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  1. Sorry, but I am not blaming Chris one iota in this regard. He has the absolute right to continue with his contract and it is ONLY up to the ownership to decide what they wish to do with THEIR mistake. And if Chris somehow saves this ownership from the consequences of this mistake, then the following message gets transmitted to them and other owners about future mega contracts...namely, "worst case, we can likely publicly shame the player and get out of it, so let's go ahead and pull the trigger." Nope, if I am Chris Davis, I continue working as hard as I can at my profession until I am no longer employed by the Orioles. And, if I am not employed, then I expect them to live up to the contract. Period. Now if there is a mutually negotiated buyout and Chris just wants some public buyback to enhance his post Orioles remembrance by fans, then he will just have to decide how many millions of dollars he wants to give up to purchase that, but, I, for one, won't think any more or less of him if he does so. Because, for me, this deal is the legacy of Peter Angelos, only.
  2. Man they should be arrested for wearing those uniforms! Worst beer league softball couldn’t top them!
  3. I am glad to see changes and if they are looking for a team shrink....I will work cheap.
  4. Wojo getting whacked this inning.
  5. I did see that and it reminds me to be less harsh, and try to remember the Golden Rule. So I love you, Chris and I will try to be less harsh and less critical,
  6. Balance is such a key in the great pitchers....knowing at all times where their bodies are in space and to drive toward the spot while keeping their legs, arm in sync... Pedro does a great job here in this interview of noting the all too common problem of young pitchers opening up and the stress on their elbows.
  7. I agree with you that Hunter still does not use the type of lower body drive and smooth bringing along of the arm that characterize the great longevity, fastball pitchers. The tremendously powerful thrust in Nolan Ryan, Tom Seaver, etc. is generated primarily from the thighs and hips and transition of force going forward. The arm coming through is just delivering those forces, not generating them from the shoulder to the elbow. It is a much less stressful task, of course, for the elbow and shoulder to do it the way Nolan, Tom, etc. deliver the ball, but it requires a maniacal focus on lower extremity aspects of the delivery.
  8. Disco demolition night...lol
  9. Bobby Feller...Opening Day no hitter!! Ding, ding!
  10. Even if it happened, it is probably about as likely a call as calling the runner out for leaving too soon on a SF, which I am still waiting on seeing called.
  11. Here is a trivia question....what was the only game in big league history where every hitter of one team started and finished the game with exactly the same batting average that they began the game with?
  12. Hunter in line for first big league win, no?
  13. Usually not if it is to keep him from falling into the dugout...now if he was being propped up to catch the ball on top of the dugout, then yes.. If a fielder, attempting a catch at the edge of the dugout, is “held up” and kept from an apparent fall by a player or players of either team and the catch is made, it shall be allowed.
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