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  1. Adam Jones Speaking out on Twitter.

    Yes and we shall soon see how all that stuff like loyalty to Baltimore, being an Oriole for life PR changes on a dime. But even Cal at one point made noise about signing elsewhere. We shall see. The reality is that teams like us, Pirates, Brewers, Twins, etc cannot afford sentiment with long time players...unless you just want to keep on losing. If his value remains as corner outfielder, then extend him. If not, then thanks for the memories, good luck getting a CF gig with a contender.
  2. Orioles SOM (State of mind)

    outstanding! I agree. And welcome! We can just look at 2014 and see what even a moderate improvement in starting pitching can lead to. But if it is an all in 2018 plan, then trading Machado is not happening. If they sign two good starters, keep Machado who then has the walk year of walk years and we win the World Series, I will forgive the non trade of Manny. But short of that...no. And as you point out, the much more likely outcome is signing mediocrity, finishing last AND then letting Manny, Zach, Adam just walk.
  3. Maryland at Michigan

    I agree. Bob was definitely in over his head. In fairness, he had a much worse situation after Driesell leaving and Len Bias death coming in than Turgeon has had. Still in his very short tenure, he recruited 3 guys who became NBA round 1 picks....Brian Williams, Jerrod Mustaf and Walt Williams
  4. Maryland at Michigan

    Mark Turgeon is the worst coach in Maryland history. His recruiting skills are highly overrated. And his in game coaching is terrible.
  5. Are There Three Internal SP Candidates

    I predicted Gonzo as one and now that is out the window. Let’s see now if they sign Tillman and maybe reunite with Wade Miley...then see how spring training looks.
  6. Beltre has better DRAA than any third baseman since 1901except for Brooks. Better than Schmidt, Santos, etc. Interesting that the alltime DRAA rankings for ALL positions include 3 Orioles in top 4. Ozzie Smith is first, then comes Brooks, Mark Belanger and Cal...and then number 5 is Luis Aparicio. Amazing defenders we have been fortunate to see here.
  7. Particularly since his career DRAA among third basemen is second only to Brooks all time and he has had an OPS+ of 133 for the seasons since 2010. Manny would do well if he had a Beltre career.
  8. The Shredder seems to be more of a ranking solely and completely based on the previous year's performances and gives no weight at all to any prior history or future expectations.
  9. Beltre is averaging about 5.5 WAR per season for over 18 seasons. Manny is averaging about 5.6 WAR for 5 seasons (combining the 2 seasons he played 51 and 82 games). We shall see where Manny is a decade from now.
  10. Yes, ranking Manny 8th is just that. I agree.
  11. If Manny stays at third, I think his career will look a lot like Adrian Beltre’s.
  12. It makes the winter go faster when I wear orange colored glasses. lol.
  13. I think Jonathan will be the All Star second baseman and will win his first AL MVP. No pressure there, buddy!
  14. So it's less than a Month.

    Oh I agree with that. There is likely to be a big rush at the end which will really upset the usual DD style and plan of waiting till the end to sign free agents. And it will drive up the prices...again.
  15. Believe me...as a psychiatrist, I can assure you...everyone has an ego...the only question is whether it is adaptive or dysfunctional.