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  1. Larry18

    Machado Trade Expectations

    So does Russell Brand
  2. Larry18

    Best baseball movies

    I can't figure out if I like this movie because it's good or if it's because I like post war black and white movies. Either way I'm a big Ray Milland fan.
  3. Larry18

    Is Buck a tough manager to pitch for?

    I don't think Hellickson is a good example. He wasn't here long enough first of all but just as important, he was arguably worse with Phillies than the Orioles. Look at his OPS by month with the Phillies (.515, .971, .855, .889,) and the Orioles (.808, .797). He looks to have improved that stat with the O's. Maybe OPS isn't your bag, let's look at wOBA by month (.224, .401, .356, .364, .336, .339) again he appears to have improved in Baltimore. How about soft contact rates? Not a stat I would choose for a pitcher that doesn't have swing and miss stuff. They are expressed as % (19.2, 23.2, .16.0, 10.6, 23.9, 23.2) which looks to favor his time here as well. In short, Hellickson was broken when he arrived and if nothing else the O's stabilized his subpar performance and nudged him forward. His isn't on the coaching staff or Buck but on DD.
  4. Larry18

    The CHB on Ted, and Launch Angle

    Chowder Headed B@$t@%#s?
  5. Larry18

    This team needs to start acting like they care.

    Emergency room doctor?
  6. Several years ago, Giancarlo Stanton was upset with the Marlins ( after the Reyes/Buerhle ro Toronto trade perhaps) Bryce Harper tweeted that Stanton should come play for the Nationals. To which Stanton replied that his last name was an anagram for Not Nats.
  7. Larry18

    MASN Continues to Reject In-Market Streaming

    Mike Bates, who writes for SBN I believe, lives in Iowa and is blacked out by 6 teams or so. His Twitter bio lists him as living in Blackoutsville, Iowa. (@MikeBatesSBN). Iowa for crying out loud,
  8. Larry18

    LH Hitting UTL?

    Stephen Drew
  9. Larry18

    Starting Pitchers-Best Stat

    Career I'd use rWAR.
  10. Larry18

    What if Arrieta falls to the O's?

    I think Rizzo signed Miguel Montero to spoil the Nats for Arrieta.
  11. Larry18

    Mound Visits - Pitch Clock

    That's a lot of lost advertising money.
  12. Larry18

    File and Trial Arbitrations?

    It's a three person panel https://www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/mookie-betts-beats-red-sox-in-arbitration-what-it-means-for-betts-red-sox-and-mlb/
  13. Larry18

    Roch's latest blog is seriously depressing

    Any idea how if Dan's post 2012 record is vastly different than his predecessors?
  14. Larry18

    Cobb only thread

    Yep. They also overpaid for Melancon for the very same reason.