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  1. Sure hope Diaz and Hays get to the majors sometime soon. No one in our outfield can throw the ball 150 feet in the air. Everyone is running on our weak OF arms
  2. Remember the DD theory that they were taking away the cutter from young developmental pitchers because it tended to cause a drop in velocity? Perhaps he was right and Dylan should never have returned to throwing it
  3. No mystery, he can't hit a curveball ST with most pitchers working on FB control, he has a chance In the majors where they will throw him nothing buy curve balls he doesn't have a chance.
  4. We have the promotion of a lifetime staring us in the face. Chris Davis vs. Dylan Bundy in a simulated game If Chris Davis can get a home run before making 9 outs he is the winner We are looking at the worst position player in baseball vs. the worst single season starter and all time single season HR record setter (if he is allowed 25 starts). We will never see two players this bad on a ML roster ever again.
  5. Now that CD has the record Hyde is not going to give him a chance to make it unbreakable?
  6. If Bundy were to get to 200 IP (which he won't) he will break the single season HRs allowed record of 50
  7. They lost 115 games last year.... it was already down to the studs
  8. You could see how frustrated he was after the "hard" hit ball that set the consecutive AB's without a hit record. He was definitely aware that he made history How about a promotion where randomly selected fans get to pitch to Davis, and if they strike him out they win a fabulous prize. May as well have fun with this?
  9. I'm wondering when the last time the O's had 3 triples in a game was?
  10. I could see myself going to a game in person for the first time in a couple seasons, after they release Chris Davis of course.
  11. I believe DL Hall pitches for Frederick at 1:00 PM
  12. Perhaps losing Jackson doesn't matter, but Chris Davis is taking a spot and provides negative value. Cutting Mike Wright would also have been prefererable
  13. Wright, when he's bad he is very Wrong
  14. Elias is in no hurry. Mullins will be here and playing until at least the ASB
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