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  1. Tom13206

    Big time talk from Dan

    Man this is great news. Love hearing all those quotes. Rumors of Peter giving up control must be true. It does seem like DD is sticking around. If he is staying then I’m glad he is the guy making the decisions on the Manny trade and the hopefully next few trades in these last 2 weeks. It doesn’t make sense for him to make all these trades for our future, just to hire a new guy who didn’t get to make his own moves.
  2. Tom13206

    vs. BRAVES, 6/22

  3. Tom13206

    vs. D-RAYS, 4/25

    Welcome to the team!
  4. Tom13206

    vs. D-RAYS, 4/25

    Wall helped us out there
  5. Tom13206

    vs. D-RAYS, 4/25

    Nice play Chris!
  6. Tom13206

    vs. D-RAYS, 4/25

  7. Tom13206

    vs. INDIANS, 4/23

  8. Tom13206

    vs. TIGERS, 4/19

  9. Tom13206

    vs. TIGERS, 4/19

    There you go Manny
  10. Tom13206

    vs. TIGERS, 4/18 (1:10 PM Start)

    Man this season has been hard to stomach
  11. Tom13206

    vs. TIGERS, 4/18 (1:10 PM Start)

    Let’s go!!!
  12. Tom13206

    vs. TIGERS, 4/18 (1:10 PM Start)

    Nice to see us bring in some risp
  13. Tom13206

    vs. TIGERS, 4/18 (1:10 PM Start)

    Let’s go! Get another one here
  14. Tom13206

    vs. TIGERS, 4/18 (1:10 PM Start)

    Danny V!