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  1. Spy Fox

    Sorry this loss is squarely on Buck

    Well, it's the same message Buck and the FO have been sending the players with some of the personnel decisions.
  2. Spy Fox

    Trey Mancini is not an outfielder

    Our announcer corps generally considers that if you couldn't get to the ball, it's a hit, so it can't be held against the fielder.
  3. Spy Fox

    Trey Mancini is not an outfielder

    I heard Thorne say recently that Mancini "continues to play a very solid left field." Well I appreciated the two assists last night, but look who has the worst fielding score in all MLB according to Statcast's catch probabilities.
  4. Spy Fox

    Time to give Jones credit

    He's been the slowest CF in MLB this year, and slower than the vast majority of corner outfielders too. His 26.5 ft/sec average sprint speed would place 33rd out of 41 LFers and 35th out of 40 RFers with at least 25 sprint plays. That data is from baserunning speed, not defensive plays, but... still. Whatever good instincts and glove skills he has, it can't make up for that much.
  5. Spy Fox

    Cubs rumored to have deal (offer) for Manny

    They're both pretty good players with three more years of control after this one, and Baez is possibly a few adjustments from being an All-Star type. Big picture, I think we'd be getting more MLB value out of the deal than the Cubs, even without an extra prospect. It would be more of a reload move rather than a rebuild mode. Which may not be wisest, but may be what the FO is more interested in. If this is a real offer, I think the main argument isn't whether that return is "good enough" but whether it's right for a team in our situation.
  6. I remember earlier in the year I said advantage Tillman. But you know, slow velos are the only thing Davis can still hit. If the league was full of Chris Tillmans then Chris Davis might still be Chris Davis.
  7. Yeah. My thought is, the Orioles as a whole are pretty inept when compared to most organizations. But it's not that rare for teams to be run horribly, and if the ultimate goals are to make money and put a winning team on the field, there are teams in MLB and other sports that have done worse than us lately. We might have been the most inept overall for the 2000-2010 decade. May 2018? We're bad but I don't think we're a finalist for the distinction.
  8. No, they're not the most inept. Even just in baseball you have at least two who have been worse in the Padres and Marlins. Those franchises haven't put a playoff team on the field in 12 and 15 years respectively, have made some pretty disastrously backfiring decisions on the way, and have very little hope for winning in sight. The vast majority of teams are run better than us though.
  9. Spy Fox

    2018 Andrew Cashner

    Cashner is fine for a back-end starter who will probably be a 1-2 WAR player, which is basically what we're paying him for. He reminds me of Gallardo in many ways, but he's a less bad version so far. Side note, watching Chris Tillman the last two years has messed with my perception of what counts as unacceptable pitching. I looked up Gallardo's numbers with us--5.42 ERA and 1.59 WHIP in 118 innings--and my first thought was, hey that's not THAT bad.
  10. Spy Fox

    Cano hit with 80 Game PED suspension.

    Just wait til you see the rest of the internet!
  11. Spy Fox

    Castro to start Wed!

    Logically and in the grand scheme of things, of course not. But do you think Buck feels that way? His job is still to try to win games and it's harder to win a game in Boston than at home against the Phillies. And do you think most fans really feel that way underneath? Even in a lost season a dramatic win/loss will get more attention on this board if it happens against Thursday's opponent than against Wednesday's. If someone asked Buck about this I wouldn't be surprised at all if his answer was along the lines of "We like how Kevin's done in Boston over the years against a tough lineup" or "We thought throwing Kevin in Boston would give us the best chance to win."
  12. Spy Fox

    Castro to start Wed!

    Maybe Buck wants Gausman in Fenway to get his better pitcher in a more important game against a stronger opponent.
  13. Spy Fox

    2018 Caps Stanely Cup ????

    I believe they're doing it.
  14. Spy Fox

    vs. D-RAYS, 5/13

    Another K! I've had enough of these all or nothing sluggers like Joey Rickard!
  15. Spy Fox

    Pondering the Outcome

    I think people who have been expecting 100 losses and a top-five pick will be proven wrong. So will people who are still expecting a winning season.