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  1. It worked for a few years. The elite power is what allowed them to have a respectable offense in 2012-2016 despite the bad OBP. But then the fly ball revolution happened and the rest of the league caught up to us in the power department, all while we were trotting out the most of the same sluggers, just older. I think in a way we were a few years ahead of the curve on this one. But we didn't adapt or move on when things changed.
  2. Spy Fox

    How Long is the Road to Contention?

    We know the next few years are out, so that's basically a 20-year span. Just for curiosity, in the last 20 years the AL has sent these teams to the World Series: 6x: NYY 3x: BOS 2x: DET, KC, TEX 1x: CHW, CLE, HOU, LAA, TB So ten of the 15 teams have gone in 20 years. It's become harder for one team to dominate for years on end— five of the six NYY appearances were in the first six years of the above sample, and there have been eight different AL champs in the last 10 years. Big money is obviously still an advantage but several teams with similar or lesser payrolls than us have broken through. If they expand the league to 32 that might make it a little harder to make the playoffs but I don't think it'd be a huge effect. (Winding up in a four team division with the Jays, Sox, and Yanks would certainly not be helpful though...) If they're serious about building a real modern scouting and development program, they can make it better than a coin flip.
  3. Hey, by BaseRuns we're less than 40 GB!
  4. Spy Fox

    An American Original

    Nice. I was in Cincinnati just a few weeks ago and got to a game. Brought my current stadium total to 11. Lots more to go.
  5. Spy Fox

    Batting Splits

    Basically the hitting has gone from terrible to ok, but the pitching has gone from mediocre to terrible. Mancini's rebound has been encouraging. I don't expect him to ever build a ton on top of his '17 performance but it will be nice if he's not a zero going forward.
  6. Spy Fox

    Will the Orioles win 45 games

    I think so. By the way in 2016 they won their 45th game on June 26.
  7. Spy Fox

    Cobb & Cashner Clear Waivers

    Mullins and Cobb are the only reasons to watch the Orioles right now. I like that once a week I can tune in and have a decent chance of watching a well-pitched game. That's not a real reason to keep him, but trading him would add even more pain to what we've already been experiencing all year.
  8. Four months on the 2018 Orioles wasn't punishment enough?
  9. I feel pretty bad for Schoop. He's a very likable guy and was finally turning his bad year around with an amazing hot streak. I doubt he's getting out of this platoon role unless there's an injury, but I hope he comes up with some clutch hits in Milwaukee's playoff race anyhow. The Brewers were already kind of logjammed with position players before this trade.
  10. Spy Fox

    Chris Davis

    Jack Cust was ahead of his time!
  11. Spy Fox

    The "showdown" is coming

    Shows how how amazingly bad KC has been for this to even be a conversation. Their run differential is actually 17 runs worse than us despite their easier schedule.
  12. The short answer is that the Sunday Night schedule was planned last December. I know sometimes they do change it but I guess there's not total flexibility. I feel like we've wound up on having about one Sunday Night game per year lately.
  13. If it was implemented smartly, no umps would lose their jobs. I also think a penalization system is shaky ground, because sometimes that type of added granular pressure actually decreases performance. And it assumes the umps could get better if they just really tried. I'm not sure they could. I wonder if umps see any data about their calls relative to other umpires, and in a more specific way than just right or wrong. Something like "Hey Tim, you had the largest outside corner of any ump in the majors. Here's a collection of videos of those pitches. Try to work on that?"
  14. Spy Fox

    POLL: Yay or nay on Beckham trade?

    I see no reason to get rid of Beckham this offseason. It's been ugly this year but he's a better all-around package than anybody else we're going to pick up easily. This is a career-worst season for him on both sides of the ball. See if he can snap out of it with more time back at SS. If he can, you've got a decent stop-gap player. If he can't, then yeah let's get a Cesar Izturis type.
  15. A couple years ago things were looking up on this front. In the second half of '16 Gausman was awesome, Bundy held his own in his first half-season of starting, and we didn't know Tillman's reverse-metamorphosis was beginning. I remember the optimism going into last year that we had just made the playoffs with a pretty poor rotation that figured to get better.