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  1. A little out of my element here but the one time I saw him his fastball was sitting 92-94 and hit 95 a few times...assuming Bowie gun was right. His curve was great that night with 5-6 of 8 (I believe) K’s on it. I’ll trust your judgement for the most part and understand one good start doesn’t make a pitcher but I came away impressed.
  2. Still think he can realize #3 upside and become the rug that ties the room together.
  3. I think both of those teams charge those prices for the small beers, like 8oz. Think I paid $12 for a beer last time I was in New York.
  4. Was pretty impressed with Yahn the two games I’ve been to this year. Pretty athletic guy out there with the swagger to match.
  5. In addition to the poor game quality, I’ve had a pretty bad time at games this year. Rude staff, poor food quality. Been to 4 games and may not be back for more.
  6. That 92% number is amazing. Easy to tell it’s high by watching him but that’s really incredible.
  7. I think the team next year needs to show signs of growth, 65-70 wins. Bad performance shouldn’t be acceptable after this year, for no other reason than to set the tone. Hopefully Davis will be gone.
  8. I’d like to see the AA pitchers that deserve it get moved to AAA and pitch well. Would indicate some kind of light at the end of the tunnel. Also either Tate or Harvey get some MLB BP time in September.
  9. Great progress in July.
  10. survivedc

    Austin Hays 2019

    I expect Díaz will be promoted mid season and compete for a job out of ST.
  11. survivedc

    DL Hall 2019

    Heard on the radio that they are trying to get Hall to work on his weaknesses more. Has probably already been brought up and no clue if it’s true but I hope that’s the case. Despite his command struggles still a pretty good year.
  12. Didn’t do a whole lot of research but to compare teams from 2015-2019 Yankees have 9 guys on both rosters, though I counted 3 60day guys Dodgers also have 9 guys on both rosters. I’d be pretty happy with 5 guys out of this group but I think this amount of roster turnover may be more common than we think.
  13. Quick release on the assist.
  14. survivedc

    Adam Hall 2019

    Age adjusted I’d say it’s pretty close to great.
  15. I just hope that next year the team can fight for near 70 wins or that we can at least see improvement in one aspect of the team, most likely bullpen. Just not sure where the help will be coming from. Ive watched fewer games this year than ever since being back in the area and miss it being a part of my summer.
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