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  1. Spy Fox

    Tracking Ex Oriole Thread

    I might want some time off after going 47-115.
  2. Spy Fox

    Over/under: Dylan Bundy wins 12 games?

    10 and I would have a hard time picking. 12? Easy under bet I think. I looked at all of the team's under-70-win seasons since 2000. Because we know there's almost no way this team is getting above the 60s. Eight seasons, two 12 game winners. Rodrigo Lopez 15 W, 3.57 ERA in 2002 and Erik Bedard 13 W, 3.16 ERA in 2007. If you lower the threshold to 10 wins, Jeremy Guthrie made the cut three times, and once each for Matusz, Arrieta, Britton, and Jason Johnson. Even if Bundy pitches better, I just don't think this team would be good enough to pick over 12 wins for anyone who isn't an ace type.
  3. Spy Fox

    2009: A terrible yet memorable season

    I still remember being pumped about how good Jones was at the beginning of '09. Markakis had been a pretty solid hitter for three years by then (and was coming off what would turn out to be his best season) but that was the first time we saw Jones really show his potential at the plate.
  4. Spy Fox

    Ravens game day discussion thread

    For sure. And I don't think 6-1 is Jackson's true talent. 10-6? I can see it. He won't be a great passer. But I think with some improvement in passing (both by Jackson himself and in terms of playcalling) his can still be a winning style of football on a good defensive team. The time of possession battle is huge and I think Joe would have lost one or two of the games Lamar won, just by forfeiting the ball more quickly. BUT as we saw today the possession game only works if you get first downs...
  5. Spy Fox

    Ravens game day discussion thread

    I like Jackson and I think it'll be tough for most teams in the regular season to replicate LA's success today in stopping him. I think if the defense is still strong this team contends again next year with Jackson at the helm. That said if they weren't going to bring in Flacco today they should have at least had a more flexible offensive plan ready for Jackson. Running the same plays over and over for three quarters when they created nothing but three and outs was pretty inexcusable. Felt like they weren't ready for the Chargers' plan and had no counterpunch planned whatsoever for if the straight runs weren't working. A playoff gameplan should be better, especially when it was easy to predict LA would go all out to stop the run game.
  6. Spy Fox

    Born in Maryland

    LJ Hoes is a DC native and played in HS for St. John's in DC. A couple guys I played American Legion ball with in MD had been teammates of his. St. John's plays in WCAC, a catholic conference including some Maryland schools. So, he fits your "played in the area" search requirement! Wouldn't be surprised if some other pro guys played in that conference as well.
  7. Spy Fox

    Week 15 vs. Tampa Bay

    They've allowed the least yards/game and points/game in the NFL. Which team's defense do you think has been better?
  8. https://baseballsavant.mlb.com/catch_probability_leaderboard Statcast has him at -10 Outs Above Average in 2018. That was 81st out of 87th qualified outfielders. Catch probability numbers may not be perfect but I'm curious to hear a critique of them that could excuse Mancini all the way up to average.
  9. Spy Fox

    Week 15 vs. Tampa Bay

    Tebow had a sub-50% completion rate for an entire season and left Denver when they hired a guy named Peyton Manning. RGIII suffered a career-changing injury after playing on a bad knee, then gradually developed melodramatic relationships with his coach and the press. I think almost any new coach would prefer to build a team around Jackson than Flacco going forward.
  10. Spy Fox

    Harold Baines.....Lee Smith in Hall of Fame

    I agree on all three. And none of them are ideal comps for Baines, since they're more the power-first sluggers, whereas Baines was more balanced (and played for much longer). But, according to several measures these guys are in the same ballpark of career achievement and nobody is talking about them as possible HOFers.
  11. Spy Fox

    Harold Baines.....Lee Smith in Hall of Fame

    Not right, but good guesses! Braun is too good a player for this group, while Kemp and Bruce are a bit less accomplished. I see from your later post that you've identified them! I think Player B also from this group. And, like Baines, he's a former Oriole...
  12. Spy Fox

    Harold Baines.....Lee Smith in Hall of Fame

    Baines: .289/.356/.465/.820. 384 HR. 38.7 WAR. 2830 G. Player A: .247/.361/.475/.836. 344 HR. 35.6 WAR. 1798 G. Player B: .274/.342/.518.860. 360 HR. 33.4 WAR. 1569 G. Player C: .264/.353/.497/.850. 380 HR. 32.2 WAR. 1807 G. Who's the best player here? Players A, B, and C are all currently active players in their 30s whose best years are behind them but could add some more to their totals.
  13. Spy Fox

    Week 14 @ Kansas City

    I had been thinking the Ravens were pretty much in if they went 2-2 the rest of the way, but just noticed it's a bit more complicated than that. Both Denver and Tennessee have easy remaining schedules, where it's easy to envision them at 9 wins and conceivable that either could win out to 10. That would put the Ravens at risk of missing the playoffs unless they can beat either KC or SD. (There's also an outside chance that Pitt could miss the playoffs if they can't beat the Saints/Patriots and the Ravens can beat one of KC or SD...)
  14. Spy Fox

    Week 14 @ Kansas City

    I think the Chiefs win. Mahomes will get his multiple touchdowns. But the Ravens have a shot if they have long drives and get a turnover or two.
  15. Didn't they teach you to "squish the bug"??