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  1. Thankfully (sort of) my job has been absolute hell for the last couple months, so I've missed most of this crap baseball.
  2. Well certainly Manny's production is critical to the team. I just doubt that his struggles are related to his batting stance.
  3. It's not all that relevant how his stance starts out before the pitch is thrown, but if he's finishing open (i.e. "stepping in the bucket") then that might be an issue. It's all about how the swing looks at the point of contact. In any case, the O's have a lot of bigger problems than batting stances at the moment.
  4. This blows.
  5. At least a box of chocolates wouldn't walk anyone.
  6. Great news that he is improving, we really need him right now in the BP. Hopefully, the Department of Defense is back for good!
  7. Arguably it is random luck (there is debate about whether typical predictive stats can be unreliable in predicting the success of a team with a great bullpen - see recent Fangraphs and FiveThirtyEight articles regarding the Orioles). Our RS versus RA should average out to be an about .500 team. That's part of why I'm so concerned - I think the bullpen is key to our success, especially given our less than sterling starting pitching & offense, and it's been a weakness lately.
  8. I was being hyperbolic because I do not enjoy watching bad baseball. Listen, I hope the O's can right this ship, but I think it's reasonable to be concerned at the moment.
  9. This is a bad team because it is below average in literally every facet of the game.
  10. What? It's a swing that's in a range that gets called either way and a type of call that has no hard and fast rule. It is inherently disputable.
  11. It was in a range that gets called a swing maybe 20% of the time. Bad call. Also whether the bat head crosses the plate is not the actual rule I believe, it's whether the player intended to swing.
  12. I like this Crichton guy. Possible nicknames: Jurassic Pitch Airframed on the Black Timeline to the Plate The Andromeda Forearm Strain?
  13. Pitching staff really seems to love giving up multi-run HRs. Meanwhile all of ours are solo shots.
  14. Trumbo needs to hit the gym, jeez.
  15. No shift can stop that. Well actually, I guess you probably could.