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  1. I have wanted him to make it for years and even mediocre numbers would be ok, but I have changed my mind and would designate him just before the last reduction deadline, hoping he gets through waivers, but frankly I do not think he can help us this year as badly as he is throwing.
  2. I think Wallace and Chiti come across in the article as rigid, controlling and petty. Brady is a strong character with strong opinions but he bleeds orange and Peter likes him and trusts him for those reasons. I guess we will see how Roger McDowell works out, but former Braves pitching coaches are running a bit thin here.
  3. Ok, but no way Tillerson is playing CF for us.
  4. From Buck this morning... “The thing I loved about it the most was there was a Yankee fan that was trying to get into the field of play that he took it away from. That was probably the highlight for me. Sorry.” MASN, Roch I love Buck!
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  8. I was thinking the same could be a jump start. could be the peak of his year and everything is downhill from this energized start...i hope for the former. But what an Orioles moment! Manny hitting and AJ robbing...just one of the all time best moments as an Orioles fan.
  9. Yankees and then there is just a long dropoff. I hate even losing exhibition games to them
  10. Colavito also hit 4 homers in - single game at Memorial Stadium in 1959 and was the last position player to get a pitching win before Chris Davis did it again. Colavito, then with the Yankees, pitched 2 and 2/3 in the first game of a DH against the Tigers of Kaline, Horton and scored the winning run himself.
  11. Some have already been mentioned...the Tom Phoebus no hitter...I was in the Safety Patrol as a kid and it was Safety Patrol Day at Memorial, but I couldn't go because it was my Little League opener. But my friend next door, Phil, who hated baseball and had never been to a game went that day because he was the head of the Safety Patrol. So, Phil saw 1 game in his entire life, even as an adult, and it was that no-hitter while I have been going to games for over 50 years and have never seen one. Sudden Sam McDowell...he was pitching in Memorial Stadium and got tossed in the second inning. He was arguing at home and was so mad that he reared back and threw the ball as hard as he could into the upper deck. It went straight over my head behind home plate like a jet plane and it daggone almost went out of the top of the Stadium. Never seen such a throw before or since. Rocky Colavito threw out Boog Powell on the fly at home from RF on a sac fly that was literally on the warning track...amazing. Rod Carew and George Brett were my two favorite non Oriole greats. Rod Carew could make a bat sing, he would just get hit after hit after hit no matter who was pitching and Brett, he just put the absolute smoothest swing on a baseball with such focused concentration.
  12. I would like to be able to keep him if at all possible. But there is a definite roster crunch at the moment and it is still a really outside shot that he stays. I suspect they can only do that DL thing so long before the club that had him complains. Particularly if he is out there hitting home runs over the wall in the spring.
  13. The popularity of the boy's name Zachary underwent a surge beginning in 1983 when it was the 40th most popular name in the US and then rising each year for the next decade, peaking at being the 12th most popular name in 1994. Since then it has declined to a rank of 124 this year.