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  1. Agreed. High upside fliers on relievers is the way to go. That's how we got Brach in the first place (was his upside even that high?), Bleier (not a high ceiling but adequate) and Castro.
  2. O's interested in Tyler Chatwood

    Agreed. Strongly prefer him to Vargas or Cashner, whose peripheral stats scare me.
  3. Not a bad idea, I would like Samardzija. Any change they take Trumbo, O'Day, and a prospect such as Jomar Reyes?
  4. GM Meetings

    Shouldn't be too expensive either. Three years, 21M or so would be my guess.
  5. GM Meetings

    Orioles are apparently interested in Tyler Chatwood. I would have no problem with that. Park factors play a role in the high ERA. Decent K numbers.
  6. Would be so great if the Orioles trade Britton for a solid package. We know they won't though.
  7. I hope not, that would be a terrible low-ball offer. Chris Davis essentially got 7 years at $25M per season. I am fine with including an opt out, and would offer up to $30M a season to keep him here.
  8. Castillo declines option

    I liked Welly a lot. I wish him well on his next contract, hope he get's multiple years.
  9. This Off Season Feels So Hopeless

    I mean, sure. But I think a lot of people are capable of closing games for the Orioles in 2019.
  10. This Off Season Feels So Hopeless

    Agreed, I would rather not trade Givens. Also, didn't realize he had that much service time still, good to know. That said, I would still trade him for a top 30 prospect.
  11. This Off Season Feels So Hopeless

    This. This is the perfect offseason to deal Machado and a reliever or two (Givens, Brach). Last offseason was the perfect time to trade Britton, but of course, the Orioles' lack of foresight was on display (for the record, I and a lot of others on here advocated for trading ZB last winter). This team simply does not have the pitching to compete right now, and should acquire guys who are 1-2 years away who can supplement a core of Hays, Sisco, Bundy, Harvey, etc.
  12. Getting rid of Chris Davis

    Hypothetically... would you trade Chris Davis to the Tigers for Miguel Cabrera? Per rotoworld, here is Cabrera's contract: 2018: $30 million, 2019: $30 million, 2020: $30 million, 2021: $30 million, 2022: $32 million, 2023: $32 million, 2024: $30 million vesting option, 2025: $30 million vesting option. I probably wouldn't, but would entertain the idea if Detroit through in someone like Candelario (which is unlikely because they are rebuilding). Just curious as to where people on the board stand on this hypothetical.
  13. Should the Orioles bring back Miguel Gonzalez?

    I'm hoping for Cobb and Sabathia. Throw Gonzo in there too, and you have a competitive rotation. Of course, I would rather trade Manny and Britton and begin a rebuild, but we know that won't happen.
  14. Build your 2018 Team

    I'd be all over that trade. Doubt Pittsburgh bites though.
  15. Lets go get swept at the Trop!

    Maybe throw a Santander three run homer in there? Sisco too.