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  1. andrewochs615

    OD Lineup Predictions

    I mean at least we know the tank is real and 100% on, and this isn't wE GoNnA CoMpEtE LULs
  2. andrewochs615

    Congratulations, Moose!

    Is there even room for another statue? They are pretty evenly spaced, almost like they thought they would never have another hall of fame player again
  3. andrewochs615

    Congratulations, Moose!

    Retire his number! I bet if Peter was still the main one in charge he wouldn't retire his number just because he was a Yankee. Hopefully John Angelos thinks differently
  4. andrewochs615

    Congratulations, Moose!

    It was gonna happen with Jeter, Id rather it happen with MO
  5. andrewochs615

    Next Hall of Famer

    If Mussina goes in as an Oriole will the O’s retire is. I bet and give him a statue?
  6. andrewochs615

    Underrated: 2016

    That year was more fun the 2016 IMO even though we didnt make the playoffs. We were coming off 2012, Davis and the rest of the offense went crazy, and we were in it until Machado blew out his knee in the last week. I just looked up the standings the AL was pretty stacked that year, only 3 teams finished with less than 70 wins .
  7. andrewochs615

    Underrated: 2016

    Not only did I have no hope in that Wild Card game, I thought we were going to get blown out. They surprised me by going to extra innings and even having a lead at the beginning
  8. andrewochs615

    Front Page: Spin Cycle

    Spin rate, launch angle, and swing path just remind me that as an avid Golfer that I still can't hit my Driver straight.
  9. andrewochs615

    So... why DID they let the contracts run until the end?

    Yea but I’m sure if DD was fire in June by the time the hired a new guy the trade deadline would be long gone and Brady would have been calling the shots at the deadline
  10. andrewochs615

    Your 2019 Team

    I do find it funny that just about our entire 2014 lineup is/was a FA this year
  11. andrewochs615

    Fanfest 2019 update.

    Agreed I’m a millennial, why buy season tickets when I can wake up the morning of a game and think, hey I want to go tonight, let me check stub hub and oh look 20 dollar tickets behind home plate
  12. andrewochs615

    Hyde: New O’s Manager

    So what phrase replaces "Buckle Up"
  13. andrewochs615

    Luke’s 2018 Rule 5 Draft Preference List

    And he still would have said we plan to be "competitive" while touting the 3 rule 5's like we just signed Harper, Manny, and Keuchel
  14. andrewochs615

    What was the most exciting offseason move to you?

    Yea I mean if you look at numbers he was still coming off an .849 OPS season. I don't know his problems that last year as a Cub, but 15 year old me just thought holy crap Sammy Sosa and with Raffy it was 2 500 hr guys in one lineup. I was also excited when we signed Vlad, again an aging star but I just saw the name and previous year peripheral numbers and thought this is cool.
  15. andrewochs615

    What was the most exciting offseason move to you?

    I was super excited when they got Sammy Sosa and Miguel Tejada the year before. I was in high school at the time. I was also excited when they resigned Chris Davis, and signed Ubaldo. I don't have a good track record apparently.