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  1. webbrick2010

    Ongoing Lineup Thread, 2018

    I'm shocked, Chris Davis is batting 5th I figure it is high time we move him back to lead off
  2. webbrick2010

    2018 Orioles Wins Poll

    Man it really hurts that I wasn't the one winner who predicted <71 wins
  3. webbrick2010

    The defense thread, 2018

    Wow I just realized that they didn't rule that an error. The ball hit in the middle of his glove on the front edge of the warning track and that's not an error? Why do we have official score keepers? This is why traditional defensive stats mean nothing? You take a slow outfielder who barely gets to a ball and then drops it and somehow that is not an error. An average RF'er would have gotten to the spot and waited to catch what was an average fly ball.
  4. webbrick2010

    Sorry this loss is squarely on Buck

    Every chance is a difficult play for Trumbo. He wouldn't be in the top 4 outfielders on my slow pitch softball team
  5. webbrick2010

    Davis Signs With Baltimore (7/$161M, incl $42M deferred)

    Well since we are rehashing one of the major events for de-railing the franchise. I was spot on
  6. I'd like add Chance Sisco to my list: I thought he was supposed to be a hitter but a questionable defensive catcher His defense has been okay but he can't hit a lick, He now has 35 K's in only 91 AB's, that's close to CD bad, and he can't hit a curve ball something he seems to share with our other big prospect Austin Hays He had a good BB rate in AA, it plummeted in AAA, and it is non existent in the Majors. Just like to see one guy come up that can make consistent contact and hit a freekin curve ball
  7. webbrick2010

    Cubs rumored to have deal (offer) for Manny

    or Davis, or O'day, or Jim Johnson, or anyone at their peak before their value plummeted and the Orioles extended them to a disastrous contract, or got nothing back in a minor trade
  8. I think the request (injury story) will come from Chris Davis and be supported by Buck/Brady. Why put yourself thru the mental duress of setting worst of all time records when you can sit at home and play with your 100's of millions of dollars.
  9. I don't believe that Davis can maintain that pace, and I don't really think he will get the opportunity. An injury whether physical or mental will be invented to get him off of the 25 man roster
  10. Too funny is a discussion of "better" and Chris Davis. He is well on his way to being the worst player in MLB history. If it is true that Buck and Brady were his champions.... how can they still have their jobs? There is zero accountability in this organization,.
  11. Now hitting .128 against LHP If he can get below .100 I wonder if Buck will stop playing him against all LHP of course he is only hitting .172 against RHP
  12. webbrick2010

    When do you think Manny will be traded?

    Sorry, with this FO the absolute worst case scenario is always at lest a 50/50 chance
  13. Nope I'm still expecting a stupid move or two, like extending Adam Jones
  14. webbrick2010

    When do you think Manny will be traded?

    No one has discussed the worst case scenario The Orioles fail to trade him, then he has a severe injury in September, requiring a 1 year rehab, so the O's have to give him a QO, paying him 15 million to re-hab for all of 2019, like they did with Britton this year, or they don't make the QO he signs with another team and the O's manage to not even get a comp pick for him.
  15. Not sure who is worse, but the White Sox are at least at the early stage of an uptrend, the O's still haven't hit rock bottom