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  1. Their left-hander Dayton.
  2. If the Orioles could get Robles, Fedde, and a 10-20 guy in the Nats system for Britton, I'd be all over it. I also would be interested in trading him to the Yankees if Torres plus would come back.
  3. Plenty of teams, especially AL teams, would happily take Trumbo.
  4. Man, getting Torres, Sheffield, and Frazier for Manny would be a great haul. It really is too bad something like that will never happen. I bet the team stands pat or adds one or two guys like last year with Miley and Pearce. Groan.
  5. 0-2.... horrible execution.
  6. A side note, but Bordick is so incredibly frustrating to listen to. It's like he is reading from a book of cliches.
  7. Every game he looks at a pitch right down the middle for strike three. They aren't even close to being balls.
  8. Meanwhile, Tampa about to win at Minnesota after we lost three straight at home to them. So there's that.
  9. It was Hunter's fault we stranded the bases loaded with no outs? I think Hunter's had a good call tonight actually.
  10. I agree with the majority of this post whole-heartedly. But I wouldn't say fans hate Ubaldo's guts, he's just ridiculously frustrating to watch.
  11. Manny is the least of my concerns right now. I am more concerned about what they will do with him over the next 18 months than his play right now. He's fine.
  12. That would be fine with me. Only problem is, who starts at SS? Davis to third, and Mancini/Trumbo to first would be my preference, but you'd lose some defense.
  13. Yes, this. If he is swinging and missing at strikes, that is a whole different problem. But a problem much less frustrating, to me at least, than watching perfect strikes and going down looking.
  14. Exactly. Even if you swing at the 3-1 fastball and pop it up in the infield, at least you did the correct thing and just didn't execute. Or even if you swing threw it. But to take a 3-1 fastball, that doesn't add up for me. The only players on the team I want taking 3-1 fastballs (that are strikes) are Janish, Hardy, and Rickard.
  15. A power hitter dreams of a 3-1 fastball with two on and two out. And Davis took it. Mind-boggling.