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  1. Silver lining: west coast trip over, games back at normal time zone.
  2. Givens and Hess, two of the most disappointing players on the team this season.
  3. Pitchcalling got too cute on the HR. Don't throw three straight changeups if the guy hasn't seen your fastball yet.
  4. https://www.pitcherlist.com/going-deep-clearly-we-need-to-talk-about-renato-nunez/
  5. Hyde's bullpen choices have backfired frequently, so maybe he's not great at it, but I can't remember many egregious choices. Notice how over the last week the pen failed basically no matter who he put in? Seems to me Hyde has at least been pretty good about spreading work evenly/appropriately. Manager-wise, that seems more of a "true talent" measure than measuring the pitchers' results over a two month period.
  6. The northeast is maybe the most susceptible to rainouts and we play a lot of games there.
  7. Wow. It has not been raining today in NYC. This outfield must really be messed up.
  8. I am at the game. Been here since 7:45. Not a single announcement has been made over the loudspeaker, nor information shared on the scoreboard. No acknowledgement of anything. Very frustrating and poor communication by the Yankees stadium staff.
  9. This was cited a few pages ago but the difference is even starker now: On the day Chris Davis broke his 0-fer, Khris Davis had 10 HR, a 1.021 OPS, and had overall been one of the most dangerous hitters in the league. Since that day, Chris Davis has a .309 AVG, .959 OPS, and 4 HR while Khris Davis has a .188 AVG, .532 OPS and 0 HR, both in 19 games. There can only be one.
  10. Gary Thorne said in that inning that Mike Trout has 2 HR and only 18 at bats in Camden Yards and made a point of how Trout hadn't played here much, only 18 at bats. Well, that's because Mike Trout is actually 26/100 with 8 HR at Camden Yards in 25 games. 😵
  11. What a blegh inning. Leadoff walk, bogus hit by pitch, bad framing by Wynns, Davis misses a popup, and walked in a run. 😵
  12. I imagine if they called up Williams they'd just option Wilkerson instead of DFA Rickard.
  13. I was at this game this afternoon! Amazing day by Syndergaard. Also the fastest MLB game I can remember attending. First pitch was around 12:10 and the game ended around 2:20.
  14. Ghastly. Although they turned a nice double play as I typed this.
  15. We already knew Santander was back, but I forgot that when Gary's announcing Santanduh is back too!
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