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  1. Folks still don't understand how deep the DD destruction of this franchise is. Even if a very good GM falls into the O's lap (I put this at < 5% probability) it will still take 3-5 years to be a true playoff contender
  2. What's the point? Limit the losses to 88 instead of 90 We should be all out sellers and get as high a pick as possible... but we are stuck in absurdistan as long as DD/Buck are at the helm
  3. We'd be really stupid (really DD) if we weren't talking with the Nationals about moving Givens, Brach, and/or Britton
  4. What are they going to buy? They need 5 starting pitchers... good luck with that
  5. Okay it's a stretch... but isn't it plausible that Manny was unhappy losing the GG to Adrian Beltre because he split time between 3B and SS ? Hey the ship is sinking/sunk so I'm fine with letting Manny play wherever he wants... not going to make a difference in the standings.
  6. Wow that's awesome, a 14 million dollar extra coach.... can we get him to work with the pitchers?
  7. I heard that Buck didn't want to move Manny around because it messed him up last year.... hey Buck Manny is hitting .210 you can't mess him up Of course the real reason they won't move Manny to SS is because last year it cost him the GG at 3B. More important to Buck/Manny to get that GG than to put the best team on the field.
  8. Perhaps it is clear to you... it's clear to me that almost every July trade, and every extension has been a disaster that has gotten us to an old overpaid roster with and a trashed farm system... clearly that is his legacy
  9. True... .260 is pessisimistic... but something (physical or mental) is just not right with him. I've never been a fan of big open stances like he has... be an interesting study to evaluate batting average vs. stance. My gut feel is the all time great hitters are neutral to closed. I grew up emulating Frank Robinson, closed stance, right on top of the plate, quick/strong enough to fight off inside pitches, owned everything else.
  10. In the near term all we have to do is get thru Tillman, Gausman, and Miley before our ace Ubaldo stops the streak
  11. Ah yes you didn't share my pessimism concerning signing 1. A 32 yo middle infielder 2. A 33 yo middle reliever 3. A 29 yo slugger one year removed from hitting .196 And yet sadly my pessimism was dead on. It's not pessimism it evaluating your talent in the cold light of day and making decision accordingly.
  12. How bad are the Orioles? How bad is Manny Machado? Among qualifying 3B Avg: 19/22 OBP: 20/22 SLG: 12/22 OPS: 19/22 If there are 18 3B better than Manny offensively... what is his market either in a trade or as a FA in 18 months? I truly believe that Manny may struggle to ever hit above .260 again... his approach is terrible
  13. As will our not quite all star, not close to MVP, maybe not GG, below 100 OPS+ third baseman
  14. Yeah.... what remaining talent can he give away to bring in another way past prime veteran for another failed second 1/2 run. I can hardly wait. I figure we will give away one or more of the following: Cisco, Mountcastle, Mullins, Hays We'll hold onto DJ Stewart as a shining example of how to waste a first round pick