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  1. Hitters should adapt to shifts and over time defenses will adapt. Considering rules limiting defensive shifts is simply a move to protect players with big contracts, like Chris Davis.
  2. Did he really break story since there’s no indication in the article as to the reporters source. Is it reporters opinion? Don’t get me wrong, I would agree with what he’s saying but .....
  3. These are all great memories Roy, and there have been so many more in our teams history. Let us all take comfort that the rebuild will bring many more new memories!
  4. Angelos blew up what may have been the best management team in baseball during the 90’s in Pat Gillick & Dave Johnson.
  5. More important questions are why can’t our system develope players or are we making poor draft decisions?
  6. The Baltimore Sun article is from 2015. Could there have been a change?
  7. Is Chris Davis still receiving exemptions from MLB to use Adderal? Could not getting the exemptions be the reason he’s become totally inept as a player?
  8. I have spent some of the morning watching Parra's defensive highlights. We probably wont sign a top free agent or three. Why not make an effort to sign this guy? He has an awesome arm.
  9. His behavior of late may be coming from the pressure that a competitor puts on himself when things just aren't going right, especially after coming off a good year and the self expectations that success brings. The injury did not allow him to have a normal off season routine and it's taken a toll on his results, so despite there being justification for a slow start, you can bet it's taking a mental toll.
  10. Seems like we've done OK without Weiters. The loss last night was a team effort, scoring one run with 6 hits but that no good SOB, Clevenger, had 3 of them!
  11. Now we know the reason for his lack of power.
  12. Girardi and the rest of the team had to know just from the reason that are in the same dugout and on the field with him. It's ridiculous to think that the team did not know. One also has to wonder why the umpires didn't see it before John Farrell came out because it seemed so obvious that there was something on Pineda's neck. Maybe it just goes to show that it's well known that a lot of pitchers do use foreign substances and no one was going to take a stand unless they were forced to do so.
  13. I will always be a O's fan, but that doesn't mean that I wouldn't go to a Nat's game. The reason I have not is because I know that traffic and parking in that area is a bear, but if I can figure that problem out I'd love to go. My only negative thoughts toward DC teams is that when the Colts left town I could never bring myself to support the Redskins because of the old rivalry that seemed to exist before the Colts left. Radio, news personalities and especially politicians, seem to like to drum up hatred. Turn one group against another. It's very common these days.
  14. I have had ACL surgery and I can tell you that I had more problems with the mental issues. I always had in the back of my mind that it was going to blow out again. He will be ready when he feels comfortable with it.
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