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  1. allquixotic

    vs. INDIANS, 8/17

    Rickard. We thought he'd be amazing, but he's just a fill-in. Part of our next decade-plus dark era.
  2. allquixotic

    vs. INDIANS, 8/17

    This team is consistently bad. Incredibly unclutch.
  3. allquixotic

    vs. METS, 8/15

    I think our pitcher is crying on the mound.
  4. allquixotic

    vs. METS, 8/15

    Keep trotting out there one joke AAAA pitcher after another who can't find the strike zone to save their lives. This team is pathetic.
  5. allquixotic

    vs. METS, 8/15

  6. allquixotic

    vs. METS, 8/14

    Davis would have been out by a mile, glad he didn't run. But if he were pinch run with a faster player they could have scored.
  7. allquixotic

    vs. METS, 8/14

    Probability of Davis' contract being as good as Ortiz's latter years?
  8. allquixotic

    vs. METS, 8/14

    Sigh. We got two "hits" and let Vargas off the hook with only one pitch more than Cashner needed for a flawless 1-2-3.
  9. allquixotic

    vs. METS, 8/14

    Boneheaded move. Run into an out.
  10. allquixotic

    8/11 - Day half of the day/night double header

    In the 7th inning stretch game highlights review, they showed Chris Davis throwing his bat. I think his bat made it further than any O's batted baseball tonight.
  11. allquixotic

    Boy, do WE stink!

    We’ve been wo— oh, wait, no we haven’t. At least Cedric Mu— eh, he’ll probably regress to a AAAA player in a few games. They have a bright fu— um, we have no idea who will be our manager or GM next year, and we have no guarantee that any of our prospects will turn out to be better than replacement level players. Sorry, I’ve got nothing.
  12. allquixotic

    Let's Beat the Red Sox (8/10)

    We fielded a team of nobodies and incompetent players and traded away most of our good ones.
  13. allquixotic

    vs. D-RAYS, 8/08

    This guy is audibly out there tonight
  14. allquixotic

    50 games left - call the record

    I think they will end the season 81-81. The Dodgers will trade Manny back to us, Davis will hit 50 home runs, and we will call up Zach Pop who will top the rotation and pitch better than Cubs Arrieta. ... No, you can’t have any of what I’m smoking. I hear they sell it at the “O, What a Dog!” stands at OPACY though, so be sure to ask.
  15. I do want a machine calling balls and strikes. Every call should either be challengeable (so that a human can watch the replay, take their time and get it right) or called by machine. The most infuriating thing ever is when your team gets totally hosed by the ump making a horrible call on something that can't be challenged, like a ridiculous (one way or the other) check swing call. I agree about the payroll sizes. Sure, most guys who play in the MLB are at the very top of the talent heap, and the ones that get huge FA contracts, even more so. But their contribution to society often isn't consummate to the amount of resources they loot from it with their massive ruling-class warchests, except for those who go out of their way to reinvest in communities in ways that are truly beneficial to said communities. But that is neither required nor guaranteed, and many guys do the minimum charity donation recommended by their agent and hoard the rest, or invest it overseas, which is slowly weakening our economy the more it happens. Incredibly, baseball isn't the sport with the highest-paid athletes. I'm not sure how the sport compares in terms of overall spending, but for individual players, I think boxing and soccer might be at the top. I'm a big fan of the young, relatively low-paid and hungry guys from pretty much any team, and it's obvious that they put in max effort to try and break through. But it's so disappointing when those same guys slum it the second they get a huge contract and they're no longer playing for a contract. I think at least part of Davis' recent ineptitude is because he simply has no financial incentive to perform; he won't lose a dime no matter how bad he is. I think contracts should have a base salary that affords a comfortable, even luxurious life, maybe $350k per year, and all income after that should be purely performance-based. I'm sure the stats guys can come up with a way to analyze a player's portfolio and come up with a fair haul based on performance. It wouldn't be a linear amount per hit or home run or whatever, because someone hitting 50 home runs should be worth considerably more than someone who hits 25, not just twice as much.