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  1. I see no reason why not...he can’t possibly be worse than whatever else we will see out there. I’m not saying to load up on declining veterans but you gotta put at least a little bit of effort in. Just a little?
  2. Jones has always been a little more vocal about things than what is necessary but he seems like a good guy and always played hard. I haven’t a negative thing to say about him. Except he sounded like an idiot when he said “they don’t pay us to walk”. Oh yeah and every single time he swung at the down and away pitch, I said plenty of negative things then. Wait...then there was the time he refused a trade to stay on a sinking ship despite years of “all I wanna do is win”. Whatever, other than all those times...nothing negative to say about him.
  3. Exactly my thoughts. Pitchers don’t use their hips, they use their arm!!! He could probably still pitch the day after surgery if they really needed him.
  4. I understand what you’re saying and agree to a point. But I think Mancini is our man and I’d bet Cora picks him too.
  5. Despite his setbacks I think Mancini is the face of the rebuild...not the future or piece of the next winning team but a nice player that does some stuff well despite not being all that great. I mean the face of the years of turmoil between the bookends or winning baseball. So anyways, my guess is Mancini.
  6. Definitely gotta go for quality. The unfortunate part of that is you’ve got to give up quality to get it. The O’s have none. Sure, they could trade Mancini or Bundy but they’re just not quality players. They are okay on a good team. Cashner or Villar could go but they’re even less than okay. We’ve got no strengths to part with. It’ll have to be smart/lucky trades to have any kind of impact. I wonder if guys like Sisco or Mountcastle would have any value for less developed pieces? They can hit but there’s too many OF/DH/1B types in this organization and they still have a little bit of that prospect shine that someone like Mancini or Nunez don’t have.
  7. C Gregg Zaun 1B Chris Davis 2B Billy Ripken SS Cal Ripken 3B Mark Reynolds LF Lew Ford CF Lew Ford RF Lew Ford DH Jim Thome
  8. Even the crickets are silent while I try to contemplate this one
  9. It’s a sad state of affairs for the entire game of baseball that teams are allowed to tank like this. I understand the reasoning and I’m behind it. But IMO it’s bad for the sport to have a handful of rotating small to mid level clubs all racing to the bottom and have perennial winners who have either 1) extreme pay rolls or 2) went through the tanking or “rebuilding” process.
  10. Hopefully after 1-1 the focus is on pitching. Also, totally unrelated but the Diamondbacks have 4 picks in the first round...16, 26, 33, 34. I can’t believe I’m saying it but I think I’d prefer their position in this draft to ours.
  11. Severino all the way. He’s young and promising and still just as good as Sucre who is much more experienced. I’m glad they’re both here for the time being until Sisco comes up and shows us for the third year in a row he isn’t a major league catcher.
  12. How bad is too bad? I knew this season would be rough to watch and they’d lose a lot of games but it seems to be bordering on ridiculous to be so non competitive.
  13. Can someone teach Mountcastle 2B please?
  14. I dunno, with his fastball he seems destined to be Tillman 2.0
  15. Bundy is the only one that really gets me down. Maybe Cobb a little too, but Bundy was supposed to be an Orioles ace. He’d have at the very least been relegated to the bullpen on any other team.
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