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  1. Wynns sent to Norfolk

    It was definitely talked about, but I’ve never heard a fan provide even a half decent description of good versus bad framing, much less provide examples. The recent focus on framing in baseball punditry is pretty suspect IMO.
  2. Wynns sent to Norfolk

    Did you routinely notice his bad framing? Curious.
  3. TT: Predicting the Opening Day Roster

    I think Buck does have "his guys", but I think one could make a rational argument that loyalty to players, etc., pays some dividends in the long run when you're managing a team. I think fans also are over critical when the options aren't all that great, especially when Buck has more information about nagging injuries, etc., than we do.
  4. Thoughts on Manny @ SS and Beckham @ 3B ??

    It's amazing how little talk this topic has generated since they started playing spring games. The switch may work out better than many of us doom and gloomers feared. Manny seems poised to have a monster free agent year if he stays healthy. A parting 8 WAR season would be much appreciated.
  5. Showalter: O's "Lying in the weeds" in AL East

    The Orioles could be competitive this year if Cashner, Gausman, and Bundy have good years and Manny and Schoop have career years. That’s a bit of an “if”, but not a crazy big if. Manny and Schoop look dialed in, Cashner and Gausman look good, etc. The bullpen is likely to be very good and the Orioles have some minor league depth that might help during the season. Obviously one more dependable starter would be very helpful.
  6. Cobb only thread

    I agree with you. I was responding to a post that implied that Cobb was being greedy for not signing a deal.
  7. Cobb only thread

    So that’S not being greedy, but when a player pushes hard to get the best return for their talent they are being greedy? That’s the quote to which I replied.
  8. Cobb only thread

    Are the teams just greedy?
  9. MASN Continues to Reject In-Market Streaming

    He's correct. I live 90 miles from Houston and can not watch the Astros on MLB.tv. This is a MLB blackout thing. I find it incredibly frustrating, but I do understand the economics of protecting the value of the local sports channel deals.
  10. But couldn’t the Orioles save a ton of money with the termination pay trick before the season? I think Tillman will be on opening day roster, but if he gets shelled in the rest of his spring starts (2?), then I could see the Orioles releasing him and then signing him to a minor league deal with an opt out date. Very unlikely, but a possibility.
  11. I was being real. No one is going to question the move.
  12. The doctors on the Orioles payroll? Um, yeah, I think they will be on board.
  13. I don’t think it’s a big deal. But Judge should be suspended for the season and the Yankees should forfeit their top three minor leaguers to the Orioles..every year for three years. Hate the MFY.
  14. OH challenges people to back up their claims, opinions, etc. If you don’t like being challenged when you post claims or expect people to be mollified when you wave the vague “I’m in the know” wand, then you are probably going to be unhappy on OH in my opinion. No one is picking on you. Ready pretty much any thread and you will see constant challenges. Many if not most challenges force posters to post supporting data or analysis, etc.
  15. I don't even think DD has a firm payroll number.