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  1. How many women regularly post on this board? It is the herd mentality with attacking with dissenting views that makes message boards an unfriendly place. You still didnt answer why anything negative about GM and owners is met with hostility. Both have done nothing to help team. I am not saying anything about you. So I dont get why it bothers you.
  2. 2-8 now. I think Hyde has misused the bullpen and now we know how good Buck was with the Pen. But the losing is because the team lacks any sort of talent. If they get 50 wins this season it will be a suprise. You have a replacement level team.
  3. Hyde needs to define roles for people. That would help.
  4. I was absolutely sure that was a hit off the bat. But they were playing him perfectly. I hope he gets a hit tomorrow.
  5. No the Ravens owner doesn't have to attend the press conference. He also is open and talks to the press. Capitals/Wizards owner is interviewed by the press and talks to the fans. He even has a blog where he posts all the time. He used to even spend time daily answering fans emails. I am not sure why everyone on here is so defensive about the Orioles owners. You know the guys who were responsible for us trading Gausman and not getting anything back. It is truely weird that by me criticizing the ownership the rest of you are taking it personally. What weirder is everyone has been criticizing Peter Angelos for over a decade and no one cared. It is the most bizare thing I have experienced.
  6. He really hit that ball well. If anyone else was batting that would have been a hit. Problem is the other team knows Davis will never hit it on the ground to the left side of the infield.
  7. LOL. Where are we getting this optimal group. I thought Kremer might come up before the season was done but he hasn't even pitched this season.
  8. He interviewed for something like 6 other teams this off-season before getting the Orioles job. He was the guy who was willing to take the job.
  9. If he was going to pull Phillips he should have pulled him before the Sox scored more runs. At that point he should have just left him in. I kind of appreciate Buck's handling of the bullpen more since Hyde got here.
  10. Only 4 pages on the game thread on a Friday night?
  11. I thought that was a hit. Shift gets him. He really should bunt until they stop that shift.
  12. I think you are right on that. Most people on here want the Orioles to do badly. Also I think they want players to fail. All I here is release this player and release that player. What can do to get rid of Chris Davis. blah blah blah. They don't want us to get better by signing anyone. I find message boards have gotten more and more negative over the years. Most of the regulars on message boards have chased all the women away with their group think and insulting everyone with a different opinion. Most of amiable people have left to facebook.
  13. LOL I am pretty optomistic in life. Just because I am realistic about the Orioles this year doesn't make me a pessimist. I think you are pessimistic. You always seem very angry. Being angry all the time seems pessimistic. I think backing into parking spaces is a sign of pessimism. I never do that.
  14. That what you guys said last year with the Royals. Then the Royals finished 11 games better than us. I see the same situation this year. We are below replacement level WAR now with Mancini and Villar playing over their expectations. This team will be the worst in the league unless they have some additions. This team is much worse than the team that won 47 games last year. I am not sure why everyone is in such denial.
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