next week would be AFTER the Allstar game..
  2. Richmond Bird 9

    Machado Trade Expectations

    No, however who do we have in the pipeline that is 2-3 years away that everyone is talking about (as a catcher). First an most important, I hope there is a plan. I hope Dan is spreading out the phone calls to other teams. Brady working on Adam trades, Lee Thomas on Zach and Brad and Dan on Manny. If there are 6-7 offers for Manny and 2-3 for Zack (as of now). They need to look at how the pcs fit. If the best deal is 2 pitchers and an o/f for Manny, and all offers for Zack are close and I had to pick team X = 2 pitchers and team Y = 1 inf and 1 c, I would take team Y. On MLB, the O's highest rated mid inf is nbr 16 Adam Hall at a Short Season team.
  3. Richmond Bird 9

    Machado Trade Expectations

    I agree and disagree with you..I am with you on getting the best talent. However I do not want to end up with 5-6 pitchers and 2-3 o/f. I would like us to get a couple of young infielders and a catcher.
  4. Richmond Bird 9


    Rosterresource.com lists a lot of good info. i.e.: options ?...rule 5 players...rosters for all org teams.
  5. Richmond Bird 9


    Under options, was does "1" mean: 1 = using last option this year (2018) or 1 = have 1 option for 2019 thx
  6. Richmond Bird 9

    Pat Connaughton

    On NBA Rotoworld, just advised that Portland will non-tender Pat Connaughton.... Do we still hold his rights ?
  7. Richmond Bird 9

    Branden Kline 2018

    Thank you (and for the work you have added). Is there a good list of the players that need to be protected for the rule 5 draft this year. Usually after the season names of 3 to 5 players that need to protected hits the board. However, I feel that some of these players could be used as a 2nd/3rd player in a trade. Thx again.
  8. Richmond Bird 9

    Branden Kline 2018

    Does he need to be added to the 40 man roster ?
  9. Richmond Bird 9

    A lot of player movement coming

    Thank you. I mentioned that I think after the all star game (Jul 17) to the trade deadline (Jul 31) is when I think will be the busiest.
  10. Richmond Bird 9

    Important dates July 17 to July 31

    I do not think the O's (Peter) will allow any major trade until after the all star game. I think Peter wants Manny to go to the all star game as an Oriole. Therefore will be a busy two weeks for the O's. I hope WHOEVER is running the team is ready to move and move quickly.
  11. Richmond Bird 9

    Dsl trade mystery

    Part of the Zack Britton trade to come (LOL)
  12. Richmond Bird 9

    O's said to be interested in Hanley Ramirez

    I think he going to look at who is going to give him the MOST playing time.
  13. Richmond Bird 9

    Call it now: Who Will We Trade?

    I picked the four F/A and Trumbo. If you are not going to be here next year at least help be part of the rebuilding. Trumbo..I think there are trades to make. However it will be take back a worst contract with prospects added or paying down Trumbo's contract.
  14. Richmond Bird 9

    O's said to be interested in Hanley Ramirez

    Hanley has cleared waivers and Boston has released him. Any team that signs him only pays the major league min.
  15. Richmond Bird 9

    Will Bleier or Castro be optioned?

    I like your thinking....