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  1. I'm shocked Manny Machado a "generational" talent is only the 8th best player at his position? LOL, I've been saying for a year that he is overrated and the only way he sniffs a 300 million dollar deal is if he proves to be a legitimate SS
  2. Britton Out 6 months per Rosenthal

    Davis, Trumbo, Britton, and O'day sucking down ~ 60 million dollars to provide almost nothing and the FO still wants to compete in 2018.... LOL
  3. MGon Signs with ChiSox

    None of these guys move the needle Why not go with our AAAA guys, save some money and look to the future Look at the veteran pitcher moves we have made Miranda for Miley.... and Miranda was better gave away Bridwell... and he was better than Gallardo I don't think going with a AAAA staff will cost us much in the standings and it gives the new GM more freedom and cash to start the re-build
  4. Slow Offseason around MLB

    Didn't the O's make Miggy take a trip to the minors to support their AAAA pitching rotation? Perhaps he wasn't interested in a reunion?
  5. What is Dan Duquette doing?

    He's waiting to see who nobody wants and then he'll swoop in and overpay for the most undesirable free agents still available in Feb... just like normal
  6. To summarize... He's washed up
  7. Os requesting offers on Machado

    As I believe you posted, SS is at least 50% more important than 3B, and that make ARod's work at SS more valuable than what Manny has done at 3B The Hardy signing was so so wrong and wrecked Manny's potential
  8. Os requesting offers on Machado

    and base runner, and he played SS (GG) So except for Arod being better than Manny in all facets of the game they're pretty comparable
  9. Os requesting offers on Machado

    Agreed, the only way he gets anything near 300M is if someone is convinced he can be a SS. If he has an outstanding year at SS for the O's in 2018 it could greatly enhance his payday
  10. Is Davis Done?

    The huge dropoff was at 28 in 2014, when he hit .196. How that was ignored and he was gifted a 6 year contract.... just makes no senso
  11. Question about Merv Rettenmund

    I think Merv was ahead of his time. Great OBP, but I bet Earl didn't like the lack of power from a corner outfielder
  12. Orioles Interested in Carlos Gonzalez?

    Just the kind of washed up player the O's love to overpay. This wouldn't surprise me a bit
  13. Is Davis Done?

    Wow.. I actually read the article and he doesn't get it at all. His solution is to hit the ball in the air more to beat the shift. LOL as opposed to hitting a few dribblers to the left side of the infield? How's he going to hit the ball in the air more, increase his uppercut LOL, perhaps swing at some of those called third strikes? His opponents would rather him bunt 4 times and go 4-4 , then go 1-4 with a three run HR. When was the last time he hit .250. How many 3 run HRs did he hit last year. Man he is in total denial about how bad he sucks
  14. Is Davis Done?

    Is Davis done? Is that a trick question... of course he is done... and he wasn't great in his two year peak They signed him to a 6 year 161 million dollar contract one year removed from hitting .196 (2014). Has to be in top 5 stupidest contracts in MLB history. Only thing remaining is to see how many years he has left at the point they DFA him. I see it as sometime in 2019.
  15. So What is the Plan for Starting Pitching?

    The question is why the Orioles value Manny so highly? They finish in last with or without him, do they really think there will be a big attendance difference between a 72 win team without Manny and a 75 win team with him? Their analysts must say so.