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  1. Yardball85

    You're next

    Oh I agree completely. But I'm so used to hearing Jake complain that this is nothing new.
  2. Yardball85

    You're next

    Jake is always unhappy. Sad Jake.
  3. Yardball85

    You're next

    Exactly. Owners are finally being smart and not throwing tens of millions of dollars at older players. Owners are trying to avoid a Pujols or Fielder situation. This has been a long time coming and makes tons of sense.
  4. Yardball85

    Hyde's Coaches

    Seems like he's been in the field of hitting for some time. I did some basic, preliminary research. Reds' hitting coach,l was involved in Phillies' organization. http://cincinnati.reds.mlb.com/team/coach_staff_bio.jsp?c_id=cin&coachorstaffid=534229
  5. Yardball85

    Hyde's Coaches

  6. This is true, but the signing of Infante does not decrease or increase the sucking. It's just a solid depth move.
  7. In Davis' defense, he almost always busts it down the line on a ground ball. He just can't hit a baseball anymore.
  8. Per Morosi, the Padres continue to kick the tires on a potential Realmuto trade. Assuming Hedges isn't traded to the Marlins, could the Orioles potentially swoop in and acquire him Cobb ++? Hedges had a WAR of 1.4 last year, which isn't great but obviously is much better than what the Orioles have now. He is not a free agent until 2023. Solid defender, has some pop, .711 OPS last year. Thoughts?
  9. Yardball85

    Hyde's Coaches

    Exactly. Works for me. Wonder if they bring in Hickey.
  10. Yardball85

    Hyde's Coaches

    Lol. True, but it makes sense to let Hyde pick his own coaches. I am quite alright with a Cub's South.
  11. Yardball85

    Will the Orioles be better in 2019 than 2018?

    Agreed, but we're all still fans. We'll all be watching almost every game this summer. Fun to root for wins, even if it doesn't actually matter for the success of the team long term.
  12. Yardball85

    Hyde: New O’s Manager

    And of course, not broken by the local media.
  13. Accidentally clicked "Non-academic uniform team while in high school." Meant to click high school baseball team.
  14. Yardball85

    Britt Ghiroli Appreciation Thread

    This. 100 times this. That was another thing that made her great, she wasn't scared to criticize the team and wouldn't cry when fans asked her questions on Twitter.
  15. Yardball85

    Britt Ghiroli Appreciation Thread

    Britt is a superior journalist. I'm sure she'll do incredible work at The Athletic.