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  1. This is what happens when your owner dies.

    I think Mr. Angelos would know how to set up a proper trust fund to deal with the requisite tax burdens.
  2. Correct if he can duplicate his 2016 numbers, which I don't think is reasonable to assume. I will assume that players employ Boras to maximize their income and I don't believe pitching in lower leverage situations provides that opportunity.
  3. Not hurt as much as not allow him to further enhance his value.
  4. Which is bound to make Scott Boras happy.
  5. Darren O'Day's struggles

    His GB% is the highest it's been as an Oriole. His HR% is below last year, as is his XBH%. His OPS is .615 vs a Career .605. Even though his BB% is at a career high 11.4% it isn't that much off the 9.9% from last year. He has converted 15 of the 17 save opportunities, or 88%, which is fine for a non closer reliever. Brooks baseball shows no real dip in velocity. The largest change is his LOB% is at a terrible 65.8% versus a career 82%. Fangraphs likes this years O'Day (0.4 fWAR) much better than last year (0.1fWAR) and about the same as the 2014-2015 version (0.7 & 0.9 fWAR for a full season). To me, this suggests that when he struggles with his command, he's getting pounded but those times are fewer than what his ERA would suggest.
  6. This is what happens when your owner dies.

    Jack Kent Cooke left his estate to a trust fund that is used to fund an education charity. His children received almost nothing.
  7. Teams that could/should be interested in Britton

    It's more than just Britton having a tough time. Snydergaard,Dyson,Treinen and Thornburg were the uber velocity sinker studs of 2016. Not one of them has come close to their expectations. Change in ball? Change of strike zone? Or plain coincidence, I'd be reluctant to move major pieces for any of these guys right now.
  8. TT: The only question left for Angelos

    Being old
  9. Britton not pitching back to back games yet

    Buck managing like every game like it's the playoffs /s
  10. Hays and Yaz going crazy for BaySox

    I don't think the current CBA has been released.
  11. Hays and Yaz going crazy for BaySox

    Much better, thanks.
  12. Hays and Yaz going crazy for BaySox

    I read that on Wikipedia but the MLBPA site doesn't state that it can carry over. http://mlb.mlb.com/mlb/minorleagues/rule_5.jsp?mc=faq
  13. Hays and Yaz going crazy for BaySox

    I could be wrong. I thought it was a one time deal. I guess I'll find out soon enough.
  14. Hays and Yaz going crazy for BaySox

    They only get one season to amass the necessary number.
  15. Hays and Yaz going crazy for BaySox

    The ship has sailed on Santander. He needs 90 days on the active roster to automatically become Oriole property.