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  1. Have you looked at his BABIP? Is it possible he's been unlucky? I'm taking Luke-OH's word on this over yours, sorry.
  2. Ohhhhhhh, THAT'S why the team is so terrible this year! Thanks!!
  3. Are you trolling me? Since when is BA more important than OPS and OBP?
  4. Great. Thank you for the write up. The OBP seems encouraging too.
  5. Oh for sure. Forgot to mention Kremer. Pop too. What are your thoughts on Bannon's first half?
  6. Agreed. This is another reason why I think Diaz will be just fine. He's 22 years old, knows how to take a walk, and has an OPS well above average in Bowie's league. I still have faith he'll be a solid, 775-825 OPS regular.
  7. Eh, regarding last year's trade purge, Diaz has a near .800 OPS in Bowie, where I believe the league average OPS is much much lower than that. He can still be a league average regular for six years at a team friendly cost. Zimmerman could be a solid five. Tate could be a solid reliever. Villar could not a decent return. Carmona and JCE are still wild cards (no pun intended) and we won't know their value for another few years. Still too early to poop on DD's return, though, granted, some of the players have gotten injured and/or not looked good.
  8. This. Very much this. First off, not trading the players they traded, except maybe Guasman who is struggling immensely this year, would have been mind-numbingly stupid. They got something for rentals, and we are still waiting to see if the players they got will be on the next winning team. Second, there is no evidence whatsoever that someone other than DD would have done better during the trade purge. Besides Gausman, they were rentals. He got what he could. He doesn't get an A, but he certainly doesn't get an F. Let's see what the guys can do.
  9. What do you think Villar's market will be? I see no reason for the Orioles to keep him, and he has value with 1.5 years left of control.
  10. Kremer pitched tonight and pitched well. Must be a mistake. Also, where the heck is Carroll this season?
  11. Great post, 100% agree. Santander is a breath of fresh air. Cheap and controllable. Let him play and see what we've got.
  12. Sorry Weams and Tony. This is the tweet with the actual pic of the tweet.
  13. https://twitter.com/Orioles/status/1143277101950394369
  14. Good points Frobby. Will be interesting to see if and when he passes the likes of Carmona, etc. A wealth of middle infield prospects at the low minors is a nice change from years passed.
  15. Gotcha. I'm excited to see him play. Really thrilled they were able to sign him, good gamble by Elias. I'd say Aberdeen for the rest of the year, Delmarva to start next year with possibility of Frederick depending on how he does.
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