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  1. I totally agree about the age and thought about adding a disclaimer...but I don't think Mountcastle is ever going to walk. I think Jones and Mancini are actually good comps in terms of ceiling. A peak Jones at first base or DH would be great for three or four years.
  2. I do wish Mountcastle would walk more. Stinks that he doesn't. Mountcastle has walked the same number of times (81) in his 400+ minor league career as Rylan Bannon walked last season. Mountcastle's stats look a lot like a slightly lite version of Mancini's minor league numbers.
  3. Ohfan67

    Rylan Bannon 2019

    This guy actually draws some walks. Nice to see.
  4. Named International League Player of the Week. Good for him. Good for Orioles. Good for us. I hope he keeps raking.
  5. I think that ship sailed for both of them. They are on the wrong side of the age-performance distribution and Cobb can't seem to stay healthy.
  6. Obviously way past time, but I do feel bad for Wright. He makes his full salary for the year, right? If so, then that's a good parting gift. I hope he was smart with his signing bonus ($363,000) and this year's salary. P.S. I missed the posts where you guys discussed his pay.
  7. Yeah, but that's because MLB is using super juiced balls in Orioles games because of the MASN dispute. 🙃 Or maybe the Orioles are sneaking in super juiced balls to guarantee a high draft pick in '20. 😧 Either way, it's obviously part of the conspiracy.
  8. I’m now more “hopeful” that the Orioles are going to get a top draft pick. The losing crushes a little part of my soul each game, but I would like Orioles to get a great draft pick in 2020.
  9. Orioles offense scored 12 runs yesterday. Núñez, Smith, et al continue to hit. Great to see Davis get two hits in the first game. Mullins stole a base. p.s. Davis struck out Davis.
  10. Love it. You are reusing a winning joke. That’s how I live my life. 👍
  11. I expect the Orioles to lose a lot of games as the summer progresses, but I think there is going to be tough competition for the top picks. Multiple teams appear to be in tanking mode and several teams are dramatically underperforming. It will be a weird, but fascinating race to watch. If they miss out on a top pick, it will be a typical Orioles move: they waited too long to adopt a strategy that maximizes draft picks.
  12. Or they could do something crazy like jettison Wright. 😯
  13. You always provide such insightful explanations of your opinions. Oh wait...you never explain your opinions. I’m assuming you’ve decided he’s not a major leaguer?
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