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  1. Edwin Jackson

    I know pitching coaches get too much blame/credit.... but what has our pitching coach put on his 2017 achievements that keeps him employed
  2. Astros GM is going to have a long 2 months.

    Okay you want to look at the 2 2/3 innings he has pitched in August, to a 2.25 WHIP? Zach hasn't been anything like 2016 Zach. Heck he even gave up a HR
  3. Astros GM is going to have a long 2 months.

    Zach Britton since DL Stint: 14.2 IP, 16H, 7ER, 4.3ERA, 1.57 Whip, 7BB, 12 SO Not resembling 2016 yet If he fails to show effectiveness this year what will the O's be offered in the offseason? Do they pay him 14 million in arb when they have gaping holes in starting rotation, and he may still be injured/ineffective? Don't think the Astro's GM is losing any sleep over not signing an ineffective Zach Britton
  4. Serious question: would hypnosis help Chris Davis?

    Perhaps we could get the entire O's dugout to chant Swing batter Swing when he hitting. For home games they could flash it on the scoreboard and get the whole crowd (likely to be around 15K for most of the remaining games) to chant it.
  5. Very tempting to DH Santander vs righties

    Buck's dying to give Tilly another start, and he'll do it soon
  6. Connolly: Just swing the damn bat Davis!

    I thinks Davis is so bad that the O's/Angelos will even DFA him with years and 10's of millions of dollars left on his contract I find myself hoping that he fails a drug test or two so that he is suspended for most of the rest of his contract.
  7. The Defense Thread, 2017

    You are an optimist, I hope he sticks at SS, he seems to enjoy playing and that's a good start.
  8. Just tell me why Davis is batting clean up?

    you are nitpicking to make a point that eludes me, power is kind of a big deal for a power hitter Imagine if you will a world where every ML player gets the same salary. Would Chris Davis be a starter in that world? Would he be a starter against LH pitching? The guy struck out last night on three straight cookies, pitches with nothing on them belt high and on the inside 1/2 of the plate, and he didn't swing at all. In my imaginary even salary world would Chris Davis be cut from the 25 man roster? I think he would
  9. Just tell me why Davis is batting clean up?

    For his career his OPS in 130 points lower against LH pitching (this year 70 points lower although he stinks against both) . He can barely hit RH pitching, against LH pitching he is an automatic out
  10. Just tell me why Davis is batting clean up?

    Now tell me why he is allowed to start against any LH pitcher?
  11. The Defense Thread, 2017

    You don't think the Rays "drilled" him on these things? He is not a ML SS, or at least not on a good team. Probably fit in on the O's who aren't likely to finish above .500 for the foreseeable future.
  12. Santander

    Why was he playing in Frederick tonight?
  13. Buck Showalter: “They’re capable of better”

    Message to Buck, No they are not
  14. 2019 Roster

    Problem is I think you need to eat 9/10 of the CD contract to make it go away On the open market he would at most get at 3/12 type deal, So take 12 million off of the 115 million he owed and that's how much they need to eat And if they don't eat it they will continue to lose promising players to a 25 man roster numbers game.
  15. 2019 Roster

    Davis will be DFA'ed or otherwise salary dumped sometime in 2019. He won't even play well enough to warrant wasting a spot on 25 man