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  1. Losing Gausman, Britton, Brach, and O'Day, and replacing them with pitchers who belong in the minor leagues has hurt. 😵 And last year Bundy was good for a while but this year he has cut to the chase and been bad from the beginning.
  2. Ah, I read the quote wrong and thought the velocity stat was Mullins' so far.
  3. Any idea scouting-wise what has gone south for him after some initial MLB success?
  4. I bet he could look like vintage Davis a lot if he kept seeing middle-middle 89mph sliders!
  5. He can help us secure the #1 pick for years to come.
  6. Those are his spring training stats! Just 2/9, no HRs yet for the regular season. But at least he has a starting gig, unlike in Milwaukee.
  7. Gary: "Boy the Yankees are just loading the bases with..... baserunners."
  8. With UNC and Duke showing themselves as equals on Friday night and Kentucky losing to Tennessee yesterday, I think it's still conceivable they could give all three of UVA, Duke, and UNC #1 seeds. I think UVA and Duke have them pretty much locked, along the Gonzaga, and I'd guess the fourth is a conversation between UNC and, pending today's results, Tennessee and Michigan State.
  9. The ACC Final Four was probably made of better teams on average than the NCAA Final Four is going to be. 😮
  10. We know Jones isn't always an analytics fan but I don't find that comment particularly damning. The "when I'm playing" phrase makes a big difference. I wouldn't expect most players to be thinking about the data while they're actually playing, which is what it seems Jones is implying. It's more a part of preparation. Also, that article gets the stats last year wrong in a pretty critical way. It says he had 24 HRs and 96 RBI last year, but he actually had 15 HRs and 63 RBI. I think if had still been in the mid-20s in HRs last year he would have had a notably better market this winter. It was the first significant offensive decline has had after remarkably consistent numbers from 2011-2017. The suspect defense capped his value anyway but the HR drop probably scared even more teams away.
  11. Spy Fox

    Austin Hays

    Check out the Marlins roster. And their division is also one of the toughest. They might be our only competition for 2020's #1 pick.
  12. Wow, good memory. Michael Almanzar. Picked Rule V in 2013, hasn't made the majors yet but still floating around AAA for the Nats last year.
  13. I might want some time off after going 47-115.
  14. 10 and I would have a hard time picking. 12? Easy under bet I think. I looked at all of the team's under-70-win seasons since 2000. Because we know there's almost no way this team is getting above the 60s. Eight seasons, two 12 game winners. Rodrigo Lopez 15 W, 3.57 ERA in 2002 and Erik Bedard 13 W, 3.16 ERA in 2007. If you lower the threshold to 10 wins, Jeremy Guthrie made the cut three times, and once each for Matusz, Arrieta, Britton, and Jason Johnson. Even if Bundy pitches better, I just don't think this team would be good enough to pick over 12 wins for anyone who isn't an ace type.
  15. I still remember being pumped about how good Jones was at the beginning of '09. Markakis had been a pretty solid hitter for three years by then (and was coming off what would turn out to be his best season) but that was the first time we saw Jones really show his potential at the plate.
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