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  1. I am very positive and a supporter of Santandar, Mancini (as a 1B), Nunez (as a DH), and even hold out hope for Ruiz I like Villar, Alberto, and hold out hope that Richie Martin can be a league average SS
  2. Think SF will take DJ Stewart straight up for Yaz? Nope me neither
  3. Maybe he should try catching with two hands, or perhaps slow pitch softball I have been 100% consistent since the day he was drafted that he is not a ML outfielder Slow, with no arm, and not able to catch popups is no way to go thru life son.
  4. Is he worth 30 million, even now in his prime years So glad the O's dodged that bullet
  5. Is there a single guy on this sorry list that is a plus defensive OF'er ???
  6. I said "feels", purely my emotional response. I don't think I will have even a glimmer of hope until he is gone and I don't have to be reminded every day that the team is sinking 23 million a year into statistically the worst player in baseball history (Yep that's you Chris).
  7. Feels like we won't bounce off of bottom until Chris Davis is gone
  8. This This The stadiums are way too small, results in more HRs and less emphasis on OF defense. No place in the game for Paul Blair today and that is really sad
  9. What's it going to take to get CD off this roster forever? This is a bad sign that Elias is still being handcuffed by irrational ownership.
  10. Why are there different balls at different levels? Is it to save money? Why doesn't all affiliated teams use the same ball?
  11. LOL, I'm pretty much revolting anytime Givens comes into a high leverage situation. I certainly wouldn't miss him.
  12. Yep at some point I understand that its not a lot of money On the other hand, having them on the roster won't change the standings and it is very unlikely that they will be on the roster of the next winning team So... Save 5-6 million dollars and hire 20 more scouts It's unfortunate that we are still paying Cobb, and of course Davis.
  13. Surprised by the reaction If we are really buying into the concept of only keeping players that will be contributors to the next winning team, and otherwise minimizing salary, I still don't see the point in dishing out 5 million to two players that aren't good/young enough to be a part of the next winning team. I'm betting that Elias non-tenders both of them.
  14. Both are arbitration eligible. Neither figure in the O's long term plans. Bundy made 2.8 million in 2019, Givens 2.15 million Can't see allowing them to get an arb raise Could offer them 1 year deal at the same or less money, but if they don't want to sign, seems that they should be DFA'd Makes it all the more disappointing that they couldn't offload them on anyone at the trade deadline
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