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  1. Kris Bryant has already made $32 million dollars and will get a raise in arbitration next year. I don't think he is the scenario you should be using.
  2. Well I guess you didn't go to college if you can't understand why they pick these players.
  3. And for the player he only gets one chance. I would go the college route if I could get into a good college. If I were going to the community college Chris Davis went to I would probably think about starting baseball right away.
  4. I am sure someone on here can give you the cost benefit analysis. 12 percent chance you pay $2 million and you get $60 million in value. You still come out a head if you make enough of these picks.
  5. If you play well in college the money will still be there.
  6. Have put up at least 1 WAR. So 6 out of 50 or so players have been worthwhile signs. It is a long shot that he contributes at the major league level but that is why they give you 40 draft picks and international slots. Sign 60+ players and hope 2 or 3 turn out. For the high school player college is the better option.
  7. Where did you get that from my post? I think for rye teams interest Gunnar should sign. For the kid I think he should go to college.
  8. In the history of the draft only 6 players picked at 42 have put up 1 WAR. I think having fun in college while getting an education is the smart move. Auburn us a good college. Odds are he blows his money and doesn't make the big leagues.
  9. We are only 8 games behind Marlins.
  10. So he has been on the 40 man roster all this time?
  11. Who the heck is Matt Wootherspoon? Is it possible to keep track of all the terrible pitchers that have pitched this year. They should just give a generic uniform for pitchers that come up for one game and go back down again. Something like 00 - AAA pitcher.
  12. Just got home. What have I missed?
  13. Andy Etcheberan as he caught a ball right in the first row we were sitting in my first mlb game. Plus he was catcher on 4 teams that made World series.
  14. Yeah way overboard.a guy who less than 150 at bats with the team who has never hit like this before. You are declaring hi your favorite Orioles catcher of all time over guys like Hoiles, Wieters and Dempsey. A guy who was DFA’d by another team a couple of months ago.
  15. I believe that baseball is the only league with the anti trust exemption.
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