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  1. Connolly: Just swing the damn bat Davis!

    Give him the bunt sign
  2. UThe O's, with some good luck in development, could have a nice rotation by 2019 if Bundy, Gausman, Harvey, Akin, Wells, Louther, Bauman, Bishop, and maybe Sedlock stay healthy and produce. But I have no idea for 2018. But a few things to consider: A) The O's will not spend money on the likes of Darvish or any other sought after starters. B) Beyond Bundy and Gausman, Castro is the only in house option worth looking at and that's if a transition back to starter works; that experiment could be over real quick if it looks rocky. C) We do have some trade chips with Britton, Brach, and our abundance of young position prospects D) Teams do trade bad contracts for bad contracts, so what under performing starters are out there that have contracts comparable to Trumbo, Davis, and O'Day? E) If Angelos' opens his wallet for a free agent pitcher, we know by now what type of quality we will go after, so start sifting through the less in demand types early while everyone starts the bidding on Darvish, Arrieta, and Cobb. So if my goal was to be competitive for 2018, I'd try something like the following. Bundy Gausman Trade Britton or Brach or a prospect for a young MLB ready arm Sign a Feldman type on 2 year contract Go with Castro or a bad contract pitcher by trading one of our bad contracts, most likely Trumbo
  3. Ongoing Lineup Thread, 2017

    Austin Hayes name would look nice in that lineup in place of Rickard. Just saying...
  4. Verett and Yacabonis are here

    Agreed, lots of life and run on that 95 mph fastball.
  5. Chance Sisco: 'I'll Be Ready' When Orioles Call

    Did he get charged with a passed ball on that one that was up and outside last night? Besides that I felt he looked alright.
  6. I voted for our milb hitters development simply bc it was the least expected and the most crucial in our push to be competitive past 2018. Now the pitching... All the options in this poll are great accomplishments for the squad and Dan. But Dan needs to help create a plan that allows us to pick up a few arms other than trading intl $ for fringe relievers. I think Britton and Brach need to be shopped again. Especially Brach; I think Brach has quietly peaked and is looking at future decline in value. Might be able to trade Trumbo for an under performing starter with an equivalent contract. Not sure who that pitcher would be, maybe someone like Zimmerman? Or Kennedy? Our offense looks fairly stacked for next season, the BP can handle some losses with the emergence of Scott, Blier, Castro, Yacobonis, etc. But our SP from AA up looks like butt. Dan needs to use trades or FA signs to fix the big league rotation AND the upper level of the farm's SP depth this off-season. Not easy, but a constructive challenge for our GM.
  7. What Trades Will the Orioles Make?

    What time of day does the deadline end? Need to clear a few spots on the 40 man if Alvarez or others are added. Could see Dan trying to do that through a potential trade. Aquino, Lee, Chricton, Ynoa, Wright, Wilson and the likes could be part of a trade too.
  8. Six man rotation

    Go 6 if we add a better option or commit to Asher/Castro. Don't want to see Tillman ever again. Or Ubaldo. Or Miley...
  9. Do you think they would have to give up the value of a highly rated prospect to get the likes of a Miggy G? I don't believe we'd have to give up a top 25 guy to get him.
  10. 2 games back, 1 week left for trades. I still think this needs to happen.
  11. MLBTR: August Trades

    I've said it before, I'll say it again, we still need another SP. You think DD's looking?
  12. Dylan Bundy 2017

    Miggy's done well lately. He pitched very well against LA last night. 2 games out, bats are heating, bullpen has been fairly reliable, but with an innings limit on Bundy and a ugly Hydra that's Miley/Tillman/Jiminez that cannot be trusted whatsoever, we need one more SP to help us on this next very important homestand. If we can sneak into playoffs with a rested Bundy, a dominant Gausman, a steady Hellickson, and a steady veteran like Miggy who has playoff and AL east experience, we could have a shot in the postseason. I am willing to part with minor league assets to go and win in the playoffs. DD is not going to give up our top guys for Miggy. I trust in Dan even though he's been criticized heavily at times for his trades of prospects, but that is the challenge of being a GM, managing risk. A month and a half to go, Santander coming up, coming back home with their destiny in their hands, trade for Miggy or an equivalent and we could separate from the pack quick. I still believe, and trading for Miggy is very low risk considering the circumstances.
  13. What can we expect/hope for from Wade Miley?

    Loved Palmer's quote during the game on Miley: "He leads the world in 3-2 counts."