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  1. jabba72

    One Millionth Post

    Game Thread has 635k posts. Not bad for a forum im guessing hardly anyone reads.
  2. jabba72

    TT: Silence of Ownership is Deafening

    You sound really optimistic.
  3. jabba72

    TT: Silence of Ownership is Deafening

    Is the guy in the middle, Brady? Hard to tell.
  4. jabba72

    A Few Questions About Some Former Orioles

    Just low expectations for next year. I have no clue what their plan is.
  5. jabba72

    A Few Questions About Some Former Orioles

    Market value for Jones will probably be within the O's price range unless something unforeseen happens. I can see the new O's GM thinking it brilliant to resign a fan favorite for a lost year.
  6. jabba72

    A Few Questions About Some Former Orioles

    I think Jones and Davis have a decent shot at coming back, unless the new GM actually has a plan for next year.
  7. I have to think Jeter will go as cheap as possible so I doubt Buck will be too thrilled managing with a low income contract, Just speculating. If Mattingly is still signed, I think that rules out everyone else.
  8. Is it a sure thing Jones isnt coming back next year? I kind of get the feeling he wants to return, even if it is only one year. He has to know at this point his value as a Free Agent is almost minimum.
  9. jabba72

    Will Chris Davis make it to 502 PA?

    Isnt that what he's doing this year? I dont care if he sets the record or not, His OPS is steadily rising to where it wouldnt surprise me if he finishes with an OPS near .650, which is really bad, just not record setting bad.
  10. jabba72

    Carmona vs. Hall

    Carmona is rated much higher on mlbpipeline if that means anything. http://m.mlb.com/prospects/2018?list=bal
  11. jabba72

    Carmona vs. Hall

    Hall is capable of making the spectacular play defensively, and while his arm might grade out as average, he can reach back for more when needed and he's usually very accurate. He will struggle at times with the backhand play, but most feel he can stick at short. If not, his tools also would fit nicely at the keystone. http://m.mlb.com/prospects/2018?list=bal That was the first place i checked, Im sure I read it somewhere, but mlbpipeline seems optimistic.
  12. jabba72

    Carmona vs. Hall

    Which has the stronger arm? Pretty sure I read somewhere scouts aren't high on Hall sticking at SS.
  13. jabba72

    Now that the dust has settled

    Unless they plan on signing a Free Agent SS, im not sure the O's have another option, so $5M to fill SS makes sense