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  1. I think because he has become a symbol of our seemingly lazy FO. I think most people here (including myself) would be happy to bring Tillman back on a cheap contract to compete for the 5th starter role. I also think most of those same people are understandably wary about the continuation of his struggles. And that they look at the current desolation in our rotation, combined with the decent quality of other options still available on the FA market, and think, "Is this really all we're doing?"
  2. Ryan Flaherty Appreciation Thread

    Good luck Ryan! I liked your two playoff HRs. Unfortunately one was in the Ibanez game and the other was the game we got swept.
  3. Various Orioles related FanGraphs articles

    Only Hays made the Fangraphs Top 100 Prospects, authored by Eric Longenhagen and Kiley McDaniel. He was ranked #90. Sisco made the list of "Other Prospects in Consideration" after being ranked #85 last year.
  4. Thoughts on Manny @ SS and Beckham @ 3B ??

    I think both Beckham and Machado will probably be worse than they would have been at their previous spots. Not sure about Manny's range at SS (though it will be an upgrade over 2017 JJ). But, now the better defender will field more balls, so maybe the net impact on our defense will be positive. I would have slightly preferred to keep it as is, for Beckham to grow as a SS assuming he'll be there for us for a few years. But I don't get the hate at Manny for this. Is it so unusual for a top player to ask to play his original position? And agreeing with others, neither of them can field balls landing in the bleachers so right now I expect the impact on the team's success to be minimal.
  5. We'd still be contenders with that.
  6. Does Adam Jones Want to Stay Here Past 2018?

    Jones will want to play Cf on a contender. So first, for him to return there has to be some hope for contention in 2019-2020. Not impossible, but not looking great. Second, either the O's will have to offer him Cf again, or he has to struggle to find a Cf offer from a contender elsewhere.
  7. Hays is still a rookie, so he wouldn't count under the OP definition. I tried to think of a strong candidate that wasn't mentioned yet, but we don't have that many to choose from. Many of our hitters probably have their top season behind them. Gausman and Bundy both having career years pretty much seems like a prerequisite for a contending season.
  8. Seems like we some form of the addition by subtraction argument every year. As alluded to in the OP, this only works if the players subtracted are replaced by people who are actually better, or at least less bad. So far, we haven't set that up for this year.
  9. I don't know if he has a much higher ceiling than that .293 AVG and .338 OBP. Those may wind up to be around his career highs. But I think he can continue to match or slightly exceed those 2017 power numbers. He's very strong and I bet he can be in the 35-40 HR range in a peak season in today's environment. If healthy he can continue to be an All Star level 2B for the next few years.
  10. The Yankees Know The Orioles Want Two Starters

    As many are alluding to, Manny would be the starting point for acquiring Severino, not the other way around. He's 23, just pitched a 5-win season, and has five years of team control remaining before his first FA contract. He'd be one of the top trade chips in the game if available.
  11. 2017-18 Bullets/Wizards Thread

    There's a whole bunch of teams at the same slightly above .500 point so far, and I suspect the Wizards will likely prove themselves the best of this mid-tier of the East. But they look to be a clear rung beneath Cleveland, Boston, and Toronto, meaning they're probably fated for another Conference Semis exit unless there's a big surprise. I'm a fairly casual NBA follower, but after DC's hot second half last year I was hoping they could make the leap to the East's top tier this year. They haven't shown that ability.
  12. Is Manny a 5 tool player?

    Makes sense. Knowing a lot more about stats than I do about scouting, I was thinking there can't be that few players who put up above average AVG and SLG numbers, for instance, while also scoring positively in fielding, throwing, and baserunning. As you mention, Jones in his prime was probably an example of this. But of course that puts aside that the origin of the "5-tool" classification is scouting based, not necessarily results based. Either way, the pool of 5-tool contributors is certainly several times larger than the pool of 5-tool stars.
  13. Is Manny a 5 tool player?

    Do you have to be very good with all five tools to be called a five tool player? Or just a positive contributor with each. If the latter, there are plenty of guys in the game today, or probably any other time, who could count.
  14. Buck Hates Kim

    I think if Kim came over here at a different time or with a different team he may have had a solid and more lengthy MLB career. His OBP skills could have found a home. But he wasn't in a good team environment, or league environment, for a low-power, defensively shaky corner outfielder. I hope he enjoys himself more back home where he can have a full starting role.
  15. Is Manny a 5 tool player?

    I see a "5-tool player" as someone who really contributes positively with all five of those tools. I don't count Manny as a 5-tool player. He's only been a SB threat in one of his six MLB seasons, his career SB rate isn't good, and other advanced stats also rate him as below average on the bases. He may not be slow, but his speed tool doesn't make much positive impact on the game. He's better than a bunch of the guys I would call 5-tool players though.