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  1. Told you, guy has legit potential, great waiver wire grab!
  2. Yeah huge fan of his but shocked the leash has been this long. He needs to go to the minors ASAP. You can sign anyone and put them in CF, just do it already.
  3. This thread is puzzling. The guy literally got cut because of his handling of the pitching staff and the Sox poor start. Both Sucre & Pedro have be solid. No way would I make a move.
  4. I think it is time we talking extension after today’s game, lock him up through 2040.
  5. Bullpen very frequently adds velocity adds most know.
  6. What say you? Have heard this before but curious if it is too soon to give up on him as a SP?
  7. No rush. Give him the decade. lol
  8. 1. Davis (obviously) Complete train wreck. Are they trying to embarrass him so much he will negotiate a buyout? 2. Why is Brady still here? Serious question. He shouldn’t be. 3. Wright : enough is enough The other stuff doesn’t matter to me a whole lot. We are going to be bad and that is the goal, full speed ahead.
  9. Lol why is Wright still here lol He’s even worse than normal Mike Wright and that’s saying something lol
  10. Drew Jackson???? Why???? Yet Wright is on the team????
  11. Makes $575k and an extra $250k if traded lol.
  12. Yeah I thought he would be a #5, knew how to pitch just stuff wasn’t there. Def a fan as well. Clemson I believe.
  13. I agree on Davis but I’d thought they would keep Pedro given the minimal time too so open mind. There is hope. Davis is wasted space and he is rich beyond what we could imagine, so let’s not feel bad for him.
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