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  1. 2017 Arizona Fall League Thread

    I got that from his professional career to date. I hope he figures out how to throw strikes, but his walks are spectacularly bad.
  2. GM Meetings

    I think minor leaguers should be paid more, but I don’t feel sorry for guys who play professional baseball for a few years and don’t make it.
  3. GM Meetings

    And I have student loans from graduate school and the memory of sharing a crappy apartment 50 yards from the beltway with two other graduate student. What’s the point? Should we feel sorry for guys who played professional baseball for a few years because they didn’t make it big? Forgive me if I don’t.
  4. 2017 Arizona Fall League Thread

    Scott’s performance is disappointing to say the least. The all star game was fun, but he seems way more than just a work in progress. He seems like he may be destined to be one of those “remember how hard that guy threw”washout stories.
  5. GM Meetings

    Baseball has the best pension of all the professional sports. Not sending millions to every player but the benefits are very good. Nobody who played significant time in the majors is poor when they get old.
  6. Random quote from weird conversation in July.
  7. That's nice, but not sure what your "trust" has to do with anything. I'm not big fans of them, but whatever you or I think of them Angelos has a history of investing in his "own" players over FA's from other teams. I think it's his idea of loyalty. BTW, I'm personally iffy on a long-term contract for Manny. If he doesn't get hurt then he has a decent chance to be worth whatever contract he gets, but on the other hand everybody gets hurt and the O's could theoretically invest the money more wisely (but we would probably both agree that it's unlikely they would do anything smarter with the money).
  8. I think the odds of signing Manny are fairly low, but significantly higher than many other posters think. Angelos has shown repeatedly that he likes giving money to his own players more than FA's from other teams. Davis is a prime example. The O's current "assistant GM" Brady Anderson is another. If Manny wants to be an Oriole for life and is willing to take some deferred money, then there is a decent chance that the O's will sign him to a long-term contract.
  9. It's the 8th largest media market in the USA. Definitely not small market.
  10. I honestly can't tell if this is serious or a tongue-in-cheek. If the Astros had 2014, 2015, or 2016 Britton then he would be a great asset. The 2017 Britton was a little iffy. He was obviously not the lights out reliever he was.
  11. Girardi: "Buck, hold my beer"

    Totally agree.
  12. I am, pretty much regardless of salary in 2019. He's getting slower each year. His defense is already weak. It's only going to get worst.
  13. 2017 Arizona Fall League Thread

    Thanks for the insight. If it's really that easy to spot, then why is it so hard to teach? A lot of these mechanical issues seem relatively straight forward. I don't play golf, but I guess it's like trying to fix a swing...much harder than a description of mechanics make it sound???
  14. Absolutely. Love Adam, but the Orioles should not extend or resign him. Go younger, go cheaper.
  15. 2017 Arizona Fall League Thread

    Talk about not letting hitters square up the ball! Impressive. It will be interesting and hopefully entertaining to see what he can really do in the majors. Too bad control seems so hard to teach.