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  1. ScGO's

    Interesting FAs

    AJ for 1/3mil or Maybin on a milb contract?
  2. ScGO's

    Hyde puts his own stamp on spring training

    I can handle a Pearl Jam song on a playlist; 2's kinda weird. What type of country we talking here? I'll bounce to a Cash jam, some Sturgil Simpson, or a Jerry Reed. Hell I can even handle some Alabama or a Brooks and Dunn tune, but this new country sounds like club music for rednecks.
  3. I think this is the best way to maximize his value.
  4. ScGO's

    Interesting FAs

    I mean his arm was no worse. His speed, defense, and even his offensive potential would be better. He's always been an interesting player to me. Shown flashes a few times. Could be a late bloomer. Wouldn't be surprised to see him steal 30+ bases, hit 15+ HRs, and put up a .750 OPS with good D if given a starting role in RF. He could shift to LF if Mancini moves to 1B (lets be realistic, if after a month, Davis looks like he did last year, he'll be out), or even CF if Mullins struggles. We don't have any CF depth really.
  5. ScGO's

    Interesting FAs

    no worse than Stewart, Mancini, or Rickard
  6. ScGO's

    Interesting FAs

    I'd rather have Cameron Maybin. Cheaper, betterD, and some SBs. Probably get him on a milb deal at this point too.
  7. ScGO's

    Rich Dubroff: Joe Angel not returning.

    Yeah, he's getting up there in age. I hope the O's do him justice with a bobble head or a t-shirt night. He is my favorite sports announcer of all time. I love you Joe Angel. Your sense of humor, your courage to criticize when necessary, your pure enthusiasm. I can only assume you are a good man based on how you have handled yourself in your role for these past few decades. O's Hall of Famer, no doubt.
  8. ScGO's

    Orioles sign Nate Karns

    If he returns to form, his FIP numbers are really promising, especially with his K/9 numbers. Throw that curve 40% of the time, see what happens. Whose next? OF depth? Cuban SS?
  9. ScGO's

    Orioles sign Nate Karns

    nah, watch analytics are gonna happen with Hart
  10. ScGO's

    MLB and Union talk major rule changes

    Baseball could become a game show. Maybe it would open up a better market for NCAA. I kinda like college ball. More talent may go to college if MLB sucks
  11. ScGO's

    MLB and Union talk major rule changes

    After reading all of this, I must say I'm a little nervous for the game of baseball. Maybe I'm wrong, but MLB needs to be careful in its decisions making over these next few years and make sure it doesn't shoot itself in the foot and potentially destroy this game.
  12. ScGO's

    Interesting FAs

    I say throw Cameron Maybin on there as an OF option. There's some interesting bats in the OF left but most are fairly terrible at defense.
  13. ScGO's

    Pitcher List - Resource

    As you read through these, its interesting to think about how Elias may help these guys figure out how to be more effective. For example, based on what I see and read on Cashner, he should ditch his slider and throw more change ups.
  14. ScGO's

    The Better Than You Remember Thread

    David Segui in his second stint with the O's, although injury plagued, was to the tune of an .800 OPS. And 1994 Mark Eichorn
  15. ScGO's

    Interesting FAs

    His DWAR was positive during his AS seasons. Veteran lefty bat for 1M?