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  1. I'd rather give a 40 man to Mason Williams than Trumbo. There is enough fodder on the 40 man to give them both a spot though.
  2. Nice line up. Sorta hope Brooks gets shelled by a bad team tonight so we can DFA him already.
  3. ScGO's

    Bruce Zimmermann 2019

    He could be a Sept call up. Doesn't he need to be added to the 40 man?
  4. He says "For most, it's their first real game action." First organized games ever? Do these kids have HS baseball or local little league teams or are they only playing pick up ball until they sign?
  5. Not on the original list, but discussed in this thread I believe, Josue Cruz, hit his 10th homerun today. He has also struck out 90 times (over 40% of his ABs). 6'4'' Lefty, will play all of next season at age 19. Didn't hit at all in the DSL last year. Takes his fair share of walks as well. .848 OPS ain't bad
  6. This kid seems to be hitting really well. Any word on him from the scouts? Was he talked about on J2 day at all?
  7. so what's the deal? Did Wilkerson just fail to run to 2B?
  8. This is my favorite line up of the year so far
  9. Good move, he needs to be evaluated at the MLB level. Tate as well. In fact, I feel like Kline, Tanner Scott, and Phillips need to be called up now and evaluated on the MLB team the rest of the year. I'm done with Brooks, Eshelman, Bleier, and Tayler Scott as far as 40 man evaluation goes . They need to be DFA'd. I believe all would make it through waivers any way. Especially since Yac did. Blach ain't off to a great start, but I guess he should be given a fair shake. I'm done with Hess, but others on the board think he can still make it as a reliever; so I'd have him stay in AAA and work on his new trade until Sept call ups. In September, bring Shepperd, Eades, Akin, Zimmerman, and maybe a couple AA pitchers that you are confident will be added to the 40 man next season.
  10. Welk, Conroy, and Rodriguez, I agree with. Surprised to see Stowers; he's struggled. Fregia also doesn't look like anything special either. Magee was snubbed. You could make a case for a few of our pitchers. Hoiles only has 75 ABs and a 727 OPS. Rutchman should be there if Hoiles is there; Rutchman has a 775 OPS in 64 ABs.
  11. I suppose he comes up and gets 1B/DH/LF starts too. Does this push Elias to trade Mancini and/or Nunez quicker?
  12. I thought the O's should have signed him in the offseason to create some OF stability. He'll be a free agent again. I'd take a look at Hamilton if you aren't planning on calling up Hayes or Diaz anytime soon. His defensive WAR is 1.2. If Mancini can move to 1B next year, an opening day OF of Santander/Stewart/Hamilton/Wilkerson would be nice to see until Hayes or Diaz can be called up and push someone out.
  13. gotta be Eshelman or Brooks. They are not very good
  14. 1. Determine trade markets for his assets and make moves accordingly 2. Build up scouting/analytics departments 3. 40 Man Roster Management - DFA, Waivers, FA sign (should sign a SP, SS, and 4th OF if economically viable) 4. Improve international Facilities/Player Development Staff 5. Business Marketing - Continue to rebrand the Orioles, find creative ways to use Camden Yards for community events, market our youth movement. This can't be overlooked as Elias knows it is key to keep the fanbase intrigued. I think its his goal to have a better onfield product next year and he wants to be keep enough eyes on the team to get butts in the seats next year. It was a smart move agreeing to play in the 2020 Little League Classic. J2 got this board hyped. He has successfully reached the faithful and informed O's fan base, but he knows now that he needs to better engage the fringe fans.
  15. Could be a guy like Acevedo or Bellony coming out of the DSL. I also like Gray Fenter. Seamus Curran is still only 21.
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