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  1. Ohfan67

    Who replaces Joe Angel

    Steve Melewsky does play by play for multiple sports for Towson state. Sounds like he may get to call some games.
  2. Ohfan67

    2080Baseball: Org Review

    Hays had a bad year last year, but the difference in his BA and OBP was .031, not .018. Am I missing a secret to this calculation? .031 is definitely not great, but it's better than .018. Not arguing that Hays is a good OB player (his career minor league difference is .037), just curious as to the source of that difference.
  3. Ohfan67

    How good can the 2019 Orioles be?

    Sure. Teams almost always get mediocre while getting better, but being mediocre as your young studs come online is different than being mediocre when your farm system still stinks and your organization is a decade or two behind the competition in the international market, analytics, etc.
  4. Ohfan67

    Roch: Caleb will not be back, "guaranteed"

    One of two things is happening here: 1) Atomic is too dense to understand the strategy 2) Atomic understands the strategy but is just being a contrarian Maybe I should set this up as a poll.
  5. Ohfan67

    How good can the 2019 Orioles be?

    I hate to continue to be a negative nelly, but the Orioles provide a great example of that NOT happening. Those four seasons were followed by five years of 60 something wins. Being mediocre is just being mediocre. There are no real benefits. If stinking helps save money that can be invested into infrastructure, increases your odds of drafting valuable players, etc., then stinking has real benefits. 2006 Baltimore Orioles American League 70 92 .432 27.0 4 2,153,139 2005 Baltimore Orioles American League 74 88 .457 21.0 4 2,624,804 2004 Baltimore Orioles American League 78 84 .481 23.0 3 2,743,495 2003 Baltimore Orioles American League 71 91 .438 30.0 4
  6. Ohfan67

    How good can the 2019 Orioles be?

    Someone won 425 million dollars playing the lottery!! https://www.cnn.com/2019/01/02/us/mega-millions-new-year-lottery-winner/index.html Heck, people win multimillion dollar lotteries pretty much every week of the year. I recommend that you sell your house and the rest of your belongings, withdraw your life savings and retirement fund, and purchase lottery tickets with the cash. The Orioles are actually the poster child for what a franchise looks like when they refuse to rebuild and instead hang on to tradeable assets and spend money on mediocre to decent free agents to push for 80 wins. And those were very, very ugly years. Most posters lauded the O's hiring of Elias, but some now want to stick their heads in the sand about where the Orioles are and what they need to do to rebuild. The 2018 Orioles were historically bad...while spending 148 million dollars, having Machado for half a year, signing free agent pitchers in the offseason, etc. Their farm system is ranked in the bottom third of baseball by many if not most and that's after trading away Machado et al. for prospects. They are far behind in terms of analytics and technological infrastructure. They need to stack the deck in their favor as much as possible. Winning 70 games to make a few fans feel slightly better (and I mean slightly...fans will still rant and rave about a 70 win season IMO) is not worth the reduction in draft pick placement. Remember that if you pick high in the first round you also get to pick high in the second round.
  7. Ohfan67

    How good can the 2019 Orioles be?

    I hope we have surprisingly good play by young players. But then I would “want to take a look” at the worst possible starter for a few games to suppress wins. The team needs another group with Manny, Wieters, etc. Those guys were high draft picks. Picking tenth is a lot different than picking top two or three. 70 wins are meaningless. 60 wins can get you a much better pick. You can have good play by young players and enjoy those performances, but don’t blow the draft pick by just being bad. Be really bad and get the pick. But it I don’t think I have anything to worry about. The 2019 Orioles are going to stink it up.
  8. Ohfan67

    How good can the 2019 Orioles be?

    And we should all be ticked about how that pushed them ninth or tenth pick or whatever.
  9. Ohfan67

    How good can the 2019 Orioles be?

    What if the Orioles signed THE best or second best free agent on the market? How much better would the Orioles be? Just look at their first half record from last season when they had Machado and you have your answer.
  10. Ohfan67

    How good can the 2019 Orioles be?

    You should purchase a big bottle of Pepsi Bismol. You are going to need it. If the Orioles don't finish in the bottom three in 2019, then Elias screwed up. The worst case scenario would be that the Orioles win 67 or 68 games and finish 22nd or similar. Those "extra" wins may make some fans feel a little less nauseous, but they would take the Orioles out of the best draft slots.
  11. Ohfan67

    Rich Dubroff: Joe Angel not returning.

    Baseball and football play-by-play seems to be near death these days. I try to tune into games while I'm traveling, etc., and most of the play-by-play folks pale in comparison to previous generations. I'm sure the listening audience is a tiny, tiny fraction of what it was 20 years ago, much less 30 years ago. I am sure the vast majority of good young broadcasters are on TV. Radio game calling is definitely a dying art, with a few exceptions here and there.
  12. Ohfan67

    Rich Dubroff: Joe Angel not returning.

    I feel the same. Enjoyed his voice, but he was frustratingly bad at play-by-play. It was like he thought the audience was watching the game on TV while listening to him.
  13. Ohfan67

    Frank Robinson has passed

    Very sad. Thanks to you guys for sharing some wonderful memories. I didn't become an Oriole fan until 1991 (moved to Maryland), but it is always fun and heartwarming to read about Frank as a player and person.
  14. Ohfan67

    The three most intriguing pitchers in camp

    If those guys "step up", which I hope they do, then Cobb and maybe even Bundy will be traded.
  15. Ohfan67

    Should Mike and Sig convert Hunter Harvey to a reliever?

    Nobody will know what to do with Harvey until he makes it through a full season on baby innings. I'm assuming he will throw a few innings every five or six days if he starts the season healthy. Unfortunately that is probably a big if.