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  1. and DJ Stewart who would never have made it out of A ball if he had not been drafted in the first round.
  2. Speaks to the total lack of depth/talent in the organization, that was so completely decimated by DD that it may take > 5 years just to have a .500 team
  3. Actually the first time I saw him shagging fly balls at Florida State, and yes sadly his arm is better than Smith or Mullins, not that any of them are viable ML starters.
  4. Not sue the pitching staff is fine with that, Stewart doesn't even cut it as a COF, unless they change the rule to have designator throwers in the OF
  5. Yep, total conjecture but, when was the last time that anyone saw him make a public appearance
  6. My "anger" is actually placed on Scott Boras who I believe negotiated directly with Pete Angelos and took advantage of: a) PA's low baseball IQ b) PA's diminished mental acuity (total conjecture but I believe PA was already into early senility and Boras took advantage). c) a & b
  7. Davis loses another game with his (lack of ) defense as he can't corral a not that bad throw from Severino to complete a double play. Is he the worst baseball player of all time?
  8. Not sure if you can even get a non prospect AA type guy for him, but they need to deal him because there is no way you go to arbitration with him.
  9. Where is the analytics?? If the Orioles are now committed to analytics I don't understand: How Mycal Givens can throw three consecutive changeups to a guy who has zero HR's for the season, giving up a game blowing HR. How with men on first and second, early in the game against a team that average 6 runs a game against the average ML pitching you bunt. The bunt is successful which brings a .170 hitter to the plate who promptly strikes out. What analytics guy says the percentage in that situation is to bunt? How seemingly every game the O's defensive shifts are badly beat in the most critical moments.
  10. Still wondering how this team didn't draft any legitimate pitching prospects?
  11. What could a Mancini extension look like? A really bad idea
  12. He is 24 in AA with a BAA of .302, a WHIP of 1.62, and has allowed 14 HRs in 50 innings. If he was healthy and had a "premium" fastball those would not be his stats.
  13. I mean it's not like he is getting paid 30 million to be below ML average OPS
  14. Have you been following the minors at all. Harvey will never contribute at the ML level
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