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  1. O's dodge a bullet and stay in it

    In light of Cleveland's current record-setting winning streak, I was reminded of 2013 when the Indians won the last 10 games of the season to win the AL WC. Playoffs aren't happening for us this year unless we do something like that. Looking it up, on Sep 18, 2013, Cleveland was only a half game in front of the Orioles. The O's then lost six in a row while Cleveland and Tampa were winning, effectively ending our season. Cleveland won those 10 in a row and then promptly lost the WC game at home to Tampa, who had just beat Texas in Game 163 to earn the second spot.
  2. Who has the better future, Gausman or Bundy?

    Looking at his game log, and excluding the game he was ejected after the 1st inning, Gausman has allowed two runs or less 16 times this season. He's also allowed five runs or more 10 times. He has allowed 3-4 runs only four times. Three runs, which I'm guessing is around the median number of runs allowed in a start by a SP, is a total he has had only once in 31 starts. Those thresholds are arbitrary but they demonstrate what we've all observed, that he's truly been an all or nothing pitcher this year.
  3. With 17 games to play....

    I really thought there was no way the starting rotation could be worse than last year.
  4. The Wildcard Race

    The odds are at least one of those teams is going to have a good three weeks. But it's definitely seems like the softest bubble since the two wild card system began. It's a shame the starting pitching was hot garbage most of the year, because if they had been even room temperature garbage we could practically have one of these WC spots in the bag.
  5. The Wildcard Race

    20 games left. I'm guessing they need go 15-5 to grab the spot. Not impossible but I doubt we have the starting pitching to do it, even if the offense heats up.
  6. Kevin Gausman 2017

    And that's without mentioning that he is under (relatively) cheap team control for three more seasons after this one.
  7. Kevin Gausman 2017

    I can't argue with what did or didn't change your opinion, but I'd bet that most pitchers who produce 180 solidly above average innings at age 25, as Gausman did last year, aren't destined for the bullpen. He may not be destined for stardom either, but Gausman's career so far is one of an average MLB starter (and one who was trending up until this year). Those don't grow on trees, especially not on the trees in cities that host Orioles farm teams.
  8. Will you be pleased with this season if...

    I'll be pleased if we make the WC game after playing like the worst team in the league for about 80 games over the summer. I'll be a bit disappointed if we don't make it, because I think our team had the capability of being better than LA, MIN, and the rest of the WC contenders. The division leaders and the Yankees have all been pretty clearly better than the O's this year, so if we do make it to the playoffs but lose to one of them, I won't feel like it's much of a let down.
  9. vs. YANKEES, 9/04

    The Yankees get so many cheap HRs from their RF wind tunnel. They deserve a couple more of those first-row barely-over long balls to go against them.
  10. Beckham has 4.3 career rWAR and 1.9 of that with the Orioles. With a solid September, he'll probably finish the year with more career value for the Orioles than the Rays.
  11. Adam Jones- Where are the homeruns?

    According to this, Jones' 25th home run set a new Orioles record with seven consecutive 25-HR seasons, and also represents the longest active streak of 25 HR seasons in the majors.
  12. ESPN Power Rankings, 2017

    That's more like what I'd say. My hope is to get to the top five of the AL Win Rankings!
  13. Do you REALLY think we can go on a run?

    The Twins just went 11-3 to go from 4 games under .500 to 4 games over .500 in a span of 14 days. We're going to have to do something like that, probably starting yesterday.
  14. Ongoing Lineup Thread, 2017

    If Davis and Trumbo were producing anywhere close to what they did last year, that would be a pretty amazing lineup.
  15. Turn Out the Lights

    I won't be surprised if we go something like 24-17. I will be surprised if 83 wins actually ends up enough to get the second WC.