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  1. 32 minutes ago, tntoriole said:

    I would just like to hear from somebody as to exactly what he has figured out...this is no Ryan Flaherty briefly being better.  He may be one of those we look back on and say curse words.  

    We had Joey Rickard as our 4th OF when Yaz was traded, who also has better stats in AAA last year. I like Yaz but he never did anything in Norfolk that suggests this breakout was going to come. Yaz does look the part of a major leaguer, unlike say Stewart, who is also a much higher draft pick. Yaz' 14th round draft status meant he was always going to be behind the higher drafted corner OF's and rule 5 picks. 

  2. 12 minutes ago, eddie83 said:

    He has played 12 games out there. I don’t know if he can play there or not. You don’t have to have a great arm in LF. 

    I really don’t know what they are planing on doing with him. He is still pretty young. 

    Right now it seems Mountcastle is either at 1B or LF. Basically another Mancini. 

  3. 2 hours ago, Frobby said:

    If you look at his overall numbers, yes he’s been slightly above average.   But if you look at trends, he was well above average for about two months and has been below average since then.    So, I don’t think he’s built a very strong case for a call-up unless the O’s just want to get a look at him against major league hitters.

    Yesterday, I was a little surprised they pulled him after 4 innings/80 pitches.    He’s had an awful lot of short, high pitch count starts over the last 2+ months.    

    The coaches probably see the velocity drop and dont see the point in driving up his pitch counts.

  4. 44 minutes ago, brvn52 said:


    Saw that. Also had a walk two games ago. Hopefully someone told him his "never walk" approach was not going to be successful going forward at the next level. 

  5. 48 minutes ago, Frobby said:

    Looks like 7% to me.    

    Trumbo's walk rate was almost 10% in AAA, so he improved alot as he moved up the levels. I dont know what age his AAA season was. Adam Jones walk rate was around 7.4% in two AAA seasons

  6. 4 hours ago, Luke-OH said:

    Marte walked 5% in his minor league career, Mountcastle has walked 4.4%. Mountcastle has been a year younger at practically every stop. That's a negligible difference. I don't think anyone was comparing Marte as a fielder to Mountcastle. I mentioned the difference in defensive value when I mentioned Marte. 

    I didnt see your original post about Marte. Its definitely an interesting comp because he is clearly a major leaguer who had a very low walk rate in the minors. Mountcastle does have much more power than Marte does. While Marte has a big edge in baserunning and im guessing range in the OF.

  7. 22 hours ago, TINSTAAPP said:

    I know Luke mentioned Starling Marte as a comp but Marte is a plus baserunner and defensive outfielder. How much value would Marte have if he was below average defensively and not much of a stolen base threat on the basepaths? He would be another dime-a-dozen player with a decent bat. 

    Even Marte walked 28 times in 436 PA's in AAA. Almost double Mountcastle's total. But like you mentioned, Marte has stolen over 30 bases 5 different seasons, and has plus range. Mountcastle's just been playing 1B until recently.  

  8. 2 minutes ago, WalkWithElias said:

    This is funny. I don't think either Mancini or Nunez are going to hit 40 this year and that is during a season when home runs are flying out at record breaking pace throughout the league. 

    Mountcastle is a consensus Top 100 prospect based on scouting experts who have watched him play numerous times over several seasons and discuss his skills with this within the industry. Yet posters here have decided that due to a single stat category that he won't be able to hit in the majors. 

    Despite its flaws, MLB Pipeline has Mountcastle is the NUMBER TWO first base prospect in baseball, only behind the guy who just got taken #3 overall in this spring's draft. If Mountcastle can't play first base and hit at a major league level, then I guess there is only 1 first baseman who will be up to the task. 

    I think there's a shot one of them will, but both will get to 35+ easily without any injuries hitting them. I just cant envision any scenario where a 1B who walks under 20 times a season is going to produce enough to move Mancini or Nunez. The low bar is Nunez right now who is hitting 249 with a .316 OBP. Even without walking, Mountcastle may well be able to clear those numbers.  

  9. 35 minutes ago, Frobby said:

    I agree.   He’s no sure thing.    I think he’d do OK, but who knows?

    If he's just OK thats not someone you push out Mancini or Nunez for. Two guys who are on their way to hitting 40 HR's. Defensively neither are very good, so if Mountcastle can learn to play solid at 1B or the OF, that would give him an edge. 

  10. 1 hour ago, RZNJ said:

    I know I am risking the wrath of many but I have my doubts that his bat would play right now.  Did Hays bat play in 2017 after posting a 960 OPS in AA?   He may get off to a hot start if ML pitchers challenge him with the fastball but sooner or later pitchers will look to take advantage of his aggressive tendencies.  

    Agree with this. 14 walks in 440 PA's would not play in the majors. Playing 1B, thats ridiculous. But I dont know if its any better or how he looks in the OF.

  11. It is strange Santander's only had middling stats at Norfolk the last two years but has found his stroke in Baltimore. Oh well. His name will keep getting put in the lineup since his defense has been a plus so far too. 

  12. Just now, JMU_Birdfan said:

    Any chance we traded mountcasle for someone who plays an actual position and takes walks?


    No but he's still blocked from being on the major league team. 

  13. 3 hours ago, RZNJ said:

    Biggio wasn't moved because he was so valuable offensively.  It had a lot to do with his defense, IIRC.  Also, a catcher can sustain a serious injury playing the position part time.  I do agree that if he's an elite offensive player that I would consider avoiding the daily grind and the wear and tear of the position.

    Depends. If Rutschman is a .330 type hitter and has 100 Walk potential, then i would consider moving him off catcher, but as was the case with Wieters, you wont know what you have until he's in the majors already. 

  14. 8 hours ago, webbrick2010 said:

    I hope we didn't use 1-1 on a plus defensive catcher that we plan to move to 1B the least valued position on the field.

    Just that anyone is thinking this goes to how much I disliked a catcher at 1-1

    CJ Abrams will never be moved to 1B, at a minimum he will be a plus defensive SS or CF



    I had the same thoughts and wanted Abrams too. 

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