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  1. jtschrei

    Underrated: 2016

    I remember the '89 team fondly. Ballard was fantastic the entire year. My memory was that he made big pitches in big spots all year. It was a perfectly placed fastball (at 89) or a breaking ball down and in to righties but still a strike on a 3-2 count. By the end of the year, I thought he was going to win every time out even though his stuff was nothing special. I know we blast Buck and going back Leo Mazzone too. But if you could repeatedly hit that spot, down and away to hitters, right on the black for a strike, you could win games in the late 80s and early 90s. Ask the entire 1990s Braves pitching staff. Ballard could hit that spot in 1989. Plus, you can't understate how good the defense was on that '89 team. It made all the pitchers look better, including Ballard.
  2. jtschrei

    Dempsey is helping Austin Wynns

    Love Dempsey and all his ridiculousness. He's our homer okay? Here are my thoughts: 1-- This was a six-hour session. It's not a big deal either way. Wynns can take the advice or leave it. 2-- I wonder if Dempsey's advice is good. I played catcher in high school and I've never really gave tons of thought to how close I was to the batter. I just got behind the dish at what I thought was the appropriate depth behind the batter. His advice about positioning was interesting. 3-- Why isn't anyone criticizing Wynns? He could have just not done a coaching session with Dempsey. 4-- I wonder what new hire, Tim Cossins, thinks.... hmm....
  3. jtschrei

    Is Harbor Park (Norfolk AAA) a problem?

    I actually think the Elias regime, and Sig in particular, will take a look at Norfolk. The park should be in alignment with our team's hitting and pitching philosophies. Sig supposedly visits minor league players and managers and as much as they look at the data, I'm sure they will be alert to the potential negative effects of Harbor Park. Question: couldn't they just move in the fences or do something like they did at Busch stadium in STL. Put a big freaking garden box all the way around the fence:
  4. Great post FRobby. I wonder if these are key metrics for Elias and his staff. I bet they are. It seems like seeing a jump in the numbers will take at least two years, when the first draft done by the Elias regime gets its players in the system. I don't think that coaching alone can change the numbers. I feel like I read DD say somewhere that high OBP is hard to teach. You have to draft guys that already have it if you value it.
  5. jtschrei

    Koby Perez named Director of Int'l Scouting

    I'm fired up about the Elias era. Seems like another good hire. In terms of DD. In retrospect, the O's should have let him go. It appears that the O's simultaneously did not let him go and penalized him for looking at a promotion. Seems unfair. Anyone should be allowed to explore a promotion without being penalized.
  6. jtschrei

    Reminder: Official Press Conference Monday Noon

    I'll be interested to see if the O's and Hyde try anything like the Rays did last year with the pitching staff. Like, start a reliever in the 1st inning. Regularly have games that are just pitched by relievers. If they want to win games, I think they'll try things like that. But the question is... do we want to win games or do we want to tank? The answer to that question might be different in April than in July... Anyway. If we want to win as many games as possible, I'll be interested in the innovative ways we try to scratch out victories.
  7. I think Ryan Flaherty is the ceiling of what you're going to get in the Rule V draft. I like the picks. We need good infielders. Hopefully, these guys can get on base at a decent clip and add some value. If not, there's usually some AAAA guys like Paul Janish looking for jobs.
  8. jtschrei

    Where would Richie Martin fit on the O's top 30?

    I believe we will be taking an IF -- Martin, Jackson, or Wong. If we have the opportunity to take two of those guys, I think we will do that. To me, Wong has the best chance to provide positive value next year. You could go Villar at SS and Wong (LH hitter) and Wilkerson (RH) at 2B. It's hard to believe you are going to find a positive WAR everyday player in the Rule 5 draft. I think Wong has the best chance to do that -- especially if he is platooned and rarely faces lefties.
  9. Elias will be looking for placeholders. I do like Iglesias, but I don't know if he will come cheaply enough. If he is super cheap, sign me up. I think Elias will be taking an infielder in the Rule V -- Martin or Wong. I hadn't thought about a really good SS helping increase the value of Bundy, Cobb, Cashner. Makes sense.
  10. jtschrei

    Week 13 @ ATL

    We have to get pressure on Ryan. If we don't, I think they'll score at will against us. Basically, if we keep them under 21 points, I think we'll win. If not, we'll lose. 24-21 Ravens with a few Falcons missed FGs in there.
  11. I already non tendered Beckham... I love being the new GM of the Orioles... I will spend the millions I save on him on prospects from Latin America.
  12. jtschrei

    Austin Hays = George Springer?

    I would love to be worried about Hays's clock! I'm worried about his ankle. Him being a star seems a little far fetched after last year. Can I worry about Ryan McKenna's clock too?
  13. jtschrei

    Congratulations to Luke: Twins!

  14. jtschrei

    Potential Scouting Directors

    I vote for @Luke-OH! Seriously!!
  15. jtschrei

    Roch: Decisions Still Pending

    Was he Gary R good? That is my question. Honest question. Don't know the answer. When I look at what Roch wrote (pasted below), I am not blown away by the drafts. Gausman was can't miss at #4. Harvey and Sedlock are borderline done. Stewart is not special. Mountcastle, meh. But Mancini, Hays, Mullins were all excellent picks. So... is Gary R's track record good, excellent, average? Per Roch: Rajsich came to the Orioles as Joe Jordan’s replacement. His first-round picks included pitchers Kevin Gausman, Hunter Harvey, Cody Sedlock, DL Hall and Grayson Rodriguez and outfielder DJ Stewart. He took infielder Ryan Mountcastle with the 36th overall pick in ‘15 and promising shortstop Adam Hall in the second round in 2017. The Orioles forfeited their first two picks in 2014 after signing pitcher Ubaldo Jiménez and outfielder Nelson Cruz as free agents, and Rajsich chose pitcher Brian Gonzalez in the third round. Rajsich found Trey Mancini still available in the eighth round in 2013, Cedric Mullins in the 13th round in 2015 and Austin Hays in the third round in 2016. Ryan McKenna, a fourth-rounder in 2015, is climbing up the prospect charts. Left-handers Keegan Akin (second round in 2016) and Zac Lowther(competitive balance pick in 2017) were chosen as the system’s Co-Pitchers of the Year this summer.