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  1. 2017 World Series (Dodgers vs. Astros)

    Agreed. Sheer stupidity and poor representation of himself and his team on the sport's biggest stage.
  2. Who's your favorite President?

    I can't talk about him without it getting out of bounds
  3. How would you rather spend $300 mm?

    Schoop. I don't want either Bundy or Gausman at those terms. Manny's impending contract will probably be an albatross... I just hate those long-term deals but find myself more willing to give one to Schoop.
  4. 57 HR in August by the O's

    You have to use the Drungo Signal. Take a searchlight and cover it with a piece of construction paper cut into the shape of Don Buford's face.
  5. vs. ANGELS, 8/19

    She's going to have to change that last name after I marry her 😍
  6. vs. ANGELS, 8/19

    Groundcrew chick is out to talk to the ump, delay probably incoming. Plan your drinking accordingly.
  7. vs. ANGELS, 8/19

    At the game. Thunderstorm incoming.
  8. Turn Out the Lights

    Can someone take the strike 3 call and put Complacent Reynolds somewhere in the picture. I would do it but I have no talent.
  9. Connolly: Just swing the damn bat Davis!

    Is it time for the O's to consider converting him to pitcher?
  10. vs. MARINERS, 8/14

    Gausman is inspiring. Inspiring me to drink. This season is killing me and no one in player development cares.
  11. Will logic ever win out over irrational exuberance? No, probably not, for the same reason that casinos are big, tall buildings. Throw good money after bad and wonder how you ended up in the gutter. Welcome back to 1998.
  12. Spelled out: if they can't get over .500, they're not the caliber of team that can go far in the playoffs, even by the generous odds that bad teams can get in short series.
  13. They'll have great chances against the Astros and Dodgers.
  14. The only way this team is playoff bound is if they buy their tickets like any other fan. But by all means squeeze the last few drops of blood out of the farm system for a moonshot. That should make for some good threads in a few years when the guys you traded are doing great and the guy we traded for is an analyst on MLB Network.
  15. Tillman is Back

    I used to think they were more prone to allowing runs immediately after I turned on games and then I realized they could allow them when I turned them off as well.