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  1. vs. BLUE JAYS, 9/11

    Miguel Castro is FILTHY.
  2. vs. BLUE JAYS, 9/11

    Literally no words..... Trumbo in RF
  3. Beckham v. Miller

    Yeah, but we all knew Beckham wasn't the other-worldly player the Orioles saw during the first 20 games of August. However, as you said, if he averages out to be around a .775-.800 OPS guy, that would be a huge win for the Orioles.
  4. Beckham v. Miller

    Mods, feel free to merge this thread. I find it interesting that one of the reasons the Rays traded Beckham (or so they say) is that Beckham and Brad Miller were creating a logjam at second base and they wanted to get Miller more at bats. Miller actually walks a ton, and he's turned a .188 BA into a .330 OBP. However, his OPS is only .648. Miller has been worth an ugly -0.3 WAR this year. Meanwhile, Beckham, in just his time in Tampa, was worth 1.4 wins and this year, combined, has been worth 3.0 WAR. I kind of like the Rays, and definitely do not share my disdain for the other AL East teams for them. However, this is kind of satisfying to see that the Orioles, so far, were able to get an impact player in Beckham because of a potential misjudgment by the Rays.
  5. What Will Happen to....Pedro Alvarez

    Buck LOVES Trumbo, but yeah, Alvarez should at least start 2/3 games against right handed-starters. But he won't, because again, Buck loves Trumbo.
  6. Sign him.

    The Davis contract gets worse and worse everyday. Of course, many of us on here (including you, me, and most posters) knew the contract was horrible before the ink had even dried.
  7. Sign him.

    Last night I went from ecstatic about the walk-off grand slam to angry very quickly. Manny Machado is the type of player you commit to for his entire career. Instead, however, in their ultimate wisdom, this team decided to commit 7 years and $161 million to Chris Davis. If that is used as an excuse for not resigning Manny, the pitchforks and torches will be ready.
  8. Very tempting to DH Santander vs righties

    I agree, but Buck has a weird fascination with Trumbo. Trumbo will remain an everyday player at least until the end of the season.
  9. Not condoning it, but it was marijuana, not cocaine, heroin, or even steroids. I'm way over the drug issue. I want to see if he can be a starting caliber SS for the next three seasons.
  10. Call it faith, but just about everything, if not everything, he has posted on here, has been corroborated. The only thing he missed on was Fowler, and heck, he was reporting everything that Roch and others eventually reported.
  11. POLL: Yay or nay on Beckham trade?

    This trade in a vaccuum, I have no problem with. It's meh, cool. Unless the offers for Brach and/or Britton were incredibly underwhelming, I will be very annoyed with the way this team handled the trade deadline.
  12. Deadline Deal Orioles Mega-Thread

    Just waiting to see we traded Hayes or Scott or Akin....
  13. Deadline Deal Orioles Mega-Thread

    or a contract like O'day or Ubaldo.
  14. Deadline Deal Orioles Mega-Thread

    there HAS to be more to this story.