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  1. If Stewart hasnt been called up with Trumbo on the DL, im not sure when he'll be called up. September maybe.
  2. Via the 3 true outcomes. Walk K or HR all at record breaking levels. Balls put in play at all time low. • Strikeouts, up for a 14th consecutive season, are at another all-time high. • Walks have reached their highest rate in 19 seasons. • Home runs are at a record level (2.6 per game). Four of the five seasons with the greatest rate of home runs have occurred in the past four years. • Those so-called Three True Outcomes (strikeouts, walks and homers) account for 36 percent of all plate appearances, up from 31 percent in 2015. https://www.si.com/mlb/2019/05/14/baseball-home-run-record-strikeout
  3. You can definitely see the athleticism that makes Hyde believe Wilkerson can play center. He snagged that ball even if he stumbled a bit. The result is all that counts. We'll see what his statcast numbers say after like the minimum games to start counting says.
  4. Whatever he'd doing, he's a different player since the streak ended. As long as its within MLB guidelines Im glad he's doing it again. makes you wonder what kind of potential season Davis can have this year.
  5. His bat looked quick when he pulled a 92mph fastball for a HR yesterday. Not something I expected to see coming into this year. Its possible alot of his problems were mental.
  6. Unless they trade Rutschman, which is a possibility.
  7. jabba72

    DJ Stewart 2019

    Hyde says he looks fine in RF. I dont think the O's are considering moving their star hitter to full time DH. Nunez is slumping. Possibly a few more weeks of a Nunez slump will force Elias' hand and call up Stewart.
  8. jabba72

    DJ Stewart 2019

    Problem is Mancini and Smith are doing fine as corner OF's and I dont think they'll try Stewart in Center, so he's stuck until an injury happens.
  9. That would be an aggressive promotion if Hall is moved to Frederick. Seeing that Grenier is two years older than Hall.
  10. I could be wrong but wasnt Babe Ruths dad killed outside the same bar that is now in CF today?
  11. From the statcast numbers Tony posted Rickards slight edge in foot speed tells me he has better range than Williams. I think in another two weeks Rickard is still slumping and Williams is hitting even better, a change might be made, but not right now.
  12. jabba72

    Bowie Baysox 2019

    Disappointing for Diaz and Mckenna but I wasnt really expecting much from the other position players on this team. Bannon would be legit if he could handle playing 3B or 2B. Doesn't look like hes settled in defensively yet.
  13. I agree Harvey shouldnt be called up until he strings together a number of quality starts, getting AA hitters out. No reason to rush him before that. Do you think Harvey and Lowther skip AAA or not?
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