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  1. NEED one of the Big Three Pitchers Left

    You're not a fan of Alex Cobb? Personally I like Lee J Cobb.
  2. NEED one of the Big Three Pitchers Left

    Oh my God it would be awesome if the Angelos family sold the Orioles. Don't get our hopes up. Of course it would depend on who the buyer is too.
  3. NEED one of the Big Three Pitchers Left

    Not that the Orioles ever get lucky, but with a little luck maybe this Hunter Harvey kid can find a good, healthy season in the minors and have something to give the O's midway through the season.
  4. NEED one of the Big Three Pitchers Left

    Arrieta is gone. Duquette, go get Cobb...
  5. Just sell in the offseason instead with the new GM

    I kind of agree. Presumably it's much easier to trade away good veterans when you're the GM of a loser than it is to trade for good veterans when you're the GM of a contender -- which is why it's unfair to compare Duquette to Andy Macphail -- like everyone always does. Duquette made some very good moves with Boston, just prior to and just the contender level. But it does feel like Duquette's run of good luck with trades in Boston has turned on him here. And it does feel like some of his trades and signings here have been reckless bordering on desperate. Still, I think the specter of Angelos has made it a lot harder for him to do here (at least the last couple of years) than what he did in Boston. I blame the recklessness more on the Angelos factor than on Duquette's overall skills.
  6. Move Manny to SS

    I can't see the Red Sox or Yankees giving up anything for Manny now. He's been too terrible. I suspect other teams are starting to see Manny possibly as damaged goods.
  7. OH Challenge: Retool and Compete in One Year

    Yep, and even that free agent starter -- Gallardo -- did end up signing with the O's, unfortunately.
  8. OH Challenge: Retool and Compete in One Year

    Free agent starters will sign with the O's if the O's pay the money for them. It's not like it's harder to hit home runs in Yankee Stadium than it is in Camden. All this talk about free agent starters not signing with Baltimore comes down to $. I'm not saying the O's should pay whatever it takes to get X starter, but if you pay they will come.
  9. Has the air ball revolution hurt us most?

    From your original comment I thought you were dividing everything into ground balls and fly balls. I couldn't make sense of your original comment, which is why I mentioned line drives.
  10. Has the air ball revolution hurt us most?

    Seriously? What about line drive singles and gap doubles? Not to mention the occasional blooper.
  11. Mancini talk, 2017

    Yeah, I don't disagree with the idea of trading Manny to Boston. I just think Angelos would never do it, even if he did green light a rebuild. They don't have a better 1B than Davis. Better value 1B than Davis, yes, but not better. Thus far Moreland is outperforming his career numbers, while Davis is under-performing his.
  12. Mancini talk, 2017

    Well, first of all Judge leads the league in home runs. That's obviously impressive for any player, especially a young one breaking out. But also unlike Mancini he was a top 100 prospect. I don't think Mancini ever was, so I suspect a lot of people think Mancini will come back to earth more so than Judge -- sooner or later. We'll have to wait and see. But yes the fact that Judge is a Yankee gets him a lot more attention than it would otherwise. Not like he doesn't deserve it, though. If Mancini keeps up what he's doing then more hype will come his way for sure too. It's pretty amazing that the O's two best hitters this year by a good margin are Schoop and Mancini.
  13. Mancini talk, 2017

    When our team stops sucking up the division.
  14. Mancini talk, 2017

    Much easier to trade Manny to them? Maybe, but only if the Red Sox were willing to give up the farm for the most disappointing hitter in 2017, and only if the O's were willing to trade him. The Red Sox need a big home run hitter as much as any team in the league. Davis might not be that guy, but all you have to do is look at their numbers to determine their struggles this year are mainly because they are not hitting for any power. Davis, for all his flaws, is having a better year than Hanley Ramirez, and he is definitely having a better year than any of their third basemen -- a position Davis can also play. As far as their starting pitching is concerned, I can't see the Red Sox bumping any of their starters except Fister, and he'll get bumped any way when ERod gets back. The Red Sox have gotta believe Price, Porcello and Pomweranz will improve. They've all had their struggles but none have been that bad.