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  1. I'll take any of our 5th starter options over Gallardo.
  2. Peavy, Fister and Edwin Jackson are still FA's unless they already signed minor league contracts with another team.
  3. Lots of O's pitchers throw a mid 90's fastball, they dont seem to have a changeup to go with it. At least no one in the upper levels anyway. Its impossible to project anything from pitchers in the lower levels. I just assume if they have a changeup that makes them SP material.
  4. Apparently Alvarez has a promising changeup and mid-high 90's fastball, which should instantly put him in the top tier of our pitching prospects.
  5. This is just embarrassing for Duquette to keep talking about this. Just say he's a poor fielder`, or wants too much money or anything besides "O's fan`s hate him!!, He's not working class!!!"
  6. Agree. Duquette needs to drop it already. Why cant he just say Bautista was out of the O's price range, instead of trying to smear him. At Trumbo dollars im sure Duquette would have been interested.
  7. Sounds like Santander is staying. Good to hear. i really could care less about Gentry or Bourne (or Alvarez), sad to say. i think Rickard should be the 4th OF and should be able to handle more ABs against RH.
  8. And has been bad in left field. Scouts who saw him in the Fall League think he might need to move to first base and questioned his bat speed. The above is about DJ Stewart. I'd like to know whose idea it was to draft him, because it seems like he only looked at his walks and skipped everything else.
  9. MLB statcast says Rickard has more range than Jones. Even if slightly. Also says Trumbo is the worst in baseball on routine (1 star) plays, By a large margin.
  10. We've seen this before with Flanagan... another Angelos favorite. He ended up having little influence on Angelos from what i remember.
  11. Better than Angelos and sons hiring an executive that does the same thing Brady does. Its obvious the Angelos family still run the show. Your'e right there. But since they have all the money (and MASN), they aren't going away.
  12. And rumors that some wanted Wieters back, but reading the article it doesn't sound like Wieters liked Brady's presence in the clubhouse for whatever reason. Personally, I think Brady's influence on player contracts is where he is most needed: See the Fowler debacle last year as example #1A. Where was Brady then?
  13. Baseball America is considered by some be the industry standard when it comes to prospect rankings, so I hope they are correct that Sisco is rated high. Either way if Sisco isnt good enough at Catcher he should be moved to the OF. Since catching is said to take a huge toll on hitters.
  14. Funny how Mancini finally gets a start in the OF, one day after Alvarez signs. Lets hope he impresses.
  15. No teams going to want a catcher that cant throw anyone out. Move Sisco to corner OF if he cant cut it at Catcher.