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  1. Where is the love for this post?
  2. My cat's breath smells like cat food
  3. He's like Jim Palmer without the pitching talent, or DrungoHazewood with a few less GB of RAM. Seriously what even is Drungo? Apparently he is a person but I bet you pop off that faceplate and it's nothing but circuitry and punchcards full of facts about Chris Sabo.
  4. Lol what a great thread. Obando saw it way before most. Hope the kid keeps it up.
  5. Means has earned serious, legitimate consideration.
  6. Dropped in to say I hope everyone is having a nice day and also this team is utterly f'n unwatchable.
  7. Stuff like this is why I support the site. This is an excellent interview that gets into detail on a bunch of topics I have been curious about. I also appreciate the fact this interview has absolutely no fat and within a few seconds of the start you were asking a question lol.
  8. You missed Jonathan Schoop homering off Chris Davis (who also got a strikeout while pitching) and you think you made a good decision? You just missed a piece of Orioles history.
  9. Lol Wright. Just amazing he is still a pitcher for this team.
  10. That's fair, I've always valued your levelheadedness and thoughtfulness, and I mean that sincerely. But I'd pay blood to watch your live reaction to that Delmon Young double. I mean I was at work and I started screaming lol.
  11. Aww Bob My goal in life is to see you irrationally exuberant about something. Come on, try looking stupid once in a while, it's actually kind of fun.
  12. This is advanced OH posting. It usually takes thousands of posts and dozens of Fangraphs articles read to get to this level of cynicism. You're this site's number one prospect, basically. Granted, not everyone ends up a Can of Corn. You could be a Moose Milligan, showing those flashes of brilliance but then posting something human that isn't the most depressing thing you've ever read in your entire life. You could be a total bust like Frobby, who is still a complete person despite watching the Orioles for like 40 years. That said, I have a lot of faith that if you work at it, you'll have a long career of making Matt Riley and Omar Daal references. Even at your floor you should be able to reference the time Jack Cust fell down in at least one post per year.
  13. I hope to god this team never signs a long term contract with a player ever again. Baseball's labor model is great for a few rich players and terrible for everyone else, including fans. How does he sleep while stealing this much money? I am not on board with the sympathetic fans, nobody cares about the mental status of the 28 year old AAAA guy that gets waived after a month on the roster and bats .200 and has a fraction of a fraction of Davis' net worth.
  14. He's bad at baseball which is a real problem since the Orioles pay him to play baseball. I feel like if he was bad at baseball but he was an usher this would all be OK.
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