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  1. Home to the largest car Port in the US, most efficient port in America, cruise terminal expansion, countless waterfront redevelopments including one of the largest urban development projects in America. I think we’ll be ok.
  2. The same resurgence that has happened in all the other major east coast cities is going to be coming to Baltimore as well. We will never be New York but there are a lot of exciting projects going on and a vibrant culture that stays strong. I don’t think the money alone around Nats Park is going to keep them contenders and the current underlying poverty in Baltimore won’t prevent the O’s from returning to that level.
  3. survivedc

    Machado Trade Expectations

    Wouldn’t be terribly surprised if Angelos directed whoever is making the trades to try for Philly to keep the Nats out of the playoffs.
  4. survivedc

    Machado Trade Expectations

    **Low floor that is.
  5. survivedc

    Milb.com ranks O’s system’s first half a C-

    If all 4 of those guys are traded that should be 4+ top 100 guys coming back, add that to Mullins and Mountcastle top 100 by years end, that should be an A right?
  6. survivedc

    2017 #15 Prospect Adam Hall - SS

    Assume this is tongue in cheek in regards to a guy 16 games in to his pro baseball career.
  7. survivedc

    Early Aberdeen Roster

    Not to mention new minor league rules so he started each inning with a runner on 2nd.
  8. survivedc

    Early Aberdeen Roster

    Bonilla pitches 2 innings with 4 k’s In a row, all swinging. Only 18 pitches to get through the two innings.
  9. survivedc

    Orioles 2018 Draft Recap

    Would love to have Rodriguez become a legit #2 guy in the rotation down the road, is that being his ceiling just a function of how few true #1’s there are?
  10. survivedc

    Player moves on Monday

    Not that it matters but I think adding 3 all stars to replace Davis, 3B and RF/CF (Jones moves over) and you do have a pretty good team.
  11. survivedc

    Top 20 after 2018 draft

    I guess we’ll see what happens with Adam Hall after this weekend. Hope he can be rated higher than Grenier by seasons end.
  12. survivedc

    Best baseball movies

    Surprised Eight Men Out hasn't gotten more love, probably ties with The Natural for me for favorite/movie I will always watch if it's on. If it weren't for the story itself being incomplete, my favorite would have to be Moneyball. Sharp movie, well acted and able to combine the humanity of the game with the business side.
  13. Cody Hacker--LHP/1B apparently
  14. Anybody know what the length they run in this video?
  15. survivedc

    2018 MLB Draft Discussion

    Looks like there are some offensive concerns for both but would like to see either Nander de Sedas or Blaze Alexander get taken. Need some high upside MIF’s