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  1. Barnaby Graves

    Mullins is with the Orioles! (edited)

    The Future was 3-4 with two doubles and a walk. If he was a stock I'd be Mullins buying some.
  2. Barnaby Graves

    Let's Beat the Red Sox (8/10)

    I haven't been watching, just following along with MLB Gameday, and just by that I have to assume this is the best game of the year. I'm gonna close the game thread and watch from the beginning. When Mullins hits the walkoff homer, you all owe me a beer FYI.
  3. I am nearly always simpatico with you. And here I am again. Evolve or die. I think it's more fun than the alternative.
  4. Barnaby Graves

    vs. RANGERS, 8/05 (Avoiding the Sweep)

    It really is a lot of fun when new acquisitions do cool stuff. If you love baseball you have to enjoy those moments because if you are only watching for a ring then you are probably in for decades of blue balls. Do you want decades of blue balls? Because I don't.
  5. Barnaby Graves

    Orioles - Victor Victor Mesa

    My inside sources tell me VVM's signing is contingent on him giving the Orioles the secret to the Cuban lung cancer vaccine. The deal is on hold pending successful Phase 3 clinical trials. If all goes well he could be an Oriole by 2032. Take this with a grain of salt and two aspirin.
  6. Barnaby Graves

    2018 Andrew Cashner

    Something tragic happens everytime you go (in 2018).
  7. Barnaby Graves

    Why we could be "good again" sooner than many expect

    Oh and please don't think I'm rooting against your prediction. I love the positivity. Just, the pitching. Good lord. And I'm not reacting just to tonight. But I thought they'd win less than 60 games in 2012 so... Go ahead and quote the above sentence with your own reaction .gif, I earned that. LOL! You can't predict Orioles magic, after all.
  8. Barnaby Graves

    Jonathan Villar- Our new 2B?

    Somehow the lack of punctuation made this post even better.
  9. Barnaby Graves

    Are You Happy

    This is basically where I'm at. After all these trades, and with some rhetoric about international signings, I think I see the blueprint. The first and most immediate piece is a young, cheap, controllable bullpen. There is potentially huge value in guys like Pop and Phillips. When they pan out, you have low-cost, low-risk assets that, for a year, make your 81-win team win 90 games. It's that simple, we saw it with the 2012 team, you absolutely cannot underrate a bullpen in the game today. You can do anything, pull starters earlier, marginalize big hitters when you want. And as relievers are the most volatile stock in MLB, you can just dump them when they lose 5 MPH off their fastball for no apparent reason, and pay minimum wage or Arb 1/Arb 2 salaries for the rest of a year. They will make impacts next year as the Brain Trust figures out what DD picked up. Carroll's already here. High floor players We got a premium piece for our own premium piece, and while the rest of the trades seemed underwhelming to some people, I saw a lot of good talent enter a pretty light system at the right time. Luis Ortiz is an exciting get. There's a lot of athleticism in some of these guys (Ortiz nonwithstanding; big dude). I'm optimistic we will turn the corner with our defense. Team speed for Chrissake. We will fill in the blanks We absolutely needed this salary dump. The time to buy or trade for your rentals is when you're competitive, and when you're not, you need to shed high-cost assets to whatever degree you can. The lack of movement on Cashner and Trumbo speaks to their value, they have none. The game is so heavily-tilted to young, cheap talent, which has impacted our trade returns. It should also impact our free agency approach if/when they get back to respectability. I would lowball FA's all day in this market.
  10. My source is telling me that he wants more kibble in his food bowl and to please pet his belly. This is why I need to stop getting trade news from my cat.
  11. Barnaby Graves

    Schoop - The Blessing.

    Holy hell this guy is mashing.
  12. That Grayson Rodriguez comment was funniest thing I've read on here in a LOOONG time.  Well done!

    1. Barnaby Graves
    2. Catch 8

      Catch 8

      Going to need a lot more quality humor to survive the next six+ years.

      I turned 33 the other day and it just dawned on me that my team wont be competitive until I am 40 :/

  13. Barnaby Graves

    Britton Trade Expectations

    That had not occurred to me. I believe you are correct.