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  1. I went a few years back. Of course, Anaheim is basically the stadium and Disneyland and then the hotels, stores and restaurants that all cater heavily to the Disney crowd. To me it was a solid ballpark. I've been to a good chunk of the 30 and it's in the middle of the pack of the stadiums I've been. The surrounding area, as most have said, is just parking lot until you get out of the immediate area. Driving in and out was actually quite easy and the onsite parking price wasn't bad (at least a couple years ago). All in all, nothing huge sticks out in my mind about this park (good or bad).
  2. Kingham is one of those "meh" pick up options to me. If the Orioles scouting and analytics think there is something there to fix or tweak to get improved results, then sure. After all, it's not like we are full of quality pitching. If nothing else, Kingham can eat innings as well as Wojo. There's a need to get through the season and to try and add assets for the future. Kingham can at least take the ball a few times to help with the former. Can he be a positive asset beyond that? Maybe. Like with most waiver wire guys, it's a slim chance, but this is a season to throw everyone at the wall and see who sticks. Kingham can be one of them...or not...whatever.
  3. I'm all for the lower level, higher upside, higher risk approach. With that in mind, would someone like Jeremy De La Rosa be an option from the Nationals?
  4. If you're willing to include Manny in this list, he becomes No.8 even with the limited number of games played, ahead of the below replacement level guys.
  5. jamalshw

    Who is next?

    I'd like to see them sign some guys in the off season mostly as good veteran leaders for the young guys (at positions that won't block people) and then try and flip any that are playing well enough to flip for literally anything at the deadline.
  6. This. Santander in CF isn't a longterm solution, but would be on board with him there to get Stewart on the roster and in the lineup.
  7. Honestly, if Kremer becomes a solid mid-rotation arm, Zimmerman becomes a No.5, and Diaz becomes a league average OF it makes the overall return not all that bad. Then, factoring Bannon as a possible utility guy and some bullpen arms in Pop, Tate, Ortiz, etc. and while it's not the superstar return we wanted, it's not terrible.
  8. I, personally, don't view Davis's threat to being release coming from his spot on the 25-man roster (or 26) as much as the 40-man. The 25-man roster spot only becomes an issue when we are trying to win (or at the least show marketed improvement in W/L record). That doesn't comes in 2020. Right now there are still guys that can easily be dropped from the 40-man without batting much of an eye, but who all needs to be added in the off season? And do we add any guys that could be 40-man crunch guys at the trade deadline this year?
  9. I didn't think anyone would trade for Schoop and play him at SS in a third of the teams he played the rest of the way either. While it obviously didn't work out, it was because of the bat more than anything. In this scenario, I don't see them playing him at RF exclusively, but they've done some weird things playing guys out of position recently. Schoop to Milwaukee came out of nowhere last year. All I'm saying is I wouldn't be shocked if Milwaukee or another team that's not a seeming fit comes out of nowhere again this year. The question is: will the offer be enough for Elias who would obviously value a different type of return than DD.
  10. Are the Brewers an option? Aguilar has been better lately and Thames is an option at 1B, but we saw them acquire Schoop and Moustakas last year without a clear position for either. With Lorenzo Cain not hitting, would they limit his playing time despite the defense and slide Yelich to CF (where he played before in Miami)? If that's the case, Mancini could go to RF. The team is sputtering and could use an extra bat. It's not conventional nor what I would do, but given what the team did last year--and still got to the NLCS--I wouldn't be shocked if they made a play.
  11. A few weeks ago, I would have agreed, but not now. They expect Kluber back in August and depending on treatment for Carrasco, we could be back near the end of the season, too. Add that to Bauer, Bieber, and Clevinger who is now back and that's a strong rotation for the postseason. The team also has the best bullpen ERA in baseball. The offense is the issue, but they won six straight after our back-to-back wins over them. They're only 5.5-games back of a Twins team that's hit a bit of a bump in the road and currently holding a wildcard spot. I think this team will add, but not necessarily expiring contracts which makes Mancini an option. Putting Santana at DH to save him some wear and tear and Mancini at 1B (or even in the OF despite the defense given the lack of offense there) could be an interesting solution. The issue is, I think you end up with a couple of guys in short season ball right now from the Indians. Is that enough?
  12. I'm on board with limiting the lefties so far to help him build confidence, but he's swinging well. I'd love to see him get a bit more exposure against LHP in the second half to see what we really have here. Can he be an "everyday" option or is he a platoon guy?
  13. I wonder if being released would serve as a wake up call for Reed and make him a bit more willing to change?
  14. I have yet to weigh in, but I really don't see why anyone would be adamantly in favor of getting him nor adamantly opposed to it. There are enough disposable pieces on the 40-man to give Reed a shot and not lose anything, but as a 1B/DH that has greatly lost his luster, the value of adding him is not likely to be much. All that said, I'm in favor of claiming him if he gets that far, but don't want to trade anything for him outside of a tiny amount of money or "future considerations." If this would mean we finally give up on Davis and release him, I would suddenly become a huge champion of adding Reed, but he hardly seems like the type of player that would make us pull the plug when we've been resistant to it to this point.
  15. This. Though Hayes isn't having a great year...still, he's quite young for Triple-A. Ultimately, I think Bundy yields one FV 50 prospect and a young, project type.
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