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  1. Wouldnt surprise me if they liked something about Herb. He's a starter for one, but the O's have plenty of options in AAA.
  2. Well its becoming clearer and clearer what to do with him. He's making the decision way too easy.
  3. Buck himself came up with the nugget title. No one did it for him. We dont know what Elias or Hyde will come up with yet.
  4. I think going north in the cold might set him back. Unless he's already pain free.
  5. It was a steep drop off. I didnt like his first year either and probably not his second.
  6. Reghi improved alot to where his last year or two I actually liked his commentary and enthusiasm. He just needed experience calling games and it took a few years.
  7. Compared to Hunter he's fine, compared to Thorne? Its hard to reach that level. Im ok with him and I like Dave Johnson doing the color commentary, very honest in his scouting assessment of players. Not a cheerleader like Bordick, who i find mostly useless doing color.
  8. I guess whenever MountCastle hits his way up while playing 1B (hopefully) that will be the day Davis is demoted. So it could be as late as August or possibly next year.
  9. Elias isnt going to let Brady go rogue on any Minor Leaguers. Elias has a specific plan he intends to implement. If Brady has an office somewhere in the warehouse, I dont see an issue with it. It seems clear to me Brady's input on contract extension days are probably over for good reason.
  10. Elias hasnt revealed his plans for Davis, so I have to assume he'll be on the team all year.
  11. Maybe Davis will sign with another team after he opts out of his contract.
  12. jabba72

    What of Bundy?

    Bundy was sitting around 88-91 last night with a couple 92's.
  13. Im shocked they actually want to play Jones in CF. Rejecting that he isnt the same player he was in his 20's is also ridiculous. Jones was league average at best last year. His contract proves it.
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