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  1. They did hire Rush Limbaugh to do NFL pregame coverage so you have to give ESPN credit for trying. Of course he got fired after like two weeks or something.
  2. Agree about Berman he was highly entertaining in the 80's and 90's. I really dont watch ESPN so I dont know how good he is anymore. At one time Berman was ESPN.
  3. ESPN jumped the shark a long time ago. Like early 2000's. The only thing they have going for them are college sports mostly.
  4. It will be interesting to see what the Orioles plan on doing for SS next year. i guess alot depends on if they still see Hardy as an everyday player .
  5. Ring will turn 23 on August 16th so that definitely puts his hot start in perspective. Not that I dont think he wouldnt do the same in Frederick. He'll almost definitely be getting a promotion in a few weeks if he keeps hitting like this.
  6. The Orioles do have a pending logjam in minor league OF's, especially if Santander stays in the organization. But those trades are probably another year or two down the road when those prospects are in AA and higher. Right now I dont think they are in demand.
  7. This is happening in recent years too. Hoes and Avery were aggressively promoted without much success. Jomar Reyes debuting at Frederick last year at 19 is another example. He fell off the radar for alot of people, but is doing much better in the early going this year. DJ Stewart in Bowie this year some think is aggressive, but at this point he isnt really seen as a prospect.
  8. Im curious how they plan to activate Santander from the DL.
  9. I forgot that they could release the Crichton.
  10. His trade value is the other team taking his contract.
  11. Yeah im going there...Trumbo's bat hasnt really been that great since last July, and Mancini is more than capable of taking his role, not to mention not enough AB's for Kim, Smith, Alvarez and Rickard once he gets off the DL. If Trumbo doesnt hit 40+ HR's, does he really have any value?
  12. Cabrera was actually 23 when he was called up, so that isnt very rushed. It was assumed he had nothing to prove by pitching in Bowie with his velocity at the time. Peralta is still 21. Noway he is remotely ready to pitch in Baltimore this year anyway, but the repeatable delivery is very good news.
  13. Dont think this guy was worth trading for.