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  1. Looks like Mike should have listened to the coaches instead of Brady. His poor performances are repetitive and his post game quotes always make it seem like he has no clue how he's really doing. His quotes in Meleski's blog tonight are typical.
  2. BTW, I actually think the Orioles will keep Santander when the season starts. They will DL him until he can actually throw a baseball and then evaluate his defense while he's on rehabilitation assignment and make their real decision about keeping him after those games.
  3. The Orioles also called Jeff Fiorentino up from A ball.
  4. Internet honesty deserves positive rep.
  5. I hear you, but The remark was very specific to Bautista. A total d-bag. I think DD changed "ahole" to "not working class" just as the first word was about to come out of his mouth. I think he just stumbled over his tongue, but agree that in general he should shut up about Bautista before something even dumber and potentially more offensive is said. It's dumb for him to comment on another teams player. Showalter would be ticked if a GM talked about an Oriole player like this.
  6. I'm not trying to insult you, but That evaluation is unrealistic to say the least. Neither you or (I think) anyone on this board has seen the guy play an inning of defense. He's never had an at bat above A+. If he sticks as a rule 5 pick his development will be stunted this year because he will play very little. To expect him to start in the majors next year is very unrealistic. What are you basing such high expectations on? Sisco is a more advanced prospect and it's iffy if he will earn a starting job next year. I just don't get this evaluation.
  7. He might. I agree he's a real prospect. But it's still relatively unlikely to happen.
  8. I'm basically arguing the exact opposite of the bolded statement while addressing what I see as over optimism about Santander's potential. He's unlikely to pan out as a serious ML hitter and offers none of the bench potential that a Flaherty or Rickard offer. Regarding serviceable major leaguers, it would be easy to argue that the Orioles cost in terms of DD's roster crunch decisions (especially carrying McFarland IMO) has cost more than the Orioles have gained by keeping the rule 5 picks. I think DD's strategy of stockpiling fringy players with options is much better and DD and Buck use roster flexibility and the full 40 man better than most. I don't want that handicapped if it costs meaningful games when future reward is very unlikely. I'm not opposed to all rule 5 picks, or even Santander per se, Just pointing out the costs and very marginal benefits that most rule 5's provide.
  9. They use it a lot. That's not the same as being masters. And I don't think they are masters of it. It's actually pretty easy to argue that the Orioles have wasted roster spots on most of DD's picks. Flaherty has been the most useful and the best you can say about him that he is versatile enough with the glove to not kill you. He's hit a few fun homers, but overall he's been atrocious at the plate. McFarland ate some innings every now and then. They have both been mediocre to ok at their jobs with McFarland really clogging the roster at times. The jury is still out on Rickard. Certainly no rule 5 addition has been a big talent injection for the Orioles. I agree that Santander is a real prospect. But I think he's much less likely to succeed than many of you seem to think. He's had one good year of A ball and two spring training home runs for the Orioles. I guess I'm seeing the half of the glass that is empty. And again, the Orioles selected Tavarez eight picks ahead of Santander. I think that's a clear indication of who they think has a better chance to make it through the process.
  10. I still don't really understand why there is so much noise on the board about Santander. I'm not trying to hate on him and I understand the Orioles system is weak, but the guy was the last pick of the Rule 5 draft (32nd pick). The Orioles selected Tavarez 8 picks ahead of Santander. There were 14 passes (teams didn't pick anybody in 14 out of the 32 picks) before the Orioles selected Santander. He's never played above A ball. For perspective, Sisco is six months younger, spent the year at AA with an end of the year cup of coffee at AAA, and has a significantly higher career minor league OPS. Santander is interesting, but he's not worth a serious roster crunch IMO.
  11. Thank for sharing that Frobby. Interesting read.
  12. Melewski posted this today: The Orioles’ Dariel Alvarez, who recently resumed pitching, is progressing well on the mound at minor league camp. Alvarez, who pitched briefly in Cuba before the Orioles signed him as an outfielder in July of 2013, threw off a half-mound two days ago. He will have his first bullpen session off a full mound tomorrow. The Orioles are bringing Alvarez along slowly and he will likely follow a similar path that Mychal Givens used when he converted from shortstop to pitcher in 2013. Alvarez may pitch in at least one minor league spring training or simulated game before opening day, but the organization is targeting April 10 as the likely date of his first mound appearance in a regular season minor league game once the season starts. To be determined is with which affiliate he will pitch. “He’s doing great. He feels good and looks good on the mound. He’ll probably get between 40 and 50 innings this year. So far so good, he looks great,” Graham said. Graham declined to provide any radar gun readings yet for Alvarez, but when he did showcases as a pitcher before signing with Baltimore, he was throwing 93 to 95 mph according to scouts. Alvarez will continue to swing a bat as a DH most days when he is not pitching in a game. For instance, if the Orioles plan for him one week to pitch in games on Monday and Thursday, he would DH on Tuesday and Wednesday. http://www.masnsports.com/steve-melewski/2017/03/minor-league-notes-on-branden-kline-mike-yastrzemski-and-more.html
  13. I can agree with this (assuming "Except" there).