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  1. jtschrei

    Sisco optioned to Norfolk

    I think the O's have handled Sisco really poorly this year. Either he should have made the team out of ST and the team should be willing to let him learn on the job under the guidance of Jim Russell OR he should have stayed in the minors until he was really ready. I haven't seen anything from Sisco that is alarming to me. He's going through the growing pains of a rookie catcher who isn't that great defensively and needs time to adjust to ML pitching. I think he's going to be a solid player. But this has been handled poorly. Hopefully, Sisco doesn't let it bother him. Get down to Norfolk and get better. As for Buck, I think he's sending Sisco to the minors to make a point. I think there's something he doesn't quite like -- either his defense or his personality. I think this has nothing to do with Sisco's service time. The O's are that forward thinking.
  2. jtschrei

    Could the leader we desperately need already be here?

    A. There is plenty of folks who would buy the team, who would keep it in Baltimore. With all of the negative things to be said about the Angelos family, I firmly believe the family would not sell the team to anyone who would even potentially move it. B. The leader we are looking for needs to set the goal for the organization as "Winning the World Series." Then, hire the GM who has the vision for winning the WS given the resources the organization has. Then trust the GM and give the GM the ability to fulfill his vision. The Angelos family has not been able to use this formula. First, I'm not sure the organization has the goal of winning the WS. I think this organization wants to have a team the community can be proud of and make a modest profit ...and it would be nice to win a WS. Second, the Angelos family has not been able to set a clear chain of command and stay out of the GM's way. There is not one instance of this, but numerous instances over the decades. It's horrible. So. I'm not sure John is the answer. I'm skeptical, big time. And that's the optimistic part of me.
  3. jtschrei

    Time to give up on Mike Wright Jr.

    I thought he had good stuff— most on the fastball, sharp breaker. I thought he could ramp it up to high 90s in a relief role. Um, he doesn’t have dominant stuff even in relief
  4. jtschrei

    Time to give up on Mike Wright Jr.

    It’s time and I have been a Wright defender
  5. jtschrei

    What’s the consensus about Schoop?

    Does anyone seriously think the O's would do a total reboot and trade all their semi-young guys? No way. They're not trading Schoop. The organization doesn't do that kind of plan. We'd be selling low on Schoop if we traded him now anyway. Last year, he looked like budding superstar. I don't know what the problem is but it seems like the coaching is not helping. And yet no changes are made. Sigh....
  6. jtschrei

    The Oriole Killer Hall of Fame

    Tony Phillips. I don't know the numbers, but I bet they are insane.
  7. jtschrei

    WAR of Orioles' drafts

    Which is all the more galling because the draft is the only way they build the system.
  8. jtschrei

    WAR of Orioles' drafts

    Nice topic. I enjoyed this. It's interesting to analyze the 1st round picks and it seems to me that: A. You want a pick in the top 4. B. Don't mess it up. Looking at the top 4 picks since 2007 we've did pretty well except for Matusz. + 2007 Wieters, 1:4 17.9 WAR + 2008 Matusz, 1:4, 2.3 WAR (Posey and his 40 career WAR went 1:5... but we already had Wieters) + 2009 outside of top 4 (Hobgood, 1:5) + 2010 Machado, 1:3, 30 WAR + 2011 Bundy, 1:4, currently 5 WAR (I believe he will get to 10WAR at least) + 2012 Gausman, 1:4, currently 9.2 WAR Have not had near a top 4 pick since 2012. C. We don't want to win this year. We want to be really bad. There is a much greater chance of hitting a pick when it is in the Top 4. Between 2000-2007, we only had 1 top 4 pick even though every one of those seasons was a losing season. The 1 top 4 pick was Adam Loewen. The one decent player we got was Nick Markakis (drafted #7). My point is that we don't want to just be mildly bad. We want to be really bad. We want a top 4 pick at least next year. The percentages just move more in your favor. It's still a bit of crap shoot, but less so than if you are just picking in the top 15.
  9. Winn and Libertore were there. Turang also. Bit of a head scratcher to me. We’ll see.
  10. jtschrei

    How did they get this bad?

    Davis juiced to get his contract and then went off the juice. Anyone who doesn’t see that has their eyes closed. Mancini and Schoop will get better this year. But yes, the pitching is still terrible and the defense not good. There are too many holes in our adult softball league team
  11. jtschrei

    How Does CF End for AJ?

    That ball tonight has got to be caught. Adam just looked old on that one. It's time to move Adam. Buck is going down with the ship.
  12. jtschrei

    Will Bleier or Castro be optioned?

    Trade Blier. It's not that I don't like the guy. He's been great. But there's no reason to hold onto him if you can something decent. Trading him would solve the roster issue.
  13. jtschrei

    Embrace the Losing

    There is currently no Bryce Harper, but you never know who will emerge this summer and fall. I have indeed Embraced the Losing. I'd like to see Mancini moved to 1st and DH Davis. I'd like to see Hays brought up in July. I'd like to see Wynns platoon with Sisco. I'd like to see Mullins brought up in July after Jones is traded. I'm already thinking about next season.
  14. jtschrei

    Cubs rumored to have deal (offer) for Manny

    I just can't understand why a deal isn't close. A serious Manny injury would be borderline disastrous and he does have a history of serious injuries. But again, this FO doesn't make sense. Could the offers be below the value of a 1st round pick? I doubt it. I think this FO is just dysfunctional.
  15. jtschrei

    Cubs rumored to have deal (offer) for Manny

    Does anyone think we are close to actually pulling the trigger on a Manny trade? I feel we are months away. Like the July deadline is when we finally do something. With something this big, I feel like there will be way more "leaks" from the FO when it's close.