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  1. He wasn't going to hit like he did in April all year. He's going to have slumps. Now, we get to see if he's able to get out of it. Ultimately, I would consider the season a success for Smith Jr. if he's able to end the year with an OPS+ in the mid-90s or better. For a first full season, that's something that you can build on.
  2. I haven't watched much this year because it just makes me depressed, but it seems there's a lot to like from Wilkerson, but I've also noticed just one walk in 80 plate appearances. Is this something that should be worrisome? I mean, he's not ultimately a long-term starter, but even as a super-utility guy, is this something that'll catch up to him offensively?
  3. 17 outs? The line says he went 3.2 innings. Wouldn't that be 11 outs?
  4. I'm still not sold on Wilkerson. I think he's a fine utility, 25th man type player depending on roster makeup, but he's a fringe 40-man guy for me. He's hit pretty well since his promotion, but hasn't taken a walk yet in 40 at bats and is sporting a .385 BABIP. He's also 30% strikeout rate. He does seem to be making better contact than his brief appearance last year which accounts for some of the BABIP improvement from .267, but would feel much better about the sustainability if it were closer to .300 instead of .400.
  5. I like Trey Mancini. He's an easy player to like. I want him to be part of the next winning Orioles team but realistically, it's not likely. We have a number of players for 1B/DH and while he's looked a bit better in OF this year, that's one area of strength in the minors. Of the players currently in the Majors, I think Nunez and Smith are the most likely to be here when we're good again (and maybe an arm or two? Means? Phillips? Fry?) I think Nunez has a better chance because he's got another pre-arb year and Mancini is playing well enough he could provide some good trade value. As much as I like him, if some team is willing to give a couple solid upside prospects, I take the deal.
  6. I would really like to see Mountcastle up in June or so if he's still hitting well. I understand the idea of holding him back until next year. We're not going anywhere after all, but its rare youngsters come up and are like Soto or Acuna. They typically have growing pains and its a lot easier to allow them to work through those pains in a season like this than in one that means something. I'd very much like to see an August lineup with Hays, Diaz, and Mountcastle. Maybe it's me being greedy as a fan and wanting something worth watching, but it is what it is.
  7. I like Sucre's arm and he has a good presence behind the dish. Because of that, it's easy to buy into the narrative that he's good for the young pitchers (what ones of those we have) back there and that may be true, but I also tend to believe that can be a bit overrated at times. I won't be heartbroken either way, but if Swihart isn't dealt and the O's get a chance to grab him, I would. I would also offer the Sox something small (some international money that we don't intend to use, perhaps?) to get him. I wouldn't advocate giving up an actual piece. I would be interested to see what a Swihart/Severino pairing behind the dish does and if one or the other can emerge as a useful piece either as an all around utility bat off the bench in Swihart's case or a back up catcher in Severino's.
  8. Interesting takes. It seems the board is a bit split. I like the job Sucre and Severino have done defensively, but neither are a piece when the team is good again---unless as a backup catcher. Swihart probably isn't either so maybe it's a moot point, but I think Swihart has a chance to be an average major league player. Sucre and Severino won't hit enough for that. Given where the franchise is, I take a shot at him. Interesting note: I made a similar thread with Dwight Smith Jr. was available this spring and got a similar reaction of people not so interested. We'll see if this one plays out similarly.
  9. It looks like the Sox just DFA'ed Swihart. He hasn't established himself at the Major League level and is starting to get to the point he needs to put up or shut up, but he had a monster spring and hasn't been terrible at the dish this year (albeit SSS). He's a former top prospect that I think could be worth a look given we're not going anywhere this year. Does Swihart have any value? For those in the know, what do you think?
  10. I'd like for them to just stick him at 1B and let him get comfortable in one spot and have the bat carry him to Baltimore. By mid-season we should be ready to cut-ties and put Davis out of his professional misery. We should also be able to move on from Trumbo mid-year either by trade (while eating most the money) or release. I'd very much like to see Mountcastle and Mancini playing almost everyday at 1B or DH the last couple months.
  11. Meh. I wouldn't be opposed (pending the move to clear the 40-man spot). Norris has been pretty good in the pen the last couple years. It's possible getting him innings would allow him to build enough value to flip at the deadline for a lottery ticket when others may be ready to take his place.
  12. So, when do we start the Susac Appreciation Thread? Those three hits must be properly honored.
  13. In theory, nearly every game should be hard on the Orioles' offense. Despite early results, this is not a good offense.
  14. I get the argument to leaving Hess in. It's a lost season, most don't think Hess is a big long-term piece (though he could be a serviceable back-end starter). A no-hitter would be the highlight of the season BY FAR. On an emotional level it would make sense to leave him in, but it would be a big risk with little reward as he still needed eight outs. It's not like he was just a few outs away. I also understand the argument that he was at 82 pitches, but this early in the season, players are often on lower pitch counts as they continue to ramp up. He also threw 42 three days prior. I can see the argument for extending him an extra 20 pitches to 100, but does 20 pitches get you through 2 2/3 innings? Not likely. All in all, I would have liked to see Hyde manage to keep the no-hitter after Hess left and tried for a combined no-no. That would have meant someone other than Arujo, but I don't really see that the decision making was egregious. The likelihood of getting a no-hitter with Hess (or combined with the better bullpen arms) was slim so I don't really have a problem with him not straying from the process to try and make it happen.
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