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  1. Definitely comfortable. A rare, rare comfortable lead at home. We could still lose, but it's definitely a big big uphill battle for the Marlins now with Bundy effective on the mound. I was at the game that feels like forever ago on Mother's Day when the Orioles last had such a good game. Hmm. Mother's Day. Father's Day. How about this: June 19 = Grandmother's Day June 20 = Grandfather's Day June 21 = Son's Day June 22 = Daughter's Day June 23 = Sister's Day ... September 30 = Your Cousin's Dad's Pet Goldfish Day Suddenly I see a route to an Oriole 2nd wild card.
  2. Even last year, a game that feels competitive, almost even comfortable, like this would happen at least a handful of times per week. And it would happen more or less constantly before last year, starting in 2012. This is the first year in recent memory where watching a game this good is a once-a-month opportunity.
  3. allquixotic

    1 run or less.

    The last time the team won at home was Mother's Day, May 13, when my mom and I went to OPACY. They scored 17 runs that day, which is enough for about a week plus of play at their current rate.
  4. allquixotic

    vs. MARLINS, 6/15

    It doesn't really matter what our pitchers do. We won't score. These guys just cannot get any runs.
  5. allquixotic

    Orioles Mount Rushmores

    Andrew Miller?
  6. allquixotic

    Orioles Mount Rushmores

    The book's still out on Jose Bautista and another one that I would add to that list: Jake Arrieta. Certainly his 2015 was worth something. Not sure how quickly he will flame out but he's obviously getting up there in age already. Will he be serviceable into older age like CC or Colon, or will he be done before he even sniffs 40?
  7. allquixotic

    Orioles Mount Rushmores

    The Orioles have pennant races? Oh, right. Short memory. I can't see past the red haze of frustration about 2018 (and as a follow-on to a decidedly bad year last year, it's getting pretty thick.)
  8. allquixotic

    Orioles Mount Rushmores

    Mt Rushmore of the most notorious/infamous/famous Orioles in Internet memes in the 2010s (also in pictures):
  9. allquixotic

    Orioles Mount Rushmores

    How about Pedro Strop, who went from awesome for us, to horrifically bad for us, to good for the Cubs?
  10. If the SEC is nailing that guy to the wall in court, surely they can get at least some substantial recompense for Peavy and the other athletes he conned?
  11. allquixotic

    Orioles Mount Rushmores

    Mt Rushmore of current and recent Orioles who love their pet cats, with pictures: (Rich Hill for those who don't remember him.)
  12. allquixotic

    Most disappointing player?

    The entire organization. The entire mindset. Top to bottom, from ownership, to management, to players, to the farm system, every single individual in the entire organization with an impact on the on-field product is just horrific at their jobs. Starting from the values and the team culture, to the ability of the players and coaches. There is absolutely nothing encouraging or good in the entire Orioles sphere of influence. Nothing. It's one hundred percent an unadulterated cesspool overflowing with apathy, ineptitude and carelessness. It should be liquidated.
  13. Oh, man, that's comedic gold. They probably decided to do that, unironically, last year or something, and just got around to painting the bus based on their expectation that Davis wouldn't be the laughing stock of MLB this year. Now, that Reddit tagline is just so memetic that I wouldn't be surprised if all of MLB is laughing about it by the time the week's out. Then it will become a general meme on the Internet like apathetic Reynolds eating his seeds as a guy trots by with a homer.
  14. allquixotic

    Does anybody REALLY care any more?

    I turned the game off about 10 minutes after turning it on. It was clear they would lose in about the third inning. No, I don't care. At all.
  15. I think there’s a 90% chance we’d have won by the 11th inning if we had Machado in the game and literally any other MLB position player batting instead of Davis. Probably even any position player who’s currently at Norfolk or Bowie.