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  1. Should the Orioles sign Andrew Cashner and Jason Vargas?

    I think Miley might have better stuff than these two guys.
  2. Wilkerson can help as the Utility Infielder

    Yeah if Wilkerson is our defensive specialist, solely because he might bring a .700 OPS to the position, im going to consider that bench spot a weakness. I think Sardinas is light years ahead of Wilkerson at this point.
  3. Rays extened qualifying offer to Cobb

    What is the QO rules regarding a pick this year. SInce the O's finished last or next to last, dont they get punished less signing a QO?
  4. This Off Season Feels So Hopeless

    Much rather that money go to finding a SP. Ethier isnt bad, but the Orioles need to allocate their resources alot smarter than this.
  5. Will Mark Trumbo Be Back With Orioles In 2018?

    Maybe if a team has a midseason injury to a 1B. I dont think Duquette will shop Trumbo at winter meetings because I dont think a team will ask for him. If Trumbo is traded, that will be great.
  6. Wilkerson can help as the Utility Infielder

    Luis Sardinas in Norfolk, can play utility probably much better defensively than Wilkerson, unless he's a FA. Had a .767 OPS in Norfolk last year playing primarily SS.
  7. I was a little shocked when Phillies hired Joe Jordan. I can only describe his era of draft picks as underwhelming. Mick Moniak who Phils drafted #1 overall in 2016 hasnt been impressive in A Ball either.
  8. If they dont sign a FA he likely will be.
  9. Wilkerson can help as the Utility Infielder

    If he's not a plus defender I dont think he should be the O's utility.
  10. Expansion/Realignment

    Angelos family would highly oppose this. But if they get outvoted I guess anything could happen. I think the Yanks and Sox wouldnt be fans of being placed in a elite spending division that plays each other 18 games per year. While small market teams do the same.
  11. Mountcastle to continue transition to 3B in the AFL

    The Orioles dont seem to think this.
  12. What else do you see them doing. They kept Britton when logic said he should be traded last offseason. Its a little late to start selling.
  13. Agree. Nats winning it all is good for the Orioles.
  14. Getting rid of Chris Davis

    I dont think the Red Sox want to give up Porcello, Lin plus three prospects for Stanton even if they do need his power. Also not sure about Jeter wanting to add payroll. Maybe if the O's did something like bring back Chen's salary it would work.