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  1. atomic

    August Trade Stock Watch

    3 down votes for something everyone knows? I think I will just post on MASN boards from now on. People on here have no clue about baseball.
  2. atomic

    August Trade Stock Watch

    Well he had the value to get someone to pay 12 million dollars for him in addition to his salary so I think you are clearly mistaken. In no way does your arguments make any sense.
  3. atomic

    August Trade Stock Watch

    Why would you be pleased? The team's payroll next year will be low. What will it gain you to get non-prospects for a guy of Bundy just to save 13.5 million dollars of Trumbo's salary? You can always just DFA Trumbo if you don't want him on the team.
  4. I agree I would rather reduce roster size so there wouldn't be so many pitchers. But Union wouldn't agree to that.
  5. I agree. I hate the DH. They should eliminate it in the minors as well. I prefer to see guys stealing bases and trying to bunt for base hits. Hit and runs and hitting behind the runner. I don't like the replay. Don't like so many strike outs. The idea of changing the rules so teams can't implement the shift is ridiculous. If you don't want a shift hit the ball to the other side of the field. I would like to see them limit teams to 10 pitchers on the active roster. 5 starters and 5 relievers is enough. It would speed up the game. I find the game going the way hockey was going 20 years ago. Luckily hockey smarted up and changed rules so the game is faster and more interesting. Baseball has become a snooze fest with guys striking out all the time and base to base. Plus constant pitching changes. If you can't pitch multiple innings you don't belong in the big leagues.
  6. atomic

    August Trade Stock Watch

    It is true but for some reason you are living in fantasy land where you don't want to admit. Best prospect according to MLB.com is Jean Carlos Encarnacio who is rated as our 15 best prospect and is rated overall as a 45. You get more than that for a dependable middle of the rotation guy with over 2 1/2 years left. It was a complete steal for the Braves. A complete salary dump and no regards to the return.
  7. atomic

    August Trade Stock Watch

    Props to DD for getting nothing for Gausman by packaging him with O'Day? So you want us to package Bundy with Trumbo and get nothing in return?
  8. I think you would have a hard time managing the Orioles to worse than 34-79.
  9. atomic

    Chris Davis

    You know when OffNY turns on you then you must be completely bad at baseball.
  10. atomic

    Take this for what it's worth....

    Also who says they want to own a sports team. Just take their hundreds of millions and live a life of leisure could be their goal
  11. atomic

    Take this for what it's worth....

    I don't think NFL owners can own other sports teams.
  12. atomic

    Mullins is with the Orioles! (edited)

    That isn't the reason. Mullins and Jones still only gives you two real outfielders.
  13. atomic

    Duquette in mix for Mets new GM

    As long as he doesn't make any trades with the Mets no one is going to care. He is unemployed for next season of course he is going to interview with other teams if they want him to. Pretty naive to think he isn't looking for future employment.
  14. atomic

    Duquette in mix for Mets new GM

    Of course he talked to them. Why would we be negotiating with the Blue Jays for compensation if they hadn't contacted him about the job?
  15. atomic

    Duquette in mix for Mets new GM

    The contract could already be signed with a future date on the top of it for all we know.