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  1. Yes and Miggy goes 8 innings...2 hits , 0 ER...but, hey, he was finished. DD said so.
  2. Very poor play and approach by Kim.
  3. It just took a split second for the wet ball excuse to be given to Manny. The reality is...on routine throws, Manny is all over the place in regards to his throwing mechanics...soft tosses sometimes, side arm at times, three quarters at times, waits and guns at times... In this particular phase of the defensive game, he is not Brooks.
  4. No offense at all.
  5. Way to be Manny. Good grief.
  6. Hanger...missed
  7. And we all wish we had seen the Eric Thames train...2 more homers tonight for 10.
  8. 2.2 WAR for 2014-2016 for Ubaldo, total. At 8 million per WAR, estimated value would be 17.6 million...we paid 36.5 million. You tell me.
  9. Not what it looked like to me on the broadcast. But it could be my
  10. 13 million reasons.
  11. Ubaldo is just going to muck along in his usual pitch one great game, then four horrific ones and lose us the season...again.
  12. The divot touched the edge of the line
  13. We are not winning anything this year with Ubaldo in the starting rotation.
  14. Pitching coach?? Hello?