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  1. He didn't sign until May 20th
  2. MLB has a college scholarship program which pays for 4 years at any accredited college or university. This is a benefit that has to be negotiated when the player signs his first contract but the money is outside of the slotting system. The Orioles could sign him and guarantee a college scholarship.
  3. I look at the batters faced column and wing it i.e. Buddy's K'd 63 of 353 batters, so 3.5X = 63, or 126/7 which is around 18%. There weren't calculators when I was a kid.
  4. Or simply look at the K%.
  5. I believe you could buy 32 oz beers in those days.
  6. I know they used the option to send him down but if he didn't spend at least 20 consecutive days in the minors then the option is rescinded and the players service time is restored.
  7. Are you sure they used an option in 2015?
  8. Ah yes. the 5 year rule. I forgot about that earlier.
  9. If you are going to move Manny, then you have to showcase him as a shortstop. They probably should dump Hardy regardless of Manny's future.
  10. I thought Gausman was out of options.
  11. Seth Romero was a friday pitcher. John Manuel says that he needs to grow up but his issues were due to immaturity not maliciousness or unlawful behavior. The MLB guys were opining that he could be a used like the Royals used Brandon Finnegan, but you could say that about half of the college arms that are drafted.
  12. The pitching staff have no safety net. Wallace,Chiti,Peterson and Wieters knew the staff and had their trust. It is unreasonable to expect McDowell,Mills,Wasdin and Castillo to be able to have the same level of trust in 3 months. I'm not a fan of McDowell but he isn't the person that decided the 4 most important resources that pitchers have could be replaced all at once.
  13. Rizzo and Buck are friends,why else would Rizzo be in Bucks office for 20 minutes? This is Rizzo trolling DD through Buck.
  14. Paul Molitor and Robin Young were taken with the third pick.
  15. I think Ron Fowler would choke Preller if he signs one more crappy starter