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  1. My 25-man roster prediction (as of 3/7/18)

    To me, he's a solid bat at a prime position - catcher. Solid bat at catcher more valuable than solid bat in RF.
  2. Mike Wright’s last shot

    It's laughable. Because Orioles, he's probably still the favorite for the spot. Can't wait for the post-game excuses from Buck.
  3. Cobb only thread

    Aaaaaand here comes Cobb to PHI https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2018/03/jerad-eickhoff-out-six-to-eight-weeks-with-lat-strain.html
  4. Trumbo out 3-4 weeks

    I hope not. Why even bother signing Alvarez/Valencia if they won't play when there's a relevant injury?
  5. Trumbo out 3-4 weeks

    Rasmus in LF?
  6. Cobb only thread

    Makes a ton of sense. Imagine giving him 30 starts instead of Wright/Castro/Cortes. Or 30 starts instead of Tillman. Could make a huge difference. Get it done.
  7. Orioles 5th Starter

    I like him too. But he hasn't been that great this spring... I'd put him in the pen and let him earn a spot in the rotation if/when Tillman struggles or if there is an injury.
  8. Cobb Talk

    I agree with all these points. We'll see what their excuse is if/when they don't sign him. Running Tillman and Wright out there every five days is indefensible in my opinion unless Cobb was dead set against coming here, which may be the case.
  9. Cobb Talk

    There was an article about it by Encina, a trusted reporter, that the deal for Flaherty and Goins died on PA's desk.
  10. Cobb Talk

    Not saying Rene's source is wrong, but why would the Orioles still be talking to Cobb's agent if it was a foregone conclusion that he's signing in Philly? I don't think the O's sign him, but it's encouraging that they are still talking. Still makes so much sense to sign him.
  11. Cobb Talk

    Makes perfect sense to me.
  12. Ramsus hasn't played since 3/2 (4 straight games)

    Awesome. Thanks.
  13. Ramsus hasn't played since 3/2 (4 straight games)

    Anyone have a link to the interview?
  14. Orioles 5th Starter

    It's a joke. Spots 4 and 5 in the rotation might be historically bad.
  15. Teams (except O's) keep saying not in on Cobb.

    It isn't a message board, I follow them on Twitter. They have good stuff IMO.