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  1. I was surprised by that too. Some of it just has to do with the level of competition. There are a bunch of stars playing RF, not as much in LF. The 2.0 WAR they project for Kim/Alvarez/Smith/Santander in LF would drop them from 7th to 13th if they were in RF instead of LF, while the 1.0 WAR they project for Smith/Trumbo/Rickard/etc in RF would push them from 23rd to around 18th if they were in LF instead of RF. It also seems to be a consequence of their expectations for Rickard. First of all, they're not impressed by him in general, giving him -0.2 WAR for the season. Secondly, they only have him in their depth charts for RF, not LF. So the RF group is hurt by his inclusion while the LF group is not, even though we can expect he'll be playing in both spots, if not in LF more often than RF.
  2. Fangraphs has been posting their Positional Power Rankings lately. They're basically just rankings of which teams they expect to collect the highest combined WAR at each position based on the Fangraphs depth charts and projections. Here's where the Orioles have placed so far out of the 30 teams: C - 17th overall (4th in AL East) 1b - 8th (1st) 2b - 16th (4th) 3b - 2nd (2nd) Ss - 25th (5th) Lf - 7th (1st) Cf - 18th (4th) Rf - 23rd (5th) Dh - 5th out of 15 (3rd in AL East) SP - 21st (5th) The Relief Pitcher rankings haven't been posted yet. We should do well there. The biggest surprise for me is seeing our Lf group place so high. Their depth charts have 420 PAs for Kim, 140 for P. Alvarez, 105 for Smith, and a handful for Santander.
  3. Hopefully the first of many Opening Day starts for Gausman.
  4. I'm a UNC alum so my rooting interests are pretty clear! That said, it's cool that the other three teams in the Final Four are all pretty much newcomers. If I went to school elsewhere I'd be rooting for Gonzaga to win it all. I thought the officiating was pretty even tonight. I did think UNC got some favorable calls to help survive their matchup with Arkansas last week.
  5. I'm thinking something like this: Boston Red Sox, 92-70 Baltimore Orioles, 89-73 Toronto Blue Jays, 88-74 New York Yankees, 80-82 Tampa Bay Rays, 78-84 O's win the WC rematch with the Jays in Baltimore, then face Cleveland in the ALDS.
  6. Yeah. In San Diego Jones said it felt like what he imagined of a World Series. In Los Angeles Yelich said it was his favorite experience of his baseball career. The host games for Japan and Korea were packed. And we know how much the tournament meant to teams like Puerto Rico and the DR. I think the WBC is still getting its footing in terms of attracting wider attention in the US media. But if that's glorified Spring Training, it's glorified quite a bit.
  7. I don't think the players involved saw it that way.
  8. As for the original article by Olney, I don't think the WBC needs to become an annual event in order to be taken more seriously. I actually think that might diminish some of the excitement of it. Every three years might be fun, which they did originally when the first two WBCs were in '06 and '09. I also don't think that all the star players need to play for it to be exciting or feel legitimate, though it would be fun. I do think this year's WBC has garnered more attention and positive press than in years past, so I'm optimistic that it can continue to grow in popularity and attract more players in the future. As for the proposal to do the semifinals and finals in the summer, it would be ideal for drawing more attention but I'm not sure if they'll ever work it out with the MLB schedules. And it might feel weird to play the finals four months after the rest of the tournament. Seems like you would lose some of the momentum and cohesiveness of the original tournament.
  9. I'd rather have Archer than Stroman for the final as well. Though that's probably just due to my opinions of their primary employers. Apparently Archer was told not to even go to LA for the finals since he wouldn't be pitching. I feel bad for the guy. He was clearly very excited to pitch for USA in the first round. I'm not sure how many other players contributed to the team in earlier rounds but aren't there for the finals experience.
  10. I'm willing to give Leyland some benefit of the doubt about bullpen decisions, since we don't know everything about everyone's various limitations. But his lineups have truly made no sense. Goldschmidt is significantly better than Hosmer by traditional stats, not just sabermetric stuff. You could argue that Goldschmidt is borderline top 10 player in the game while Hosmer is a borderline top 10 first baseman in the game. And yet another manager who thinks it's a good idea to bat Jones first or second, when you have guys like Yelich and Murphy on the team, who are ideal kind of hitters for that spot. But hey, I'm happy it's working so far!
  11. Schoop just got thrown out at home in what could have been the go-ahead run for the Netherlands. At first I thought he should have been safe but the review showed the ump got it right.
  12. Right now I want Kim/Rickard platooning in LF and Smith/Santander platooning in RF. Then continue to reevaluate based on health, the performance of those four guys, and the performance of Alvarez in the OF at AAA. If they don't keep Santander, or if they DL him, then I guess put Gentry in that platoon spot or keep Bourn as a pinch runner/defensive replacement and live with one of Smith or Kim playing vs lefties.
  13. This was especially frustrating when I used to live in North Carolina, which is included in the Baltimore/Washington blackout zone but where Time Warner usually doesn't carry MASN. There's basically no non-bootlegged way to watch the Orioles games there.
  14. More examples of bad communication in the Orioles organization. I'm not bothered by Brady's role itself, or his comments in the article. And I like the fact that Brady's approach is player-focused and positive-minded. But it's leadership's job to make sure people are mostly on the same page. If players are consistently being told conflicting messages by different coaches, including those coaches sometimes belittling the messages given by other coaches, that's a problem. And in my eyes the blame for that falls mostly on the higher-ups, whether it's Buck, DD, or even Angelos, for failing to enforce more cohesive communication among the various advisers. Of course not everyone's going to agree on everything, but it's much healthier when the disagreements are minimized or worked through.
  15. I agree with you on this. There would be a more dominant upper tier of countries if everyone played, but the tournament format is too quick for any team to have a strong chance of dominating year after year. I do think USA would be a consistent favorite if they had all their best eligible players. But they couldn't ever approach, say, USA Olympic basketball level of dominance.