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  1. Ohfan67

    Brady Anderson's feat has been equaled

    Huh? We were talking about Harper. I think you were referring to Ruth?
  2. Ohfan67

    Brady Anderson's feat has been equaled

    #@*&! I’ve been hammering a work project. Multiple days with four hours of sleep per night. It’s been a long week!
  3. Justin Verlander is not that far behind him (7th place), so Dylan is going to have to finish strong to remain in the lead with such strong competition.
  4. Leading both leagues!! And you guys said none of our starting pitchers would ever be league leaders.
  5. His calcium strikes out 9.4 hitters per nine innings, 12th in the league.
  6. Ohfan67

    Brady Anderson's feat has been equaled

    It will be very interesting to watch his FA play out. And I think my previous post made it sound like I'm lower on Harper than I am. I didn't mean to sound super negative. He still has a 130 ERA+ this year. His offensive stats all look really good except the batting average. Baseball reference scores his dWAR as -1.9 this year. I haven't watched many Nats games this year so I don't know what he looks like in the field. I wonder if being banged up has affected his range, etc.
  7. Ohfan67

    Brady Anderson's feat has been equaled

    One great season and two really good seasons. It does look like he’s over hyped. I don’t think he’s the player that sports media seems to think he is.
  8. Sure. That’s not sleazy. The sleazy part is making it sound like Angelos was paying for free agents out of own pocket.
  9. I don't believe a word the owners say about money. Back in the early to mid naughts, there were many reports that Angelos was funding part of the payroll out of his pocket. I think maybe Tony and some of the OH at the time were shown figures at the dinner they had with Flanny and Beattie? Anyway, it turned out that Angelos had loaned the Orioles money, not given the Orioles money. MLB is a racket, a vice. And we're all addicted.
  10. Little known fact: 7% of all Curacaons have played in the Orioles minor leagues. 😶
  11. From Roch: * Showalter understands why fans like having the pitchers’ radar readings posted in the ballpark, but he’d be fine with eliminating them. The readings, not the fans. Showalter talked about one of his young pitchers who checks the board in front of the third deck in left field after every pitch. “As much as we try to get him not to, but that’s kind of the world we live in,” Showalter said. “Some of these young players, ‘How did I throw today? Well, let me look at the gun.’ Instead of, ‘Where did I throw it?’ That’s why Yac (Jimmy Yacabonis) and (Yefry) Ramírez were good (Saturday). They had pretty good command.” Do you think he was talking about Wright?
  12. Ohfan67

    The Case For: Austin Wynns

    Looks safe to me. 😄 Wynns has hit better than I thought he would. SSS, but still refreshing.
  13. Ohfan67

    Mullins is with the Orioles! (edited)

    But who are you thinking about? I'm curious. McKenna? Victor Victor? If McKenna plays well in 2019, then he could be recalled a la Mullins.
  14. Ohfan67

    Mr Tango has me confused.

    There's a lot of discussion about shifts with even the Commissioner talking about getting rid of them, but there's no real evidence they have affected scoring. Teams are scoring 4.45 runs per game this year, which is totally in line with the last ten or so years (basically since the Mitchell report and increased/improved PED testing). Some studies have found very mixed effects of the shift on hitting and scoring. For example: https://www.mlb.com/news/9-things-you-need-to-know-about-the-shift/c-276706888 The shift may be taking away some singles, but it's not really reducing runs scored. I'm really meh about shifts.