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  1. Your assumption is that the old man listened. I disagree that he did or that AJ had any impact at all. Peter Angelos did what Peter Angelos wanted to do. Yes, Adam expressed very publically that he wanted Davis, Markakis, O’Day signed, David Price pursued, etc etc. Buck said it in a more veiled and sophisticated way for PR purposes as he knew his role. Brady never really said squat publically because he was a behind the scenes guy who had no official spokesman role. Dan was Dan...Mr. Oblique, clearly not his call, but not somebody, after his Toronto dalliance, who was in any position to influence or advocate a different view with the old man. Peter Angelos knew that Adam Jones was his employee, and was just a player, and knew Buck and DD and Brady were his employees too. Period. The deal was done by Peter Angelos and nobody else.
  2. Outstanding post! Agree and have to think ME will seldom make the big loser choices.
  3. Becoming Josh Hader would certainly be OK with me...lol Or Bryan Harvey circa 1991...46 saves, 1.60 ERA, All Star
  4. Mussina is throwing out the first pitch June 30....maybe he would then go do a side session and see about a contract.
  5. Either way.....Baltimore does have a Chamber of Commerce, Camden Yards authority also gets state funding so the Governor's office could take the lead in assisting promotionally to get this event for Maryland and Baltimore...Baltimore does have a number of corporate players who would certainly assist in getting a "bid" together but it appears that the Orioles have just not had any interest in doing so.
  6. It would be interesting to know what goes into "submitting a bid" and whether the Orioles have never submitted a bid since the prior All Star game was here. If it is a problem with the "bid", is there not a Mayor and a Governor and their respective offices who would not assist in putting together a "bid" for the City of Baltimore that was at least competitive with say.....Cleveland...???
  7. As a psychiatrist, I might suggest that the Commissioner doth protest too much in that statement. Oh no, he is not too hacked off at the Orioles. LOL.
  8. I am not disappointed with ownership. They hired Mike Elias and Sig Mejdal. I am proud of the new ownership and plan to give them time before I just complain that they are not “putting out a ML caliber team” I would be more upset if they did like Peter used to do and got useless mediocre free agents to win 70 games rather than actually rebuilding. You can blame ownership. I applaud them. Just different views.
  9. I think Mike Elias would disagree with you as to whether he is putting in any “effort”. And so do I. Losing teams should be brought back as quickly as possible, otherwise it defaults to all Yankees, Dodgers, Red Sox, Cubs all the time. You can’t do that by penalizing bad teams further that also have less resources. Unless you just want teams to just go out of business altogether at some point.
  10. Ubaldo would probably come cheap. Or Chris Tillman. Maybe Miggy Gonzalez recovery from shoulder surgery has progressed. lol
  11. I disagree with the idea of not having the worst teams get the first pick...in fact, I would give the worst teams extra high round picks to further the rebuilding faster. Doing it your way would only guarantee the behemoths, MFYs, Boston, LA, etc win even more than they do now by removing one of the few but key tools for quickly rebuilding smaller market teams. Otherwise, just go like the English football leagues and create two divisions with the worst team of the Upper and the best team of the Lower moving up and down to Upper and Lower divisions.
  12. Not me. I am not rushing Akin or Zimmerman right now and certainly not Harvey. Maybe Eshelman.
  13. The phrase “Tank job” goes to motivation. You seem to imply that Elias et al are intending to lose deliberately which I think is just nonsense. I believe that they have a process that involves making no middling type upgrades that do not advance their plan of the fastest time to rebuild. If that means 110 losses, then so be it. Losing more than 100 games a year looks just like this. Saying you are for a complete rebuild and then complaining about the bad roster makeup is inconsistent. Straily was a reasonable attempt that failed. Elias didn’t make Cobb’s arm fall off or sign the Davis contract. You want them to “try” by just adding players piecemeal whose sole criteria is that they are different from current players but I see no specifics to your plan there that Elias and others have not long already considered and felt not consistent with their process.
  14. Yes, just cut it loose first inning, 95 way inside and put our only best player out of the game....great...just great.
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