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  1. tntoriole

    Reminder - Elias Presser Today at 11 am

    I am optimistic and very impressed and extremely pleased with the selection of Mike Elias and the opened media discussion with fans. The devil ultimately will be in the details...who stays, who is hired, who is selected, etc. but overall a great day for Orioles baseball. The only caveat I might offer about “free reign” is “Brady Anderson.” He needs to go if for no other reason that many fans believe him to have undercut the prior GM, to have too cozy a relationship with ownership and we will continue to speculate on his influence when any controversial decision comes to be made. A perfect example was yesterday....in contrast to the new GM, how many times has Brady Anderson as an Executive VP made himself available for public questioning by the media about his role and his influence on baseball operations decisions? I will continue to have nagging reservations about “free reign” of the new leadership as long as Brady Anderson is still getting an Executive VP paycheck.
  2. tntoriole

    Reminder - Elias Presser Today at 11 am

    Yes, I agree. I wonder if John and Lou used a consultant about the “process” and the stagecraft. It would make sense and be refreshing if they did.
  3. It may have been a deliberate choice by all three to use the word over and over, but I suspect it was also maybe just a bit of nervousness and unfamiliarity with this new “process” . No biggie, minor detail.
  4. tntoriole

    Reminder - Elias Presser Today at 11 am

    I agree with you completely about the content of what was being said, it was only the repetition of the word itself that I was noting. Believe me...I have taught courses on system theory and organizational dynamics. I am all for it. However, even my wife commented on the number of times the word was used today in just this one brief public speaking session by all three individuals, and then, was even being repeated back by interviewers in multiple questions....likely a bit of nervousness all around the room at the unfamiliarity and newness of the whole “process” lol. Understandable, completely. Sort of like “you know” or “at the end of the day” ...”process” can sometimes be used excessively by professional people particularly if they are a bit nervous. My wife notices it with me when I am speaking publically, which I do frequently, if I use it too often. Probably not even worth commenting on this very minor, superficial detail of today’s positive press conference and introductory session, but it did stand out to me. That and John’s use of the word “effectuate”...lol. Or maybe it was an explicit and deliberate choice in repeating the word...to emphasize the fluid nature of the rebuild itself to his audience of fans. No biggie, not a criticism, just interesting.
  5. Thanks, Tony! I agree completely. And watching the press conference, the word that was used relentlessly, probably 50-75 times, was “process”. Which is a good place to build from.
  6. tntoriole

    Reminder - Elias Presser Today at 11 am

    Watching the press conference replay....one word was repeated at least 100 times....”process”...”The process will be this” or “the processes will be that”...go back and watch and listen just for that word...it is so repetitive as to almost be comical. Enjoyed the information and the “process” of hearing from the new GM and ownership.
  7. tntoriole

    ATTN: 2 P.M. AMA (Ask Mike Anything)

    This was a marvelous first day of the Mike Elias era! And this type of confident and transparent marketing is exactly what many of us have wanted for years...just someone to talk baseball straight up with us fans! Very positive today!
  8. tntoriole

    How long does your blank check for Elias last?

    I agree with this. Nobody in my life gets a blank check, if that means me holding back on criticism. Just ask my wife.
  9. I hope he did. This, to me, may be the very first major decision that I use to evaluate regarding is this going to really be different or just sort of different, but the same. Roch and MASN are really putting out this line about how “not everything or everybody needs to change” and that “Elias probably knows some of the front office personnel already”...i.e. Brady. But he can keep whomever he wants of people left behind, in my view, except Brady. If he keeps him this is going to get messy and dysfunctional again IN A HURRY! Really hard choices are going to have to be made and really different choices from the Brady/Buck veteranosity love affairs...and it is not going to be long before he is then giving his two cents directly to John and Lou about the hard choices.
  10. tntoriole


    Maybe another team would hire him in some significant capacity, but I doubt it. He is not the favorite of any other owner I am aware of. But I would be fine with him in another organization.
  11. tntoriole

    Time to give the Angelos boys some credit

    I am happy to give all credit to the Angelos partners for this outstanding hire and to hope this leads to a new Oriole championship era soon. Great choice!!
  12. tntoriole


    Let me make it clear. I don't "hate" Brady Anderson. That is ridiculous. He was a wonderful Oriole player for many years, brought much enjoyment to my life, and, no doubt, is a fine human being as a person. However, I didn't "hate" Dan Duquette or Buck Showalter, either. It is simply time for a new leadership, new voices and Brady has no role to play being in the decision making mix as he has been for the last number of years. If I were Mike, I would thank him for his years of service and that he is welcome back as any esteemed former Oriole to Camden Yards or Sarasota anytime. But I would not keep him as a paid executive in this front office.
  13. For all us Orioles fans....and for our new leader as we head to the Christmas season....welcome Mike and thank you to John and Lou Angelos!!
  14. tntoriole

    83 Team

    I was at Game 2 against the Phillies at Memorial with my ex brother in law..4-1 win with Mike Boddicker kicking butt, Brother Lo with big game, homer.