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  1. This is a cool thread..... Played varsity at Hueneme High School, Oxnard, California in 1980, Terry Tackett was the coach, father of the O's own Jeff Tackett. Mark Berry, Reds coach was also on that team. Tall, lean, threw hard, decent curve, questionable command. We had a player on our team all the scouts were out to see, John Cox. However, he kept getting shelled and I would come in to clean up. Normally the scouts would vanish when he came out of the game, but one, a bird dog for the Brewers, stuck around and was drinking beers in brown paper bags with my Dad. Scout ended up writing me up and I got drafted before I graduated High School. (Note: John Cox went on to play at Cal, where he was a teammate of Bryan Pryce, recently fired manager of the Reds. I got to know Bryan at several of John Rubinow's ProBall camps. Good dude.) Anyway, Brewers offered a contract of no bonus money, $500/month, plus room and board on the road, Butte Montana Pioneer League. Ended up going to Ventura Junior College (arrived the year after Brook Jacoby left to the Braves), thinking I'd dominate and raise my draft stock. Instead, pitched marginally, pitched for money in a weekend semi-pro league and shredded my shoulder pitching too many innings. Played some softball, etc. until 2001, found an Ad in North County San Diego Newspaper for the Mens Senior Baseball League (MABL/MSBL), and decided to make a comeback in a 35+ league. Had so much fun at the MSBL World Series in Phoenix that year, decided to get rotator cuff surgery so I could pitch without pain. 2004 World Series, we lost in the playoffs to a team from Tucson with Jack Howell, who went on to win the 35+ Mountain Division. (Our team was Dream Foundation / North County Padres) 2005, we had a loaded team (I managed)... Had an ex-major leaguer who came up with the Phillies and was minor-league outfielder drafted by the Rockies and turned into a pitcher, Mike Farmer. His first Major League start (and first major league hit) came against/off Greg Maddux. (1996). We also had a former Mariners AAA pitcher named Vic Martin, who had absolutely pin-point control. Our shortstop was Jeff Bonchek, who had played A ball for the Indians. We ended up winning the 35+ Mountain that year. The next year, with much the same cast, we won the 35+ Wood American division, so I have 2 MSBL rings. Retired a few years later when I saw a video tape of myself pitching. Ugh. Sorry for the long post. Got going and couldn't stop!
  2. Ridgway22

    Key FA - Jose Iglesias

    Thank you. Yes.
  3. I went to grad school with an accountant who had done his internship with a MLB team. The stories he told about how they sauté the books would confirm your every belief.
  4. Ridgway22

    Mullins is with the Orioles! (edited)

    I'd never seen Mullins play in the minors, had nothing to go on but Luke's and others scouting reports and Mullins numbers in the minors. Honestly, I was expecting we'd see something like Xavier Avery II. But I've made a point to see all of The Entertainers' at bats, and the guy simply looks like he belongs. Hays at the end of the year last year looked overmatched, and maybe Mullins will too once there is a book on him. But right now, Cedric looks like the leadoff hitter we have not had since BRob. Small samples, temper expectations, blah blah blah. He's exciting, he's young, he's athletic, he's an Oriole, and damn it, I need something positive to latch onto.
  5. Ridgway22

    Will the light ever go on for Jake? It took Koufax 6 seasons..

    I had to look that up. I find a couple posters here often scribble prose I'd consider rebarbative, but they are entitled to their opinions, passions, and anonymity behind a web browser. Actually, upon reflection, maybe more incommodious or vexatious than rebarbative.
  6. Ridgway22

    Welp, Are We Officially Worried About Brach?

    o 867-5309. Some woman named Jenny answered. Wife?
  7. Ridgway22

    2018 Mike Wright

    Agreed. Movement, Velocity, Command. Have to have two of the three.
  8. Ridgway22

    Question about Merv Rettenmund

    Merv was also a running back at Ball State, and drafted by the Dallas Cowboys: At Ball State, Rettenmund broke the school’s single-season rushing record held by Timmy Brown, who played for the Philadelphia Eagles and Baltimore Colts. Rettenmund was good enough to get drafted by the Dallas Cowboys – much to his surprise, because he had played just three games as a senior because of injuries. Source: https://sabr.org/bioproj/person/d85594f6
  9. Ridgway22

    Question about Merv Rettenmund

    I must have misheard, or he said it felt like 17 pitches. It was actually 9. Found the video (1:38:10) on youtube at: It was 9 pitches: 1.foul down rf line 2. called strike, curveball on outside corner 3. *high, tight knockdown pitch* 4. fouled off 5. ball outside 6. ball, low 7. fouled back 8. fouled away 9. homer down right field line.
  10. Ridgway22

    Question about Merv Rettenmund

    I met Merv Rettenmund about 2002-2004 at John Rubinow's "Pro Ball Camp" at the Padres facility in Peoria, Arizona. It was basically whole bunch of us never-weres and has-beens playing in the MSBL trying to up our game with major league coaches. Merv asked why I was an O's fan, and I told him I was 9 years old in 1971 when I saw him play in Tokyo, Japan (My dad was in the Navy). Turned out Merv and I lived fairly close to each other in San Diego, and we stayed in touch. He even came out and was the "bench coach" for one of my teams' MSBL games. When I saw this thread, i emailed him the original post, and he called today. We talked about the O's of that era, and his career. He gave me permission to post the below. (And told some stories I won't post!) Merv's a great storyteller, and talks fast. I was scribbling notes as quickly as I could... - In 1970, when Blair got drilled, Merv wasn't playing much, but was hitting bullets, and only had a .226 batting average to show for it. But (to the best of his recollection) he was near the top in homers on the team. Earl was very loyal to his vets. When they got back to Baltimore after the beaning, Earl gave a newspaper interview, where he called out Merv, saying "we can't have .226 hitters in there". After the beaning, Merv got some regular playing time and put up monster numbers the rest of the year. in the world series that year, he had a +/- 17 pitch ab against Tony Cloninger, and got knocked down. A few pitches later, he drilled a opposite field HR. He thinks it was part of the reason the Reds later traded for him. Note: Jack Tatum, who drilled Blair, was scared as well, and it affected him deeply. 1971, He had the most AB's of the outfielders, FRobin was getting older, Buford's knee was problematic, and Blair was playing scared. Merv was the fastest and best hitter of the bunch at that time. He said even when he would take a bad swing, it seemed like everything was falling in. (High BABIP) Side story: When the O's would be in Fenway or a couple other ballparks, and taking BP, the opposing pitchers would run by and say to Blair stuff like "got one for you today, Blair", an intimidation tactic. One Red Sox pitcher would keep a list of numbers written in his hat, and if the situation permitted, he would drill the hitter, then walk up and stare down at him. 1972: "I had a [crappy] year. Was not hurt it was all mental, and never got it back" There was a strike that year, and when the season started he said he was out of shape, and could never get it going, the whole team seemed to get old at the same time. He tomahawked a homer off John Hiller to straight away center at the Old Tiger stadium, and Earl Weaver told him to start pulling more and hitting more homers, which was not his game. 1973, Had spurts of hitting well, but Bumbry showed up and was the real deal. Merv said Bumby was fastest he saw until Bo Jackson. Baylor grew into left field. Merv also severely bruised his sternum somewhere along in here, and said it hurt like hell. 1974, (Cinn) He was playing center field when Hank Aaron hit his 714th to tie Babe Ruth 1975, (Cinn) Was supposed to be in a platoon with Griffey Sr., George Foster, and Cesar Geronimo, but they only faced a couple lefties through first 30 games. And George Foster hit a monster home run that opened eyes, and he became the regular left fielder and never looked back. He said he felt great that year, and had high hopes, but played little. Misc: Earl Weaver was a stathead, and was an early adopter of matchups on a game by game basis. Merv enjoyed playing for Earl. Not sure of the year, but there was an Old Timers game at Shea stadium, the O's vs. Mets, a 1969 reprise. Merv showed up and Earl asked if he could play. Merv said, "Sure, if you can get me a hip replacement". Earl says "Good, cause you're hitting 3rd", and Merv told him, "Hell you wouldn't hit me 3rd when I COULD hit!" When Petco park opened in San Diego, the first time Pittsburgh came to visit, he met the Pirates general manager from 1971. (Joe Brown), and Joe Brown told Merv he was in the meetings where they discussed a shift against Merv. Pirates SS Jackie Hernandez was playing up the middle in the 2-1 game, and Merv hit a hard ground ball up the middle, right at the waiting Hernandez for the final out of the 1971 series. He said he could be off a bit here or there in some of the stories, he said it all kind of blends together these days. He's 74, and has a couple of kids he works with as a hitting instructor in San Diego, but will soon retire from that and travel more. Cheers, Kyle
  11. What the....... Maybe there is more to the story, but wow does this stink from far away.....
  12. Ridgway22

    The O's Prayer

    You may or may not be a lifelong O's fan. But if you love baseball, and love the O's, the Yankees losing the next best thing to the O's winning. Just a fact based in reality. If you claim to be an O's fan, and are ambivalent to the Yankees winning in the postseason while O's fans lick their wounds, and need to go read a book, I suggest "Non-Chalant Sunflower Seed Eating: a Guidebook" with a forward by Mark Reynolds.
  13. What a great thread..... I had to choose "other" in the poll, too many variables. The "ifs" are tantalizing... Bundy keeps it up, Gas-man pitches consistently to his potential, Castro converts to starter and sustains some of his success, and Harvey comes through like it looks he might, then we have solved our #1 problem, starting pitching. The JJ Hardy era is over, that is obvious. He's been a flailing bat for some time now, painful to watch, despite the steady but range-declining D. If Beckham keeps it up, our infield looks money, MVP candidate talent at 2nd and 3rd, and even "sleepwalking" Chris Davis is flashing golden leather at first, and he's a 2-time HR champion, even though I question if he'll ever regain that status. I had visions of Schoop improving as a hitter, but holy moley, he has exceeded my wildest fantasies, and to have that bat as a middle infielder, whoa! Trey has been a very pleasant surprise, not only with the bat, but he seems to be playing an adequate left field. If you would have told me his OPS would be higher than all of Manny, Adam, Davis, Seth Smith, and Trumbo after 136 games, I would have laughed a hearty laugh and suggested you take another dose or swig of whatever you were consuming. I've only seen highlights and reports on Hays / Mullins, but dang, that solves multiple problems (besides creating major payroll flexibility) if they perform at the major league level. If Chance is a major league hitter, even with so-so defense behind the plate, he and Caleb become a very affordable duo. While I'd hate, hate, hate, to see Britton go, if we can flip him for a MLB ready stud starter, and maybe a couple other prospects, and hand Givens / Brach the 9th, thats okay, as Zach is gonna need to get paid, and paid big if he is healthy and performs. And, with the fantasized payroll flexibility, are we in the market for a TOR arm, even though we know that is not the DD/PA way? Or can it be dedicated to Manny / Adam / Jon extensions? Again, great thread, if for no reason other than helping us focus on the positives. Nice job FRobby.