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  1. Spy Fox

    POLL: Yay or nay on Beckham trade?

    I see no reason to get rid of Beckham this offseason. It's been ugly this year but he's a better all-around package than anybody else we're going to pick up easily. This is a career-worst season for him on both sides of the ball. See if he can snap out of it with more time back at SS. If he can, you've got a decent stop-gap player. If he can't, then yeah let's get a Cesar Izturis type.
  2. A couple years ago things were looking up on this front. In the second half of '16 Gausman was awesome, Bundy held his own in his first half-season of starting, and we didn't know Tillman's reverse-metamorphosis was beginning. I remember the optimism going into last year that we had just made the playoffs with a pretty poor rotation that figured to get better.
  3. Spy Fox

    vs. RED SOX, 8/11 (Game Two)

    Wow. Head in the cloud on two straight plays. And if he scores on the grounder, Nunez might be at third to score on the fly ball. Could be 3-0.
  4. Spy Fox

    Mullins is with the Orioles! (edited)

    Wonder if they can get anything for Valencia. Hey Yankees, you might need this guy for Paxton in the WC game!
  5. Spy Fox

    Can you name the playoff Orioles of 2012-2016

    Ding ding ding. I was sure it would come down to someone like Brian Duensing or Kelly Johnson who are hard to remember were on the team at all.
  6. Spy Fox

    Can you name the playoff Orioles of 2012-2016

    Chavez and Bourn were the two missing OFers. Just one reliever left.
  7. Spy Fox

    Can you name the playoff Orioles of 2012-2016

    Yep. Chavez was a late inning replacement for the primary RFer that postseason... Chris Davis.
  8. Spy Fox

    Mullins is with the Orioles! (edited)

    Can you name a healthy, still above-average hitter who retired after his age 32 season? How about a healthy above-average hitter who can play corner OF and is a well-known name?
  9. Spy Fox

    Can you name the playoff Orioles of 2012-2016

    Updated -- C - Hundley, Joseph, Wieters If - Andino, Davis, Flaherty, Hardy, Johnson, Machado, Paredes, Reynolds, Schoop, Thome OF - Cruz, De Aza, Ford, Jones, Kim, Lough, Markakis, McLouth, Pearce, Reimold, Trumbo, Young, ???, ??? Sp - (6) Chen, Gonzalez, Hammel, Norris, Saunders, Tillman Rp - (15) Ayala, Brach, Britton, Deunsing, Gausman, Givens, Hart, Hunter, Jimenez, Johnson, Matusz, O'Day, Patton, Strop, ???
  10. Spy Fox

    Can you name the playoff Orioles of 2012-2016

    A few misses so far: None of Arrieta, Betemit, Mancini, Rickard, Roberts, or Worley appeared in the postseason. But within about a page the brain trust came up with almost everyone. Even a couple players whose appearances were one at-bat long like Hart or Paredes. All that's missing are two outfielders and a reliever.
  11. Spy Fox

    Can you name the playoff Orioles of 2012-2016

    Between Deunsing, Kelly Johnson, and Thome you got a few of what I thought would be the toughest ones all in a row.
  12. Spy Fox

    Can you name the playoff Orioles of 2012-2016

    Right on Pearce and Matusz. Matusz pitched 6 innings for the '16 O's, then one game with the Cubs, then hasn't been in MLB since. Reimold is close, but 2014 is actually the only year from 2009-2016 he didn't appear for the O's. Brief stints on the Jays and Diamondbacks that year.
  13. Spy Fox

    Can you name the playoff Orioles of 2012-2016

    D'oh! You're right. Fixing it.
  14. Things are pretty boring right now knowing that a majority of our current bad team won't be around for our next good team. From 2012-2016 we went to the postseason three times, with a 6-8 record in those postseason games. By my count, 48 different players appeared in the playoffs for the Orioles within that window. How quickly can you come up with them? The majority of these will be easy. The last dozen or so might take some more thought. I've added the nine players who spent significant portions of all three playoff seasons as Orioles. Though for various reasons Hardy, Jones, and O'Day are the only three players who actually appeared in all three postseasons. C (3) - Wieters... If (10) - Davis, Flaherty, Hardy, Machado... Of (14) - Jones... Sp (6) - Tillman... Rp (15) - Britton, O'Day... Bonus: There are three players on the list I didn't fill in yet who did play in the regular season for all three playoff O's teams, but spent most of at least one of those years with a different organization. Who are they?
  15. And four of those were Hess in his first five starts. The other one was Tillman's one good start in April. So we haven't had a QS from our 5th starter (and now that Gausman is gone, our current options for 4th or 5th starter) in more than two months.