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  1. Go Get Tommy Hunter

    His stats lean more towards "small sample size blip" than "legit lasting turnaround".
  2. Go Get Tommy Hunter

  3. Why do you think it's psychological and not physical?
  4. Buck is the best thing to happen to this team in 20 years.
  5. Anyone else open to the idea of extending Manny?

    If we don't sign Manny, does that 35-50 million per year go back into the team or disappear?
  6. Anyone else open to the idea of extending Manny?

    I have no idea what we should do with Manny because I have no idea what our financial limits are.
  7. Miley and Ubaldo's last chance

    Made up excuse: I'm on one of those emoticon free computers.
  8. Miley and Ubaldo's last chance

    Did it? Gausman's over-reliance on his fastball feels like an issue caused by him being put in high pressure situations where mistakes were too costly.
  9. Miley and Ubaldo's last chance

    Is desperation really a great reason to mess around with guys development?
  10. Colorado Interested in Bundy/Gausman

    Gausman would be a disaster in Colorado. I can't believe they would give up anything of value for him.
  11. I wonder who was the highest rated played on this list (for that respective year) who was traded. Chris Sale last year had to be pretty high. Wil Myers after he won the AAA triple crown?
  12. Here is an explanation from the HM thread: The biggest fallers, as always, are the great players who are getting ever closer to the end of their contracts. Yes, every team in baseball would love to have Harper, Machado, or Donaldson on their roster, but all three are eligible for free agency after next season. And while teams would absolutely give significant packages of talent to get these guys for even a year and a half of performance, it’s difficult to get a team to surrender a player good enough to make this list for a guy who could leave after next year. Harper nearly made the list anyway, given how good he is and the value a team might place on getting him comfortable with their environment before free agency began. In the end, though, I couldn’t find anyone who would surrender the kinds of players who made the end of the list for a guy who could leave after 2018.