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  1. jcarm

    GCL Oriole Notes 2018

    If they retain ownership, we can only hope they have a different mindset. I am not counting on it.
  2. jcarm

    GCL Oriole Notes 2018

    Unfortunately for the Orioles any money saved towards the 25 man roster would mean nothing to the international spending. They just do not spend heavily on the international market. This will not change until new ownership (ie out of the Angelos family).
  3. He will sign. Per his Twitter, it looks like he has a pulled hamstring.
  4. Interesting story, was a 2017 Baseball America preseason All American pick then got hit in the head by a pitch and it damaged his vision: https://mercercluster.com/23755/showcase/trey-truitt-eyes-comeback-after-vision-defect-dampened-last-season/
  5. jcarm

    It's Time to Sell; How Far Would YOU Go?

    The Orioles clearly need to sell. They should trade everyone who is at or past arbitration.
  6. jcarm

    James Teague

    I guess Nathan Showalter.
  7. jcarm

    Place yer bets! (aka, the Pete Rose thread)

    If the Orioles will have a comparable winning percentage at the trade deadline, I doubt they will trade Britton. They may be buyers instead.
  8. jcarm

    40 man roster due Monday

    This is not correct. It is 19 years or older when signed in 2014 and 18 years or younger signed in 2013.
  9. jcarm

    Orioles 2017 Top 30 Prospects

    So you are saying they are getting better since 1/2 of those pitchers are with the team currently!
  10. jcarm

    Orioles 2017 Top 30 Prospects

    Luis Gonzalez was originally signed by the Phillies and subsequently released by them. Because of this he qualifies for free agency after every year unless added to the 40 man roster or signed to a multi year minor league deal. This is because contract renewals are only part of the original signed contract. He would also be eligible for the Rule V draft every year unless on the 40 man roster. It seems as if the Orioles signed him to a contract which includes 2018 already or he would have been a free agent.
  11. jcarm

    Connaughton article

    That is what I was talking about. Teams are limited as to how many players they can place on the Triple A reserve roster (which protects them from the Triple A phase of the Rule V draft) and how many players they can place on the Double A roster (which protects them from the Double A phase of the Rule V draft). I believe it should not be totally unexpected for the Orioles to not place him on the Triple A reserve roster and therefore risk losing him in the Triple A phase of the Rule V draft. We will see. I for one will not be completely shocked if the Orioles end up losing Connaughton in the minor league phase of the rule V draft at some point.
  12. jcarm

    Connaughton article

    It is not a matter of service time. All players who were drafted and signed in the 2014 MLB draft who were 19 years or older are eligible for the Rule V draft (major and minor league). Connaughton is definitely eligible for the rule V draft this year.
  13. jcarm

    Connaughton article

    The question for me is if the Orioles protect Connaughton from the minor league Rule V drafts or not. Each team is only allowed to protect so many players on the Triple A and Double A rosters. If they are not protected, then players can be drafted in the minor league phase and they do not have to be returned to the original team no matter what level they play at or if they play at all. Russell Wilson, the Seahawks QB, was originally drafted and signed in baseball by the Colorado Rockies in the 4th round of the 2010 draft. He played a couple seasons for them in the minors and then was drafted into the NFL in 2012. The Rangers drafted him in the minor league rule V draft in 2013 (costing them $12,000). He never played for the Rangers but it shows it does happen.
  14. From BA Draft grade report for Orioles regarding Hayes: Best Late-Round Pick: Bishop stands out, but RHP Reed Hayes (13) also stands out for raw arm strength. A former two-way player at Walters (Tenn.) State JC, he just pitched at Vanderbilt and is still inexperienced on the mound. http://www.baseballamerica.com/draft/2017-mlb-draft-grades-baltimore-orioles/#Xlfq3qSXDtw87cpM.97