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  1. He ain't no Eddie Murray or Frank Robby, that's for sure.
  2. If the Orioles are not in contention (within 5 games) by August, then you have to seriously consider trading Manny. And either taking all the top prospects from a top five system or all the top prospects and some major league parts from a lesser system.
  3. 3 games at Houston = Stop the bleeding? Likely not, I'm afraid.
  4. He won't command it if he stays at .220 this year.
  5. In Atlanta after we didn't sign him...Ubaldo was our choice.
  6. we are just in that mode seen in long losing spells....score runs, pitching blows up, get good pitching, hitters go to sleep...this is how you fade out of contention.
  7. gotta catch that.
  8. Bundy nowhere near as good in last two starts as he was in his earlier starts. Too cute, too fine, too many walks.
  9. crappy pitch right in the middle of the plate
  10. Bundy is more and more like a Tillman clone...
  11. Sure wished we had signed Ervin back in 2014...Ervin wanted more...didn't get it and signed a 1 year deal with Braves and had a really good year, then got the 4 year 54 from Twins the offseason after we signed Ubaldo.
  12. It appears there are two separate questions. 1. Keep him in the rotation- I think there is no way he stays out there much longer and that Asher will take a start or two and permanently if he doesn't get absolutely clobbered. 2. DFA- Much higher likelihood than this time last year when it would have cost an additional 13 million or so. But, all in all, I think they send him to the pen again, unless Dan can work out a trade of some sort.
  13. .690 OPS in 11 games at Norfolk. Tearing it up. If they select him, you gotta think Kim is gone.
  14. Tyler Wilson has no business being in the major leagues. How many times do I have to say this? He comesmup, gets absolutley blasted every time he pitches, goes down to the minors where he pitches semi adequately. they bring him back and repeat. He need to be cut. learn a new pitch or stay at Norfolk.
  15. It is fine to second guess, but there are many other teams, that would have traded their 2012-2017 journey for ours. And while I know you would as the owner and GM like to think that your bold moves of not signing CD or Trumbo and trajding Manny last offseason would then magically pay off in making good signings or getting great results from trades and prospects...well, I just have my doubts whether amateurs could have done much better. So while fantasy ideas and their hypothetical outcomes are fun, they don't have to be held accountable and are really not able to be held to any metric at all. Meanwhile guys like DD and Buck are held to real world results every year they step out there and work for Potter which is a whole different kettle of fish.