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  1. How bad is too bad? I knew this season would be rough to watch and they’d lose a lot of games but it seems to be bordering on ridiculous to be so non competitive.
  2. Can someone teach Mountcastle 2B please?
  3. I dunno, with his fastball he seems destined to be Tillman 2.0
  4. Bundy is the only one that really gets me down. Maybe Cobb a little too, but Bundy was supposed to be an Orioles ace. He’d have at the very least been relegated to the bullpen on any other team.
  5. I think he is definitely trade bait. I’m having a hard time believing Mancini is a superstar level player but if the results are there then it doesn’t matter what I believe. I’d love it if he kept it up and maybe made another team a believer.
  6. Núñez, Karns, Severino, Hess, Rickard, Smith are all borderline as well.
  7. Last year was a mess. I can only speculate but the team chemistry that seemed to propel the team into “sum greater than its parts” territory just wasn’t there. It seemed everyone became stuck in their ways and the cohesiveness was lacking. Just speculation of course. Anyways...this team has that underdog fight for the team attitude that I liked about Bucks earlier years in baltimore. They might lose but they’re fun to root for even if the results aren’t there.
  8. We got spoiled with a good road trip to start the year but I don’t think many of us changed our expectations of the season. I’m still happy to be watching baseball.
  9. Well that’s a strange move. It might make sense if anybody but a nobody was coming up. I don’t see Wotherspoon staying on the 40 man roster for very long and regardless both him and Araujo would be mop up pitchers anyways.
  10. I dunno...there are a million other places to toss your bat other than right next to the catcher. Though it’s subjective regardless because he definitely didn’t do anything obviously ill intended.
  11. I think Givens will be easier to move than Mancini. Mancini comes across as a dime a dozen type of player...so even if he hits, every other team has a similar enough player somewhere in the organization that they probably wouldn’t offer a whole lot.
  12. I’d trade anyone if someone is offering a solid return. Prospect for prospect trades seem fairly rare so I’m not worried too much about that hypothetical. But Mancini falls in the definite trade bait category for me. I just don’t expect anyone to offer a whole lot even if he is hitting well. Right handed bat only players are not particularly hard to come by.
  13. oriole

    Why Not?

    Well both the Yankees and the Diamondbacks won a World Series the year after Buck left...Maybe Texas will be the Bucks lone immediately ringless ex?
  14. That’s wishful thinking at its finest. Maybe two of those names (if we’re lucky) will have solid major league careers.
  15. I am curious to see how they keep this rotation patches together. Outside of the top 3 (who are all not great) there is just a major dip in experience and when we need to start scrapping together starts it’s going to be fun to watch how they do it. By fun I mean it’s like a slow train wreck you can’t turn away from but whatever...entertainment is entertainment whichever way you look at it.
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