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  1. Gary Thorne... WOW
  2. To be fair Suggs set that record in just 25 games in the PAC 12 and it took Ferguson 50 games in a much weaker Conference USA.
  3. But neither offer anything as far as a pass rush, which is why I was always against giving that big contract to Brandon Williams.
  4. He would be a nice addition if they can make it work with the cap. He would be our only interior pass rusher.
  5. 8 is setting the bar really high for a 3rd round rookie.
  6. I get so tired of listening to Jim Hunter whine about the umpires every single game.
  7. He's just a camp body
  8. Pernell McPhee, Shane Ray, and Michael Floyd all signed 1 year deals. I like adding some depth and competition to the pass rush, I especially like the Ray signing.
  9. I guess they should just cut down to the 53 man roster now then? There is always a second kicker in camp, Vedvik is an undrafted kicker who had a strong preseason last year, it's not like they are holding some proven veteran hostage.
  10. Seems like big deal about nothing to me. I think he feels the way most QBs feel but he came right out and said it rather than sugarcoating it.
  11. Maxx Williams contract wasn't worth enough so we will be getting a 3rd rounder and a 4th rounder as long as Brent Urban doesn't get cut or injured.
  12. Yeah, I saw that after my post. He also got way more money than the Ravens could afford on a 1 year deal. It would be great if Bowser and Tim Williams just stepped up and got the job done.
  13. The Seahawks signed Ansah. I was really hoping we could land him. I feel like the whole defense could hinge on Jaylon Ferguson, if he can't provide a pass rush the secondary is going to have to cover for a long time.
  14. Brian88

    RG3 2.0

    If he makes the team I hope it's because he can actually contribute at a real position and not just be the guy who comes in to run trick plays like Lamar was when Flacco was the starter.
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