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  1. jtschrei

    Adam Jones Clears Waivers

    Jonesy should go to PHI or CLE and try to win a ring! I'm imaging in that DD is checking in with him again now that he's cleared waivers. If DD is the GM, I don't believe the O's will offer Jones a contract for next year. Maybe if Jones is sitting around in March, we offer him a 1-year, 3 million dollar deal a la Chris Tillman. Is Tillman dominating in TX yet?
  2. jtschrei

    Grade the Gausman Deal

    The Gausman trade was part salary dump. There's no way around that. DD made the best deal that was on the table. Yes, we could have waited until the offseason, but there is no guarantee that the offers would have been better. Deals get done at the deadline because there's real urgency. Gausman might have hurt his value and sucked the last two months for us. Plus, does it make sense to hold onto Gausman next year when the team is probably going to lose 90 games at least? I don't know. I just can criticize the deal that much. Would I have liked a better return? Yes. If the choice was keeping O'Day and getting better prospects, would I have liked that better? Yes. But we don't know if that was actually on the table. There weren't many ways for the O's to cut salary. Davis and Trumbo are untrade-able. This was a way to get $10 million off the books. Let's hope for the best with this 3B Encarnacion.
  3. jtschrei

    15 days in, fun summer or not?

    Hayes has been one of the biggest disappointments for me. Before ST, I was hoping he would win the RF job and be a jolt of energy in the OF. So wrong.... Hopefully, this was just a blip for him and the injuries will heal this offseason.
  4. jtschrei

    Renato Nunez Claimed from Texas

    This dude is going to work. The question I have is will he get the right coaching. I think ‘Mr Dickerson’ will provide excellent coaching on defense. I worry about the hitting coach....
  5. Nothing unexpected here. I think this means Beckham is nontendered and jones will not be back.
  6. jtschrei

    Renato Nunez Claimed from Texas

    Agreed. His swing looks good. Buck has been playing him pretty regularly. I think there could be something there. The results aren't quite there, but I see potential.
  7. jtschrei

    POLL: Yay or nay on Beckham trade?

    It's true. I'm sold. If he can be average at SS, and he does his .284/.340/.465 his career triple slash as a SS, it's worth more time at SS and time with the psychiatrist. "Baseball is 90% mental and the other half is physical."
  8. How could we move Davis or Trumbo? Is it possible? I thought the only possible way to move Davis was to trade him in a package with Manny. That ship has sailed and I don't think it was ever seriously considered.... although, it turns out trading Gausman was essentially a salary dump of O'Day. I believe the O's are taking the path of hoping Davis does something drastic in the offseason to fix himself and seeing if there is improvement. I mean, people are aware that Davis has a lower OPS than Caleb Joseph, right? It's almost inconceivable, but true. Can Trumbo be moved either this season or in the offseason? How?
  9. jtschrei

    Trey Mancini is going to trend up

    Right. I know. I think he's a better hitter than that. I think he's an .800 OPS guy, but we'll see. He was .826 OPS last year.
  10. jtschrei

    POLL: Yay or nay on Beckham trade?

    At this point, the only value Beckham has is as a DH/utility guy... which is what Tb was doing with him. Of course, we have like 6 DHs on the team so he’s being forced into an everyday role. I never had a problem with the trade. It was worth the gamble to see if there was more there with Beckham. He was the #1 overall pick. Moving him to 3B was a mistake. Let’s see if Bobby D can work some miracles. If not, I think we have to nontender him. If there was room on the roster for a RH Dh/until he could be that, but right now he cannot be an everyday guy as an IF.... I mean, if you care about winning....
  11. jtschrei

    Trey Mancini is going to trend up

    Eye test- Mancini looks better at the plate. He’s a ball player and his makeup is fantastic. We have to get rid of Trumbo and slide Mancini to Dh with some games at 1B. I’m saying it, that’s the number 1 offseason priority.
  12. jtschrei

    POLL: Yay or nay on Beckham trade?

    Anyone think that Beckham might get non-tendered at the end of the season? I mean, his defense is not improving. If, big IF, DD is going to put emphasis on defense, I'm not sure the left side of the infield can be a mistake waiting to happen. Beckham is only going to get more expensive. I'd be surprised, but I could see Beckham getting let go.
  13. jtschrei

    Why we could be "good again" sooner than many expect

    I'm excited about the possibility of an improved outfield defense. Buck will have to cooperate, assuming he's back. I'm excited about the possibility of a better IF defense. DD will have to make some trades for that to happen. Beckham is not going to be plus or even average at SS or 3B. The Trumbo, Mountcastle, Mancini DH logjam has been mentioned. I might throw Renato Nunez in that too. I would be surprised if DD doesn't move Trumbo one way or another. I think Mancini or Mountcastle has to be moved too. They are redundant.
  14. jtschrei

    Brewers- It's On

    Well. Moustakais to the Brewers does seem to mean no Schoop trade. Looks like the Brewers got him cheap. Schoop and Gausman would have decimated their system. Schoop has made himself expensive... which is fine with me b/c I think he’s more like the guy we saw last year and this July than he is the first half of 2018. I think his numbers are going to look pretty good at the end of this year. The return has to be right for him. We’ll see what happens with Gausman. I think we should be trading for more pitching so Id like to see pitchers coming back here if we do trade him
  15. jtschrei

    What are the chances of another July deadline trade?

    I think Jones will be traded. I don't think anyone else gets traded.