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  1. atomic

    Week 15 vs. Tampa Bay

    If Harbaugh is fired likely Lamar will be gone instead. You saw what happened to Tebow and RG3 when new coaches arrived.
  2. Bengals and Falcons have lost 5 straight. Raiders have won only 3 games all season. All 4 teams Lamar has faced have had awful defenses. And the Bucaneers have a terrible defense. I think when the team faces the Chargers things will get ugly. I just hope that when the team finishes 8 and 8 Harbaugh is fired.
  3. atomic

    The Inevitable national outlet Chris Davis article.

    Right now it is like beating a dead horse.
  4. Because Martinez was better he will go in later. As he will go in with the BBWA vote. He probably will go in this year.
  5. atomic

    Luke’s 2018 Rule 5 Draft Preference List

    Perhaps we draft and trade a player. As we have the top spot we might get some decent offers for the pick.
  6. atomic


    The new manager should be able to choose his bench coach. The purpose of the bench coach is to assist the manager. You can't force a bench coach on to a manager it would defeat the whole purpose of having one.
  7. Offenses exploded because of steroids in the 90's. Baines deserves to get in if you have DH's. There is a limit to the production of WAR a DH can get. If you don't want DH's in the Hall of Fame eliminate them from the game. I didn't hear you complain when Bud Selig was inducted into the Hall of Fame. How much WAR did he have?
  8. I think people are looking at this all wrong. How many players do you think should be elected in an average year? If you say 2 and we chop off 20 years as players who started today aren't ready to be elected into the hall of fame. You would 244 players in the Hall of Fame. If you did by WAR that would be 54.5 WAR to get in. If you said 3 players on average a year that would be 366 players that would mean it would be 46.3 WAR. Now you have to take into account all the players the writers won't let in under any circumstance. They think they might have used steroids, the bet on baseball, they were mean to reporters, they never won 20 games in a season, they hit under .270. Whatever reason they have and you have the mess we have now.
  9. I meant they weren't Oriole specific stats. And as the Orioles seem to strike out more and have less hits than other teams I think sending them more makes sense.
  10. Ok but those are just MLB stats and not baseball stats. And I specifically stated 1 out. But it also matter the situation. If you only have a man on third you odds are better of scoring a run than if you have a man on first and third. But say you have a guy single and there was a man on second and if you send him home and you throw home and the guy is out you have a guy on second with 2 outs. So the guy on second with two outs still has a 22 percent chance of scoring. Opposed to a go on 1st and 3rd with one out which will give you 63 percent chance of scoring a run. So if you have a 50/50 chance of scoring it makes sense to send up them. Because if you score a run you might also end up with a player on second with one out which would give you a 40 percent chance of scoring more runs. They say never make the first or last out at 3rd. And the never making the 3rd out 3rd makes sense but if you have a runner on 3rd with no outs you have a 84 percent chance of scoring a run and if you have a runner on second with no outs you have 61 percent of scoring a run. So it probably makes sense to take the risk on a close chance at 3rd with no outs.
  11. What was the percentage of Orioles scoring from third base with one out last season? I bet it is significantly less than 50 percent. If so send them if it is anyway close.
  12. Staub had a lower average, much lower OPS, less hits ,significantly less home runs, and was terribly defensively. Looking at Baseball Reference 4 out of the 5 most similar batters to Baines are in the Hall of Fame. The one missing Dave Parker. Tony Perez (943.9) * Al Kaline (883.5) * Dave Parker (871.6) Billy Williams (864.8) * Andre Dawson (856.5) *
  13. Also they are not inconsistent with Baines. His numbers are similar to Tony Perez, Andre Dawson, and Dave Winfield. Your problem is you can't look past WAR and actually look at the numbers.
  14. Bobby Grich got 2 percent of the vote the one year he was eligible for BBWA to vote him in. The Baseball writers are clueless. They shouldn't be voting. I think you don't realize that the veterans committee cannot vote in Edgar Martinez. Fred McGriff cannot be voted in by the veterans committee. That you could be arguing something so adamantly and you have no idea how the process works at all is beyond bizarre. And your argument has zero logic throughout it. How are the Baseball writers votes be more valid than the Veterans committee? The point of the Veterans committee is to put in players that the BBWA made mistakes on.
  15. Even with one out it isn't that bad a play if it is close. We left a lot of guys on 3rd with one out.