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  1. Dan did well for himself on his 2018 wish list after all 1) two viable starters and depth - Cashner and Cobb, with Tillman and Cortes for depth, CHECK 2) left handed hitting, primarily in the form of a RF - Rasmus with Pedro and Presley for depth, CHECK 3) left handed relief depth - Edgin and Joely, Cortes too, was enough depth to send Hart back to AAA, CHECK 4) Catching depth - Susac, enough to send Wynns to AAA for now and maybe even Sisco, CHECK 5) Middle infield depth - switch Manny to SS, switch the strategy, Beckham is the back up SS/2B and now we have big bopper Velencia to feast on lefties.
  2. source? If true, don't hate it, depth, but if he shows up in Baltimore for more than a spot start or two, something may be going wrong.
  3. I have never been so frustrated watching a pitcher throw than I was with Miley last year. With Ubaldo you expected it. Miley just reached a whole new plateau of terrible last year. Even if he is better this year, I'm confident that it couldn't be with the Orioles.
  4. Cobb, Bundy, Cashner, Gausman, Tillman. I'm not throwing up when I recite that. Our depth isn't quite as poopy going into this season either, especially if some of our prospects perform. Castro, Cortes, Wright, Ynoa, Means, Akin, and Harvey, Ramirez in the bullpen, AAA, and AA respectively. I'd still like to sign some depth for AAA or a stronger 5 still. Here's who is still left: R.A. Dickey (43)Scott Feldman (35)Matt Garza (34)Ubaldo Jimenez (34)John Lackey (39)Jeff Locke (30)Jake Peavy (37)Chris Smith (37) What would it take to get Lackey to pitch one more year? He'd be a stud #5. Peavy, Feldman, or Dickey (maybe even Ubaldo) would be interesting AAA depth. They'd have to agree to start there at this point any way.
  5. How many years y'all thinking? I'd say three
  6. Well, that gives me a happy feeling in my tummy then.
  7. Passan is a columnist at Yahoo Sports. Seems mainstream enough? Credibility rating on this guy?
  8. Who knows, every other year the O's were supposed to be bad, they were good. This team is no better or worse than any of those other teams going into the season. Its once the season started we were surprised by who would step up. I have faith in Buck.
  9. NEED one of the Big Three Pitchers Left

    I think it could be in Cobb's best interest to sign with the O's on a one year deal bc if he has a good healthy season in the AL East he could get a mega contract next year.
  10. We still don't really have a lead off hitter. I hope Beckham isn't Buck's choice. I think he'd be a much better help somewhere between 6-8 in the line up.
  11. Jake Arrieta to the Phillies - 3/75M

    So what gets us Cobb now? 1 year 15 mil? Maybe 3 years/40 Mil with an opt out after year one? Structure it 15/15/10
  12. Walker = OBP! Sign him, give Beckham some OF time/training in ST. Could find a way to get him 400+ ABs in a super utility role. Sign Lynn and anyone else who could fall to us at the right price and the team is better than last year fo sho!
  13. Sammy Stewart has passed away

    I live in western NC. He gave lessons to one of the pitchers I coached on the middle school team I teach at. The kid and his parents had nothing but great things to say about Sammy as he shared his life experiences with him in order to give him perspective and motivation. From what I knew, there wasn't any evidence of relapse or drug use. Sounded like he had gotten it together and was very motivational for the local youth.
  14. I'm feeling more optimistic about 2018

    I feel more optimistic IF we keep signing SPs. There are still a bunch out there worth looking at: We need to get one of Arrieta, Cobb, or Lynn (play of the opt out game for once!) After that though, a lot of depth signs need to be made. A few worth signing to MILB deals or 1 year MLBs: Clay Buchholz, Trevor Cahill, R.A. Dickey, Scott Feldman, John Lackey (what isn't he signed yet?), Francisco Liriano, Jake Peavy, Matt Garza (isn't he hurt?) Maybe Machado and Schoop go absolutely nuts at the plate this year and anchor a fairly tough line up. If Trumbo and Davis can mustard up at least .750 OPS seasons, and everyone else holds steady, we should be alright with the line up. I wouldn't mind Lucroy. Rasmus might be enough to fill in in RF, but if CarGo falls to us cheap, do you grab him too? Or Jay? I still like the idea of getting a Neil Walker or Brandon Phillips as 3B insurance or super Utility (or make Beckham the super utility). I only take Mouse if we can get him for one year. I also wouldn't mind swooping in and picking up another reliever. A few interesting names on the board. If Dan can make some sneaky moves, we could be jumping out of our socks within 2 weeks. I'd like to see an opening day line up of: C - Lucroy 1B- Davis 2B - Schoop SS - Machado 3B - Walker LF - Mancini CF - Jones RF - Rasmus DH - Trumbo Bench - Joseph, Santander (to start the season), Jay, Beckham(or make Walker the super sub) SP - Lynn, Bundy, Gausman, Cashner, Lackey Middle: Cortes, Tillman RP: Givens, Brach, O'day, Bleier, Mesa
  15. Why not Lucroy?

    1 year 5 million and I"m sold.