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  1. The Orioles have real challenges. 1-- The team is really bad and the system needs alot of work. We're not going to compete for a playoff spot for at least 2 more years. 2-- Baseball attendance in general is down. 3-- The TV situation is bad. O's need their own station. Nats need their own station. 4-- The resurgence of Baltimore has been extraordinarily slow and just not happened in many places. It appears to be getting worse, not better. So... that's alot. It's hard to see the light. O's need to control what they can control -- focus on development of the team and fix the freakin' TV deal. No one can tell us the sky is falling like Rosenthal. I mean, I do think the Orioles have been poorly run for decades, so I get his frustration. But, I'm not ready to run for the hills just yet.
  2. Did the Angelos family ever think of moving the Orioles to DC? Like, in retrospect, from a long-term financial perspective for the Angelos family, that might have been the smarter move that trying to essentially make the best deal possible to have your most important market taken from you. "No Lerner family, you can't move the Expos to DC because we are going to move the Orioles to DC first." I can't remember if that was ever a discussion. I know it sounds like blasphemy, but I wonder if I would be happier as an Orioles fan if the team was in DC?
  3. I think they would want to keep Rickard in the system if they DFA him. Would he be claimed or might he slide through waivers? I would like to see Mase!
  4. I'm a dad of two young kids. I coach their teams so there is some truth to what you are saying. Parents do not want their kid yelled at. Period. They are happy to have their kid coached though. Yelling and harsh discipline is basically not accepted anymore by parents. But parents don't spank today either. I was spanked, but I would never spank. You can tell kids what to do -- no hugging on the field, pay attention, run hard out of the box. It just has to be delivered in a way that is not aggressive. Just the way it us. Coaches didn't used to have to worry about this or adjust to this. Now we do. Do I worry some lessons that I learned are not getting taught/reinforced? A little. But kids are just used to a little different world. They want know why you told them to do something. Not just do it. I get it all. The frustration with the new generation by older school people, but also I get why kids are different and why they question stuff and are not just robots and why they just don't take verbal abuse. Just my perspective.
  5. Loved the trade back. Love the pick. I targeted Brown at the beginning of the draft as someone who could be a dynamic playmaker for us. You can get the guy the ball in a bunch of different ways -- jet sweep is a huge play now. Ask the Rams. I think we wanted him all along. There were lots of good players at our pick -- the ASU WR, Sweat, and Brown. This guy is going to touch the ball 10 times per game and he could take it to the house at any time.
  6. The change up is a real weapon. Means has been great!
  7. True. Don't suburban fans want to come to a place that's nice and fun? They don't want to see addicts on every corner panhandling and trash in the gutter. The city has to "come back" to get the suburban fans too. I wonder if the casino has hurt or helped attendance?
  8. Agreed. If you don't look at paper, he looks like a major league-er. We'll see. I like what I saw last night.
  9. I mean. As long as the city loses population, then attendance is going to stink no matter how good we are. There is no bigger fan of Baltimore than me. I grew up in the city. I cringe whenever I read posters talk about how dangerous it is around the ballpark. Don't get me wrong, I believe you always need to watch your back in Baltimore. I just think some it gets blown out of proportion. Anyway, bottom line. Until the city "comes back", then attendance will be poor. Hopefully Port Covington will help. There are signs of hope in the long-term outlook!
  10. This team has played hard and I've really enjoyed the season thus far. I expected us to challenge the worst record in modern MLB history. I think we're better than last year. And I believe the pitching is going to get better. The big question for me remains Chris Davis. Is he turning it around? Can we get .200, 30Hr, 75RBI out of him? He is clearly blocking Mancini and/or Nunez. If we decide we are going to not cut Davis, then can we trade Mancini or Nunez for a young arm or two? So far, so good. Still on track for a good draft pick; young guys getting playing time; entertaining product on the field; younger guys theoretically developing in the minors; supposedly putting a plan in place for the international market. What is not to like besides the Chris Davis contract?
  11. Can we rename this thread "Splitting Hairs." Hey some people like to do it, including me on occasion. I'm just hoping for a more accurate title 😀
  12. Gold! “Signs are just suggestions...”
  13. Agree with this. Orioles need to be cold-blooded right now. It might handicap Hyde in hist 1st year as a manager. It never looks good to lose tons of games as a GM, but this is the move. Swihart has some small upside. I would put in a claim and even trade international slot money for him. We'll see... I won't be too upset if lose Swihart though. The offensive numbers have not been good for years.
  14. I would give Mullins 1 more month... exactly. If there has been no improvement, then he needs to go down. Sorry. We all want him to succeed, but there is barely a pulse here. Mason Williams would be a definite upgrade at this point. I don't think we can bring up Santander because there is no backup CF. Rickard is currently the backup CF. I'm sure the the waiver wire is being watched closely. Our OF depth is borderline abysmal. I don't think Mullins would have made the team if we had anyone else who is half decent.
  15. Great bits here. Thanks for sharing. I think Bundy has a very long leash, just because of his draft pick status and previous success. I wonder if Bundy has embraced the analytics. Does he have Rapsodo and Edgertronic in all his BP sessions? I have faith in this coaching staff to help Bundy.
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