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  1. What are they going to be scouting right now?
  2. Yeah, the being away from the family would be the hardest thing for me. I traveled a lot for work when I was younger and it was fun when you don't have kids. Staying at 5 star hotels in NYC and San Francisco with the company paying for everything is fun when you are right out of college. But my manager at the time who had 4 kids and he said he liked to travel so much to be away from his kids. He spent most of his per-diem on beer.
  3. They don't spend anywhere close to half a year out of a suitcase. THey are off 5 months. Then they spend a month in Florida. And they have half their games at home. All Star Break. Plus some in DC. And most of their road games are teams really super close like Boston and NYC. Hour flight time. You are trying to make the super comfy major league lifestyle something that its not. The guys in the minors have it super rough. Just driving back and forth to Norfolk is harder than any flight the Orioles will go on. Then the bus rides and the cheaper hotels in places you wouldn't want to be.
  4. There is no 1000 person queues at customs at BWI. I just flew into PHL from Europe and there was a zero person queue. Unless you fly into DC or NYC you aren't getting the big queues. And they most likely all have Global Re-entry so they wouldn't have to wait in line. Most of the flights they are going to take are 2 hours or less: Chicago, Detroit, NYC, Boston, Toronto, Tampa, DC, Cleveland I can't imagine that would bother them much on a fancy custom jet. Plus you discount the camaraderie of hanging out with other players.
  5. Its such a hard life staying in 5 star hotels, flying on fancy private jets, and having a huge per diem to eat wherever you want. I wonder how they can get coaches to do it for such low salary year after year.
  6. Maybe they could settle the suit with the Nationals now.
  7. Yeah that is why I didn't say the Supreme Court hears the case. I think they will appeal to it. Can't they appeal on other reasons as well? Like go back to the lower court with another reason to appeal? I own a lot of Chevron stock and they were involved in a big lawsuit after buying Texaco. The suit took 25 years to finalize with award being thrown out at the end.
  8. They need to change the rules so that this doesn't happen anymore. Base free agency on age of the player that way it doesn't matter.
  9. Yeah until this hits the Supreme court I don't see the Nationals getting anything.
  10. That would be great. Same thing with April, May and June.
  11. I think there is zero chance it wears on him. But I think should just let him sit on the bench the next 3 years so we don't have to watch him play. I can deal with being a man down if it means no Davis in the line-up.
  12. So a ticket representative will contact you soon. Seems like they will try to sell you on season tickets.
  13. Good deal if anyone wanted to go to more than a couple of games in September. I wonder how many these of they sell. If they actually forced you to be in the standing room section it would suck but as over 80 percent of the stadium will be empty seems like a deal and a half. Now if they could only come up with the $30 for all the beer you can drink in September pass to go with it .
  14. The ole go to dump off on 3rd and long. I hope he does well this season.
  15. Thanks for the update. I am deciding whether to get emotionally involved in the season. If the games are just like last years with the constant running every play I probably have better things to do with my Sundays. If they make it more of a modern offense I would be for watching the games.
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