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  1. You need someone (or more than one) to fit into each of the following buckets: 1. Top of the rotation arm. We aren't going to get a true No. 1 starter. Arrieta and Darvish are the only ones out there you can qualify in that category and neither are options. The next step down, however, has some options. To me, the answer is Cobb. You need someone that can give you a mid-3 ERA in 170+ innings of work. That's exactly what Cobb did last year and he's shown the ability to do better than that. Durability has been an issue, but he's still the best bet in my estimation. 2. Mid rotation arm. Here we have plenty of options. You need someone who can pitch in the 3 or 4 spot depending on where you place Gausman and Bundy. Tyler Chatwood and Jaime Garcia would be my main targets. 3. You need a few depth guys. These guys would, ideally, be minor league signings or maybe a low dollar, one year deal. It's someone to compete with Miguel Castro and the other internal SP options for the fifth spot and/or wind up in the pen as a long reliever. This group also includes someone(s) to start in Triple-A to give the team options in case of injury. Maybe Tillman falls in this category on an incentive laden one-year deal?
  2. Rays extened qualifying offer to Cobb

    I think Cobb ends up somewhere in the 4/$54-$60M range. And if I'm the Orioles, I do that. I really want Cobb as my top guy. You then fill in with Chatwood, Garcia...etc in the three or four spot and can fill in No. 5 with Castro or a Spring Invitee when you pick depth off the heap in late January.
  3. Perusing the FA pitcher list...

    How awesome would it be to have Arrieta back and Tony calling the shots?
  4. Should the Orioles sign Andrew Cashner and Jason Vargas?

    I'm not overly excited about either option. To me, this is my plan A: Alex Cobb - 4/$54M Tyler Chatwood - 3/$21M Jon Jay - 2/$15M I don't know if any of these offers get it done. I'd accept Cashner or Vargas (provided the deal is low enough and 1 year) in the second starter spot IF Chatwood or Jaime Garcia (my plan B) fall through. NOTE: Outside of these moves, I'd look to add a utility infielder and plenty of pitching depth with some options to compete with Castro for the fifth SP spot.
  5. Should the Orioles sign Andrew Cashner and Jason Vargas?

    I generally agree, though I'd much prefer Cobb to Lynn and Chatwood's walk rate is concerning to the point where I wouldn't extend too far to try and land him.
  6. Should the Orioles sign Andrew Cashner and Jason Vargas?

    I would much rather sign Cobb and then just bring back Tillman and give the last spot to Castro with the rest of the SP signings merely minor league deals for depth than to sign both Cashner and Vargas. I could swallow one or the other on a one-year deal, but I don't want those two as the primary answers.
  7. Offseason Trade Ideas thread

    I'm generally in favor of holding Britton, but would probably do the deal for Lugo and Guillerme, but not if the O's pay most of the the contract. The biggest bright spot to dealing Britton would be the savings that can be reallocated to the rotation (or a Lorenzo Cain type OF to help with defense and give the team a top of the order bat).
  8. Offseason Trade Ideas thread

    I'm actually not completely opposed to the idea, but not as the first option. I think there are better ways to address the SP issue, but I also don't think Prado is a useless player. This year was a wash, but he's been a slightly above average offensive produced before 207 with a .340 career OBP. That's something this team could sorely use. He's a professional hitter and overall solid player. While it's true that he wouldn't be able to spell SS with any regularity (he could probably come in due to an injury in a pinch), he can cover 2B and 3B as well as LF. While he hasn't had much playing time in RF, he could likely play there, too. I've also read some discussion on whether Mancini is a better fit in LF or RF. Depending on that, Prado could be a nice back up option if Hays or Santander cannot take the other OF spot out of spring training. A bench of Joseph, Prado, Santander and someone like Eric Sogard would be solid if Hays can stick. Hays can slide over to CF to give Jones days off with Prado getting some at bats that way as well as spelling Hays, Mancini, Machado, Schoop and Trumbo from time to time (Davis, too, with Mancini or Trumbo going in at 1B). I do think the price tag is a bit stiff in terms of $$$. But if you add Straily and Prado then sign someone like Eric Sogard and Alex Cobb, you would be in pretty good shape (although I'd still like more SP depth and you'd still be lacking an extra LHH OF bat). I think this deal would be workable, but I'm not sure it's the top of the list in terms options.
  9. Build your 2018 Team

    I expect him to be an Oriole. And, like you, I don't want any part of it. Tyler Chatwood feels like an Orioles' signee, too. I'm less nervous about him, but his walk rates are terrifying.
  10. Angels acquiring Justin Upton?

    I wonder if this eats into Albert Pujols' playing time at all. Right now, their outfield is Trout, Calhoun and Maybin. Maybe Maybin moves more into a 4th OF role and pinch runner spot? If that's the case, they loss some speed, but its definitely worth the upgraded bat. That said, statistically, it's probably best for Upton to take more of Pujols' playing time than Maybin's (matchups pending).
  11. Infield moving forward ... anyone else as excited as me?

    I don't know if I'd look much beyond next year given the status of Manny (and Jones) after 2018. That said, I like the options around the infield: Davis, Schoop, Beckham and Machado. I like the catching situation whether or not Castillo is back with Joseph pair with either Beef or Sisco. I even like the outfield situation with Mancini in LF, Jones in CF and a competition between Santander, Hays and Mullins for a short in RF. In the offseason, I'm really only concerned with some minor depth moves on the offensive side (bringing back a Gentry type, an upgrade on Flaherty in the UTL role, some added depth for Triple-A to combat injuries). I know funds are limited, but I'm happy that the team can use basically all of the available funds to find answers in the rotation. The bullpen is fine (save some more minor league depth). Gausman and Bundy are answers, I'm willing to give Castro a shot. We need to more proven Major League starters (Cobb, Lynn types) and a couple guys we could stash in Triple-A for a rainy day as I don't trust any of our depth starters.
  12. Well, that moved my needle

    Pending what the actual $$ we are willing to spend over the next few years is and how the $20MM is allotted over the course of the contract, i would be willing to go as far as a 10-15 range guy in the system.
  13. Actually, Rickard is good at defense

    I like Rickard well enough as a 4th OF going forward. He's nothing to get excited about, but he's a useful role player.
  14. Will the Orioles resign Jeremy Hellickson?

    I would take Tillman back in the off season because I feel--if truly healthy--he's still a solid pitcher. I don't think we've seen him healthy all year. If we feel relatively confident we can get him healthy by Spring Training, I'd take him back given his demands will have to be quite low.
  15. Next Season's Payroll

    If I'm the Orioles, I go after Cobb, Lynn AND Garcia. Those three alongside Bundy and Gausman make up a solid rotation. No aces, but no bums either. That, of course, is expensive...and it's unlikely you land all three of your targets (particularly pitchers when you play at OPACY). In any case, the rest of the team is pretty much set (save RF) so all the money goes into the rotation.