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  1. Astros Sign Jose Altuve 5 Years $151M.

    No question he will once he hits FA. If he has a big year im guessing he will hit 300M. Whcih the O's wouldnt come close to.
  2. Santander

    He'll definitely be staying the 45 days...After that who knows how well he is doing.
  3. I can see a decline coming, but the owners are already getting wise to the foolishness of longterm contracts. Which should benefit the game and teams like the Orioles.
  4. Mountcastle HBP, out 4-6 weeks with broken hand

    Dont really think Moundcastle should be blocking Reyes at this point. Same position or not it sounds obvious Moundcastle isnt a MLB 3B.
  5. Castro moves into the lead for the 5th starter

    Judge and Bird. Torres at SS. The rest looks like the Yankees farm team.
  6. Castro moves into the lead for the 5th starter

    Does Castro still use a sideearm delivery? That doesn't look like something that will hold up over 30 starts assuming he gets the nod.
  7. Everything Buck told him is probably true. So I dont have a problem with it. 17 walks in over 500 PA's is not acceptable. Moundcastle's defense is also not major league quality. No other way for Buck to put it.
  8. John Angelos and Brady taking over? (note on Boras as well)

    Its reported Lynn asked Baltimore for a two year deal.
  9. John Angelos and Brady taking over? (note on Boras as well)

    He was definitely in the warehouse for a long time. i thought I had read he was a vice president and MASN and didnt do much with the Orioles since MASN was formed but I guess that obviously changed.
  10. John Angelos and Brady taking over? (note on Boras as well)

    The fact they apparently didnt want to sign Lynn for two years is enough to make me question his methods a little. But maybe they like Cobb better.
  11. Maybe. But not as a 3B. Not many 1B or OF's walk 17 times per year and keep playing.
  12. Arrieta's got to be freaking out right now. I wonder how many $100M offers he's turned down over the years.
  13. If the Orioles would lose their first on this, im not sure I'd want them to do less than 3 years. Definitely not one year.
  14. What If Tillman Gets Hammered in Spring Training?

    Reports are he isnt looking bad, but has Tillman pitched any ST games yet? i dont think he has.
  15. What is your opinion of shielding the starters?

    Buck knows the AL East teams have professional hitters, the more looks they get against our average at best rotation, the better those lineups will adjust. they probably just get longer bullpen sessions or take extra simulated games vs some of our hitters like Machado or Jones. Im not sure what they do when they aren't getting starts.