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  1. No doubt in my mind...our starting staff options are paper thin.
  2. He's red hot too.
  3. Gentry is pretty close to a lock. He's not on the bubble.
  4. Really? Huh? With his father as manager at AAA? Makes no sense. What bonus? He never made the team?
  5. Hey Frobby: just saw Paul Simon is playing at Merriweather on June 9th with...Sarah McLachlan.
  6. Seemed like a great family guy but my god, between him, Miley & Ubaldo...only if we could get rid of one more.
  7. I guess as a favor? Another team interested? I guess Andino might be starting afterall?
  8. Yep, he better snag a few insurance pieces off the waiver wire.
  9. Same here but we have so many pieces...seemed like a great fit personality wise. Gotta think this is good for the Rule 5 guys.
  10. Do you think the 90 year old Angelos even knows who Trumbo is? Angelos def signed Davis, no way on Trumbo, that was all Dan. I don't think Trumbo's deal is that the Davis deal...
  11. All Macini does is hit: over and over. Hard to send him down. He's a wee but cheaper than Davis: how many more years do we have on Davis' contract?:)
  12. That's right! Good observation:) RZNJ wins again (and is usually right): Andino just got picked off 1st to end the game...sigh...there goes any hope of my crush making the team:)
  13. He has a minor league deal with an opt-out: not sure when the opt-out is. There is a SLIGHT chance he makes the team (he piched 5 no-hit innings the other day). Go Nats (when they aren't playing the O's)!
  14. Good point BUT Wilson has faced a good amount of A or AA guys. His last two outings were late in the game with nobody's in the lineup. I truly believe they are all blah. I like Ynoa and Wright gives me a headache, but after that...not solid options, DD needs to be grabbing someone or someones from outside the org.
  15. I hope they are scouring the waiver wire and talking with Fister and/or Jeremy Gutherie's agent:)