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  1. He's talking about the way he communicate to his pitchers with enthusiasm. I was laughing about Severino all game because he had something to say back to the pitcher after every pitch. I love it, especially as a coach who is always trying to get my catchers to be more vocal.
  2. I can take the few more days of Pedro (I still like his change up), but the 17+ more days of Davis is troubling. I've never seen someone work so hard to become a professional watcher of pitches. The ultimate dedication to drawing a walk. What percent of pitches does he swing at? How does it compare to the league average?
  3. So late to this... Trust the process. The O's are 3-1. I'd rather have that than a no hitter. Although I thought we might be getting one of these today
  4. I see something like this as Hyde/Elias saying, "let me see it for myself, and if i hate it and it gets in the way of how I'm trying to coach/build this team, he's gotta go." This lineup is the least Hyde/Elias friendly of the three so far.
  5. Could this be the O's saying, "go try and keep your job." If he doesn't perform now, could he be cut soon?
  6. Dude, I love it. This won't be his style forever, but its perfect for now. Spreading the ABs. I wonder how much all these moves were analytics driven.
  7. I agree with the opening post. Didn't the Astros hold their prospects back too. Teach them how to win in AAA. Let them learn each others styles of play and tendencies. Bring them all up at the same time as one unit. I feel all signs of Elias point to the conservative approach with his assets. All the cuts seem to be in line with the opening post as well.
  8. I've always liked his change up. I think its an out pitch. However, with all these talks of spin rate, who knows how much Elias and his guys value the change up. I believe he will be on the roster. Does he need to be on the team for 17 days or games? If its 17 days, that puts us at April 13th. Put him at AA/AAA for a season and learn the analytics system like everyone else and see if he's a piece.
  9. ScGO's

    Luke Heimlich

    If I'm Elias, I meet with him and have him tell him his story and get a vibe. Two things really for me, 1) There's a lot of question marks in the backstory as a whole and 2) I don't want anyone to judge me for what I did as a 15 year old especially if I've put work into my character and maturity; hell, there are boys who murder people at 15 and find redemption. Its possible he did nothing, its possible it was a misunderstanding, its possible he was a confused 15 year old kid that did something extremely stupid and feels terrible about it. Its also possible he's a monster. If the meeting gives Elias a bad vibe, walk away. If he feels he understands the man, sign him, and counter the criticism by challenging our society's ability to forgive and believe a man can change. Elias would have to really do his homework and have a good game plan on how to approach it, but its very possible this guy is a college educated 23 year old man with good character although he used to be a confused and perverted 15 year old. Its possible he's many things. Its risky, but if Elias feels he can be trusted, its might be a risk to take, both for baseball and to prove forgiveness can be a thing.
  10. Does Ynoa have to break camp with the orioles in order to stay off of waivers?
  11. Bold Prediction Signs show that Davis may possibly be yanked. Mancini to 1st. Athletic, young OF. Martin and Sisco become MLB average. Analytics determines the pitching match ups. Orioles are hovering around .500 at the trade deadline and we sell high on the rest of our vets. Around 75 wins at the end of season.
  12. Looks like Jose Iglesias to the Reds on a milb deal. I must say, I'm sorta disappointed the decisions makers couldn't offer him something a little stronger in order to get him into our camp. If you've watched him play, you know he is a very solid defender and has a high baseball IQ. I appreciate signing Escobar, but I think they missed a very cheap upgrade that could have stabilized the middle of a very untested diamond. We don't have a lot of veteran dependability up the middle at C, SS, or CF. I worry about the C position the least of the 3. Is Eric Young Jr our back up plan in CF at the moment? Maybe he likes what he is seeing out of the young SS in camp. I'm all on board with Elias not spending money, but I think we missed on guys like Iglesias, Cameron Maybin, Devin Mesoraco that went for pennies. Guys that would have provided some depth and stability without stealing too many at bats from significant prospects this year and who had potential to maybe put up decent numbers and be swung at the deadline for a C+ high spin rate prospect or something. On the other hands, its about the challenging the youth and getting those top draft picks.
  13. This is probably there best list in a while. Wait, what? No Chris Lee!!!
  14. My guess is that we are going into the season with the OF as is. I thought they might have been eyeballing Maybin as a cheap sign, but he just went to the Giants. Clay Bucholz on a milb contract anyone?
  15. This is a quality sign. However Hechavarria and Iglesias are still available. Could they be had on milb contracts?
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