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  1. Rooting for the Nats because it probably pisses off Angelos

    You kidding? The ball went directly thru his legs on the fly. It didn't hit the ground until it was underneath him. It was the poster child for all passed balls. If he catches the ball its the third out and the Nats are only down 5-4, instead the inning continues until the Nats are down 7-4. It was a Billy Cundiff moment.
  2. Rooting for the Nats because it probably pisses off Angelos

    The Nats want to win a WS. They will look to improve in any area of weakness, and Wieters is a weakness You can't put a game on one player.... but if Wieters doesn't have a passed ball (on a strike 3), a throwing error directly scoring a run, and a catchers interference in the same inning than the Nats are in the NLCS. I'm sure folks in the Nats front office will be thinking the same thing. I think Wieters will be "Cundiffed".
  3. Rooting for the Nats because it probably pisses off Angelos

    A passed ball on a swinging third strike, compounded by a throwing error trying to get the runner at first (while the runner from third scores), and later in the same inning a catchers interference. Look for the Nats to DFA or otherwise dump Wieters this offseason, and I can just here Buck calling DD telling him to offer Wieters a contract, erasing one of the few good decisions that DD has made in the last 5 years
  4. Should Austin Hays be Orioles 2018 Starting RF?

    Unproven young player with some potential Kind of move a team in a re-build should make (better if he starts in CF), which is what the O's should be. Wouldn't put it past DD/Buck to block him with some washed up veteran (Nick Markakis anyone?)
  5. Dan added 8 players that contributed to the 2017 team

    If DD would be prohibited from making July deals and offseason FA signings he would be a good GM
  6. Should Dan and Buck Continue on a One Year Contract?

    If DD was not allowed to make a single July trade or offseason FA signing, than the O's would have a power house now and be perennial AL East contenders If doing nothing at all for 4 years is clearly better than what you have done how would you rate your performance?
  7. Should Dan and Buck Continue on a One Year Contract?

    Buck genuinely likes his guys... and his guys stink so that tell me he needs to go DD Blunders: Jim Johnson, Jake Arietta, Zach Davies, Parker Bridwell, Wade Miley, Yovanni Gallardo, Moon, Kim, Hardy, O'day, Chris Davis, Trumbo, Travis Snyder, Britton. No extensions of young core, No top 25 starting pitchers developed, no increase in OBP, no speed, league worst OF defense 170 million dollars spent on a truly last place talent roster, DD should have been fired years ago
  8. Connolly: Just swing the damn bat Davis!

    The best we can hope for is that he gets his next PEDS violation, and we get to remove him from the 25 man and get a year of his salary back to spend.
  9. Build your 2018 Team

    Sorry there is no solution for 2018 or for that matter 2019 We should have been plugging in the talent returned in the Jim Johnson, Chris Davis, Darren O'day and Zach Britton trades + the Trumbo, and Gallardo draft picks My plan would be to cut payroll, play the guys in the system lose 100+ games the next 2 years and draft and develop the next competitive team. The talent that DD has given away can not be compensated for in the short term, we are desperately in need of a 3-5 year plan with a couple years of really bad teams
  10. Build your 2018 Team

    Give him a full season at SS and I believe he will be the worst in the majors He played 28 games at SS in 2015, 25 in 2016, and 119 in 2017 There is a reason he was traded for a rookie league pitcher, there is a reason he was never played with any regularity at SS in Tampa. The reason he is not very good, he is not a ML SS. Go ahead and bump this thread this time next year
  11. Build your 2018 Team

    I can tell you what my 2018 team isn't: The worst defensive CF'er in the majors : Adam Jones The worst defensive SS in the majors: Tim Beckham If the O's start Beckham and Jones they are DOA.
  12. ESPN Power Rankings, 2017

    Too high
  13. The outfield defense by the numbers, 2014-17

    24.1 to 4.4 from 2016 to 2017, that's kind of meets my eye test for this year. Defense was not good this year
  14. According to FanGraphs DRS unless I misread it, but it's debateable if it either are really a trend. What's not is that Schoop had a breakout offensive year and Manny had his worst.
  15. and Schoop is trending up both offensively and defensively, while Manny is trending down. I also think plenty of GM's have watched Manny's showboating throws and lack of hustle on ground balls and shook there heads.