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  1. Data has spoken -- We hate the Yankees, and so does the rest of America. The Yankees were the only team with a negative net favorability rating, with more fans rating them unfavorably than favorably. In this particular poll, the Orioles had the 6th highest net favorability rating in MLB.
  2. This 2017 team also has more of a fatal, glaring weakness than that 2015 team did-- the starting rotation. When they were 46-49 in 2015 they had Chen at a 2.86 ERA (!), Jimenez at a 3.81 ERA (!), and Gonzalez doing serviceably at 4.21. Tillman was at struggling 4.71, Norris had been removed from the rotation after a very bad first half, and Guasman had just reentered the rotation in late June. So it wasn't a terrific SP situation, but it was a whole lot better than they've got right now with one starter over 5.50, another over 6.00, and two more over 7.00. But, all four of Chen, Jimenez, Tillman, and Gonzalez performed worse that year from Game 96 on than they had before. (Chen 4.08, Jimenez 4.52, Tillman 5.43, and Gonzalez 6.41.) So if a couple of our struggling SPs manage to pitch well in August and September, maybe we can reverse that 2015 trend and not suffer the same fate. It's possible but they've all looked so bad so often this year that I'll believe it when I see it.
  3. It's possible. We'll need to have a good offseason, be lucky with health, and pull a SP or two out of the hat Jeremy Guthrie/Miguel Gonzalez/Wei-Yin Chen style.
  4. What's up with Springer? Hadn't heard anything about that and it looks like he's in the lineup today.
  5. The soft August schedule is the only reason I would continue to entertain ideas of a possible playoff spot, and that's only IF they somehow make it back above .500 before the end of July and decide not to sell. And selling is what I think they should do.
  6. Even if they've decided to sell, I think there's another question they probably haven't settled on yet-- Do you sell with the intent of entering a full-scale rebuild, with no thought of contending in 2018? Or do you do a more moderate sell-off with the hopes of somehow getting enough of a SP rebound to contend next year? I think most people here would prefer the former, but with the indication that Jones and Machado probably won't be on the trading block, I'm guessing they will land closer to the latter.
  7. Mostly the same players went 22-10 to start this year and 47-30 to start last year, so I won't say it's impossible. But the team should be selling unless there is a major win streak right away after the break.
  8. Sell unless we go on a major winning streak and are somehow back around 5 over .500 within two-three weeks. Probably sell even then.
  9. I looked over the last few years of standings to see how many teams went from .500ish on July 1st to the playoffs. Of course, most playoff teams are already at or near the top of the standings by July. In 2015 the Mets and Rangers were both just 40-39 on July 1 but ended up winning their divisions. The last team I found to go from under .500 on July 1 to the playoffs was the Dodgers in 2013 who went 38-43 in the first half and then somehow won 92 games. That team was 47-47 at the All-Star break, then 72-50 by mid-August.
  10. WIth Tillman providing nothing, Miley getting worse and worse, Gausman failing to turn it around yet, and the shuttle going from Hero in April to Zero since, my perspective on Ubaldo has changed from "we can't afford to keep someone so unreliable" to "we can't afford to get rid of someone who is capable of giving good starts a few times out of ten."
  11. Not sure how much of a difference it makes, but I've noticed Caleb gives a much clearer and earlier mitt-target to the pitcher than Castillo does.
  12. Is that because Gentry actually had an effect on many of those wins or because he just happened to be on the team when the pitching was behaving competently?
  13. Unless he returns to his April self, we'll be able to sign him for less than $12M per year on the open market if we really want to.
  14. One way or another the rotation needs to provide much more. It doesn't need to be great, but we probably need a couple guys to have good second halves and the others to be less disastrous than they have so far. If that happens we have a chance, and I think that can happen even if it doesn't look likely. So I haven't given up.
  15. I predict that Schoop's recent hot streak will earn him his first All-Star appearance. Among AL 2B he's first in HR, second in the all-around offensive stats like OPS, wOBA, and wRC, and third in WAR. Altuve is the only 2B in the league having a better season. When you add in that the O's don't have many viable All-Star candidates and that another 2B contender, Starlin Castro, just got injured, I think it seals the deal.