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  1. 🤮 I attended Coppinger’s start against the Yankees. Terrible memory.
  2. I take back a lot of the grief I was giving Cashner earlier this season. He’s been very solid.
  3. Thanks for the video Luke. Harvey isn't exactly painting the corners in that video. Tony and Luke: How did his location look? 100 is fun and all, but how was his command?
  4. I wasn't watching live, but the replays of Sisco weren't pretty. However, it looked like a young guy on a historically bad team trying to make something happen. I hope Sisco has more baseball smarts than displayed last night...and I'm certainly willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. The 2019 Orioles present their own unique challenges for a player trying to break in.
  5. Yep. There are definitely some idiotic posts in this thread. And several loads of manure.
  6. Did you just call someone an idiot on OH?
  7. The Astros were not on local cable in Houston for at least a year, but I think it may have been several years. It's pretty common for the cable companies and RSN's to play hardball during negotiations and sometimes it is a financial win for each if they part ways. Pretty much always a losing proposition for fans though.
  8. I think there was and is a somewhat limited budget that Elias can use for everything. I suspect they decided that instead of over paying for what was left on the market that he would invest that money in analytics, camera equipment, etc. Hopefully the Orioles do much better during the next signing period and Elias starts to build some trust. I guess we'll start finding out about Elias and the international market in just a few weeks.
  9. Most of us are out with whiplash from watching all the home runs.
  10. I fought hard on the board last year to remain positive about Bundy, but earlier this season I gave up. Hopefully he is going to prove me wrong, but I am not sold on this recent streak of good pitching. He’s had a streak like this almost every year, but then the homers start flying again.
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