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  1. If the O's don't make the playoffs then I think there is a good chance Machado gets traded in the offseason. Even if the O's make the playoffs and don't get very far then I bet there's a decent chance. I can't see him getting traded this season though unless the O's absolutely tank between now and July while at the same time Machado starts hitting much better.
  2. I don't think this was posted yet, but I didn't see it if it was. Good to see the O's getting attention even from a non-baseball site. One thing I noticed the article does not mention was how good the Oriole bullpen was under the Earl Weaver teams too. Here's to crossing our fingers this all continues.
  3. Cool! I have a couple friends who grew up in Howard County that were born in the UK and had Welsh parents. I don't even remember them following baseball. But they follow the NFL
  4. Don't the O's have some Australian player in their system too? All of this is beside the point is that the Tigers lineup is not a bag of shite, mate.
  5. Hey, if he is really British or Aussie then I profusely apologize. I guess maybe there are some British O's fans like maybe there are some Aston Villa fans from Baltimore .
  6. Mate? Now you're Aussie? Sorry I was kind of a dick, but I just assumed you weren't a grown man when you called the Tigers lineup a bag of shite. And I weigh 170 lbs. The Tigers lineup is boosted by the fact that JD Martinez and Alex Avila are two of the hottest hitters in baseball this year, and they have a Hall of Famer in their lineup to go with Kinsler, Upton and V Martinez. Yes, they're old, but that's beside the point.
  7. Better than the O's lineup and Machado's sub .230 average and Trumbo's sub .700 OPS. Don't use the word "shite". It makes you sound like a British troll.
  8. Gausman had a bad start against the Royals but the other two were decent. I think the bottom line is that if Gausman is can't get it together this year then the O's don't have a chance.
  9. The Detroit Tigers can destroy any team's pitching -- even without Cabrera in the lineup. That lineup is stacked more than even the O's. O's need to get better pitching but it's hard to fault them too much for having a hard time in Detroit.
  10. Wow, Asher might be the second or third best starter on this team. If the O's could hit like a normal O's team Asher would have a chance against Sale or anyone.
  11. Rickard looks terrible so far, but I've never been sold on his bat. Put Gentry back in there. Can we get Markakis back? Is this the worst O's lineup this century?
  12. I'm guessing that Mancini would have been a top prospect had he shown in the minors that he could hit offspeed stuff. I guess you could say that about a lot of guys. It'll be interesting to see if/how he can adjust in the majors.
  13. OK it was a terrible loss, but as bad as one loss may be you can't really compare a team that has strung together some wins barely 20 games into a season to one that melted down 122 games into a season. For one thing that team was full of several older stars/veterans past their prime, while this team has mostly younger to middle career guys most of all whom have pros to match their well known cons. On top of that, with Tillman and Britton both out it's not surprising the O's pitching blew one game big time to a hot, young rival. This pitching staff was overdue for a meltdown.
  14. When you're not at your best is as though not every cylinder is firing.
  15. So far the 5 teams that have scored the most runs are in the NL, and the 5 teams with the best team ERA are in the AL. This is the opposite of what you'd expect. But this is pretty much meaningless since we're still only in the month of April.