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  1. Possible to list the way OFFNY did? These Twitter pics are clipped and the link doesn't resolve for me. Thank you!
  2. Should have just brought Givens back to finish. This is just like Buck's bullpen management his last couple of years.
  3. Now we are burning through the pen. He over thought it and seems to like a closer like Buck did.
  4. I get that Trevor got designated for assignment, but for goodness sakes, what's his last name!?!
  5. How in the world can the Toronto Blue Jay's CEO be one of three people on the RSDC panel? You can already cast why their vote will be. What is MLB thinking? I would say none of the panel members should be affiliated with MLB.
  6. Villar at SS with Schoop at 2B?
  7. The opposite. I am saying the purpose of the shift is so the player hits right in to it, nobody has to move. I am saying requiring two infielders between third and second base, two between second and first, and outfielders in their traditional zones would lead to needing more athletic players (OF range), more balls hit in to areas where the athletic players have to move, more exciting plays, and make speed/athleticism a more important trait.
  8. Get rid of shifts. The idea is to hit it to someone who doesn't have to move. Getting rid of shifts allows for athletic outfielders to make more exciting plays. Pitch Clock to speed up the game. I saw this weekend where tennis has a Serve Clock, need it. An Electronic Strikezone would be nice. Anything that can be done to reduce all or nothing batters would make the game more exciting. Anything that can be done to encourage more base stealing would make the game more exciting.
  9. Is there enough data on Mancini at 1B to determine if he is a better or worse defender than Davis?
  10. Like replay, hope for electronic strikezone soon. I would outlaw shifts, require two defenders between first and second and two between second and third.
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