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  1. ScGO's

    Fangraphs: Missing Fans

    $ doesn't have to go to jobs: parks, small business loans, little leagues, boys and girls clubs,etc. I agree, govt. work can be redundant, but surplus budgets can lead to some quality community projects. Baltimore could use it.
  2. The athleticism on this team is comparable to a beer league softball team.
  3. ScGO's

    Fangraphs: Missing Fans

    That is my only fear with a salary cap. I don't want to cater to the billionaires at all. It would be extreme, but possible, if communities started calling for a Green Bay Packers form of ownership to combat this. Extra revenues could be funneled into our desperately broke municipalities.
  4. ScGO's

    Fangraphs: Missing Fans

    Exactly, it only works well in a vacuum in my opinion. On a broader scope, equal is not always fair, and fair is not always equal, but in sports, wouldn't it make sense to put everyone on the same game board with the same rules, and the winners will be those that use the best strategies, organizations, and methods within those rules and limitations?
  5. ScGO's

    Fangraphs: Missing Fans

    Wouldn't a salary cap be the best replacement for the bajillion rules being made to give the appearance of fair competition? I can't even follow all of the luxury tax, draft compensation, draft slot pool, international spending, revenue sharing rules any more. Its like putting bandaids and elmers glue into the crack of a damn and expecting it to hold. Its muddling it all up in the name of harboring Greed. That greed is equally shared by the owners, players, and MLB in my opinion. I ain't no commie, but when it comes to sports, to protect the integrity of the game, there should be equal rules of competition and spending. Attendance is down in the MLB, but participation in youth baseball is down too. With all the money they make, not enough is being done to inject the spirit of baseball back into our communities. How long until baseball is destroyed in the name of profit? If MLB falters, do you think it could be replaced by a league that promotes more integrity? Watch the College World Series this week and think about how MLB should be run, or what could replace MLB if it continues to tank.
  6. ScGO's

    Documentary Film on “The Blade”

    Is this documentary going to be made free to watch via the internet?
  7. What did Einstein say? The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results?
  8. ScGO's

    Most disappointing player?

    I know he's not on the MLB roster, but he was last year, so I think Austin Hays should be added to this conversation. Add that to the the lack of progression by Sisco and Mancini and our future seems even darker.
  9. Agreed. I think he has established himself as a dependable LOOGY, and with the team control left and his cheap salary, I think he would have netted a prospect return similar to the the likes of what we will get for Adam Jones.
  10. ScGO's

    Orioles have interviewed Ned Colletti, and others

    I still think Dan did his best considering the circumstances, limitations, micromanagement from above. If left to do his job, things may have been different. So I will refrain from judging Dan along with any GM that replaces him, because that GM will be handcuffed by Angelos too.
  11. ScGO's

    10 to trade to jumpstart rebuild

    Take Blier off the list. Trade Stock up date Machado - Trending up Schoop - Trending down Gausman - down Givens - down Jones - even Brach - even Valencia - trending up Alvarez - down Oday - Trending up Britton - Trending Up Is there a realistic market for Cashner, Trumbo, or Bundy yet? Maybe a ridiculous thought, but would Gentry have a market as a defensive replacement and pinch runner? They need to start moving some names soon while the stock is up on some of these names.
  12. ScGO's

    Orioles Mount Rushmores

    Elrod...and only Elrod
  13. ScGO's

    Orioles Mount Rushmores

    I don't know, we always joked that it looked like he was trying not to smell a fart when he played. My buddy also called him BJ Horseface, which I always got a kick out of. But I always like him as an O.
  14. Yeah, but maybe its what he wants, and I could see him having similar influence upstairs to what he has now. He already alluded to letting others handle majority of the transactions. Who knows. My guess it will be an interim from within the organization, or someone close to it. For fun, I say they just let Rick Dempsy finish out the year.
  15. Thought: Is Brady the new manager? He can't stay away from the field anyway, maybe he's been gunning for Buck the whole time and not the GM spot.