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  1. Chris Davis to leadoff?

    Well he has been working on his bunting. Anyone think that Davis would be on the 25 man roster for more than a 1/2 dozen teams in MLB?
  2. What If Tillman Gets Hammered in Spring Training?

    Can't believe they brought him back on a ML contract. Can't believe they are going to give him a spot on the 25. Any of the Rule V guys would have been more of an asset Davis, Trumbo, and Tillman all completely washed up but get to play under the Orioles lifetime achievement award program. So sad.
  3. Seth Smith?

    Baseball salaries are dropping, especially for one dimensional players. CD will be worth 1/10 or less of his original contract, what a shame for O's fans
  4. Who's the RH platoon in RF if Hays starts at AAA?

    So a 23,000,000/yr platoon 1B, only about 21,500,000 over market value
  5. I'd love to know if the price for Cobb was higher on March 20th or on March 1st. Did we get a bargain waiting him out, or did he get more when the O's panicked about having Mike Wright or equivalent in the starting rotation As always signing 30+ pitchers to 4 year deals is risky, but given that they refused to re-build it was the move they had to make. Bothers me that in a wild card race that always goes down to the wire that we are missing a couple of Cobb starts in the beginning of the year. Now I think the O's big weakness is the offense if Davis and Trumbo are allowed to clog up the middle of the order for most of the year, when there are better options (Valencia, Alvarez, Sisco)
  6. Justin Turner out with broken wrist

    How about an "all in" that includes 3 Rule V picks? You know guys that weren't in the top 40 for their old team.
  7. What If Tillman Gets Hammered in Spring Training?

    And if it were Davis, Trumbo, Rasmus do you think it would be more or less? Cmon everyone knows this team has contact issues, and speed issues, and defense issues, and starting pitching issues
  8. What If Tillman Gets Hammered in Spring Training?

    True... it was very predictable... but even I hope for this organization to turn a page and start making reasonable decisions Man I'd love to see a single low strikeout, high average, high OBP hitter, and a single dominant strikeout machine starting pitcher. Maybe its Sisco, and ???????
  9. What If Tillman Gets Hammered in Spring Training?

    Looking at the Box Score you see another big indicator of how flawed this team is: Out hitters get one walk and strikeout 10 times meanwhile our pitchers manage just one K Tillman can't miss a bat, he is awful and I just can't believe he is our #4
  10. MARCH 17th - MARCH 19th (All Non-Televised Games)

    Can't wait to hear Buck talk about how Tillman competed Can't believe they gave him a ML contract
  11. What If Tillman Gets Hammered in Spring Training?

    Interesting to me that Tillman is starting today at an away game with a complete B roster, including Cisco as the catcher. Is this an indication that he may not make the 25 man roster, or that Buck has seen enough to know that he is a long shot for the 25 man?
  12. Wynns sent to Norfolk

    So Buck values defense.... and Wynns was a plus defender.... but he was cut.... so that we could carry an extra DH or two (Cisco & Alvarez)... makes perfect sense.
  13. Most kids don't watch/play baseball Most kids/young adults don't watch TV at all, cable is dying and with it Regional Sports Networks, and cable sports networks (ESPN) Some day historians may point to the Chris Davis contract as one of the last really stupid MLB contracts just before the league fell into decline and consolidation.
  14. Orioles 5th Starter

    I'm betting he starts season on DL, knee tendinitis takes time to clear up, and pitching in 50 degree weather won't help Let him rest and keep a rule 5 guy for at least a few more weeks, never know who gets hurt next. Tillman DFA'ed in April will open another roster spot.
  15. Orioles 5th Starter

    Trumbo out, Davis probably out, Castro out We may yet keep 4 Rule 5 guys What a team