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  1. Os requesting offers on Machado

    I remember one of your better quotes...Just add a little sugar to the trade. (as in a player)
  2. Winter Meetings 2017

    Jedd Gyorko, first I like him can play all over the inf. Note: The Padres are paying 7.5 mil over the next two years to the Cards. Makes his salary look better for us.
  3. Matthew Edward Harvey - The Real Deal or Damaged Goods?

    I would trade them O'Day.
  4. Flip Chris Davis and Mark Trumbo

    I was thinking about "only" giving Manny/Jones/Trumbo a day off now and then. It would give them a break and keep Davis in the ballgame a little more. As a side note, it also could/would give Davis a little more value down the road. Pick your team pick your ballpark for Davis to play against.
  5. Flip Chris Davis and Mark Trumbo

    I like it. It also leaves Davis (a L/H hitter) to gets some bats at RF/3B/1B.
  6. Mikolas, Dickey, Tillman/Gonzalez and call it a day

    And you add in Manny, Zack, Jones and Brad may not be here. It's a big why?
  7. Orioles out On Cobb per Roch

    If I am right, their 3rd highest pick would be a 2nd round pick (with its slot money). We have our 1st round pick(I think 12th) and a competitive balance pick after the 1st round...3rd pick would be in the 2nd round.
  8. As a side note the 129 total "does include" Welington's 7 mil. So if he opts out we have another 7 mil to play with.
  9. I think the difference this year is that Cots is pre-adding the arbitration totals in their team payroll updates. The O's have a pre-arbitration total of 53 mil. So players like Manny and his 17 plus mil are already added into the 129 mil total that Wildcard is using.
  10. Phillies raid the O’s front office once again

    Could this be a possible side effect of Dan and Buck not having contracts past 2018. He is getting a 3 yr deal now vs not knowing what is going to happen end of 2018 beginning of 2019.
  11. Will Mark Trumbo Be Back With Orioles In 2018?

    Mark is owed 26 mil over 2 yrs (this is sunken cost). Here is my trade: Mark Trumbo + 13 mil $, Tanner Scott and Stefan Crichton for Brad Miller and Ryan Yarbrough/lhp. Both Mark and Brad are controlled for 2 yrs each. Brad is sch to make 5 mil via arbitration. Therefore makes it close to money neutral. Brad gives us a left handed bat who can play inf/of (back up ss). Yarbrough pitched at AAA last year and pitched 159 inns (poss 4/5 pitched for us).
  12. Where Can The Orioles Find A Left-Handed Starter?

    Does anyone know if we have any scouts that focus on Mexico during the season? If we are at the floor I thing it would be easier to go up than down for starting pitching.
  13. Where Can The Orioles Find A Left-Handed Starter?

    I think he wants to go to the N.L.
  14. How many Rule 5 eligible players will the O's protect?

    If the O's do not protect Rifaela and he is drafted in the rule 5 draft and then we let Manny walk. I do not think it helps us in keeping Schoop after 2019.
  15. How many Rule 5 eligible players will the O's protect?

    I thing looking at some numbers will help. We will have 10 pending F/A and I am counting Welington Castillo as a F/A. I also see a possible of 3 more players that could be traded or sold (Mike Wright-no options-, Jesus Liranzo and Stefan Crichton. I would take a player that does not need to be protected on the 40 man roster. That would leave 13 spots open, which would allow them to protect a bubble player or two. I would protect Ademar Rifaela for at least one year. He was mentored by Jonathan Schoop and he is a F/A after 2019 (penny wise and pound foolish).