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  1. jamalshw

    Will Givens be traded this offseason?

    I think the Orioles will consider trading Givens if the price is right. I read Roch's article as they wouldn't consider trading him last Winter Meetings. The use of the "wouldn't" instead of "won't" leads to me to believe past tense. I think he was trying to paint the story of Givens over the last year (but failed). I don't think they'll trade him unless they get what they think he is worth (which is more than what other teams will probably offer), but I don't think they'll listen.
  2. jamalshw

    How to make baseball more interesting

    Everything done so far to help with pace of play has been completely useless. Do people really care if the game is 3:05 instead of 3:09? No. Honestly, I like the game mostly as it is. I think the changes to appeal to the younger fan are less on the field and more with how the game is marketed. MLB should play a huge role in youth baseball. Getting people playing the game will help get them enjoying it and, thus, watching it. Using social media more in game on broadcasts and connecting that way would help more. Having players be more branded helps, too. The NBA and even NFL are better at this. All that said, I do think there some things that can be done in game to help the pace some, but it has to be more than 10 seconds here and there every couple games. I think the biggest thing to pace of play is not-so-instant replay. The way baseball handles it is dumb. There should be a replay ump for every game in stadium reviewing every play with a radio directly in the ear of the crew chief on field. If the manager comes out to argue, they can confer with that ump (who can also call down on his own) and overturn a call when needed. No need for the pomp and circumstance of going to the head set or waiting for New York to review. That is one area the game really slows down now. To encourage more hits and balls in play and moving away from the three-true outcomes, I think that's a bit tougher. You could do away with the shift. i think that helps some, but I don't like taking a strategy away from a team like that. I think as an industry baseball just needs to do a better job recognizing and promoting the players that do hit to all fields and limit Ks (Jose Ramirez for one) and pay them accordingly. This will help encourage others to change how they hit. If you get more money hitting to all fields and making contact, more players will do it.
  3. jamalshw

    What Will Make this Season a Win?

    I'm hoping the Brewers can surprise and win the World Series. I put a little down on them at the start of the year with their long odds and could use the extra dough. I'd love to see the A's topple New York and Boston and have a Oakland vs. Cleveland ALCS though I have a feeling Major League Baseball wouldn't like the ratings on that all that much. On the NL side, I'd find it hilarious if the Wild Card game was L.A vs. Chicago with Atlanta, Milwaukee and Colorado winning the divisions. Who would've called that at the beginning of the year?
  4. jamalshw

    Future of Mancini

    This season, he has a .230/.292/.399 slash at 1B, a .243.306//.395 slash in LF and a .274/.294/.629 slash as a DH (albeit in 68 plate appearances). I don't think that definitively shows he's better at the plate when at 1B, but I don't think it has to. Jumping between positions isn't the easiest thing and getting him locked into a comfortable defensive position may translate to the bat.
  5. jamalshw

    Renato Nunez Claimed from Texas

    Nunez should go into Spring Training as the favorite for the position and I would only give it to Mountcastle if he is ripping the cover off the ball against Major League level pitching early in games. Otherwise, lets see if Nunez can be a viable big league piece as either a bench bat or a fringe starter. What he's done since getting called up is encouraging.
  6. jamalshw

    Would you non-tender Dylan Bundy?

    This is the worst thread topic I've ever seen.
  7. jamalshw


    The defense is the main tool for him, right? He almost has to stick at SS to have any chance doesn't he? Isn't he basically just the second coming of Paul Janish?
  8. jamalshw

    Mesa Brothers Declared Free Agents By MLB

    Alternatively, the Orioles are clearly the team with the most money to be able to offer him. If it was all about money, then it's pretty obvious the choice is Baltimore. If it's about more than that than it would conceivably take longer to decide, weigh all the factors and get wooed by the teams, no? If the decision is being solely driven by dollars and cents, it's a pretty ease choice: which number is higher? That doesn't take long to figure out (unless the O's refuse to offer an amount enough higher).
  9. jamalshw

    Who’s in your MiL top 20?

    I'm not nearly as knowledgeable on the system as many on here, but I'll take a stab at a list mainly because there's not much worth discussing on the Big League roster. Here it goes: 1. DL Hall 2. Ryan Mountcastle 3. Yusniel Diaz 4. Austin Hays 5. Keegan Akin 6. Grayson Rodriguez 7. Dean Kremer 8. Luis Ortiz 9. Zac Lowther 10. Brenan Hanifee 11. Ryan McKenna 12. Adam Hall 13. Dillon Tate 14. Alex Wells 15. Jean Carlos Encarnacion 16. Michael Baumann 17. Cameron Bishop 18. Jean Carmona 19. Drew Rom 20. Rylan Bannon
  10. jamalshw

    2019 Rotation?

    I think John Means could be an option as well. I think we'll see Hess and either Means or Rogers at the start of the year. I'd like to see Akin and Ortiz in the Majors by season's end.
  11. jamalshw

    Predict the 25-Man Roster for Opening Day (2019)

    I don't think Opening Day looks that much different. Than the team we see now. I think during the year we'll start seeing some changes. Here's my Opening Day guess: SP1 – Alex Cobb SP2 – Dylan Bundy SP3 – Andrew Cashner SP4 – David Hess SP5 – Josh Rogers RP – Miguel Castro RP – Mike Wright RP – Tanner Scott RP – Richard Bleier RP – Paul Fry RP – Pedro Araujo CL – Mychal Givens 1B – Chris Davis 2B – Jonathan Villar SS – Tim Beckham 3B – Renato Nunez CA – Chance Sisco/Austin Wynns LF – Trey Mancini CF – Cedric Mullins RF – Joey Rickard DH – Mark Trumbo Bench - Chance Sisco/Austin Wynns Bench – Steve Wilkerson Bench – Breyvic Valera Bench - RULE 5 PLAYER I think after the trade deadline we see an outfield of Diaz, Mullins, Hays and Mancini moves to 1B/DH. I'm hopeful they can trade Trumbo next deadline or, if not, they just release him. I would also think Mountcastle comes up by midyear and either players 3B (if he's not a completely terrible defender) or 1B/DH. As a result, I think the lineup gets a big make over as next season goes on. As for the pitching, we'll see Luis Ortiz along with some others filter in as I don't expect much from the No.4 and No.5 for most of the year.
  12. jamalshw

    You're in charge: What would you do with Chris Davis?

    At least by pitching, he could help contribute to more runs scoring than he can as a hitter 😉
  13. jamalshw

    Managers available

    I agree on passing on Gibbons, but disagree with your premise that managers don't matter "until you've go the horses." I think managers are just as important in a rebuild, but for different reasons. I think you need a development guy in the manager role. You need someone who will give the young guys the ABs and innings they need over the veterans at times. And someone that can help the players grow.
  14. jamalshw

    The early returns from the four deadline deals

    Based solely on those small sample sizes, the Brewers and Dodgers trades are looking better to me. I have some hope for Bannon after he started heating up later in the year and like what Kramer and Pop have done. On the Brewers side, Ortiz adjusted fine to Triple-A though his K rate was down. Villar has been much better than I expected. I'm a bit higher on both the Brewers and Dodgers deals, but lower on the other two (which is particularly bad in the Gausman case).
  15. jamalshw

    Some August movers and shakers

    You know, I thought the Manny trade was good, but not great, when it happened. I liked Diaz, but thought they should've gone for more quality than quantity, getting one more higher piece and a throw-in. Just a month and a half in, the deal is looking better to me. I think Kramer was an undervalued piece of the deal. He intrigues me as much as any other arm we got in a deal. Meanwhile, Pop threw well, too. While Bannon disappointed a bit, he was pushed up a level and at least should a good eye and started to hit better down the stretch.