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  1. Seriously hoping it is with the Brewers and features Hiura on the return.
  2. I live in LA. It has been 10 years since I have been to a game. The last one I attended more than 10 fights broke out in the 8 innings I was there. In the parking lot were several more (mind you that has to be the worst parking lot in all of MLB. Easily over an hour to get out if you leave after the game). My brother remains a big Dodgers fan and the Orioles finally play them in LA this year around 4th of July. Honestly the fans have me not wanting to go. If I can't wear my jersey and hat, why bother going?
  3. I have noticed watching his at-bats the last few games Kim seems more focused on trying to hit the ball the other way. With the early shifts on him, that makes total sense. I'm willing to treat Kim's spring hitting no different than the first couple weeks a pitcher has trying to get his timing and mix in a pitch he is getting more familiar with. Once April rolls around, I'll still have a long leash on the hits, but I wanna see some nice walks.
  4. Does anyone know if any of our guys are represented by Excel, or more importantly by Casey Close? And yah, Fowler being quoted after the announcement as saying "Catfish" pretty much torpedoes this Casey's statement.
  5. Though initially upset, I decided to pull back and watch this play out because there will be LOTS more reporting on this as the week finishes out, i'm sure. The "catfish" comment from Fowler is not sitting right with me but it is one thing "catfishing" a GM. It is an entirely different ballgame if he did it to AJ. Does AJ strike you as the guy who would laugh this off saying "You got me there! Nice one!" Not me. I'm waiting on Jonesy's reaction. Mine will likely mirror his sentiment.
  6. Gahhhhh.....My wife gave the green light to book a red eye from L.A. Friday night, see the Saturday game, and fly back Sunday morning....then I decide to quickly check the weather. While i know Saturday should be okay, i can't take the chance booking $2k plans on a short window. Why must the baseball gods not allow me to finally watch my O's in the playoffs?
  7. What pitching? about 2/3 of our schedule left appears to be against the East. The Bluejays are decent not intimidating. Otherwise we face a Yankee club with no Tanaka or Sabathia, a Rays club with no Price, and a Sox club with no Lester or Lackey. Yah there are some good young pitchers on there but young often equals gassed in September. I for one have more hope this year than I ever did in 2012 or 2013.
  8. according to an updated post on MLBtraderumors.com, it could take weeks or months for the names to be released and "it appears at least a few 'fairly significant' but not ?major? names could be linked to PEDs." I think this works out well for MLB to avoid suspensions during a tough pennant race. If names are not out until September it is doubtful MLB will have mustered enough to hand down suspensions before the playoffs are done. The inference on the names would also take guys like Pujols out, and maybe Bautista or Ortiz, depending on the interpretation of "major".
  9. [video=youtube;u5HOt0ZOcYk]
  10. Try making it through 10 minutes of the California Angels coma-inducing broadcast...Gary Thorne is a solid broadcaster/play by play guy. He is no Scully but who is? And for those who can't stand him, i have not heard any suggestions for legitimate replacements. I have a harder time with the color guys when Palmer isnt there.
  11. I also think this is one of those situations where what the players say and how they feel don't necessary mesh. Speaking out against other players, retired or active is not looked upon well.
  12. Davis needs to get his tree trunk ready for another big swing. Michael Morse is trying to show him up in Seattle by hitting #4.
  13. Over/unders are usually even odds bets only taking into account the (usually) 10% juice. So $100 to win $90
  14. The Marlins say hello.... As for the over/under I will be in Vegas on 3/31 and would look forward to slapping money down...unfortunately last year turned me superstitious for the first time in my life since last year was the first time i did not bet on the O's on my yearly Vegas trip and they miraculously made the playoffs. So for when they are playing again in October again this year....you are welcome
  15. So talking to buck each game is only about discussing oriole blunders? Screw you ernie.
  16. Who would have ever thought we would have been saying that... Sent from my EVO using Tapatalk 2
  17. That is the thing, he was just giving a good pat on the back to the O's for a game well played. Nothing big, but after 3 hours of TBS it felt like high praise in comparison.
  18. I am so frustrated with this crew that i have rewritten this post 4 times to remove stuff that is going to get me a warning. They didn't say one damn good thing about Chen all night other than "listen to that crowd" as he walked off the field. I turned to MLB network immediately after my post game lap around the house screaming and Dan Plesak sounded like a lifelong Oriole in comparison. Hell, Billy, as magnanimous as he is sounded like a homer compared to Cal. If only i could get the radio calls to sync with the TV broadcast...
  19. Do you shop him? not on your life. Do you listen to GM's looking to wow you with a trade? Absolutely. The Angels could put together a package that would not hurt their playoff chances this year or next that would make me do it. But don't get me wrong, it must be an avalanche of an offer.
  20. I am in no way an advocate of trading Matt, but if the thought is on the table only one team makes sense...the Angels. The assumption out here is that Mike hates any catcher that doesn't play the position like he did. Matt would be his dream-come-true. I think we could easily get a package of Trumbo and Bourjous + if Matt was put on the table.
  21. Was a bartender for 4 years at a restaurant in Orange County, CA. For some reason a few ballplayers would come in. Mo Vaughn - Came in daily on the season he lost first year in Anaheim. Incredibly nice guy, treated everyone nicely, great tipper. Mark Mcguire - Soft spoken, came in with a girl that was old enough to be his son's girlfriend, but was pretty nice. Shawn Green - Quiet. Came in with his mother who was the exact opposite but could not have been nicer. He is much skinnier in person than on TV...and he was already pretty lanky. Reggie Jackson - Sadly the only "Oriole" I have interacted with. His reputation in Orange County preceded him and I list him despite not actually "meeting" him. Seeing his interaction on more than one occasion with fans who came up for an autograph or to just say hello, he is rarely a pleasant fellow. On one occasion he made quite the scene practically screaming at a guy who approached with his 15 y old son to just say how big a fans they were. They were not over the top or anything but they picked the wrong day to run into Mr. October. I know it has to stink sometimes for stars when they just want to get a bite to eat or constantly have people approaching, but I have seen others handle it with much more tact and much less volume.
  22. allsighs

    vs. RAYS 5/13

    not to break up the woe but it is only the 4th inning and our #2 league-ranked bullpen is in. A lot of game to be played..1 good inning and it's a fresh ballgame.
  23. Seriously Fred Manfra is killing me so far this season. Based on his calls our run production should be through the roof.
  24. I'll say it. I am perfectly okay with Reynolds at third. Frankly, you make the argument as to why for me. Reynolds is a package deal, offensively and defensively. Moving him off third places us in an equally horrible situation defensively at third with Betimit or (someone shoot me) Davis, or it lowers our overall offensive potential tossing Flaherty there. Reynolds had an anomaly of a year last year. It was epically bad. No argument here on that, but he has never been this bad over his career, and there is not a better option for the team. I have watched both games and it has been painful to see him miss those couple plays but he made a couple very good plays as well. 2 games is not the sample size I am going to use to change the game plan.
  25. Really enjoying Bordick in the booth...but man he looks just like Neil Tennant of the Pet Shop Boys.
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