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  1. webbrick2010

    Ex-Orioles in the postseason

    Good to see the monster that Buck Showalter created get exposed on National TV. Six years with Buck and never called out for his lack of hustle and showboating defensive plays. As great as Manny is, gotta wonder how much better he could have been with another manager.
  2. So Britton gave up two homers in the post season. Clearly not back to 2016 form Be interesting what offers are made to him this offseason
  3. Anyone else get the feeling that Britton is somehow bitter about his time (or how it ended) with the Orioles Seems he's pissed at: 1. Not getting a chance in the Toronto game 2. The realization that Buck rode him very hard, than he sustained a serious injury before free agency, and now his big payday may never occur
  4. webbrick2010

    Ex-Orioles in the postseason

    Interesting the Gausman no longer takes his glove above his head to start his windup. I think he did that on his own this year with the O's (as we don't have a pitching coach), but it looks like Wallace and Chiti got rid of it. We need to find a real pitching coach for all they young pitchers we are going to have for the next 3 years.
  5. webbrick2010

    The Dan Duquette Appreciation Thread

    To me DD's legacy will forever be clouded by what moves he made and what moves were forced by the triple headed monster of Angelos, Brady, and Buck. But in general every July trade deadline deal was a disaster (except Miller), and every FA signing was a disaster (except Cruz and Trumbo 1). You could argue that if he made no trades and no signings the Orioles would be a much stronger franchise.
  6. webbrick2010

    'GM' Candidates and when

    I'd like to see someone: 1. Under 50 2. Fluent in Spanish 3. Strong ties/experience in Latin America Anyone know who would meet these criteria?
  7. webbrick2010

    Duquette is expected to be fired

    If Brady is left in a management position, any position at all the rebuild is doomed
  8. well an all star participant anyhow
  9. Uh I meant the 7 other pitchers besides catcher and pitcher I don't see anyone on the O's 40 man roster that would likely be a starter on a championship team, certainly no all stars
  10. Not so much that its harder to predict but that there are far less high impact bats at catcher, and catchers aren't like to play as many games as any other position, so not priority on a team that basically needs 9 new starters
  11. I'm opposed to picking a catcher even if they are hype as the next Wieters but you know actually good. Seems it is very hard to predict the development of a catcher, and even the best are guys you really only want to start for 120 games a year due to the physical toll of catching.
  12. webbrick2010

    vs. RED SOX, 9/26 (Game One)

    Seems Joey Rickard has a lot of detractors, but he has been seizing his late season opportunity.
  13. webbrick2010

    vs. RED SOX, 9/26 (Game One)

    Next year when he is retired he can a least say I did it my way... regrets I've had a few... too few to mention
  14. webbrick2010

    vs. RED SOX, 9/26 (Game One)

    This is fun... Price and his huge salary can't even get out of the second inning against the O's I guess he won't be starting in the post season