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  1. webbrick2010

    Former Oriole Nelson Cruz Twins agree

    Jonny Baseball reunited with Cruz, glad for those guys, could be a really smart signing for the Twins
  2. webbrick2010

    2019 Winter Meetings

    He has a career .822 OPS, 121 OPS+, very good but not elite He is considered a below average SS defensively, and even his 3B defense had slipped his last full year He is a negative as a runner He doesn't hustle and has the reputation (earned) of being a dirty player. Whomever signs him will regret it.
  3. webbrick2010

    Machado Trade Revisited. What If...

    I know the Manny lovers will disagree but Goldschmidt is the better player for the next one year
  4. Might be younger and more analytical? Be very hard to assemble a staff that would be older or less analytical than the 2018 staff
  5. webbrick2010

    Give Sisco another Chance

    Can't hit a curve ball assuming the new regime is competent they will realize this and try to get something for him in a minor trade. That he was considered a high prospect even though he clearly can't hit breaking pitches speaks loudly of the outgoing (I hope) player development regime.
  6. webbrick2010

    Reminder - Elias Presser Today at 11 am

    If Elias is an Executive Vice President, who is the President? Do we have one? Will we hire one? Is it one of the Angelos sons?
  7. And the O's won the division and advanced to the ALCS in 2014. Seem to be arguing that the tank/draft to success system works
  8. webbrick2010

    MLBTR: Non-Tender List

    Need plus defenders, especially up the middle Schoop is not a fit
  9. So I assume you are voting him to the Orioles HOF? Unless you are just arguing to be combative? It is his fault/responsibility/failure that he posted the worst season in baseball history. Sure put him in the O's HOF. The franchise can't be much more of a joke.
  10. His "good" years (2013, 2015) we missed the playoffs. His horrible years (2014, 2016) were the O's playoff years He selfishly failed a drug test and got himself suspended in 2014 when the O's had a legitimate chance of making the World Series, and also hit .196 for the year. And of course he signed a franchise destroying contract and was not even a replacement level player. No way he ever sees the O's HOF.
  11. webbrick2010

    Rating the O's executive candidates

    This team is such an embarrassment. Why would any talented baseball executive ever work for the Angelos family We will get someone that would never get a similar position with any other team, another Dan Duquette or even worse if that is possible
  12. No way Britton gets a 4 year deal I think AJ has an inflated view of his worth, so Markakis will get the bigger contract because he will sign early. Jones will be late to sign and I see him getting a one year deal somewhere.
  13. I think there was a lot of insight to be gained from the Britton comments that the chemistry was all wrong in that so many key players were on the last year of the their contract + Buck and even DD. When they got off to a bad start it seems they all just mailed it in knowing that their time in Baltimore was over anyway. Funny I think the same thing is about to happen to the Ravens. After losing to the Steelers they will be all but eliminated from the playoff chase and Flacco, Jimmy Smith, Suggs, Weddle, Jefferson and possibly even Crabtree and CJ Mosley will be released before next year, as well as Harbaugh and much of his staff. Good chance they finish 6-10 and mail in most of the rest of the season.
  14. webbrick2010

    Top President / EVP Candidates?

    Yep used to eat there once a week after grad classes at the Hopkins/APL Campus Great place
  15. webbrick2010

    Ex-Orioles in the postseason

    Love seeing Manny swinging for the fences and striking out on a pitch way out of the zone, 2 outs and down by 4. No shorten up put the ball in play and try to extend the inning. Best thing about 2019 Orioles, Manny is gone!