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  1. Os requesting offers on Machado

    Bobby Bonilla and David Wells, if memory serves. Perhaps others.
  2. vs. YANKEES, 9/14

    Santander looks utterly clueless to me.
  3. vs. MARINERS, 8/29

    Game score of 100! Wow!
  4. Dylan Bundy 2017

    Maybe even 7 IP/0 R if Manny had managed to pull in Powell's soft liner in the sixth.
  5. vs. WHITE SOX, 5/07

    Ervin Santana showing what a fluke he is. 6–4, Boston.
  6. vs. WHITE SOX, 5/07

    Very true. He did hit twenty—in his entire career! http://www.baseball-reference.com/players/b/belanma01.shtml
  7. They All Break

    What a shame. He and Bryan Mitchell are pretty much the only two pitchers we can hit.
  8. I didnt see the game last night..but Id like to ask you

    I only want to point out that what Sale didn't get tossed for (intentionally throwing a 98 MPH fastball at a batter) and what Gausman did get tossed for (unintentionally hitting a batter in the fat of his ass with a 77 MPH curveball) are not in any way the exact same thing. That said, I share your bewilderment.
  9. 2016 World Series (Indians vs. Cubs)

    I haven't actually watched much of this series, but every time I tune in, the announcers are slobbering all over David Ross. Like...why? I just don't get it.
  10. How far away is Austin Hays?
  11. When did you turn the TV off?

    I, too, turned it off before it cleared the fence. As others have noted, most any fly ball would have won it. How absurd, really. It couldn't have been just a single or a sac fly. It just had to be a godforsaken first-pitch three-run home run.
  12. Shot of Bautista in the dugout looking for a good vein.
  13. On the TBS broadcast a moment ago, did they just show Bautista snorting something in the dugout? I looked up just in time to see him doing a full-body shimmy and then pass something (or mime passing something) to a teammate.