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  1. Yardball85

    POLL: Yay or nay on Beckham trade?

    I strongly disagree that Valencia is better than Beckham, and I like Danny a lot.
  2. Yardball85

    POLL: Yay or nay on Beckham trade?

    Ugly mug? Yeesh. I think he's a fine looking guy, but that's as irrelevant as your ugly mug comment. I say keep him another year, see if he boosts his value, and trade him eventually.
  3. Yardball85

    Mullins is with the Orioles! (edited)

    N.ope. Don't think so. Just like when Machado was recalled in 2012, they still had him under control for six years (2013, 14, 15, 16, 17, and 18).
  4. Yardball85

    To Mountcastle or to not Mountcastle...

    .I don't see why they would. They don't have any second baseman coming through the pipeline (except Bannon?) and Villar should still be relatively cheap and is controllable. I don't love Villar and Beckham up the middle for a combined ~$10-12M (more. because of Beckham than JV), but I'd roll the dice with them for another year.
  5. Yardball85

    The Case For: Austin Wynns

    I see no reason not to give Wynns the majority of the starts the rest of the season. What value does Joseph have? He only has a little more control left and if all goes as planned, Sisco or Cumberland will eventually take over as the Orioles starting catcher. We know what Joseph is - may as well see what we have in Wynns.
  6. Yardball85

    Zach Britton Appreciation Thread

    That's what I meant, after 2016. Not 2017. I'm pretty pleased with what we got in July compared to what we could've gotten in winter 2017/18.
  7. Yardball85

    Zach Britton Appreciation Thread

    This times 1000. I know they were still in their competitive window after 2017, but they would've gotten a king's ransom for two years of control of arguably the best reliever in baseball at the time.
  8. Yardball85

    Can you name the playoff Orioles of 2012-2016

    Didn't Hardy play in all three? (saying this off the top of my head without fact checking)
  9. Yardball85

    "Buck" naked woman strolling around OPCY?

    That's really funny/interesting. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Yardball85

    Next years position players

    I definitely keep Beckham. If he can produce average defense and a mid .700s OPS, he'll be a valuable trade chip next year.
  11. Yardball85

    Next years position players

    For opening day: C Sisco 1B Davis 2B Villar SS Beckham 3B Nunez LF Mancini CF Mullins RF stop gap FA (hopefully replaced midseason by Diaz) DH Trumbo (hopefully replaced midseason by Mancini or Stewart) Bench: Wynns, Rickard, Peterson/Valera, FA Valencia-esque player Yes, that team would be awful and probably get a top 3 pick, which is fine.
  12. Yardball85

    Only Jim Hunter can make a 17-5 game positive

    Eh, I mean they did have a lot of hits Seriously though, Hunter may be a homer, but I don't dislike him as much as some on here do. I grew up without cable and had Jim and Fred every night to look forward to. I like listening to him, notwithstanding the obvious homerism.
  13. Yardball85

    Tillman to Texas

    This will be fun to monitor. Any chance we get to face him?
  14. Yardball85

    Grade the Rebuild, Phase I

    The Schoop deal really was not a fleecing Roy. I don't understand why you keep saying that. He was OPS'ing in the 500s I believe only one month ago.
  15. Yardball85

    Orioles - Victor Victor Mesa

    For what it's worth, DD said on the broadcast that the Orioles have players from Cuba that they have their eye on (VMM?). Also mentioned signing Venezuelan players and Dominican Players