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  1. If Rickard is optioned for over 20 days, the O's gain another year of control.
  2. What were the bonuses? They all look like older players that they signed cheap after the Bowden kickback scandal.
  3. The pitch calling may reflect a change in philosophy from Dave Wallace to Roger McDowell.
  4. Since Kenny didn't quote Dan, I'm going with the Dan being frustrated that Tillman has been slow to recover. It's hard to put it all on the medical staff when Chris was healthy enough to start the wildcard game.
  5. If it was that big of a deal, Jake Arrieta would have told us 20 or 30 times by now.
  6. MLB changed the way they measure velocity. We should expect increases in the measurement of velocity across the board.
  7. I think he was eligible for the $100K retention bonus. Which pushes back his opt out date to June 1st.
  8. Brooks hit more triples than Rickey Henderson but I believe Henderson was faster.
  9. The data available on Baseball Savant doesn't agree with the Rickard is a poor fielder narrative. He isn't in the Kiermaier class but he's better than Jon Jay.
  10. I look at Trumbo's defense chart on baseball savant and it appears he plays right with a lawn chair and a beer. Alvarez should be able to equal that.
  11. I'm going to assume two things. 1) He has options 2) The new CBA hasn't changed Rule 5. If these are correct then they could acquire his full rights and option him to the minors.
  12. Jones batting second is simply another bad decision. I normally let single game tactics slide but when every decision is bad I tend to get a little pissy
  13. Probably because Jerry Weinstein is smart enough to not bat Eric Hosmer 5th ahead of both Paul Goldschmidt and Giancarlo Stanton. Eric negative fWAR Hosmer. The same Eric Hosmer that fangraphs ranked 22nd out of 23 firstbasemen.
  14. Leyland's terrible. USA keeps recycling old, outdated managers then doesn't understand why they lose. Roark isn't a good relief pitch, Miller got up twice on Friday but didn't get in. Leyland should be roasted but he won't and the media will blame Trout or Harper or Kershaw or Syndergaard when the real problem is they're trying to win using 30 year old strategy.
  15. Not a corner but look at Trea Turner's year as a first time outfielder. Baseball Savant Fangraphs Baseball Refernce