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  1. ScGO's

    Waste of International Bounty. New GM. Discuss.

    I always wondered if the Jack Zoellner trade was essentially a flare shot up by DD before the ship completely sank to let us know that he was lied to about being able to spend the intl money and it was all a ruse.
  2. ScGO's

    O’s claim 3B Rio Ruiz, lose Ryan Meisinger

    I also feel like he was the most shuttled of all the AAA shuttle players. I feel like his confidence must have been shot. Always thinking "If I don't make this pitching, I"m going back to AAA; and even if I do, I still might go back to AAA"
  3. ScGO's

    O’s claim 3B Rio Ruiz, lose Ryan Meisinger

    I still think Hart can become a poor man's Jesse Orosco one day. Analytics baby!
  4. If I"m ME, I"m not picking up the phone, only answering it and listening without any motivation to trade anyone yet. NO ONE's stock is up right now. Every player mentioned will have the opportunity to raise their stock once they start playing games. If a market develops, answer the phone, but it will be a tough call to pull the trigger on anyone unless you are completely blown over by the offer. However, ME hasn't had a chance to evaluate his players' talent in game situations, apply analytics, or figure out the rapidly changing market for 2019. He may look at his current situation with all this potential trade bait and view it as a laboratory/playground for his analytics department. If he truly loves the challenge of understanding statistics and projecting scenarios, you'd have to think, where will he ever get another scenario like the O"s current one again? He must be thrilled by the challenge. Coming off a historically bad season, an organization lost at sea without a plan, grasping at veteran fodder to stay afloat after their entire existence was blown apart this past season. However, those broken pieces (and there's lot of them) could be seen through the eyes of an analytics department as salvageable and, if repaired, valuable and sellable. Personally, I'm am most excited to see how Trumbo, Givens, Bleier, Villar, Cobb, Cashner, Bundy, Mancini, Wright, Rickard, and even Davis respond to the O's new plan, as we now have one for once. These are all the guys with 2+ years of service time; so you have to think if ME keeps these guys on the roster going into the season its because he thinks he can create more value out of them and swing them for something if/when they respond to his new plan. I'm excited for the trades, but they aren't coming until the summer. My guess is Bleier or Givens in late June. Someone will need a lefty. If Givens comes out full throttle, someone will need a shutdown guy in the back of their pen too. Could be a package deal as they are both cheap still.
  5. Agreed, also, if a coaching staff of 9-10 grown men can't provide leadership and guidance, then why have a coaching staff.
  6. ScGO's

    Thoughts about David Hess in 2019?

    I go into the season with the following #1 Bundy #2 Cobb #3 Cashner Then use final two spots for an opener combo to try and get through 5-6 innings #4 Hess/Yefi #5 Yac/Means Castro and Rogers are candidates for those final two spots two.
  7. I don't know, if he comes out at the same pace as last year, I say he's gotta be cut. He takes value away from the rebuild.
  8. I wonder if this is what ME is going into the season with as far as payroll and roster for the most part. He might have a goal to get the payroll below 40 million by next year's opening day. He may use this season to test out some analytics on the likes of Givens, Bundy, Cobb, Cashner, Trumbo, Villar, and maybe even Davis and try and boost their value and swing them for player value instead of as a salary dump, which they would be if we sold on them now. He might be able to create a market for Givens, Bundy, or Villar this offseason if the market shifts that way. 2020 might actually be our first barebones seasons as Bundy, Cobb, Cashner heading into 2019 isn't the worst 123 punch I've ever seen. We'll be bad, but, probably 90 loses bad. Losing Jones, Joseph, Schoop, Velncia, and Beckham may actually allow some positive defensive value to sneak in that we didn't have last year. Not having the Tillman or Rasmus experiments will allow some replaceable value that has to be more positive than what they provided. Players like Mullins, Nunez, Mancini, Sisco, and Kline are good candidates to trend up a little. I don't believe Mancini will be in the OF this season either. Might not be a bad idea to try and go into this season and promote the underdog competitiveness bit to help some of these players boost their value. It would be fun to hover around .500 until a sell off in the summer. I know, never gonna happen.
  9. ScGO's

    Failure to Develop or Sign OBP

    I've been dreaming of an OBP focused team for years. Last player to draw over 100 walks in a season for O's? Albert Belle, 1999. Markakis had 99 in 2008.
  10. Overall, I am glad that these two players were non-tendered and I agree with keeping everyone else (even Mike Wright, for now...) It signals that we are really gutting the fodder and redirecting the finances towards scouting and development. I guess this signals we are taking two in the Rule V? My guess is a SS and a pitcher.
  11. ScGO's

    Rumors and News

    Wynns, Sisco, Susac, Cumberland, and Cervenka might be enough depth to start to start the season. What cheap options are out there? Wieters? I kid, I kid.
  12. ScGO's

    Rumors and News

    average of 3 a team
  13. ScGO's

    Luke’s 2018 Rule 5 Draft Preference List

    This should be our guy. Could be a steal if he's above average at SS and can put up at least at .650 OPS at the MLB level this season. Decent splits last year. Looks like a guy who could bunt, run, take a walk and field. Might be a very good value pick if he could hold SS for 3 or so years until we can develop a stronger option. Young too, might still breakout as a former 1st round talent.
  14. This is a great idea. I would show up.
  15. ScGO's

    Potential Target: C.J. Cron

    I don't think a move like this takes us in the right direction. I'd be very surprise if ME did something like this out of the gates. These next three years are all about using their money to build the system up. I think the only money ME spends on the MLB roster will be to help promote the development of the youth on the big league club. To me, that's a defensive SS to support our pitchers. Maybe a SP, but not even until 2020 bc we are heading into the season with a top 3 of Bundy, Cobb, and Cashner. I believe at least 2 out of 3 of them will be gone by the end of next offseason, so we might need to buy a Scott Feldman type to round out our MLB starting rotation in 2020 (unless we go to an opener model). If they trade Givens this offseason, I'd sign an affordable back of the bullpen option to create a little more stability for a young, unproven bullpen.