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  1. https://blogs.fangraphs.com/can-the-reds-figure-out-kevin-gausman/
  2. That by itself doesn't explain him getting that much worse at age 28. From 2014-2018 he was an above average pitcher overall and his lowest season of ERA+ was 93. This year it's 74. A quick look at his Fangraphs data shows his velocity is a few ticks down from his peak but not much different than a year ago. And his FIP is actually better than last year, his best since '16. 🤔 I'm not convinced it's the end of the road for Kevin.
  3. Has anyone watched Gausman this year? What's been up with him? He's striking out more guys than ever but allowing more hits than ever.
  4. Pretty cool! The chart looks great for me, and yes I can click to enlarge. Easy to see Sisco cooling off. The funny thing about rolling averages is that sometimes it can look like someone is cooling off or heating even if they are performing steadily-- just that a hot or cold streak from last month is falling out of the 30 day sample.
  5. I do like Villar. But he's good in fantasy baseball just because of steals, which don't make much difference for the 2019 Orioles.
  6. Villar has been a much better hitter for his career than Sogard, and he's 5 years younger. If anything makes Sogard more valuable it's just if a team thinks he's "figured something out" to be suddenly hitting .300 at age 33.
  7. He's probably a bit better than Jace Peterson or Stevie Wilkerson, but not sure if that's a marginal upgrade we're very concerned about making.
  8. Givens was really on last night with the exception of the one, perfectly down-the-middle HR pitch. ☚ī¸ Peterson also ripped the ball for outs in both his first two at bats. Looked pretty locked in.
  9. I liked how enthusiastically Cashner celebrated home runs. And his pitching is one of the few reasons we're not on pace to lose even more games than last year. (Yet)
  10. Spy Fox

    Lotta moves

    Now can Hays please stay healthy for the season and start producing again. Mullins... I was a fan, but I kinda wonder if he ever makes it back at this point. Sigh.
  11. Since the players picked Abreu, the reason it's Means and not Mancini is because the Orioles had a better second option (Means) than the Mariners did after Daniel Vogelbach, who is having a similar-ish season to Mancini. Basically they liked Vogelbach+Means more than Mancini+Domingo Santana or Roenis Elias.
  12. Now that's crazy. A team on pace for 110 losses posting the most dominant two game performance of all time. 😆
  13. Silver lining: west coast trip over, games back at normal time zone.
  14. Givens and Hess, two of the most disappointing players on the team this season.
  15. Pitchcalling got too cute on the HR. Don't throw three straight changeups if the guy hasn't seen your fastball yet.
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