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  1. ScGO's

    August Trade Stock Watch

    A look into some of our August (maybe) trade bait stock. 1. Jones - .320 since the break. Looks real good in RF. Does anyone need an OF starter? That's the only way I see him going is if he is guaranteed playing time on a solid contender. Again, its up to him though. For some reason, I still think it could happen. Just the contender in him. 2. Valencia - Been DFA's and I'm sure he's being shopped. Surprised he wasn't claimed. May just be released. How long do we have left until he's granted his release? 3. Trumbo - I still don't see it happening, but Dan seems focused on cutting payroll, so maybe he gets creative. But he has been great since the break and solid overall. He's also killing it in away games (.709 OPS home compared to .870 Away) so maybe he can be advertised as a change of scenery guy. 4. Joey Rickard - Another guy killing it since the break (.905 OPS). Has a little value. Probably the most unpredictable of all the O's right now as he could be DFA'd, traded, or the starting left fielder next year. A guy Dan needs to make a decision on. 5. Craig Gentry - Still rehabbing, but looking good. Batting .444. 6. Caleb Joseph - Has really continued to struggle. Looks old. If only he could play all his games at home (.422 OPS Away, .766 at home). Might just be DFA'd. 7. Andrew Cashner - The start in Texas didn't help, but someone might get desperate for pitching and claim him, Like Oakland. I still don't see anybody claiming Cobb at all, but maybe Cashner. Not that we will get in anything in return, I'm just interested in how Dan is going to manage the roster moving forward.
  2. ScGO's

    Now that the dust has settled

    Yes! Make him more versatile. A super utility who gets into about 130-140 games in potentially 7 positions.
  3. ScGO's

    40 man additions

    ? He hasn't even made a blip on the prospect radar in a while. They can get away with not protecting him.
  4. ScGO's

    Chris Hoiles' feat was just equalled

    What so they can do Jose Bautista bat flips on 280 foot flyballs? Cus that's the kind of crap I've seen coaching over the last 5 seasons. As a coach, I have to do just as much work teaching character in the game as I do the skills because harnessing the ego is a great skill for not only baseball, but life. I love passion in the game, but not showing people up. And I think that's what celebrations like Bote's and the Cubs do to the other team. Not advocating it, but wouldn't be surprised to see Bote get a brushback next time up against the Nats. I think Hoiles and the O's reaction to his slam was passionate without showing up the other team and not looking like a buffoon.
  5. ScGO's

    Chris Davis Trade Possible in 2019-20?

    I like the creativity. Where are the other crappy contracts in baseball right now? Jordan Zimmerman is still out there and Cabrera for the Tigers. Heyward on the Cubs. Pujols?
  6. Can this money be used for Asian players? If so, who are the top unsigned prospects there. Do all foreign players have to be signed with intl slot money now? By what date do we have to spend our 8 mil+?
  7. That's encouraging. I wonder what event it is.
  8. ScGO's

    Chris Hoiles' feat was just equalled

    Just watched the highlights on both grandslams. I have to say, I'm much more of a fan of the Hoiles hit as he seemed to remain much more professional in his celebration. The Cubs need to remember kids are watching these games. Nothing wrong with celebrating, but ripping the dude's shirt off and going bat poop crazy? Come on now. makes miss Markakis even more.
  9. ScGO's

    Has Cobb become our "ace"?

    Pitching might be somewhat bearable next year during the rebuild. Bundy, Cobb, Cashner isn't the worst #1,2,3 we've ever put out there. But the #4,5 need to be reserved for trying out the younger guys.
  10. ScGO's

    Thoughts About Tonights 2nd Game With Boston

    I've been thinking about this. I am happy to have the athletic Villar and Beckham on the team during the rebuild. However, I do not want them to be an option at SS. To create some stability I would like to see strong Defense of the middle. Mullins in center, check. Wynns behind the plate, check. But there is no solid defensive SS in our system that can handle that position yet. I'd like to advocate for signing the likes of Jose Iglesias or Adeiny Hechavarria or a defense first SS. Who else is out there? I don't care if they bat .200, just be able to catch and throw and have some baseball IQ.
  11. ScGO's


    I'd love to see Villar steal 60 bases in a season for us. More running, bunting, and defense would be fun to see in the rebuild.
  12. ScGO's

    August Trade Stock Watch

    Interesting. I guess its a gamble for anyone that wants him; do I wait for his release and try to sign him, or do I trade for him to make sure we get him.
  13. ScGO's

    August Trade Stock Watch

    Well, it looks like Valencia was cut. Maybe I should rename this thread, "Players to be DFA'd in before the end of the season." I wonder if he was shopped at all before he was released? Or if he passed through waivers at all. Can he still be shopped or if you're DFA does the mean you are already released?
  14. ScGO's

    Aberdeen All Stars

    All are fringy at best
  15. ScGO's

    POLL: Yay or nay on Beckham trade?

    I just finished watching the game recap. Wow, just wow on Beckham's ability to handle SS. But again, I've been arguing that we should keep him and turn him into a super utility. I think he has the physical build and athleticism to play in the OF, possibly all 3 positions. And he could play all 4 IF spots too in a pinch. Give him 500 ABs while spreading him around LF/RF/3B/2B/CF/1B/SS (in that order for the bulk of his innings please) and if he can hit between .750 - .800 OPS or better, you have a trade chip next deadline. There is still value in him if used correctly.