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  1. Baltimore City Detective shot

    No evidence but plenty of raised eyebrows.
  2. Who are the pitchers? .
  3. Clearly someone on the Orioles disagrees.
  4. Jim Palmer or Brady are the only two "outsiders" i would trust that could maybe change Angelos mind. They are on the payroll but can definitely get close to him, somewhat regularly. Maybe his sons, but they seem to be not helping much.
  5. Having Akin become a reliable #4 starter would solve alot of problems. I thought his height put him at a disadvantage to stay in the rotation. because other prospects had more velocity, and Akin isnt really a control pitcher. Either way, I want to see a few of these guys step up.
  6. Dont think he was ever projected to be anything else. That would be ideal.
  7. If we could trade Angelos/ownership...

    I hope we get to find out the sooner the better.
  8. If we could trade Angelos/ownership...

    I have to believe his sons are not this bad. I cant imagine them being any worse.
  9. If Manny stays he should play 3B.

    Except the O's dont have another SS. Machado is leaving after one year, so I dont think he should move off 3B. If they had a solid defensive SS with a bat, they wouldnt have traded for Beckham last year.
  10. Simply Extension?

    The O's wont be giving him that.
  11. Norfolk roster: How is Dan doing?

    Rotation and bullpen could be the best Norfolks had in many years. Lineup definitely missing the sluggers it had last season. Sardinas might be the utility for Orioles.
  12. i remember a Sunday night baseball game on ESPN and Ripken had the fastest bat speed being recorded during that game, but league wide I dont know.
  13. Thought the same thing. Either that or he was guessing wrong quite a bit. He never had elite bat speed even if the statcast suggest his swing has slowed down. But I haven't checked those numbers.
  14. Simply Extension?

    Yeah that was laughably bad. Talk about setting the market. I know teams backed off when he was asking 4-5, 80M but I think he could have signed sooner at the price he eventually signed here for.
  15. Simply Extension?

    Disagree. Jones will be 33 in '19. He has range for corner OF, but no longer will he be paid as a CF. Thats my main argument. I do think there were other similar offers for Trumbo, but he decided he liked the O's. Trumbo was also 29 when he signed his O's contract. A 4 year difference in age.