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  1. GM Meetings

    Actually any player from 1947-1985 who accrued 4 years of ML service time was and remains fully vested in the MLB defined benefit pension. After 1985, just 43 days on active roster and then 1 ML game in any season fully vests any player in the pension plan. However, those players with less than 4 years service time prior to 1985 were initially left out, but, beginning in 2010, ML clubs and players did voluntarily provide funds based on service of up to 10,000 dollars per year for the 850 or so former players who had less than the 4 year service requirement prior to 1985. The BAT funds are for urgent need situations and are more limited from what I can see.
  2. Orioles Interested in Lance Lynn

    lol. I am interested in Salma Hayek too.
  3. Assume we don’t trade Manny and he walks

    The die is already cast, imho. They are going for it with Manny in 2018 and if they are within 5 games of a wildcard spot at the trade deadline, they will not trade him then either. We get a comp pick, period. Whoever is in charge after 2018 will just have to deal with it because Dan and Buck are committed to keeping Manny in 2018.
  4. Orioles interested in Cobb

    Hard to see why a player would do such a thing. Does he think somehow that he won’t be able to say no if more money comes in, so he shuts it off from certain teams prematurely? And if I am his agent, it is my obligation to give him advice and opinion and as many options as possible and then certainly he chooses..not just blindly do whatever he says. Why have an agent at all if the player doesn’t let him do his job. An agent not even presenting the player with demonstrably higher offers would be foolish, imho.
  5. Orioles interested in Cobb

    Odds on getting either are slim to none, imho.
  6. Orioles interested in Cobb

    If an agent actually does this, he is a fool. If I am the player, I would insist on taking bids from any team possible and would keep the bids going as high as possible up to the very last second and then pick. In fact, I would keep asking interested teams if they wanted to bid more until they said no mas. And an agent working on percentage would be crazy not to keep seeking the highest bids possible.
  7. Orioles Sign Ryan O'Rourke

    I think he has expectations of his GMs that have been unrealistic. I think he has hired excellent GMs- Pat Gillick, Andy, DD and he has hired terrible GMs, but I think beginning with Andy, that he has been much less hands on than he was in all the preceding regimes. But negative refusals often seems to be a choice as to whether he trusts the GM at the moment or does he base it on his own previous experience. Having said that, I think both Andy and DD have had much relative independent decision authority than any of those prior GMs and that they can more fairly be held responsible for their choices made within their budgets without just blaming ownership.
  8. Orioles Sign Ryan O'Rourke

    I have always wondered if Mr. Angelos actually has an organizational philosophy and, if so, what is it exactly?
  9. O’s Awarded the 33rd Pick

    Could the trade be said to be for a player to be named later that then becomes the competitive balance pick when the season starts?
  10. Mancini is a ROY finalist

    Fantastic!! Thanks! I always enjoy players who regularly and throughout their career exceed the collective wisdom of "experts."
  11. If he is not healthy, we are not going all the way in 2018, imho. Going "all in" as DD and Buck seem bent on doing entails many risks...will Bundy and Gausman be the TORs or will they be injured, will O'Day be injured again, which Beckham do we get, will Cisco be able to hit or will we have catchers that have a hard time breaking the Mendoza line, will Davis and Trumbo just become weights and voids in the lineup. I would find out by spring training how healthy Zach is rather than trading him right now when every GM is weighing their return offer the same way you are- i.e. essentially that he is injured. Yes, if he is injured during the season, then we get nothing. But if he is healthy and we go to the World Series, then we also get nothing when he walks. But if we trade him now for returns that will not help us in 2018 and then also have a hole in the closer slot then we certainly are going to win nothing in 2018. Again, I am not a fan of DD and Buck's winning it all in 2018. But it is hard enough to see how we get there when we currently have 2 starting pitchers, neither of whom has had a TOR season yet AND then we have an untested closer or Brach who will be another year older. This is not exactly the same as Jim Johnson situation, in my view. The likelihood of catching lightning in a bottle the way we did with Zach is pretty slim I think (and we first had to go through the Tommy Hunter failure before we even got to Zach).
  12. Mancini is a ROY finalist

    Yeah, this was hardly surprising. Here is a prediction for 2018....Trey will best both Benintendi and Judge in performance.
  13. Hard to see how another Ynoa level rotation option is "going all in for 2018" and people just seem to think that having one of the best closers in baseball when healthy is not going to be missed and that Givens or Brach will just step right in. No, I think the time to trade Zach was about the same time frame about signing or trading Manny- the really sharp GM would have taken the bonanzas from Zach after his monster season and Manny after his monster season and traded both before 2017 season. Now it is too late- might as well "go for it" and let them walk or trade at the deadline if we are out of it. And I am not of the sentiment of going for it in 2018, but trying to somehow do both now ends up making both worse in my view because you trade Zach now with an injury mark over his head rather than at the deadline when he may be leading the league in saves. We gave up EdRod to obtain Stephen Miller...a healthy Zach at the deadline would bring a similar return from a contender, imho.
  14. Orioles 2017 Top 30 Prospects

    I predict Cody Sedlock will be a big positive surprise this season.
  15. The Future

    I predict Cody Sedlock will put himself back in this picture this year.