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  1. Larry18

    A Few Questions About Some Former Orioles

    I could see Adam ending up with the Giants, an aging team with a poor farm system and way too many long term commitments to no longer productive players. As always my comments about the Giants are merely my opinion. Your results may vary.
  2. The Tillman deal reeks of Lew Ford.
  3. It's certainly possible. A Firefly type scenario.
  4. Tell it to Fred and Barney
  5. Chris Davis batted in the 5 hole in 73 games. I wonder which matrix endorsed this idea. Come on Buck stop the BS.
  6. Not using analytics is the intellectual equivalent to not running out ground balls.
  7. Larry18

    The Victor Victor Mesa/Sandy Gaston thread

    Wichita Linemen?
  8. Zach basically throws one pitch. How much analysis is there for this type of reliever? Everybody wants better information but I've heard Max Scherzer praise Matt Wieters for providing this very same service.
  9. I wish Chris had Hunter Pence's mindset
  10. Larry18

    'GM' Candidates and when

    His wife does marketing for the Yankees. Maybe a twofor deal.
  11. Larry18

    'GM' Candidates and when

    Is Colletti part of the FBI investigation into the Dodgers?
  12. Larry18

    Duquette is expected to be fired

    Poach Ben Cherington from the Blue Jays
  13. Larry18

    Top Manager Candidates

    Molitor is 62,the same age as Buck and two years older than Scioscia.
  14. Larry18

    Would you non-tender Dylan Bundy?

    It may take a multi-year deal, but I don't think a team would offer that as their opening position. That's all. Edit: I do think your scenario is much more likely than Bundy forgoing arbitration and signing with the Orioles for $2M.