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  1. oriole

    Orioles Sign Alicides Escobar to MiL Deal

    I can’t imagine anyone would prefer a minor league deal over a major league deal regardless of the team.
  2. oriole

    Elias interview 105.7

    Anyone on the roster? They all kinda stink to be honest and to say one is undoubtedly better than another is dismissive of the fact that Trumbo also stinks.
  3. oriole

    Elias interview 105.7

    I think you’re stretching the definition of undoubtedly.
  4. oriole

    First First Starting Lineup

    CF Mullins 1B Mancini DH Stewart RF Santander LF Hayes C Sisco SS Martin 3B Ruiz 2B Jackson Im guessing no veterans on day 1 for Hyde. Unless you consider Mancini a veteran.
  5. oriole

    Crush Davis is in the House!

    Unfortunately I think even if he hit 30 before the break his contract makes him unable to be traded in any capacity unless the O’s pick up major money. By major I mean almost all of it. No one will ever want Chris Davis.
  6. oriole

    James Shields

    That’d be fine by me. Karns is a health risk anyways so the young guys would still have a good chance of getting a lot of innings in.
  7. oriole

    Austin Hays

    If he is the best RF in spring by far then sure, he’ll start. Someone has to.
  8. oriole

    Anyone Following Manny? (Signs with San Diego)

    It’s always a kids game no matter which way you look at it
  9. oriole

    Emerging from the Stone Age

    Baseball is going to be in trouble if they don’t adopt some live in market streaming services. I have barely watched any games the last couple of years because cable is too much and I have to deal with long contracts. I can’t be the only one. I don’t think the analytics will be much of a problem, especially if it’s helping your team win. Though baseball did get less exciting when home plate collisions and stuff like that was implemented. It’s like live chess. Which is fine and I love it all the same but the human species is a sucker for a blood sport.
  10. oriole

    Orioles Sign Alicides Escobar to MiL Deal

    This is a disappointing move to hear about. I know it’s new management but I’m afraid of having to watch Escobar suck every day for the sake of having someone out there whose done it before. I’d rather see Martin hit .200 than Escobar by a long shot. I can celebrate the small victories with young guys.
  11. oriole

    Hyde puts his own stamp on spring training

    You’re in for a wonderful surprise
  12. oriole

    Hyde: "I won't manage to the save stat"

    One of the only things I did not like about Bucks tenure was that he exactly managed by the save stat despite being on record saying he wouldn’t. If you’re going to do it then go ahead but don’t say otherwise. I could be misremembering but it seems to me he was consistent in this aspect.
  13. oriole

    Caleb is a Diamondback

    Wow, that is pretty surprising. Good for him.
  14. oriole

    Anyone Following Manny? (Signs with San Diego)

    You got me there. I can’t argue that.
  15. oriole

    Anyone Following Manny? (Signs with San Diego)

    I think that makes some sense but part of the appeal of unproven talent is the low financial risk. So if we’re talking about raising MLB minimum salaries to a million or so, then sure. But any more than that then you exacerbate the issue of payroll disparity by pushing free agents value higher plus making the unproven guys more risky. A payroll cap makes much more sense in my mind. I want to say a payroll floor as well but that seems like a slippery slope and probably (or definitely) not a good idea. But say a team can only spend $200 million a year on payroll and maybe anything past that deducts payroll space for the following year. That would even the playing field not only in wins and losses but in how teams value players.