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  1. That’s a pretty surprising correlation. Does that hold true over the years? Don’t know how to look that up. There have been less steals in recent years and more runs via long ball, I’m guessing less aggressive mindsets have affected this.
  2. Wonder how the difference in strikeouts plays out. Are a third of them productive outs?
  3. The difference between grinders and Manny is that grinders do it every play. Manny gets aggressive when he's frustrated.
  4. Brady’s juicing looks like a 1 year aberration, was a good player on either side of that. Hard to say when Palmeiro started and stopped. Easy answer:Brady didn’t get caught and it wasn’t expressly illegal.
  5. How can you say he won’t be there but it has “nothing to do with him?”
  6. Putting in your worst reliever up 5 isn’t akin to trying to lose. That’s absurd. Besides, he was cut after the game.
  7. Wasn’t it 5-0 when Pedro came in?
  8. Big Hanifee fan, excited to see him at Frederick and maybe Bowie later on. Guy is a worker and those grounders will play. Think he’s the type of guy that would really take a future rotation to the next level.
  9. I for one will be delivering complete silence when the Padres come to town. He isn’t worth cheering or booing. Giving a diva the silent treatment is right.
  10. This may have already been brought up, but will Manny be playing 3rd or SS? From what I can tell Tatis seems like a quality defensive SS and Manny has been better at 3rd.
  11. What if those wins come on the backs of surprising performances by youngsters? As has been stated I dont think losing should be the goal
  12. I’m saying between 65-70 with a nice run in September to get there. Hoping there will be some exciting reinforcements on the roster by then.
  13. You gotta get up to New Haven for the best pizza! NY, as good as it is, pales in comparison!
  14. For me there is something to be said for amount of time on the team, Roberts over a decade and Schoop about half of that. That's why I wouldn't include a guy like Chen for example.
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