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  1. atomic

    vs. NATIONALS, 6/20

    We won!
  2. atomic

    vs. NATIONALS, 6/20

    Zach looks good. We might win tonight.
  3. atomic

    vs. NATIONALS, 6/20

    My favorite memory like that is one midweek Yankee game that I went to that was raining pretty hard. I moved down to front row of the box seat. It was 9th inning and I screamed Yankees suck. Then people start shouting expletives at me and I notice I am the Orioles fan in the stadium. Some 10 year old kid even starts talking smack because he knows he has an army behind him.
  4. atomic

    TIllman to DL

    So Tillman is supposed to pitch for Delmarva on Monday. Never heard of rehab assignments going through Aberdeen and Delmarva. I guess there aren't high expectations for Chris.
  5. atomic

    Sisco optioned to Norfolk

    Could be stress. Buck said he hadn't slept in a few days.
  6. atomic

    Tyler Wilson heading to Korea

    I always liked Wilson better than Wright. I have never seen the good stuff Wright is supposed to have.
  7. atomic

    TIllman to DL

    I think you have to throw strikes in Korea as well.
  8. atomic

    2018 Orioles Wins Poll

    The ranges were even very optimistic.
  9. 27th in total yards. Pretty awful.
  10. That doesn't tell the true story. Watching the Ravens offense is like watching paint dry.
  11. Except their offense is worse than the Orioles.
  12. Luckily some teams have already sold everything that hasn't been nailed down.
  13. Well that just means less teams who want to buy our players at the deadline.
  14. atomic

    Watch out for the Royals

    White Sox and Royals play each other a lot. Someone has to win those games. I can't see us beating anyone in our division. Unless we change managers I think last place is safe
  15. atomic

    Watch out for the Royals

    The Royals must be upset they lose 8 straight and only get one game closer to last. Even if they losing streak goes to 16 they might not gain anymore ground.