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  1. The Orioles will probably trade International bonus money for him when/if he clears waivers. Not worth getting upset about until it all plays out.
  2. The Orioles could always buy/trade for one of the other picks.
  3. The Orioles could really use an additional Rookie League team (preferably in the Appalachian League like they used to with Bluefield). The jump from the GCL to Aberdeen is a big one for players drafted out of high school.
  4. Certainly there are 15 players that have not played in the MLB (ie minor leaguers to this point) that are better than 15 guys on our team. Think Vladimir Guerrero, Jr. Probably the top 15 players on any reputable web site's top MLB prospects list would do the job. #15 on BA is Sixto Sanchez. I think he is better at this point than the 11th best player on the Orioles roster at the end of the 2018 season. The Orioles really do not have a whole lot of top end talent on their roster. I would trade Trey Mancini straight up today for Sixto Sanchez. Philadelphia would not make that deal. I would trade multiple players in the Orioles top 10 on the end of 2018 roster for Vladimir Guerrero, Jr. He is that good!
  5. Yusniel Diaz is #5 in the Texas League. If I recall correctly, Ryan Mckenna is #20 in the Carolina League(the complete lists are in the print edition). DL Hall is #1 in The SAL league. The short season leagues are not in the current print edition, probably will be in the next one.
  6. Touki Toussaint is #99 for some possible perspective.
  7. I did not name anyone. You just know that if the Orioles do not sign him, some people will be enjoying other people being upset about it and saying, "I told you so". That is the same as wanting him to sign with someone else in my opinion.
  8. It is like some people on this board are hoping he signs with someone else. They should just pick another team to root for.
  9. jcarm


    So they might have to pay more. I do not honestly think they will since they sacrificed quality of prospects in the Gausman trade to get rid of O'Day (who may have some value next year). This makes it even more clear to me that the Orioles will not offer a QO to Adam Jones.
  10. jcarm


    Other teams have shown a willingness to trade the picks. Maybe other teams would be willing to do it more if they were not competing against the Orioles to do so (because the Orioles were willing to sell for a lower price than other teams were). Never the less, the Orioles stand more of a chance of getting a pick by following my strategy than giving a QO to AJ.
  11. jcarm


    If you want a draft pick so bad, you probably do not have to risk giving $18 million to AJ to do it. You can just do like the Orioles have done in past, but in reverse. Offer to take a contract from some other team that they want to dump and require a compensation pick back. I would much rather do this than give AJ a QO (which he would take very quickly) and get nothing but AJ in return.
  12. This is mostly why players move (to get more attention from scouts). This will continue to happen. It was at least part of the reason why Reyes moved. With the new International bonus allotment restrictions fewer players will have incentive to move to avoid the draft.
  13. It is fairly common for someone born in America but with connections in the DR to move to the DR and be declared an international free agent. Top prospect of the Cardinals Alex Reyes was born in New Jersey and lived most of his life in the US, but moved to the DR and signed as an international free agent with the Cardinals at age 18. It has nothing to do with citizenship.
  14. It says that MLB is loosening restrictions for dealing with international players. Apparently starting in 2014 clubs were restricted from doing these things until the player turned 16. There is more detail regarding how many days players can spend at team facilities-but this is the gist of things: Among the major changes: Amateur players are allowed to enter team facilities at earlier dates, beginning 18 months prior to when they become eligible to sign. Teams can pay for travel expenses earlier in the process for international players, which in particular could have an impact on where and how clubs evaluate Venezuelan players.
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