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  1. Tillman pitching now at AAA

    6 k's.
  2. Tillman pitching now at AAA

    Yep-something isn't right.
  3. Possible DL for Castillo?

    Magnifico DFA-ed.
  4. Possible DL for Castillo?

    Gotta be Santander to 60 day DL.
  5. Possible DL for Castillo?

    I like Pena, was about to say I am shocked nobody claimed him off waivers. He has been hitting to a wee bit I believe. .333 OBP.
  6. Can Asher unseat Ubaldo?

    I think you are spot on here sadly.
  7. Can Asher unseat Ubaldo?

    At this point, his only hope is a bp piece and that is probably unlikely. He is not a starter any longer. I hope you are right though, don't get me wrong. I don't see any of these guys giving us much hope. Tanner Scott maybe....not sure how long Blier can go, haven't seen enough of him, but he's been impressive at Norfolk. Maybe Verrett uses that last game to turn things around..but stuff isn't all that impressive. We need help from outside this org. I would package Cisco plus for someone. I think Cisco may not play defensively up to Buck's standards and I think his splits opens the possibility he isn't a full time player. Regardless, we need starting pitching.
  8. Orioles' Adam Jones berated by racist taunts at Fenway Park

    I respect your post sir. my guess is 95% of this board is white, vast majority could be found at a Trump rally so as Tony mentioned (accurately) about talk show callers not being representative of the world...or all Boston people are racists... My w
  9. Orioles' Adam Jones berated by racist taunts at Fenway Park

    Too many minorities make people feel uncomfortable I guess? Or hard to relate? I would love to see where they were going with that.... I wonder if they feel that way about hockey where most players are from the Kremlin (a.k.a-Trump's administration) and pastey white.
  10. Orioles' Adam Jones berated by racist taunts at Fenway Park

    Go on....where are you going with this? Breaking news: the fan has been identified as Steve Clevenger.
  11. Orioles' Adam Jones berated by racist taunts at Fenway Park

    You should post more sir.
  12. Orioles' Adam Jones berated by racist taunts at Fenway Park

    Yeah-there is no way there could be such blatant racism nowadays. No way could there be a rally where such bigotry and xenophobia is not only embraced, but applauded. That's crazy! I say they should find the guy that said it start a chant at the next O's rally-the chant would go like this "LOCK HIM UP" "LOCK HIM UP" We are talking about Boston people. Why are people surprised. Boston is notoriously one of the most racist cities in the world.
  13. Jomar Reyes Off To Hot Start With Keys

    Wow: as soon as it looked like he turned a corner....frustrating!
  14. The Orioles should give it to him. Depending on the cost, he is rested. He might give you 10-15 decent starts before he flames into oblivion.
  15. I got a few texts today from O's friend's saying something to the effect of "Wright? WTF". My thoughts exactly. I have seen bits of 2 of his starts and he looks like a deer in the headlights. Wright has looked bad even for Wright standards. He needs to be moved to the bp down there. I think the O's are looking for one of these guys to get lit up, so they can pass them through waivers honestly. Yacabonis actually deserves a promotion (not on 40-man). Richard Rodriquez is pitching well (not on 40 man). Tanner Scott-12 innings, 17 k's, 5 walks. I guess something has clicked (hope to see him soon at a game) (is not on 40-man, but he better be, because someone is going to pluck him in the first pick of the rule 5 next year). Also on a side note, not sure what they see in Crighton to put him on 40-man so soon. That move puzzles me.