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  1. Its been beaten to death and mostly due to our poor development but I would add Arrieta
  2. Yup same, herniated disk was out 6 weeks, then he had a mild calf strain and was out for 6 days, then he had a sore thumb. I ended up trading him to the Dodgers for Rich Hill, where he got injured 3 more times starting for the Dodgers
  3. I mean openly tanking will do that, Maybe they should tarp off the upper deck for non weekend games
  4. The team is supposed to be a disgrace. The Astros didn't get to where they were by fake contending
  5. You can say this about the entire iine up
  6. Davis vs Wright is the ultimate showdown
  7. All good stop gaps for a certain future drafted catcher
  8. I'm going to give Wright a pass on that one with a big lead, he just made a mistake. I have been impressed with him
  9. Isn't he getting his 5 million from the Marlins since they just released him? If he signs a new deal does his 5 million go away?
  10. How long do we get 1st priority in the AL for? Is it still based on last years record?
  11. Dan Duquette and Brady Anderson disagrees.
  12. I feel like the upside for Davis at this point is Joey Gallo.
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