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  1. I root for the Orioles. I follow Nationals, I can walk to their park White Sox mainly because of Jason Benetti Padres because I must be a masochist
  2. We should be blaming millennials and avocado toast as per usual.
  3. My understanding is Statcast/Trackman data is closed proprietary so the wait may be incredibly long for public release.
  4. Thank you. Since he has to added or pass through rule 5, a September call up doesn’t seem to be unreasonable. It isn’t enough service time to be of a major concern in my opinion.
  5. Does Akin need to be added to the 40 man roster this off season?
  6. I would designate him for assignment then release him.
  7. They sold 32 ounce beers at Memorial Stadium, that should help dull the pain.
  8. Lew Ford gives chocolate to puppies.
  9. Orioles, Then any baseball or softball . Mild interest in Track and Field and Bicycling, The doping is off-putting so I doubt I become a serious fan .
  10. Rob Ford more than likely.
  11. Chris can always exercise his opt out.
  12. Lew Ford will siphon all the gas out of you car.
  13. You deserve something for spelling Wojo’s full surname.
  14. Do you know how MLB is going to classify Ohtani?
  15. I like the OppQual rating that Baseball Refernce is using with its spring training stats https://www.baseball-reference.com/teams/BAL/2019.shtml
  16. On the left you can select the year. You can also select regular and post season stats.
  17. http://baltimore.orioles.mlb.com/stats/sortable.jsp?c_id=bal#playerType=ALL&elem=[object+Object]&tab_level=child&click_text=Sortable+Player+hitting&game_type='S'&season=2010&season_type=ANY&league_code='MLB'&sectionType=sp&statType=hitting&page=1&ts=1550926986754&sportCode='mlb'&split=&team_id=110&active_sw=&position=&page_type=SortablePlayer&sortOrder='desc'&sortColumn=avg&results=&perPage=50&timeframe=&last_x_days=&extended=0
  18. Don't workplace studies usually show that happy employees are more productive than employees that aren't? And isn't that in a way a chemistry issue?
  19. He's still an elite ground ball pitcher which has to enter the conversation when he'll call Yankee Stadium home.
  20. Zoellner is an anagram for Lew Ford
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