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  1. With the arrogance of Manfred and MLB, it wouldn't surprise me if they attempted such a thing. While I'm more inclined to believe the O's aren't going anywhere, I wouldn't be shocked whatsoever if they did.
  2. Man... this is all a business. If it makes business sense, the Orioles will be outta here on the first thing smoking. While I want to believe that the rich history of the Orioles will forever stay in Baltimore, the times have changed but the money game hasn't. I wouldn't be surprised if they stay or go. And all this "We're not going anywhere" is nothing more than coach speak. The Front Office isn't going to show their cards IF something is really in the workings. I just pray nothing is in the works because I love my O's.
  3. The Baltimore Colts incident was 3 years before I was born. Till this day, I can still hear the salt in the voices of those old Colt fans. I can't imagine my salt level if the Orioles were to leave Baltimore. I would probably be done with baseball altogether. Probably throw hands with Manfred because he's a part of the reason with this MASN hostage situation.
  4. Brandon Hyde ruined this man confirmed!
  5. Oh, ok that makes sense. I was at the game and everyone was saying it was reviewed. Seemed like it was with how long it was taking, but good to know! Thanks! Yeah, Hyde was tossed.
  6. Seems really wild that you can review one and not the other, but that's sports today, haha.
  7. How can they not review that when they did the same thing to the O's when we played Boston at home? They said one of our runners ran outside the bases at first and took a run off the board after reviewing. Or did I miss something?
  8. I wish I had saw the game last night. I watched the highlights on the O's website. Jim Palmer is a national treasure. Mancini Homerun call "That's what he gets. With the little leg flip. What was that" - Jim Palmer (Not verbatim) I. FREAKIN'. DIED.
  9. I'm just here hoping that Wojo doesn't get Hess'd.
  10. $Greatness$

    No Statue

    I still feel he really wanted to go in as a Yankee, but didn't want that Baltimore smoke.
  11. Won't ever have a bad thing to say about Buck. In my 32 years of living, his teams showed me inspired baseball. I didn't watch baseball in a meaningful way back in '96-'97 as a child, so all I have is the Buck years. I always found him interesting on TV even when he was with ESPN. I find it cool that he's back with the Yanks. Wish him nothing but the best.
  12. Hopefully, Elias channels his inner Andy MacPhail and finesse a team out of some great stuff.
  13. I legit feel this way. And the fact that the he has went downhill like this further makes me angry when Hyde pulled him. This team from jump had absolutely nothing to play for and that moment could've been our season highlight.
  14. $Greatness$

    Tyler Skaggs dead.

    Always tough to see a person so young go. Super sad to hear. Condolences to his family, friends, teammates and fans. May he dwell in the house of the Lord.
  15. Mancini is so pissed that's he's gonna break the single-season HR record now. Remember you heard that here first! And it was criminal that he was snubbed. The Baseball powers that be ain't sugar, honey, ice tea for that!
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