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  1. Hellickson an option? Also, I mentioned Chris Smith from Oakland earlier. 3 straight quality starts against other wild card contenders.
  2. If we picked up the salary, what prospect return would Detroit want for Verlander? Would they take prospects like Wells, Reyes, and Yaz over our top studs?
  3. Exactly, that's more along the line of thinking I intended for this thread. I believe Angelos' command is "Don't trade our star power, try to contend, but don't spend any money."
  4. Keep throwing Miley out there? If Long and Aquino perform, I say trim it back to 5
  5. But Gallardo was one of the few options Dan had for starting pitching available on the market for the price he was allowed to spend. Wasnt great but what option would have been better? Maybe keeping Gonzalez?
  6. Dan's bosses in Montreal and Boston were also giving him different orders and initiatives than his Baltimore bosses. I wouldn't call his moves boneheaded or suggest he is incompetent. Dan was told to compete with limitations in assets. He is probably the man to lead a sell off, but will his boss let him.
  7. What about Chris Smith of Oakland? Seems like a guy Dan could find some value in without giving up the farm.
  8. I agree; much more impressive than our AAA options. Maybe he cracks off a streak of 5 or so quality starts before scouting reports catch up with him. Could be fun to see if we are competing. Thoughts on Akin? Too soon or could he handle a small sample size while providing value.
  9. I like it but what do you see Miley and Ubaldo's role being? If they don't offer any value do we give their spots to those that may? Or do you see potential value still?
  10. well, what's your strategy in this scenario?
  11. So we buy (or more realistically speaking, we go for it); how would you do it? It feels like an impossible task with our lack of assets. Here is mine: I stick with Bundy, Tilman, and Gausman for the time being. Jiminez and Miley are immediately released and we open up those spots to the AAA shuttle, first crack to Aquino and Ynoa with Asher on the roster as long man. Keep Wilson nearby too. The goal is that at least one will establish themselves into a 5+ innings pitcher that can keep us in games till the 6th when the BP can take over. If we can't find a starter on the market, we could try the Tanner Scott strategy. If he gets us into the 4th each outing then one of our long men can get through the line up once, and we are in the the 6th or 7th handing it to the BP again. Maybe Akin is an option too. In the mean time we need to find our 2017 version of 2012's Joe Saunders, maybe Miguel Gonzalez but open to hear suggestions that don't cost the farm. If we can get something like the rotation below, we might have shot, especially if Tillman and Gausman can perform. Tillman Bundy Gausman Gonzales or affordable trade chip Tanner Scott for 3+ and an Asher/Aquino/Verret type long man (or a Scott and Akin tandem?)
  12. He's from Colorado. I wonder if he's been able to get a message to the Rockies organization that he'd like to pitch in his home state.
  13. If he can string together two more solid starts, is he tradeable?
  14. Let Givens close for a year or two, build up his stock even more, then turn him for a few prospects to help in the rebuild as we are on the cusp of competition again. Might as well make Schoop, Macado, and Jones available and see what you're offered. I don't know how much Jones would bring in a trade, but as much as he loves Bmore, I don't know if he would want to stay for a rebuild. Try to throw away Miley for something too while he's still left-handed. I don't suppose there is any hope in trading the likes of Davis, Trumbo, or Tillman either.
  15. If the O's ended up going through a total rebuild and sell off Machado, Britton, etc, this contract might have value still. If the O's sign Schoop long term, the prospects we obtain from a sell off mature, and our system is replenished, we could be competing within two to three years. By then, there are maybe two years left on Davis' contract. Maybe he's the bridge that carries the winning tradition to the next successful O's run. If he's averaging 25-30 HRs and 90-100 BB's as a more mature hitter by then, he might be a big piece to our next playoff run. By the time his contract runs out I'm sure we will have a 1B prospect to phase him out, but his ability to carry the torch to our next competitive ball club, especially if Jones is gone by then, could be a huge asset and make his contract worth it.