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  1. So what is the return difference between John Means and Matt Boyd, who every team seems to be interested in. Although Boyd has been in the league longer he has not been good.
  2. Because they are 16. !6 year olds can play pretty much anywhere
  3. I mean I didn't expect to get a lot for the guys we traded, but DD was always quantity over quality
  4. This post looks like its part of his instagram story which you can;t see on a regular web browser only on mobile. The story also only lasts 24 hours
  5. I honestly forgot we had Cobb
  6. So who are the top guys in the draft next year?
  7. At this point it has to be Mancini.
  8. If we don;t take Rutschman I will be very disappointed.
  9. Its been beaten to death and mostly due to our poor development but I would add Arrieta
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