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  1. Seth Smith?

    I think the guy that surprises me most, actually, is Melky Cabrera. I'd imagine we'll see a few of those aging OF bats sign throughout baseball over the course of April into May on minor league (get-me-ready) deals with opt outs as insurance policies.
  2. Go Get Greg

    Who are you thinking? Feldman on a minor league deal? I'm up for some depth options, particularly if you can get them with later opt-out dates (June or July) to give you some time. That said, I'm not opposed to Holland, but would be flabbergasted if it happened. Right now, we're going to have to lose guys the Front Office desperately wants to keep so it'll be hard to see them take one more spot.
  3. Flaherty Executes Opt Out (Released)

    Ugh...I'd expect he comes back, too. I guess its a better option than Sardinas, Vielma, etc. but I was really hoping they'd think outside the box and go with a bench of Sisco/Joseph (depending on who's catching htat day), Valencia, Santander and either Alvarez or Gentry (depending if they want a bat off the bench of speed). With Beckham to cover SS, I feel like they're under-utilizing that spot with your traditional all-field, no-hit options.
  4. Battle for the Bullpen

    This should be an interesting game to watch with three guys battling for a roster spot.
  5. Battle for the Bullpen

    I think that Cortes is a virtual lock in the pen at this point. He becomes the lefty long man to come in off a short outing by any starter, offering a different lock. With an all righty rotation, there will be at least 2 (and likely three LHPs). With Cortes in place, that gives us two bullpen slots. Ultimately--after Cobb joins the team--I want a bullpen with Joely, Areujo and Cortes, but I expect Wright to bump one of them.
  6. Castro moves into the lead for the 5th starter

    I think the difficult thing here is flexibility in the bullpen. The Orioles love to have an option-able guy or two in the pen. If we go with Wright, Cortes an Araujo in the final three spots (once Cortes is in the pen if he gets the nod for a start or two until Cobb is ready) you lose that flexibility as Brach, O'Day, Bleier and Givens seem to be locks (and Britton, too, once healthy, but that will likely resolve itself in a couple months). Anyone know the status of Joely? Does he have any options remaining if he's put on the big league roster?
  7. Unfortunately, that's highly unlikely and even if he goes perform well enough that you can find someone to take on most of the contract, the Orioles won't make the move because he'll be helping them win. I think expecting Trumbo's contract to go anywhere is a lost cause. It's a bad contract (like Davis). The team just has to accept the sunk cost and move on appropriately. Back to the main point of the post, however. I do agree, Manny is not a certain goner though he's still likely gone. The next question: what will the Orioles do to fill that spot? Would they consider Donaldson in place of Manny? He's be just as much AAV, but fewer years given his age. Or is it Manny or a downgrade to someone like Moustakas?
  8. Cobb to Orioles (Confirmed by Roch Kubatko)

    I think this move is awesome not only for 2018, but for 2019 as well. Even with Jones, Machado, Brach and Britton all Free Agents at year's end, I don't think the roster is void of talent for 2019. There will be holes, but at least now there are 4 solid Major League starters along with Schoop, Hays, Sisco, Santander, Mancini, Mullins, Stewart and others.
  9. Cobb to Orioles (Confirmed by Roch Kubatko)

    Now the questions is (provided he passes the physical): how fast can he get ready for the season. Some of that depends on what he was doing while waiting to sign. Has he been throwing bullpens and sim games? Can he get ready to pitch a Spring Training game in a few days? If so, the rotation could break down as such: March 29 - Gausman March 31 - Bundy April 1 - Cashner April 2 - Tillman April 3 - Gausman April 4 - Cortez/Wright April 5 - Bundy April 6 - Cashner April 7 - Tillman April 8 - Gausman April 9 - Cobb Of course, I'll be at that April 11 game and wouldn't mind the O's finding a way to make that his O's debut.
  10. I think it would make another team much more reluctant to sign him if the O's give him a QO, but I expect them to extend one if Jones has an average-ish year for him: .280/.320/.460 range. I think they view his leadership highly enough to at least be willing to pay over $17M for one year. I agree he doesn't get close to a $17M AAV if he goes elsewhere, but he may still be willing to reject the QO in favor of a 3-4 year deal given he'll be going into his age 33 season and with each passing year, a 'long' term deal is less and less likely.
  11. Wynns sent to Norfolk

    Most (not all) backups you see in the Majors are better defensively. I think that's the preference across the league. I know I'd prefer a good defensive, no-hit back up to a solid stick with below average defense. I think the only exception to that would be if the solid stick has upside and can benefit from time in the Majors in a split role. That may be Sisco (I'm not sure whether he'd be better served in Triple-A or the Majors, there are more qualified people getting paid to make that decision).
  12. What If Tillman Gets Hammered in Spring Training?

    He's got better command (at least in terms of balls and strikes). That's a positive. Is anyone at the game to comment on how he looks?
  13. Lets not forget, the Rule-5 draft is a way to acquire players not protected by other systems. There's a reason they're available. Maybe they're being overlooked by their organization or their organization is so deep that they're a quality option left unprotected by default. That's possible. Quality players are acquired via Rule-5 from time-to-time, but mostly it's utility players, relief pitchers, fringe Major Leaguers.
  14. Trumbo out 3-4 weeks

    I know it would be a bit of an F-U to Alvarez, but now that both Davis and Trumbo could start on the DL, does that open the door for the recently released Lind?
  15. Cobb only thread

    They do seem to be linked to him, but I've also seen things were they seem reluctant given the plethora of options they already have (though that's similar to the pre-Lynn Twins).