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  1. tntoriole

    Joseph for the second time calls out the team

    No, it just reflects that it gets old having to be “the voice.”. He is looking out for himself emotionally and I don’t blame him one bit. And he is likely seperating himself emotionally from the organization at this point.
  2. tntoriole

    Joseph for the second time calls out the team

    Adam has been there and done that as it relates to bad teams and bad seasons.
  3. And we will probably have two or three of those in a row.
  4. tntoriole

    The 'Piling On' Department

    Double AA Angels affiliate is moving from Mobile to Madison AL and will be ...wait for it....Rocket City Trash Pandas
  5. tntoriole

    The 'Piling On' Department

    We call them trash pandas down here...
  6. tntoriole

    How Long is the Road to Contention?

    It is usually "less traveled" by most teams because the Os path goes off a cliff into a ditch.
  7. tntoriole

    The Curious Case of: Chance Sisco

    So.. what has happened since this evaluation in March 2017? How often does a system"s "top prospect" organizationally at Double AA and Triple AA not even sniff the big leagues the very next season? "Ranked as the Orioles' top prospect, Sisco has had no problem handling himself at the plate over four seasons in the Minor Leagues. The 22-year-old stayed true to form last year with a .317/.403/.430 slash line between Double-A Bowie and a brief stint with Triple-A Norfolk. His .406 on-base percentage in 112 Eastern League games led all of Double-A. Sisco also made strides behind the plate in 2016, rounding out his game and helping him earn a spot as MLB.com's No. 99 overall prospect. The loss of Matt Wieters to the Nationals via free agency seems to indicate that Baltimore views the 2013 second-round pick as its catcher of the future. "We anticipate that he'll get a chance to catch every day in Triple-A," Orioles director of player development Brian Graham said. "He was the youngest catcher in Double-A baseball last year, and being a left-handed hitting catcher is a commodity. His receiving is getting better, his throwing is getting better. His overall catching performance has improved dramatically over the last 18 months." https://www.milb.com/milb/news/baltimore-orioles-prospect-primer-catcher-chance-sisco-on-the-rise/c-219661108
  8. tntoriole

    Do the O's even name a MVO this year?

    I am not disputing it either, but he is going to lead the team in home runs.
  9. tntoriole

    Short on starters with 15 games to go

  10. tntoriole

    Short on starters with 15 games to go

    Have a fan contest....you too can pitch for the Orioles.
  11. tntoriole

    Mesa Brothers Declared Free Agents By MLB

    I would also think there is a much better opportunity for them to be in the big leagues much sooner with a team that is the worst team in baseball than with a team that is at the top.
  12. tntoriole

    Austin Hays to have surgery to repair ankle fracture

    There is a very, very good chance that this will fix the problem and he will resume his career without issue after rehab. The new bone structure will be quite stable and he is young, bone graft will take very easily without complication, I suspect.
  13. tntoriole

    Austin Hays to have surgery to repair ankle fracture

    It is amusing as a physician to read this thread...lol. It sounds (and this is just a guess) to me that Austin likely had a bone cyst which can form in response to recurrent stress along the subchondral plates of one of the several bones that make up the ankle joint...the cystic fluid collection over time can dissolve/displace (lyse) inner bone tissue inside the bone surface, weakening it and likely ultimately contributing to a stress fracture, Stabilization is done both using screws/pins to stabilize the fracture and curettage (taking out of the cystic tissue) and putting bone graft tissue in place to repair and fill the defect. He will be nonweightbearing I would suspect for at least 4-8 weeks, then casted for another number of weeks then rehabbed for some months after that if all goes well. Professional athletes get the absolute best of care in these instances...and the physicians of this caliber who do this type of surgery and sports medicine are not typically influenced one whit by what Orioles, management or other lay people might think about what should or shouldn’t happen blah, blah, blah. It matters only what Austin and his family thinks...period. My best friend in medical school was the team orthopedic surgeon for the Jaguars for years and the idea that team management etc. make these decisions is just a fan idea.
  14. tntoriole

    vs. ATHLETICS, 9/12

    Interesting...from today’s MLB site...all time single season save leaders for all the teams.. Orioles it is Jim Johnson who was one of only 3 pitchers in baseball history to have two seasons of more than 50 saves- in 2012 and 2013 -Mariano and Eric Gagne are the only other two with two seasons of 50+ saves But, also...amazing how many of the guys on this list pitched for the Os...Johnson, Benitez, Mesa, Myers, Francisco Rodriguez...Mesa is the record holder for two teams, Indians and Phillies. Now back to our regular butt kicking... http://mlb.com/r/article?ymd=20180911&content_id=294252828&vkey=news_bal&c_id=bal
  15. tntoriole

    vs. ATHLETICS, 9/12

    I would be playing Adam 9 innings every game till 162 finished...just so he can soak up all the love he wanted to get by staying...