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  1. We've always heard rumblings that DD and Buck were not on the same page, but now we're hearing more specifics. Of course some of these leaks may be agenda driven and include a fair share of butt covering. Nobody is going to want to accept responsibility for poor decisions. But ultimately we all knew that DD was not given full control when he didn't get to hire his own manager. That's nothing new for Peter...they didn't even let Hargrove hire his own coaches (and other managers were stuck with coaches, if I remember correctly). It sounds like the sons have a more realistic idea of how GM's are supposed to function. I hope they are able to settle the MASN issue and get the organization moving in the right direction on all fronts. I have often been skeptical of the idea that the Angelos sons are going to be better than their father, but I am rooting for them.
  2. WORD. One of my buddies has a shirt that says "Science doesn't care what you believe." Amen (pun intended).
  3. I am hopeful the next GM or whatever the title will be does have way more authority. But we have heard rumblings of this before. Not as clearly as the sons have said via Orioles press release, but there have been rumblings of this with the hiring of MacPhail, etc. Let's keep our fingers crossed.
  4. Ohfan67

    The Orioles Scouting Organization

    Other posters are more knowledgeable, but I don't think the jobs pay that great. If you have a nice expense account for Hawaii, then it would be great. But living in expensive places with a scout's salary could be tough. I wonder if these are all full time gigs? Not a ton to do right now, for example.
  5. Ohfan67

    Sun: Ripken files suit against Aberdeen

    I personally found Cal's incredibly boring and stilted commentary before, during, and after the games more offensive than the 3B quip. He's a good reminder that not every great player makes even a decent commentator. That said, I don't care about his dispute with Aberdeen at all. Sounds like a very typical, relatively petty dispute that happens all over the place. The money involved is peanuts compared to the cost of a new high school football stadium in Texas and other places.
  6. Ohfan67

    The Orioles Scouting Organization

    I didn't realize DD's son was a scout. I knew about Nathan Showalter. I thought Dana was a woman's name, so I googled. Turns out DD's sons are named Daniel and Dana. They like DD a lot. Nice work AZRon. So the size of the staff, at least amateur staff, is comparable to other teams. I vaguely remember that the Orioles minimized their professional scouting department a few years ago. I suspect that it is smaller than the professional scouting departments of their peers.
  7. Ohfan67

    O's need to a plan for SS this season

    His career high in games played is 137 in four seasons in the majors. He had to imitate Babe Ruth for a month to get into that many games. He would probably hit the 20 home runs, but his career OPS is .728 and it was .661 last year. Beckham is fools gold. Hold him in the right light and he looks like the real deal, but unfortunately he is just not a good enough hitter to overcome his below average and very frustrating defense. Tampa and Baltimore wanted him to succeed, badly, but unfortunately he seems to earn distrust from managers, not trust. His defense seems to frustrate them as much as it does fans. If his defense was adequate, then I would let him play shortstop. But I think his defense will ultimately frustrate the new manager and reduce his playing time.
  8. Ohfan67

    Sun: Ripken files suit against Aberdeen

    How do you know he has a bias FOR the Orioles? That’s an assumption.
  9. Ohfan67

    The Victor Victor Mesa/Sandy Gaston thread

    I think those of you that think the Orioles are going to move are crazy. Like check the oxygen flow to your brain crazy. And I mean that in the nicest way possible.
  10. Ohfan67

    The Victor Victor Mesa/Sandy Gaston thread

    So the Ravens dropped their prices?
  11. Ohfan67

    The Victor Victor Mesa/Sandy Gaston thread

    So people are willing to risk their lives if the price is right on stubhub? The Ravens games sell out. I've never been in Baltimore on a football Sunday. Don't people tailgate and the like? Some of these posts make it sound like there must be dead bodies piled up in the stadium parking lots.
  12. Ohfan67

    The Victor Victor Mesa/Sandy Gaston thread

    This thread is like looking inside the head of an Orioles' fan with a flashlight. It's better to never turn on the light.
  13. Ohfan67

    OK, time to grade the offseason moves

    The season was such a *!$! show.
  14. Ohfan67

    The Victor Victor Mesa/Sandy Gaston thread

    I'm waiting for a post that connect's Chris Davis' extension to Baltimore's crime since it's apparently responsible for all things Orioles. The Ravens sure haven't suffered an attendance issue. Looks like 99% of their available seats are sold and occupied.