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  1. Ingram cancels out Brown and Bethel cancels out Suggs
  2. Looks like they won’t sign anyone else who could cost them a comp pick as they are now down to just one. I think we will be going into camp with competition between unproven/underwhelming options at ILB, pass rusher, LG, C, and WR.
  3. looks like pretty much no chance
  4. I agree, I just don't like giving up such a valuable draft pick to go from Weddle to Thomas. I was against signing Ingram but at that price theres nothing to complain about.
  5. I like the signing but why not just keep Weddle? Instead you cut Weddle and sign another big money safety which is going to cost us a 3rd round comp pick. I’d rather have Weddle and a 3rd over Thomas.
  6. i don’t like him as a person but as a player he is a great fit. Now let’s sign Justin Houston and get some offensive line help.
  7. Paradis and Adrian Amos are two players I wanted. Both already signed for pretty reasonable deals, they would’ve been pretty big upgrades at a good price.
  8. Bell to the Jets
  9. That tweet was right after the Suggs signing, now we are at 4.
  10. Browns trade for OBJ... They are easily the best team in the division.
  11. I’m not that familiar with how the comp picks work, I am just going off of Brian McFarland who seems to be on top of things.
  12. It’s 7 million
  13. I didn’t want Ingram or Bell. Draft a RB, use the money for the offensive line.
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