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  1. close don't count...L is an L.
  2. Bleier, Asher, Wilson, Aquino....Lucas Long for God's sake....anybody but Ubaldo...please.
  3. Mindfulness practiced by being mindful of every single dollar.
  4. Easy to stay positive with the 13.5 million in the account.
  5. How long before this organization is willing to eat even 1 dollar of this lousy contract rather than subjecting fans all summer long to this crap every fifth start. I think fans should just start boycotting when this guy pitches.
  6. The Astros could do us all a service by squashing this idea that this team can compete for anything in 2017.
  7. I was against his signing from way before he was signed. It was one of Duquette's absolutely worst decisions.
  8. And 2.6 of that was in 1 season and most of that in half of that season. And the other seasons have been awful
  9. Worse. Ubaldo has been here 4 years. Davis was hurt much of his 3 years time. Ubaldo has just been terrible.
  10. Bordick can be an idiot sometimes...really.
  11. I will never be so glad to see a pitcher leave than Ubaldo. His contract, signing and the torture of his performance the last four years has been perhaps the worst in Orioles history.
  12. I thought they would contend this year, so what do I know about next year?
  13. Not really, because the Yankees back then would send virtually nothing back to KC.
  14. Zach needed to pitch. Tonight was really the first time he was the 2016 Zach.
  15. Zach is back. Filthy, filthy. May be the last time we see him in an Os uni...enjoy perhaps our best closer in team history.