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  1. The precedent I was thinking of was Gil Meche of the Royals, who forfeited $12 million after retiring because he didn't think he could earn it. https://www.nytimes.com/2011/01/27/sports/baseball/27meche.html
  2. Generous ranking if you ask me. They could easily be #1 or #2.
  3. Why DH? Davis is decent with the glove but can't hit. I would think the O's cut him before using him as a DH.
  4. If the Orioles had a pitching staff to match their current offense this team maybe could be a bit better than .500 -- best case. But without studying the numbers it does seem the offense has improved quite a bit over the past couple of months -- despite the presence of Davis and Martin.
  5. No problem. I don't mind being singled out. But I don't believe Angelos had anything to do with the construction of Camden Yards. And it's really Camden Yards that ensures there will be Major League Baseball in Baltimore -- not the Angelos family. The city of Baltimore and fans of the Orioles don't owe the Angelos family anything. In fact, I think any reasonable person understands the terrible state of the Orioles begins and ends with Angelos' mismanagement. It has nothing to do with the city of Baltimore -- quite the opposite.
  6. The Angelos family moving the O's to Nashville might just be what the city of Baltimore needs. As others have said the Rays would then just move to Baltimore. It's not like the Angeloses can take Camden Yards with them. I dare the Angelos family to move to Nashville. Why fail in a real sports city when you can fail in a fake one? Is John Angelos a wannabe country singer like his dad is a wannabe owner?
  7. I don't get this attitude toward the Ravens. I haven't even lived on the east coast since the Ravens moved to Baltimore, yet the for me the Ravens moving there were the most exciting thing to happen to Baltimore since the O's won the '83 World Series. It was a huge shame when the Colts left, but so often they were nearly as bad as the Orioles are now. With a team like the Ravens in Baltimore for so long now I find it mystifying anyone misses the Colts. I love it when the Colts lose now -- hated the Peyton Manning teams.
  8. O's, Ravens, Terps and Caps I graduated from UMD, but I was a big Terps fan before I ever thought I would go to school there. Was an almost equally big Hoyas fan as a kid, but I have a hard time caring much about college sports anymore. I used to go to Baltimore Colts games as a kid, then I was a big Redskins fan until the Ravens came to town. Now I don't care about the Skins -- kind of enjoy them losing in the Dan Snyder era actually. Try to root for the Nats sometimes, but since I've lived in LA a long time I'm also kind of a Dodgers and now a Rams fan too. A bit of an LA Kings fan too.
  9. Somebody on mlbtraderumors wrote that Hyde was never in any danger because if Davis has swung at him he would have missed. Another guy wrote that most umpires punch Davis out at least once or twice a night. Wish I could take credit for these but I can't. 😁
  10. Why, because the Yankees have been anything but dominant in the postseason for the past decade? Because the Yankees haven't been to the World Series in 10 years? The Yankees are very close to being a house of cards. Take away a brilliant season from DJ LeMahieu and some brilliant starts from some small sample sized youngsters like Urshela and German, and you have a team that gets by mostly on beating up on very weak Orioles and Blue Jays teams, a not quite arrived Rays team and a head case, off-year Red Sox team.
  11. Since 2001? This Twins team is clearly different than any other recent Twins teams.
  12. The Twins have hit more home runs than the Yankees this year, and they have a better team ERA.
  13. True, but I'm guessing most people don't think the Yanks can get past the Astros even if they do get past anyone else.
  14. Not just the Astros. The Yanks most likely have to get through the Twins or Indians too -- two very good teams.
  15. Villar's WAR numbers have been slightly higher than Schoop's for the past two years. That pesky WAR again. Schoop will probably always be dogged by inconsistency. Feel bad for the Brewers. They traded for the 2017 Schoop and got the 2018 version.
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