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  1. Like replay, hope for electronic strikezone soon. I would outlaw shifts, require two defenders between first and second and two between second and third.
  2. NedFromYork

    Baseball America: What the Scouts Want

    Well I was out of pocket for a few hours. Glad to see you all have been having fun. I meant in the context of scouting young players in the MiLB system for trades, etc., and international players in established leagues like Japan or KBO. But yes, for high schoolers I would certainly rely more on things like OBP and K's for a hitter, K's and BB's for a pitcher, etc., than the "eye test."
  3. NedFromYork

    Baseball America: What the Scouts Want

    IMO a lot of subjective junk in there. Scouts are obsolete, need advanced statistics and then the analytics to exploit them. Don't need to see the player, your eyes lie, numbers don't.
  4. NedFromYork

    Why is Caleb’s Joseph Playing?

    Forget either, not sure why Sisco wasn't given the whole year.
  5. NedFromYork

    Why we could be "good again" sooner than many expect

    I agree a quick retool WAS possible two years from now if they had kept Gausman and Schoop, still would have had Bundy, Cobb, Gausman in the rotation. But now, no way. I was all for trading Machado, Britton, and Brach, and wish there was a way to trade AJ and find a home for Trumbo, but was not in favor of trading Guasman and Schoop. Oh well.
  6. I like trading Machado, Britton, Brach, but would have kept Gausman and Schoop who are signed for two more years after this. The chance to retool quickly is there, trade them in two years at the deadline if not a WS threat. Still have Cobb, Bundy, (Gausman), in two years, can be competitive with young (OF) defense and improved OBP, trade them then. Jones is one I would have liked to move, Trumbo as well. I guess since Cashner is only signed for next year, he'd be another. If we want the #1 pick, still could have done that by skipping some starts for Bundy and Gausman, go to a 6 man rotation, etc.
  7. NedFromYork

    Gausman, Brach to Pirates?

    I'd only take an org's 1, 2, 5, 10, and 20 for Gausman.
  8. NedFromYork

    Tuesday's (7/31/18) Trade Deadline

    We/Buck killed Brach's value using him as a closer, he's a middle relief, setup guy and excels at that, never had a knack for closing. I wouldn't trade Gausman or Schoop, have both for two more years after this one. It is possible for a quick retool and be in the playoff hunt in two years with younger players providing better (OF) defense and OBP, etc. We have four quality starters that will also still be here. If in two years we aren't competing I would trade them a la Machado. I would also make the case even if competing but not a world series threat, still trade them.
  9. NedFromYork

    Brach Trade Discussion & Expectations

    Is Brach a FA after this season?
  10. NedFromYork

    Don't Tell Me These O's Ain't Got No Heart

  11. NedFromYork

    Ongoing Lineup Thread, 2018

    Playing 10 in the field should help defensively, I can't see anything dropping in RF for the Angels.
  12. NedFromYork

    vs. RED SOX, 4/13

    Stretch Blier out.
  13. NedFromYork

    vs. TWINS, 3/29 (Opening Day)

    What the heck! Buck said once that he believed in the win rule, clearly he believes in the save rule.
  14. NedFromYork

    vs. TWINS, 3/29 (Opening Day)

    Would have left O'Day in!
  15. NedFromYork

    vs. TWINS, 3/29 (Opening Day)

    Duke with 4 strikeouts in the inning!