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  1. Adam Jones Speaking out on Twitter.

    To keep Jones will probably take 5 Years 80 Mil would be my guess. But again, I only do this if he moves to RF and we can realistically stay in contention.
  2. Are There Three Internal SP Candidates

    You think he gets a major league deal? He might have to be a Milb FA sign.
  3. Are There Three Internal SP Candidates

    Woah, I thought I saw Eric Dubose's name in there for a second.
  4. Are There Three Internal SP Candidates

    Mike Wright reminds me a lot of Jim Johnson circa 2008. Forget starting and commit to what you do well in the BP.
  5. Are There Three Internal SP Candidates

    What if Harvey or Akin kill it in ST? Would that make them potential candidates? If not: Bundy, Gausman, Castro, Ynoa, and Cortes is probably your starting 5. Are we considering Aquino, Wright, Kelly, and Asher...uh, I just threw up in my mouth a little.
  6. O's equivalent to the Gerrit Cole trade?

    So, if you're Dan, who is out there to trade for at this point? Which route will we go to fill the rotation out? Trade or free agency? I say grab a couple 1 year rentals on firm deals packed with incentives like Lackey, Vargas, and Dickey. Maybe Jaime Garcia. Lots of interesting names that could be signed to milb deals like Peavy, Bucholz, Colon, Wood, Holland. I Could deal with: Gausman Bundy Vargas Lackey One of the milb FA, Castro, Rule V guy, Ynoa, maybe Dickey if we spend for 3 starters.
  7. O's equivalent to the Gerrit Cole trade?

    I don't like giving up Harvey, but if you include him, what is a fair package?
  8. Joe Musgrove, Colin Moran, Michael Feliz, and Jason Martin for Gerrit Cole. What would have been the closest thing to an O's match? Musgrove - Hard for the O's to match an MLB ready starter at his age. However, his ceiling isn't overly high at this point. He's not MLB ready, but Wells? Maybe Castro if they like him as a SP? Ynoa is the closest thing to a young MLB ready starter we have, eh. Maybe the 1st round luster of Sedlock hasn't worn off yet. Moran - If they are looking for pop in a bat first prospect, maybe Santander or Reyes, but again Moran is 24 and more polished. I don't see his ceiling being all too high either. I say Santander as he is closer to MLB ready, and it frees a spot for one of our new Rule V guys. Feliz -Relief pitcher who racks up the K's, but isn't very valuable yet. Maybe Yacabonis? Jason Martin - Seems comparable to a Cedric Mullins although Martin isn't playing much CF. Maybe Stewart? So would something like a Sedlock, Ynoa, Santander, Mullins, and Yacabonis have beaten out Houston? Too much for O's to give up? If not, what sort of pitcher could we realistically get back for a package similar to the above?
  9. I hope he ends up being the answer at SS, but the potential for a 30 error season scares me
  10. That's what I was thinking. He's good, and a star, but my initial question, "is he overrated?" is an interesting debate. And his real value vs. perceived value will drive discussion about a trade if it is pulled off.
  11. What if Manny is overrated? What are his weaknesses? Not great pitch selection. Already had a major surgery that could catch up with him. Ego? Only 2 seasons over .800 ops, never over .900 Is he really worth 300 mil
  12. What is Dan Duquette doing?

    These owners ain't no dummies when it comes to finances and I think they know this Bull Market we've been riding the last few years is heading towards a Bear. Its a trickle down effect if that happens. The effect the stock market has on the owner's personal finances and investments will effect how they manage their team's finances.
  13. Sign Travis Wood with a promise at cracking the rotation. Worst case scenario, he's a left for the bullpen. Offer John Lackey and Vargas strong one year deals. Lackey had a great second half last year. Vargas a great first half, and maybe the second half floundering was fatigue after his first full season after Tommy John. Could have a strong full season this year after building back his stanima. Try to sign some sort of grab bag of arms like Bucholz, Holland, Bartolo Colon, Jake Peavy, and/or maybe even Ubaldo again (ehh maybe not) on a minors deals hoping one clicks. Bundy Gausman Lackey Vargas Wood/someone out of the grab bag that shows up in spring training That's the best thing I can realistically come up with based on the financial limitations (we think have been) placed on Dan by ownership.
  14. Os requesting offers on Machado

    I don't think Ubaldo will get offered an MLB contract this year.
  15. What's up with John Lackey? How much would he cost for a year? He had a great 2nd half last year.