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  1. Emory Eagle

    How close to "no chance" do the Orioles have today?

    There's always a decent chance of a win in any given day in baseball. Who knows, maybe Tillman mistifies them with his belt high 88-90 mph fastballs. Or they could hit lasers straight to the outfielders all game. And maybe the Os' offense can finally wake up.
  2. Emory Eagle

    Tigers Debt Swaps

    Initially I expected to see a discussion of ISDA Master Agreements. I guess that's what happens when you're on the Hangout at work.
  3. Emory Eagle

    Time to put Manny back at 3rd and Beckham back at ss

    If having Manny at SS improves his trade value, I'd say that its best for the team that he stays there. Assuming the Os actually trade him. It would appear that we have to think beyond wins and losses this year, unfortunately.
  4. Emory Eagle

    Orioles announce new Theme Nights at the Park

    Happy to see at least one arm of the Orioles organization being proactive. Baseball in general needs to attract more, and younger, fans - I can't see these efforts hurting.
  5. Emory Eagle

    Anderson vs. Jones

    Perhaps less relevant to the quantitative analysis, but there's no question Brady had (still has) superior sideburns. Of course, even Brady's pale in comparison to Eddie Murray's mutton chops. Would love to see Jones go for that look.
  6. Emory Eagle

    Flaherty Looking Really Good

    I haven't looked at any data, but I seem to recall Flaherty's swing was a bit long. They'll figure out soon enough that you can beat him with fastballs up and in. I believe he is also liable to chase a down and in slider from time to time.
  7. Emory Eagle

    What is Dan Duquette doing?

    Freudian slip?
  8. Emory Eagle

    What is Dan Duquette doing?

    Yes, this is what I'm worried about as well. This organization needs direction. Right now there doesn't appear to be any long-term vision. Hopefully this will change throughout the course of this year.
  9. Refund or not, there will be no cancellation. I stuck around through the 14 year meander through the desert, I can stick around for some more. I'll never kick the habit. Runs in the family. Plus I live in Yankee country these days... dark times.
  10. Emory Eagle

    Anderson vs. Jones

    That's what I remembered too, I thought he fouled one off right into Kramer. But after another watch I think it's someone else.
  11. Emory Eagle

    Anderson vs. Jones

    Ha I was just re-watching it today and thought the same thing.
  12. Jon Miller still does some play-by-play for San Francisco, so I'll probably tune in to listen to him call a few Giants games. Other than that, it will mostly be a waste if they don't start playing a bit better.
  13. Emory Eagle

    Anderson vs. Jones

    A clip of a Brady Anderson AB briefly appears in an episode of Seinfeld (S3 Ep 21 "The Letter") in that scene where Elaine refuses to take her Os hat off in Yankee Stadium, so I think that may give him the edge.
  14. Emory Eagle

    This team is cooked

    We need a plan, and that starts at the top. I can deal with a few losing seasons if it is part of a longer-term vision for the team. But this rudderless failure is hard to endure.
  15. I was in the LF stands for that. One of my favorite moments being an O's fan. I suppose we'll have to hold on to memories like this one while we descend back into another Dark Age...