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  1. Brian88

    Short on starters with 15 games to go

    Bring up Means and Wojciechowski
  2. Brian88

    Week 2 vs Cincinnati Thursday Night Game

    Instead of getting angry about it Harbaugh should have actually done something about it. They should have just kicked the field goal much earlier and gave themselves a shot with an onside kick. I don't understand how he just stands back and lets Morningwig ignore the running game every week, and ignore our best player maker, Collins, in favor of Buck Allen. This team isn't going to win throwing the ball 50 times a week, and this has been going on for over a year now.
  3. Brian88

    Week 2 vs Cincinnati Thursday Night Game

    I agree with that. I didn't like the decision to go for it there either. The final possession of the game was handled terrible. Also, I do not understand the infatuation with Buck Allen. Collins was making plays when he got the ball but for some reason they want to give Allen the ball way too much.
  4. Brian88

    Week 2 vs Cincinnati Thursday Night Game

    Not even close to accurate
  5. Brian88

    Week 2 vs Cincinnati Thursday Night Game

    I know it is cool to blame Flacco and the coaches for everything but Buck Allen has to be smart enough to know where the first down marker is when it is 4th down and run his route deeper.
  6. Brian88

    RG3 yay or nay?

    I can't see anyway that RG3 brings back a 3rd rounder, he looked like a competent backup during the preseason, not anything special.
  7. Brian88

    OOTP19 to add 3D animations this year

    Does anyone know if there are any NFL games similar to OOTP?
  8. Brian88

    RG3 yay or nay?

    Yeah, they certainly won't have all 3 active if they keep him. it is just shame that there is a need for 3 QBs when we could use that spot somewhere else, like ILB depth with Kenny Young hurt, or CB.
  9. Brian88

    RG3 yay or nay?

    I'd love to keep him but I'm not sure they can afford to keep 3 QBs with some of the injuries they have.
  10. Brian88

    Perriman Still Here, Receives Roster Bonus

    That would be great but the Eagles have a lot of depth at WR even with Jeffrey out for a couple of games
  11. Brian88

    Flacco v.

    Well Flacco has sucked the last 2 years, that is true. It sure hasn't taken Ramsey long to show how little class he has though.
  12. Brian88

    FINALLY....it's time. Thurs Aug 2nd vs Bears

    Good to see your ridiculous posts aren't just limited to baseball.
  13. Brian88

    FINALLY....it's time. Thurs Aug 2nd vs Bears

    I'd be surprised to see Flacco or any veteran starters play.
  14. Brian88

    Who’s jersey do you buy next.

    I'll probably just stick with my Machado throwback jersey