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  1. Good News is He lives. The rest is just details....lol. Happy Easter to all! 😎
  2. I think he will clear waivers and be reassigned to the minors.
  3. This is as bad a team as any we have ever seen take the field in the Orioles uniform.
  4. Yeah, that Cruz is slowing down a lot.
  5. He is the Mortimer Snerd of pitching.
  6. 10 run rule....even with 2 games for 1, it was overpriced today.
  7. Was Cruz at 34 and going forward going to be more like the conventional 34 and older or would be.or would he be more like David Ortiz? I felt at the time he was one of the rare type of hitters who was going to continue to produce until he was 40. A risk? Sure! But lot less risky than the other choices they made.
  8. That would be me and I was beaten up about it then and for the first two years afterwards. So, yeah, even a blind squirrel gets one right, but I was right.
  9. And just for the record...we should have given Cruz the 4 years he wanted. And that would have blocked then signing Davis AND Trumbo...
  10. Redhead rotational observation! But....no profanity please.
  11. Bundy is so daggone disappointing. He just is awful.
  12. He is certainly fast....i assume there are several databases....this one from 2018 has Joey at the 23.5 percentile... or in the top 76.5 percent. It has Cedric Mullins as our fastest at 5.8 percentile or 32nd out of 549 players in MLB. https://baseballsavant.mlb.com/sprint_speed_leaderboard
  13. Thanks...missed that. Makes sense. My bad.
  14. Ok Dylan...8 more just like that one....repeat, repeat.
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