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  1. You can definitely see the athleticism that makes Hyde believe Wilkerson can play center. He snagged that ball even if he stumbled a bit. The result is all that counts. We'll see what his statcast numbers say after like the minimum games to start counting says.
  2. Whatever he'd doing, he's a different player since the streak ended. As long as its within MLB guidelines Im glad he's doing it again. makes you wonder what kind of potential season Davis can have this year.
  3. His bat looked quick when he pulled a 92mph fastball for a HR yesterday. Not something I expected to see coming into this year. Its possible alot of his problems were mental.
  4. Unless they trade Rutschman, which is a possibility.
  5. Hyde says he looks fine in RF. I dont think the O's are considering moving their star hitter to full time DH. Nunez is slumping. Possibly a few more weeks of a Nunez slump will force Elias' hand and call up Stewart.
  6. Problem is Mancini and Smith are doing fine as corner OF's and I dont think they'll try Stewart in Center, so he's stuck until an injury happens.
  7. That would be an aggressive promotion if Hall is moved to Frederick. Seeing that Grenier is two years older than Hall.
  8. I could be wrong but wasnt Babe Ruths dad killed outside the same bar that is now in CF today?
  9. From the statcast numbers Tony posted Rickards slight edge in foot speed tells me he has better range than Williams. I think in another two weeks Rickard is still slumping and Williams is hitting even better, a change might be made, but not right now.
  10. Disappointing for Diaz and Mckenna but I wasnt really expecting much from the other position players on this team. Bannon would be legit if he could handle playing 3B or 2B. Doesn't look like hes settled in defensively yet.
  11. I agree Harvey shouldnt be called up until he strings together a number of quality starts, getting AA hitters out. No reason to rush him before that. Do you think Harvey and Lowther skip AAA or not?
  12. Im guessing his pitch count will be closer to 100 in the summer, which makes you wonder how soon he'll be called up to Baltimore after that.
  13. They setup a high speed cam behind the batting cage the day after he set the record for most hitless AB's. But I dont know what that told Davis. Its clear he's done something.
  14. Its odd that he says he couldnt hit the high fastball last year and now he can. Im not sure what thats about, unless he was that pull happy. Maybe he's just seeing the ball better, its clear he is for this short stretch. Though I think his bat looks slower than a few years ago.
  15. At least Diaz is healthy though. Got to be able to stay on the field.
  16. No, Hays isnt playing. Haven't heard anything about his rehab either. This injury is a real setback after last year.
  17. Agents and MLB players are complaining more and more about these smart contracts, which makes me wonder what the future holds for the Orioles the next time they get a young, MLB ready prospect on the team.
  18. I think the last thing Elias wants to do is bring up a 1B prospect in April. IMO, its unfortunate but Davis, Mancini and Nunez are also in the mix there, so Mountcastle is probably going to spend the year in Norfolk, unless he's hitting .350 or something in July. then, maybe they'll call him up and split the PA's.
  19. Now does Bundy come out for the 6th? He's at 88 pitches.
  20. Struck out the side too in the 5th inning. His velo jump came out of nowhere all of the sudden. He was throwing 89-90 to start the game. Lets hope it continues.
  21. Hit once again into the teeth of the shift, but dropped in before Betts could reach it.
  22. Why does Hyde keep benching him? Its silly to let him on the 25 man but then bench him vs any half decent pitcher. Davis will probably happily sit the next 4 years on the bench knowing he'll be protected from any good pitcher the teams faces.
  23. Josh Rogers is said to be coming up for Cobb. Hopefully he can pitch 5 innings every start.
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