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  1. Babkins

    Britt Ghiroli Appreciation Thread

    Sounds as though they're trying to occupy the hipsterish niche that Grantland once did. I haven't read anything on The Athletic. Do the articles have footnotes?
  2. Babkins

    Update: Elias brings in Sig Mejdal:

    Mike “That Was a Bomb” Bordick Mike “Center-cut” Bordick Mike “One of the Best” [pause] ”in the Game” Bordick Ugh, I can’t go any further with this.
  3. I’m pretty sure that the guy who free-soloed El Capitan would be tickled at the idea that the hardest thing to do in sports has anything to do with baseball or golf.
  4. Babkins

    Ex-Orioles in the postseason

    The Onion weighs in on Manny: Manny Machado Denies Playing Dirty After Late Slide Into Pitcher’s Mound
  5. Babkins

    Sun: Ripken files suit against Aberdeen

    So many people want to bash Cal Ripken, Jr. for his broadcasting transgressions in the 2012 playoffs. But people—that was Carl Ripken, Jr. who said all that nonsense about Brooks and A-Rod.
  6. Babkins

    Ex-Orioles in the postseason

    Meanwhile, down in Atlanta, our old friend Brad Brach inherited two runners and one-run lead. He left six pitches later with his team at a one-run deficit.
  7. This blurb was buried in David Laurila's Sunday Notes round-up on Fangraphs. If the moderators feel it would be more appropriate in the MLB forum, so be it, but it mentions Baltimore's approach to analytics and I thought it germane to the board's discussion of the club's leadership and direction.
  8. Babkins

    Mesa Brothers Declared Free Agents By MLB

    I don't disagree. It's just my hunch.
  9. Babkins

    Mesa Brothers Declared Free Agents By MLB

    I don't know, but the fact that there is going to be a showcase says to me that Victor Victor Mesa has absolutely no intention of signing with the Baltimore Orioles. I won't be surprised if he and his brother hold out until next July and take their pick of the many offers they'll be fielding then from clubs around the league. It doesn't seem to matter much what the Orioles might be able to spend on them right now.
  10. Nice article in the Times about Jones. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/08/15/sports/adam-jones-baltimore-orioles.html?rref=collection%2Fsectioncollection%2Fbaseball&action=click&contentCollection=baseball&region=stream&module=stream_unit&version=latest&contentPlacement=4&pgtype=sectionfront
  11. Babkins

    The Darren O’Day appreciation thread

    I was at Game 4 of the 2012 ALDS, sitting next to perhaps the only two sober and remotely pleasant Yankees fans in the park. Buck went to the bullpen in the eighth with the game tied at one, runners on first and second, one out, and Alex Rodriguez due up; O'Day got the call. The Yankees fans in the seats next to mine were unfamiliar with most of the Orioles lineup and had been asking me for insights about various players throughout the game. They didn't know O'Day at all and asked me who he was. "He's the guy who's going to strike out A-Rod," I told them. Darren O'Day, I will always be grateful to you for having my back.
  12. Babkins

    Machado Trade Expectations

    Welcome, and thanks for the insights. Do you think there's any chance the Brewers would give us Hiura since we so grossly overpaid for Gerardo Parra a few years back? No? Well, anyway.
  13. Babkins

    Jim Duquette

    They could call it Bucked and F...never mind.
  14. Babkins

    The Oriole Killer Hall of Fame

    Oh, wait, scratch that. Totally forgot about the suspension.
  15. Babkins

    The Oriole Killer Hall of Fame

    How has Robinson Canó not been mentioned? In 180 career games, he has demolished us to the tune of .328/.378/.527/.904 with 29 HR and 111 RBI. We’re a big part of why he’s going to be in the Hall someday.