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  1. vs. RED SOX, 9/20

    you hope...me too.
  2. .500+ record, or no. 13 overall draft pick?

    This team is not going to sniff .500, so I think that we have no need to fear the loss of anything. They have to go 8-2 to even get to .500.
  3. vs. BOSTON AMERICANS, 9/19

    I am expecting more than 1.0-1.4 WAR seasons from Kevin. When he has those type of seasons, then he cannot be seen as a 1 or 2 pitcher for a winning team. He is no longer a newbie, learning pitcher. He will either step up to the next level or he won't ...we shall see.
  4. vs. BOSTON AMERICANS, 9/19

    His season last year was his best, no doubt...WAR of 4.2...his other seasons have been WARs of -.3, 1.0, 1.3 and this year's 1.4 . These are not very good. And given last year's best in his career, I guess that has made me more disappointed by his overall performance this year.
  5. vs. BOSTON AMERICANS, 9/19

    My expectations really aren't fact based entities. If I half still expect Kevin to blow up, maybe that is due to my being shellshocked by his first half performance and not quite as trusting that he is the reliable ace of the staff that he has become. Kevin has pitched well for half the season and horribly for half the season. Hopefully some season he figures out how to put a whole season together. But I appreciate the correction...
  6. vs. BOSTON AMERICANS, 9/19

    I expected much more from Gausman this year than what he has delivered But not compared to Ubaldo who never had no horse in the barn in the first place and who I had zero expectation about in the second place.
  7. vs. BOSTON AMERICANS, 9/19

    Ok, Trumbo swings like my grandmother.
  8. vs. BOSTON AMERICANS, 9/19

    Yeah, too bad his ERA was over 6 somewhere close to the first 3 months of the season (and over 7 for a fair amount of time) until finally starting downward on that July 19th start you mention.
  9. vs. BOSTON AMERICANS, 9/19

    Trumbo swings like a girl.
  10. vs. BOSTON AMERICANS, 9/19

    The guy who is 7-1 since the AllStar Break says Hello!
  11. vs. BOSTON AMERICANS, 9/19

    This performance by Gausman is so "closing the barn door after the horse is gone". And, now, the no no is gone...I still half wait on him to blow up every time out.
  12. vs. BOSTON AMERICANS, 9/19

    Yeah, he would be like Rick Porcello last year.
  13. vs. BOSTON AMERICANS, 9/19

    I know...couldn't tell what kind of start he got with 2 out...still he seems to get thrown out a lot on the bases.
  14. vs. BOSTON AMERICANS, 9/19

    Baserunning, Manny...sigh...
  15. Pedro Alvarez Appreciation

    Another inch on that line shot and he would have won the game with his second homer.