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  1. Bummer it didn't work for him. Seems like a great guy.
  2. Just saw this...excellent post.
  3. It was idiotic. You think Cal Ripken busted it down the line on every ground ball out? Good grief.
  4. The Orioles haven't been that kind of organization in a long, long time. I think most of us would agree that things are better than they were in the early 2000's, but they are still the Orioles/it's still Angelos' organization.
  5. I agree with much of your sentiment, but it's hard to win without overpaying for some players. Also, do you just want Angelos to keep the money? I guess you would want to invest a lot more in the minor league system, international signings, etc, but that leaves a lot of money on the table. I do not care if the Orioles over pay for wins unless it really hinders them in the future. I don't like what they have done in terms of losing picks and the like, but I don't care if they overpay Hardy, Davis, or others if the money wasn't going to be used to improve the team now or long term...and there's little evidence that it really would be used better IMO. Who cares if they overpay if the only real damage is to Angelos' profit margins.
  6. I don't get why this is so hard to understand. Buck doesn't think much of Kim, last years stats be damn. Mancini has beat him out for playing time. Flaherty got a start over Kim in the outfield in Boston...they think VERY little of Kim. The Orioles control Mancini for years and he's out performed their expectations, potentially for several years. They are going to invest at bats in Mancini to see what they have. Kim is now a bench player. He's a mediocre defender and can't serve as a late inning game replacement. They are comfortable enough with Mancini and Smith's defense to part with Gentry so there will be less defensive substitutions. Kim is going to rot on the bench until absolutely needed, just like most of Buck's bench players. If Kim was a good defender then he would see more time in late innings. That's why he's different than say Reimold. Reimold got game appearances last year as Kim's defensive replacement, for example. I guess a lot of posters just think Buck is full of baloney. Kim is going to have to hit his way back into the starting lineup.
  7. Oh come on! Don't exaggerate. Escobar for KC has a lower OPS, so Hardy isn't the worst hitting shortstop in MLB.
  8. Thanks for the correction. I thought he had injury problems for several years. He averaged just over 130 games from 2013 - 2016. I thought I read that recurring hamstring problem made him miss time in the past.
  9. Good lord. Flaherty has played approximately 50% less than Kim this year! I guess Flaherty is going to crush Kim's record of not playing. And I like how you are focused on games in which players appear versus at bats. Kim is not a defensive replacement. If Kim is on the team all year, then he will end up with 250--350 at bats. They sent Gentry down (mainly because they are more comfortable with Mancini's defense IMO). Smith has been injury prone. Jones was hurt last year. There will be pitchers that Buck thinks favors Kim. Those are the situations when Kim will play...if he's with the Orioles all year. DD wastes roster spots on a regular basis. He loves rule 5 players for example, most of which clogged the roster by being mediocre and decreasing flexibility. Hanging on to Kim to see if he can be useful on the field or in a minor trade is the least of DD's roster sins in my opinion.
  10. I know you are a bright poster and you're just irritated or something. The obvious answer is in Trumbo's bank account. Im not trying to defend Buck's decision, but I was pointing out a totally hyperbolic post that was just wrong. It's obvious that Buck thinks very little of Kim's abilities and probably was never thrilled with his signing. If Kim wants more at bats then he will have to take advantage of his chances and earn them. If you honestly think he and Trumbo are in the same situation then...well, umm, you are just going to be disappointed.
  11. Sit on the bench until needed. Unfortunately for Kim his defense is not good enough for him to be a late inning defensive replacement. He will have to wait until someone needs a break or gets injured. BTW, your post above just totally ignores how much you were exaggerating Kim's playing time relative to others on Buck's rosters. I understand you don't agree with Buck, but get your facts straight. There's been complaints on the board about how little Buck plays his bench for years.
  12. An ugly reminder that we have been pretty spoiled the past few years...but there's always been some real bummer weeks sprinkled in here and there. The horrible Astros series. Horrible trips to the west coast highlighted by the A's kicking O's butt. A miserable Twins series or two. Some horrific trips to Toronto. This is a very frustrating week or two, but there have been others sprinkled in the past few seasons.
  13. That's just not accurate. Kim already has almost twice as many at bats as Flaherty THIS SEASON. Buck has the reputation of riding his starters hard and rarely using his bench players. Like it or not, Mancini has basically beaten out Kim and he's now a bench player.
  14. There are several studies suggesting that walk rates in the low minors are not good predictors of future success. Here's an example: http://www.hardballtimes.com/katoh-forecasting-a-hitters-major-league-performance-with-minor-league-stats/ The linked study suggests two reasons. First, it's hard to accurately predict future success at all with players in low minors. Second, what Ruzious said.