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  1. I doubt he's there a week, unless he's limited to DH for longer than that.
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    I meant June 28th. Typo.
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    And Detroit's 3-14 since July 28th. They might finish last.
  4. September callup most years, so a good baserunner, but not seen as someone worthy of a 25 man roster spot.
  5. If 4 teams are interested that will definitely increase the market price. I would guess by now its a near certainty Givens is traded. Wonder if Elias is looking for under 18 latin talent again?
  6. jabba72

    Austin Hays 2019

    No doubt. I would like them both to start walking alot more. If you play a premium defensive position like CF or SS, a lack of walks is acceptable, but not so much anywhere else.
  7. https://sports.yahoo.com/in-the-curious-atlantic-league-stealing-first-base-is-simply-playing-by-the-rules-044756117.html Tim Brown on Yahoo talks about this with a few major leaguers and they also dont like the OBP negative aspect of it.
  8. How many batters are going to run knowing this doesn't raise their OBP? Dumb rule.
  9. Prado the 17 year old CF, is doing pretty well in his first DSL season. 800 OPS with 3 HR's and 9 SB's and alot of walks. His height is only 6'0 so thats one thing not in his favor, but the Sox entire OF I believe is under 6'0.
  10. This is going to hurt badly this year, O's have no one that can fill Cashner's spot. The prospects are hopefully good ones in a few years, We'll see.
  11. Would definitely be open to moving Givens for a legit prospect, but I question his value right now. Cashner's value has improved since the offseason when he was probably seen as worthless. Still, his loss would be huge for the rotation and if they aren't getting back legit talent. I see no need to trade him.
  12. I think the prospect return is minimal at best for all 4, so I wouldn't move them unless the goal is to cement the #1 pick. Losing Cashner would hurt the most out of all of them IMO. So if he goes it likely will increase the chances the O's finish last.
  13. I would give the batter two steps before he is committed and then he can turn around. Mostly because of the Skynard song "give me two steps".
  14. Slow runners are never going to try this. Its probably suited more for the fastest players on the team, who also might have trouble getting on base. Im not sure it will ever rise above the atlantic league.
  15. Basically if the pitcher or catcher drops a ball or makes an errant throw, the batter is allowed to take off and steal first base. . I think its not something that will catch on https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/27168526/stealing-first-gets-tryout-atlantic-league
  16. I wonder if thats the plan for when he reaches Baltimore too? No full workload to keep his bat in the lineup as much as possible.
  17. No. I would keep him because his trade value is minimal right now, and also hope he can teach his change up to all the Oriole pitchers.
  18. What about the AAA Homerun totals at an all-time high pace as well? I think the balls are juiced, and should be reversed hopefully by next season. Guys in their mid 30's aren't dominating the sport like they were 10-15 years ago, which goes against the PED theory. If PED's do anything, its prolong peak performance years after a players prime should have left.
  19. He's shown a tendency to not walk many hitters. Career 2.7 BB9. My guess is he'll be in the rotation. .
  20. jabba72

    Ryan McKenna 2019

    Im guessing his range in CF isnt ++, so he'll need his bat to carry him to the majors and stay there most likely. The results are encouraging, hopefully he finishes strong in Bowie enough to get back on the prospect radar.
  21. Well I'll trust your analysis over Laws since its obvious you know alot more about pitching mechanics than i do. At 19 I guess there is no rush.
  22. What happens to Mountcastle if Reed is playing 1B at Norfolk everyday? Looking at his age (26) and career AAA stats im not impressed.
  23. Well according to Law hes surprised he can maintain or even throw as hard as he does now. Its not like he has great velocity either. I think some recommended changes to his delivery could get more MPH, and maybe improve his stamina.
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