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  1. So what's the rotation next year?

    Well they miffed a bit on the development part. They tried to get by with mediocre signings and acquisitions. Maybe they are ready to invest money into one front line free agent pitcher instead of spreading money around on the Ubaldos, Gallardos, Miley's, and Hellicksons of the world. Seems like they have a weird philosophy...it's ok to blow millions year after year on mediocre starters as long as individual starters are not signed long term. If you are going to risk 25 or more million on starting pitching you should at least invest in a pitcher with serious upside instead of blowing it on mediocrity.
  2. And the season keeps getting worse! this season is starting to move up my list of cruddy seasons.
  3. Austin Hays

    SSS and all that but it's exciting to see Hays have some immediate success.
  4. .500+ record, or no. 13 overall draft pick?

    Sounds very random.
  5. .500+ record, or no. 13 overall draft pick?

    Finishing .500 means nothing to me (this year). I wouldn't throw the games, but 13th is a little better than 18th so that's one small positive about a September swoon (but pretty small really). I would rather see the rookies get at bats for the rest of the season, but I don't really think that will affect the final number of wins. Those guys are likely to out hit Rickard, Trumbo, et al. anyway.
  6. Definitely fair. The offseason outlook would look pretty different if the Davis and Trumbo contracts were not on the books for next year. The minor league hitters, however, have definitely provided some hope that the near future may not be as bad as many fans assumed. It will be interesting to see how it plays out.
  7. p.s. I'm not trying to really dump on Brady or anyone else associated with managing the organization, but I think it's an excellent time to evaluate their performance. They have been given a lot of time and money and the results have not been great and that's magnified by the contracts given to Davis, Trumbo (supposedly a deal heavily involving Brady), a bunch of bad pitchers, etc. I just think it's fair to step back and take a hard look at what management has done. Unfortunately the Orioles convoluted power structure makes it very difficult to evaluate the performance of folks involved in the leadership. Brady was reportedly an important player with the Trumbo and O'Day contracts, but no one really knows who was in the driver's seat for the Orioles with those contracts, Davis, etc.
  8. That is definitely not data or "evidence". The workouts had no noticeable effect on the performance of Kim, Wright, Garcia, Berry, etc. There's no evidence that Brady does anything special with players that a lot of other trainers don't do (besides maybe time in the cage and other baseball related activities). Brady is a spectacular athlete and a fitness freak. No doubt about it. But that doesn't mean he's anything special as a trainer and there's definitely no evidence that he has somehow transformed a lot of ball players. Mancini was doing pretty darn well before he worked out with Brady. Wright was mediocre before and after he worked out with Brady.
  9. There's no evidence that Brady's conditioning routine is anything special. The local press has enjoyed writing about it but most of the players who worked out with him didn't show significant improvement in the following season. Overall I am very leery of Brady's influence in the organization. It reeks of the Angelos insiders of the past who undermined the decisions and authority of the people who should be responsible, who were "supposed to be" responsible.
  10. Buck's TTTP Obsession.

    I was totally just giving you grief (although relevant data might be available?). I find Buck's harping about it pretty weird. How much it irritates you is quite fun.
  11. Buck's TTTP Obsession.

    Any evidence that ttp obsession really causes a problem? Negative correlation between ttp with performance of our young pitchers? Otherwise It's clear that Buck isn't the only person obsessed with TTP .
  12. Oh man. You guys are bringing up so many bad memories. I regret opening this thread.
  13. Austin Hays

    Congrats on first hit.
  14. Chance Sisco: 'I'll Be Ready' When Orioles Call

    Congratulations to Sisco.
  15. I'm listening. Angelos makes it hard to fully evaluate, but I think Buck's performance deserves to be critically evaluated and not through orange colored glasses. The Orioles have spent big for several years, they have had Manny, Jones and others, the have changed coaches, etc. I'm not trying to be negative or disrespectful, I just strongly believe that Buck's performance deserves a critical evaluation...and I think he certainly doesn't come out smelling like roses once we remove affection for Buck and our memory of how horrific the Orioles were.