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  1. It's a bit overreactionary and possibly lazy to immediately lump this guy in with Hobgood. Hobgood was ranked 40th by BA and we took him 5th. Rodriguez has been ranked anywhere from 10th to 24th and was talked up as a possibility to PIT within the last week. I don't love the pick and would've been very happy with Winn, but I'm looking forward to seeing how GR develops.
  2. I believe the rules state anyone that turns 21 within 45 days of the draft are eligible, it's not necessarily tied to number of years in school. Either way, Hall wouldn't be eligible as a sophomore with his September birthday.
  3. Toffey is a draft eligible sophomore, he'll absolutely have another chance to be drafted next year unless he fails to make any adjustments. I think he has the tools to succeed and be a pretty good pro, but the swing was never consistent enough and things really snowballed. And yes, Vanderbilt players typically go back to finish their degrees. Jason Esposito was drafted in 2011 but walked for graduation the same year I did. I'm drawing blanks on the names, but 3 players from the 2014 National Championship team came back and graduated this May.
  4. 4-4 tonight with a HR and a double. Good grief, what a hot streak.
  5. To be fair, that "talking head" is Jim Callis. If he had said that Tarpley is a future number 2 starter, we'd all throw a parade. That said, I like this pick. I'd guess that he'll have an opportunity to start, and if that doesn't pan out we'll have a decent looking left handed reliever.
  6. McAdams, Hader, and Rennie were HS signs, so I'll wait a few years before calling them organizational guys. I agree with the guys you listed as possible overslots, but Herbst is a senior so I doubt he gets much to sign. I think Waltrip and Service are both ready to sign according to twitter.
  7. Right, but chances are the organization doesn't think too highly of you to offer such a low dollar amount, and odds are you'll be buried as organizational filler from the moment you sign regardless of money.
  8. I would think that college seniors could create some leverage against their teams. Under the use-it-or-lose-it system, the club should be just as desperate to sign that player to an underslot deal as the player is to play professional baseball. A senior player will never get the full allotment value, but I would think that they could ask for and receive more money. If Hutter held strong at 50K, the O's would probably still sign him because freeing up 75K is obviously better than losing the 125K allotment value. Anyway, thanks for updating the chart Murph.
  9. This seems like such an odd stance to me. Gausman didn't pitch all that well, but I think he flashed enough to show that he has front line ability in a couple of years. He's not a perfect prospect, but given what was available he was a fine pick. It just seems hyper-reactionary to suggest that we should lowball him and hope that he doesn't sign after one game. Kiley McDaniel said the gun was 4-6 MPH cold for Appel's start, and I assume it was slightly low for this game as well. Also, in the first few innings, Gausman was consistently hitting 93/94 on the espn gun.
  10. Absolutely, and there's no need to be sarcastic about it.
  11. Somewhere, baltfan is rioting.
  12. Right, I imagine it'll take at at least 3rd/4th round to get him signed. We should be able to save 300-500K on Gausman, and we know that Joel Hutter was drafted as a senior saver sign. With the potential savings in the top 10 rounds (although Marin may have eaten some of that) and the additional 5% that we can spend without much penalty, I'd bet that we'll see a handful of overslot guys signed.
  13. Based on their twitters, it seems that Waltrip and Service are ready and willing to sign. I'm hoping that something can be worked out with Velazquez because can never have enough young, projectable pitchers in our system.
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