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  1. Trey Mancini: Role Player or Star?

    I remember he was interviewed post game and had some fantastic answers, way better than your average "we just didn't give up, picked up the guy before us..." etc. That sold me on him.
  2. A day for optimism about our players

    I thought Tanner Scott looked pretty good against the Sox as well. Presley lost a flyball in the sun that was scored a double and Tejada booted an easy grounder the next batter. His slider wasn't great but that fastball is exciting.
  3. What is your opinion of shielding the starters?

    Care to provide any reasoning? Seems like all the info that has been provided thus far shows that it either does nothing or is a slight advantage.
  4. Catchers

    It'll be 5 years this June. Seems about average for a HS Catcher. Sisco was the third youngest catcher to get AB's last year and the 2 younger than him were INTL FA's that both signed a year before him.
  5. Manny: “Thank God I wasn’t traded.”

    Point well taken and no doubt about the second one. I'm of the mind that the team is better set up with young players in 2019 than 2017 and if Manny is still here there is an outside shot at a quality team.
  6. Manny: “Thank God I wasn’t traded.”

    Whether or not it should have been, I wouldn't call last year a rebuilding season. Further, we have 2 or 3 impact prospects that could fill glaring holes this year and next.
  7. Manny: “Thank God I wasn’t traded.”

    If Machado were to resign how much of a rebuild would it really be?
  8. My personal top 50 Orioles prospects for 2018

    Man, can't help but wishing we had Manny for 2019 after reading this. Seems like there are 4 guys in that top 10 (Hays, Cisco, Harvey and Scott) that have a pretty good chance at making a positive impact next year. Excited to see this group develop, particularly Wells who sounds like a fun guy to watch and easy to root for.
  9. That's the question. In addition, I'm not sure where else he would go. NY and both LA teams are always a threat, but I have a feeling that most of their funds will be tied up (maybe except LAA). New ownership in Miami is expected to slash payroll.
  10. Build your 2018 Team

    I'm not a fan of any lineup that has Rickard as an OD starter. I'd rather keep Mancini out in Left and sign Alvarez to DH (hoping Trumbo is traded), at least until Stewart/Santander can be relied on as productive MLers.
  11. Austin Hays

    I thought both Santander and Hays had good AB's there in the 9th, Hays had a couple good takes (for a guy that I heard might not be as selective) and I liked seeing Santander go with the pitch. It would be nice to have some variety in the strengths of batters in the lineup next year.
  12. I'm sure the hope is that he won't be stopping at first much but a 20-20 guy would be nice.
  13. As far as Bigbie, I don't think he ever played for the Tides, wasn't the AAA team in ottowa then?
  14. Yet he somehow can't crack Jim Callis' list of top 30 rookies by future impact. The list doesn't really matter, but still seems like a major diss.
  15. Hope we don't get swept..

    Splitting hairs here, but while years 2 and 3 were worse than year 1 (2012) I don't know if it's really fair to call those years decline as much as "not as good." Either way, point taken, AJ has peaked, but his oWAR is up at 3.1 right now. I could see that staying over 2 for the next 3ish years