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  1. NedFromYork

    Ongoing Lineup Thread, 2018

    Playing 10 in the field should help defensively, I can't see anything dropping in RF for the Angels.
  2. NedFromYork

    vs. RED SOX, 4/13

    Stretch Blier out.
  3. NedFromYork

    vs. TWINS, 3/29 (Opening Day)

    What the heck! Buck said once that he believed in the win rule, clearly he believes in the save rule.
  4. NedFromYork

    vs. TWINS, 3/29 (Opening Day)

    Would have left O'Day in!
  5. NedFromYork

    vs. TWINS, 3/29 (Opening Day)

    Duke with 4 strikeouts in the inning!
  6. NedFromYork

    A few little things I've noticed this spring

    Rickard likely on the increase 'launch angle trend.'. For better or worse.
  7. NedFromYork

    Corey Dickerson DFA

    Why not both Dyson and Jay. Do we really need Rickard and Gentry as 4th and 5th outfielders? How about an outfield 5 of Mancini, Jones, Hays, Dyson and Jay!?! Rickard and/or Gentry in minors. Maybe there is a little market inequality on Dyson and Jay to take advantage of. Those two and Cobb/Lynn and a WC could be in reach.
  8. NedFromYork

    LH Hitting UTL?

    John Jay would be a great pick up, high OBP guy which this team needs badly. What's he expected to get? Pretty cheap for you get I would guess.
  9. Over Manny's MLB career when he played SS? Thank you.
  10. I want Cobb/Lynn, Tillman, and Hutchinson/Griffin. And Hays to get the majority of starts in RF.
  11. NedFromYork

    I love the Orioles no matter what

    I actually take it as a positive we let Flaherty move on and have signed not a starting caliber OF. We can find a better hitting UTL than Flaherty for same or less and I'd give RF to Hays. Starting pitching could still work out, Cobb/Lynn, Tillman, and Hutchinson/Griffin. If we do that along with Cortes/Blier possibility and bounce back from Davis and Trumbo, we could contend for a WC.
  12. NedFromYork

    The Rotation

    Cobb, Tillman, and Hutchinson with Hays in RF and call it a day.
  13. NedFromYork

    Drew Hutchison? Ewww...

    Cobb, Hutchinson, Tillman and call it a day. That's not a lot of money. Hays in RF.
  14. NedFromYork

    Orioles acquire Engelb Vielma

    Print Them.
  15. NedFromYork

    Will Flaherty be back?

    I like Tejada, his bat has a pulse. With Machado's 3B and SS flexibility and Beckham a SS (and maybe even and OF), Tejada is the way I'd go.