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  1. These aren't all necessarily prospects, but they are a few fringy guys in our system that are less talked about that I've been keeping an eye on. Maybe someone with more insight could comment their potential or development. AAA Jace Peterson - Remember him? He's OPSing .863. He might find his way back up to the MLB club at some point. Mason Williams - Why isn't he given a shot in CF on the big club? His OBP is 77 points higher than his average. He's popped 8 Hrs in 200 ABs. Can't be any worse than Broxton. Christopher Bostic and Zach Vincej - OPSing over 700 and heard they have solid gloves. Could offer another option at SS if Martin continues to struggle. Tom Eschelman - Control is his calling card. Done well in AAA so far. Could be a late bloomer. Tanner Scott - Haven't heard his name much this year, but he's been cutting his walks down and the K's are still there. ERA is under 4 now. 1.11 WHIP. Might be able to bring some stability to the bullpen if he continues to improve. AA Ademair Rifaela - Slugging .460. K'ing too much, but still only 24 and doing a heck of a lot better his 2nd go around at AA. Brett Cumberland - Piece from the Gausman trade, hadn't heard his name much. 2nd highest OBP on the team. Not sure what his role will be, but I always have a soft spot for guys who are getting on base. Tyler Erwin, Brian Gonzalez, Zach Muckenhim - All three are lefties with different stories. Erwin has closed for the last two seasons, Gonzalez has struggled since being our first pick in the 2014 draft but has a 1.08 WHIP so far this season, and Muckenhim, an 11th round pick in 2016 out of North Dakota, is averaging over a K per inning. I know the LOOGY seems to be dying, but who knows. Francisco Jimenez - 1.09 WHIP across 3 levels this year. An original Orioles signee out of the Dominican back in 2011. It would be nice to see him climb all the way to MLB as he is only 24. A JC Escarra - Would be nice to see him get to AA by season's end being that he's already 24. .350 OBP is nice, but needs to find his power stroke WIlly Yahn - Slugging is up 100 points this year. Still needs to learn how to take a walk. Another candidate to finish the season at AA. David Lebron - acquired from TX, he's racking up K's. Already 25, but only drafted last year Luis Perez - Undersized Padres DSL reject. Slowly climbing with good K numbers. A- Doran Turchin - OBP of .350. 766 OPS. Needs to get K's down. Athletic outfielder will be 22 soon Ofelky Peralta - Still only 22 after 2 failed seasons at Frederick. Ks per inning are wayyyy up this season. Hector Guance - Big bodied kid, 6'6'' getting his starts at age 23. Could be a late bloomer Tim Naughton and Zach Matson - Both are striking out everybody. Matson is a lefty, Naughton is the closer.
  2. Did James Shields ever sign? Are there any other potential free agents out there that would sign for minimal?
  3. Overall, I don't think its blatant, I just think this was the probable result with the goals Elias set forward which were to cut payroll and clear out the fodder, redistribute funds to the scouting and development departments, evaluate the AAAA/AAA leftovers, and begin acquiring and developing the prospects of the future. Its not blatant, but winning at the MLB level wasn't advantageous to his goals of being competitive in the future.
  4. I would cut him and try the following in his place: Eshelman, Akin, Zimmerman or Harvey. Probably in that order.
  5. Yeah, Nunez has frying pan hands. If I was Elias I would sell on Nunez if I could get some one to bite. This might be selling high. If he can have another hot streak that can get his OPS up back towards .850 before the trade deadline, I'd like to see what his market would be. He is one dimensional.
  6. if he keeps hitting, could he be an answer at 2B or 3B? Body type seems to fit there. Probably not afraid of staying down on a ball. I feel like this has been discussed before.
  7. Trade Bait Thermometer Hot - Mancini, Villar, Cashner - Mancini because of performance, the other two because of contracts finishing up at season's end. Mancini has the most value obviously. I'd expect a single Top 30 guy for Villar and Cashner. Mild - Givens, Bundy - Let's hope they perform better. Could probably be traded on potential alone, but might not get the return we'd hope for unless they put up better numbers. Luke Warm - Armstrong, Bleier, Alberto - Bleier has pitched better as of late. Armstrong is already 2+ service years in and has performed well with us, so it will be interesting to see what Elias does with him if he continues to perform. Same with Alberto who is showing a solid average and versatility in the field. Wouldn't get a ton in return; perhaps a minor piece. That's all I see on this roster as potential trade bait. Unless Elias wants to do prospect for prospect trades with our AAA/AAAA guys.
  8. he'd have to hit 100 straight homeruns. Then do it again next year before a GM would trade for him.
  9. How much does Hyde want Davis gone you think
  10. The more solid options we see in the OF, the more pressure to cut Davis and put Mancini on 1B. I'd say keep giving innings to Santander, Smith, and Stewart in the corners and cut Davis and move Mancini to 1B. Wilkerson and Broxton can split innings in CF in the meantime. Wilkerson can get innings around the Infield too. If Broxton continues to struggle, I say bring up Mullins again and let him work through it for a while to see if there is any hope of developing into a piece. Remember, this season isn't about winning; it is about evaluating some talent and progressing forward with Elias' plan. It can't be long before Davis is gone. Trumbo hitting the IL again is beneficial to the team's development at this point. If we trade Mancini, Nunez can move to 1B freeing up the DH spot for more at bats too. I'd keep Hays in the minors until September and then start prepping him to take over in 2020. This year for Elias, in my opinion, was to evaluate all the AAAA and AAA talent he had in the system to see who was a piece. Offensively, Elias was probably most interested in evaluation what he had in Mullins, Stewart, Sisco, Santander, Wilkerson, Severino, Smith Jr, Ruiz, Nunez, Martin, Drew Jackson (when he was here), and Wynns as it is put up or shut up time on these guys as far as a career goes. Some will be cut, others will keep a spot warm into the next season or two, and some may become legitimate pieces. That's what we will know by the end of this season, at least is Elias' eyes. Guys like Hays, Mountcastle, and Diaz, he has time to develop and no need to put them in full time until 2020. Guys like Broxton, Rickard, Sucre, and Alberto were/are filler to plug some holes for a minute. He's hoping he can swing Mancini and Villar for a few pieces at the deadline. Its pretty much the same story with pitching, but that can be discussed in another thread.
  11. Probably next season or 2021 depending on the development of our prospects. I'm still not convinced that any of the players on our current roster will be here by the time we have a winning team again. Means, Sisco, Stewart, Kline would be my best guess for players on our next winning team.
  12. Are we done with trying him as a starter? That was my biggest knock against him, was that he didn't fill the zone up enough
  13. ahh totally forgot Trumbo was still here!!! AAHHH. I agree though about Davis. I believe he needs to be released quietly this offseason though. Let him hack it out for the rest of the season in a sort of farewell tour. Come watch Davis strikeout in your town for the last time before its finally over. Maybe run a promotion, like Davis pocket fans or something. I would keep Mountcastle in AAA all year and start his clock next year when Davis, Trumbo are gone. Mancini might be traded by then too. Let Hays, Diaz, and Mountcastle play and season together a little bit in AAA this year (as long as Hays and Diaz move back up to AAA when fully healthy).
  14. This year isn't about winning, so I don't see the concern in letting guys like Ritchie or even Davis hack it out. I think this year is about 1) finding a couple of pieces off the scrap heap to keep for next year when we start bringing a few prospects up and 2) to see if we can create some trade value for a few of our veteran pieces. We have done a good job with the first goal of finding some value off the scrap heap with Severino, Nunez, Smith Jr, Means, Alberto. Still time to evaluate guys like Ruiz, Broxton, Hess, Kline, Ynoa, Martin, Sisco, Wilkerson etc and see if they will have a spot next year before we start calling up the Hays, Diaz, Mountcastles, etc. My guess is this offseason we will see a lot of milb players and fringe MLB types released, maybe traded. The only trade chips we are seeing raise their value are Mancini and Cashner. Bundy, Givens, Villar, Bleir, etc still have time but arent really helping their cases. Cobb and Davis? HA! Hopefully Davis is gone by next year. I'd stick with Cobb another season. In a year or two, some of these scrap heap finds mind end up being trade chips as well. I am very happy with Elias so far, and as far as the current team, I am loving the overall competition level because they stay in games and have some exciting pieces, but they are just weak enough to blow most games and keep us atop the leader board for Pick #1 again next year.
  15. Would any of the 3rd round + picks fall into our top 30 and where?
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