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  1. Mike Wright’s last shot

    Mike Wright is not a major league starter. I hope they DFA him.
  2. Showalter: O's "Lying in the weeds" in AL East

    Orioles then went on a tear...finished 97-654 to finish tied for secodn with the Red Sox but were 2.5 games back of the Yankees who were at 100-62. The Tigers were 26 games back of first and the Indians, Brewers and Blue Jays were even farther. But...no wild card, so they were done. The Orioles 4 starters each threw over 200 inning and all had ERAs under 4 led by Jim Palmer who won 20 games, over 300 innings with 2.91 ERA..but Rudy May was 18-14 with 3.61 ERA and Flanny was 15-10 with 3.64 and Roas Grimsley went 14-10 with 3.96 ERA. Our 5 starter was Dennis Martinez at 14-7 with 4.10 ERA.....the bullpen basically was Tippy Martinez who led the pen with 41 appearances but only 9 saves due to complete games being the norm and Dick Drago with 36 appearance and 3.60 ERA...but nobody else in the bullpen appeared in more than 12 games and they were all terrible. Bullpens were basically unimportant and much worse talent overall compared to today. Brooks retired after appearing in only 24 games and hitting .149. The outfield was strong with both Kenny Singleton hitting .328 and Al Bumbry hitting .317. Eddie Murray was a rookie and Lee May were boppers though Eddie was mainly DH playing only 42 games at first and 3 games in the outfield but 111 at DH because Lee May played most of the games at 1b.
  3. Showalter: O's "Lying in the weeds" in AL East

    Buck...those aren’t weeds
  4. Cobb only thread

    I agree that Leerhsen’s book was the authoritative bio...an excellent and well researched description that I would recommend highly to all OHers...I would say that while he was correct in blasting the essentially made up myths created by Al Stumpf, he sometimes did overly apologize for Cobb’s behavior ...rationalizing his vicious beating unconscious of teammate Ed Siever by saying well “how much hazing can one take?” But it is certainly true that Cobb was not likely an overt racist and he never sharpened spikes, etc and that the Stumpf bio and movie were fiction essentially. But having read it, I would agree with this NY Times review...that Cobb was certainly not a demon racist, but he was a terribly troubled and at times impulsively violent man who alienated many people in his life. https://www.nytimes.com/2015/05/31/books/review/ty-cobb-a-terrible-beauty-by-charles-leerhsen.html?smprod=nytcore-ipad&smid=nytcore-ipad-share .
  5. Cobb only thread

    And the Rangers, and the Yankees, and the Padres, and the Red Sox, and the Indians, and the Mariners.
  6. Cobb only thread

    It is. And 4/50 is right for Ubaldo. I typed wrong. The Orioles just need to ummmm either .... or get off the pot. Or just wait for the Yankees or Brewers or Nationals to sign him...which is the more likely outcome.
  7. Cobb only thread

    Ubaldo was 4/54...so I would feel fine about Cobb at anywhere from 4/55-4/60.
  8. Cobb only thread

    Offer 4/56 and the offer is good for 24 hours only, if they say no, leak it to the press and move on.
  9. Orioles 5th Starter

    There, ftfy.
  10. Cobb Talk

    We paid Ubaldo 4/54, right? 4/60 for Cobb has got to work out better than Ubaldo, one would think. If that is what it takes, that is what I would do.
  11. Trey Mancini: Role Player or Star?

    That is significantly higher now than most all pundits had Trey at this point last year. Great article. I think I give more credence to his stellar capacity to make adjustments because of being able to have the year he had offensively while learning to play a completely new position at the highest level on the fly. And his ability as you noted to make subtle but substantial swing modifications. I think he can be an improved defensive outfielder this year with his continued work and experience and could become a Gary Roenicke type outfielder. Offensively, I think he is going to continue to improve substantially in every category..both power, average and OBP. I admit I am a Trey groupie! I have believed he would be a star from when I saw him first as a Frederick Key and he almost destroyed the scoreboard at Myrtle Beach with a ball I have seldom, if ever, seen hit so hard. I think the story with his grandfather being a long term Orioles season ticket holder and his persona of intelligence, hard work and hustle make me hope he continues to surprise everyone as much this year as he did last year. So maybe after a monster 5 WAR season this year, next March we will revisit our expectations again.
  12. NEED one of the Big Three Pitchers Left

    Actually I would say that there are some pregnancies where the expectant mother takes pre natal vitamins, watches her diet, stays away from negative influences and participates with ner care providers in good preparation for the outcome she wants...then there are some pregnancies where few preparations are made, where poor decisions are taken and often these lead to bad outcomes. Fortunately baseball seasons lead to no such real life disasters. Only last place when GMs make the wrong decisions and go into the season unprepared for the competition.
  13. Teams (except O's) keep saying not in on Cobb.

    Turns out it was Tommy Hunter who snagged Jake...lol. There is a part of me that hopes the old Oriole group of AM and Klentak and Hunter and Jake all fall right on their faces. Plus I don’t like the Phillies or Philadelphia fans. https://www.columbiamissourian.com/sports/pro_sports/sports-briefs-hunter-makes-his-pitch-helps-phillies-land-jake/article_9991baa8-adea-5c0a-8b89-0490c240f33d.html
  14. John Angelos and Brady taking over? (note on Boras as well)

    Man, I hate nepotism and “who you know” promotions. It never works. If this is where we are going, we are not going to be a winning organization. Too bad that seeking out and grooming fresh, young assistant GM talent to then lead the organization has not been a priority.