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  1. It's funny, most of us on here get it. It stinks but it is how you win. Problem is, and has mentioned, our farm system isn't very good now and the Angelos business model isn't to win, but just not to be THAT bad. No real goal to win anything.
  2. Exactly! I hope they do.
  3. Rene88

    2018 Trade Deadline

    Well, those scouts helped pick a utility guy with our first round supplemental pick.
  4. Rene88

    2018 Trade Deadline

    Nats System top heavy with Soto, Robles and Kieboom...then big fall
  5. Rene88

    2018 Trade Deadline

    “No top prospects” lol Rizzo pulls off a coup! It's official: Kelvin Gutierrez, Blake Perkins and Yohanse Morel to Kansas City for Herrera.
  6. Rene88

    2018 Trade Deadline

    Can’t be that good because confirmed no Soto (duh), Robles or Kieboom.
  7. Rene88

    2018 Trade Deadline

    Yesssss! Just got my All Star game Tix today too! Hope Max pitches!
  8. Rene88

    Sisco optioned to Norfolk

    I said he should started at AAA and he wasn’t ready but everyone thought he was the next AL All-Star starting catcher. Having said that, not really sure what sending him down now does...
  9. Wow, this team sucks big smelly donkey balls. It’s shocking because I knew they wouldn’t make the playoffs but ...it’s shocking how bad they are. Something is rotten from within.
  10. Oh I know. This thread was tongue and cheek, I admit I am Caleb Homer. Love him. Jones, Schoop and Joseph. The team just doesn't feel right without Joseph. I think are pitchers are better with him behind the plate.
  11. Rene88

    Orioles have interviewed Ned Colletti, and others

    Wow: they all sound awful.
  12. I think he would have gotten you something decent. Lights out and cheap and controllable.
  13. What if Manny goes down with an injury this week or next? Then what? Why wait? Britton I understand. He needs to show people he is back in his old form but Manny? I think Bleier could have gotten a nice prospect and I think the O's were planning on moving him, it's a shame.
  14. Thank you. I love rumors as you know:), but couldn't agree more with this. It doesn't even really make logical sense. John Angelos hasn't done anything to discredit himself, in fact the case could strongly be made that he has done a lot to help the Angelos legacy.