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  1. Peter and I have a standing Wednesday night make-your-own nachos date, but we have an agreement to not discuss the Orioles. I can say that he prefers medium spicy.
  2. Orioles youth movement

    This is one of the stories I remembered: https://www.beyondtheboxscore.com/2013/1/25/3896270/why-is-the-mlb-getting-younger i think the four year thing was peak performers?
  3. Orioles youth movement

    I'm actually pretty confident that he is not going to sign a bunch of 35 year old free agents. I'm also confident I won't like several of his signings and other pickups! But not because they are geriatrics. That's not a big fault of DD and a lot of those players don't even seem to exist in MLB anymore. Strong correlation with better/more testing for PED's and the almost disappearance of mid-30's free agents, especially position players. I think a study published a couple of years ago showed a 3.5 to 4 year drop in the average age of players on rosters from 2002 to 2012. So there's a chance that DD would sign those players if they existed!
  4. From the bowels of YouTube

    There have been so many of those made now. There are a bunch of science ones that I know well, especially one about reviewers wanting revisions on a scientific paper. I think the JTrea video was the first one of these Hitler videos that I had ever seen. Blew me away.
  5. Orioles youth movement

    I missed O'Day! So Jones is the second oldest player.
  6. Orioles youth movement

    Side note: Jones is the oldest player on the roster. I thought Trumbo and Davis were older, but they are a year younger than Adam. I'm as frustrated with DD, Angelos, and the Orioles middling as much as most, but I do appreciate that DD has largely avoided the really horrible signings of over-the-hill players that the O's were so fond of in the past. He's signed older players to minor league deals and the like, but nothing like some of the geriatrics that seemed so abundant in the early 2000's. I guess he's too fond of Rule 5 picks and the like to invest too many roster spots into geriatrics.
  7. What is Dan Duquette doing?

    I am definitely not thrilled with a lot of moves and non-moves by DD, but if your owner is telling you to win as many games as you can (be competitive) at a certain price point, then you're going to get about what DD has done. He successfully completed those marching orders for a few years, but you can't keep it up for very long.
  8. From the bowels of YouTube

    Frobby jogged my memory, but I may be wrong, I think it was JTrea81 being told that Teixeira had signed with the Yankees.
  9. From the bowels of YouTube

    Yes! Of course! I would love to see it again. I vaguely recalled a post several years ago reporting that it no longer existed. I laughed until I cried while watching.
  10. From the bowels of YouTube

    Side note: I want to find the Youtube video where Hitler hears about the Orioles offseason (I think the video was aimed at SportsGuy or one of the old board regulars). I can not remember the OH poster's name that made the video. It was one of the funniest things I've ever seen.
  11. What is Dan Duquette doing?

    This. The complaint that the Orioles GM/VP for Baseball Operations or whatever is slow, lazy, not doing anything, etc., has been around for as long as this board has existed (at least!). But at least we don't hear complaints that DD doesn't know how to wine and dine prospective players.
  12. Norfolk roster: How is Dan doing?

    There’s no real evidence that Mancini needed time in AAA to develop. The notion fits your argument, but it’s not clear at all that Mancini really benefited from time in Norfolk.
  13. I remember this too on ESPN broadcast(s). He definitely had the highest tracked speed during that game and the highest speed ESPN had tracked that year. Now who knows if that estimate was good, how many players had been tracked via Sunday night baseball coverage, etc. But Redskin Rick’s memory is dead on.