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  1. Barnaby Graves

    Photography at Camden (calling all Moose Milligans)

    Oh man you guys, this is my first game this year and these new field nets suck hard. They disappear if you focus far enough away but this is gonna be a pain I think.
  2. Barnaby Graves

    Photography at Camden (calling all Moose Milligans)

    Fantastic discussion Moose, thank you. Very much appreciated.
  3. I remember a long time ago a member posted some nice crisp shots from the Yard and I think it was Mr. Moose. And if I am wrong I apologize, but if I'm right, his expertise is wanted bigly! I'm headed down for the Marlins games this weekend and would like to bring the camera, and have some basic questions like: Is it a pain in the butt getting in with a DSLR and a few lenses in a backpack? Do ushers get mad about wannabe photogs running around the stands for shots? And some photographer-centric questions: Where do you shoot for nice batter/pitcher shots? With what gear? What settings did you use? I have a Nikon D750 and a 28-300/3.5-5.6, my longest lens because I never do this stuff, and if that's not long enough to shoot from box seats then I'm not going to bother. But want to hear some opinions. Thanks to anyone that can advise! And also if anyone has personal shots from the Yard they are highly encouraged to post!
  4. Barnaby Graves

    Is Chris Davis turning in the worst season in MLB history?

    I don't think I can believe that. Davis hit two doubles?
  5. Barnaby Graves

    1988 v. 2018 W/L Tracker

    We will likely lose 12 of the next 10 games to take a commanding 3 game lead. I like our guys.
  6. Barnaby Graves

    Is Chris Davis turning in the worst season in MLB history?

    Now you have Cobb, would you get rid of him too? I could go either way. I'd even play Tillman. It's painful but unless someone is knocking on the door I wouldn't add a dime of payroll because it's all chasing good money after bad. I have no idea how management sees it. It will be an embarrassing season either way so strategically it'd be better to be a cheap one. I know what sunk costs are but they really are so stunningly devoid of options that it doesn't matter if Chris Davis is the worst player in baseball history. Just hope he remembers how to do something.
  7. Barnaby Graves

    Is Chris Davis turning in the worst season in MLB history?

    I don't see the point. If you play the best nine or ten this year, the team isn't much better (because the entire organization is a mess), and you're still paying Davis that money to potentially figure it out somewhere. You might as well jettison Cobb too. You're basically paying a ton of money to play for respectability, which you won't get anyway.
  8. Barnaby Graves

    vs. RED SOX, 6/11

    Just so much dumb and ineffectual baseball, constantly. They are completely off the track, mentally.
  9. Barnaby Graves

    vs. RED SOX, 6/11

    Here we go.
  10. Barnaby Graves

    vs. RED SOX, 6/11

    Let me guess, AB# 89 was a home run? It doesn't even change anything. 89 at-bats with 42 strikeouts and 1 HR basically sounds the same 🍌
  11. Barnaby Graves

    What do we think of Dylan Bundy?

    That's what happens when you make threads in June! 😓
  12. Barnaby Graves

    What do we think of Dylan Bundy?

    Amidst this absolute trash fire of a season, Bundy has been a respectable starting pitcher at the age of 25. He is a rigorous worker and physical specimen. He has had ups and downs which have averaged out to roughly an average starter so far in 2018. Let's look at some numbers (and I haven't done this in forever so supplement my work with your own input please!) Big numbers: At 4.04, Dylan's ERA is roughly at his career average (4.11), and at 4.56, his fielding-independent pitching (FIP) is roughly at his career average (4.52). But his expected FIP (xFIP), which adjusts for the league HR/FB rate, is 3.91, well below a career average of 4.56. Dylan's home run per flyball rate (HR/FB) has spiked from 11.5% last year to 16.3% this year. He is striking out 10.47 per 9 versus 8.06 per 9 last year, a fairly incredible jump which may be indicative of his progress or the astonishing K rates in the game today, I could take or leave that although it is very nice. His walk rate was 2.71 last year and 2.74 this year, and that's a very solid number. Batted balls: Unfortunately, the Orioles defense is mostly comprised of used chewing gum assembled into human-shaped statues, at the expense of our pitching staff. Dylan's batting average with balls in play (BABIP) has risen from .273 to .295, despite a falling line drive rate (LD%) (20.0 to 16.2), a rising groundball rate (GB%) (32.8 to 35.8), and his infield hit rate (IFH%) has gone from 7.0% to 11.0%. His rates of soft, medium, and hard contact are basically the same from last year, but batters are pulling the ball 45.1% vs. 37.9% last year. He uses his fastball at basically the same rate (53.7% last year, 54.9% last year) though it is slower (92.2 MPH vs 91.6 MPH). I don't see too much change in the composition of his repertoire, I think there's a fairly straight line between his issues with batted balls and the ineptitude of our dead-last defensive corps. It is interesting to see that pull rate though, and I don't know what it really means. Is it driving the increase in HR/FB? Batter plate discipline: Continuing through the Fangraphs tables, we see Dylan's O-Swing% has climbed from 32.1% to 36.2% while his O-Contact% has dropped from 61.1% to 54.7%. His contact rate has dropped from 76.6% to 71.7%. He is throwing 64.1% first strikes vs. 59.6% last year. He's basically in the zone the same amount. I have no particular comment, these are all positive trends. I think the decline in batter discipline against Dylan, and the increase in pull numbers, suggest more hitters are guessing at his offerings and pulling the trigger before the ball has left his hand. When he has no stuff, we see him get pounded like he did against the Royals. When the ball is moving, forget it; that's not an approach you can realistically take against a major league pitcher and be successful beyond some glimpses of blind luck. The question I have is, is Dylan doing something to drive that trend, or is this just how batters behave now? I could believe either one. The whole league is swinging like this against other pitchers besides Dylan. Conclusion: Even if we are in everything-must-go mode, I have to think hard about trading Dylan Bundy. His earliest year of free agency is 2022. My calculus to trade or not depends on the rebuild cycle, because that is going to take a while to bare fruit (IMO). He's cheap and seems to be improving. If the Orioles reload and get enough breaks, competing in 2021 is my most realistic timetable for them to compete, and Dylan Bundy would be 28. Who knows what he'd be by then; he could be the anchor taking them into the postseason. I don't see him falling off a cliff barring an injury, due to his physical stature, though he does have a checkered health history. His velocity will likely continue a typical decline, but he only uses his fastball a little over half the time right now anyway. And on the other hand, you have to wonder what a young, improving, cheap pitcher could get you, and if the return from him fits better into our organizational timetable than he does. After all, he's not worth much winning 15 games for a 70-win team, anymore than Bedard was. So, what do you think?
  13. Barnaby Graves

    Is Chris Davis turning in the worst season in MLB history?

    He should play every day until either the Orioles are playing for something or he is blocking someone.
  14. Barnaby Graves

    Quality Starts

    What's even more amazing about the starting pitching is that it's doing what it's doing while backed by the league's worst defense. What's even more amazing about the league's worst defense is that it's also the league's 2nd-worst offense. It's actually pretty hard to be that bad at both of those things at the same time, but that's what happens when you have like 7 "designated hitters" that can't actually hit and also they're all over the field. Who constructed this roster? I hope they don't work on bridges and roads.
  15. Barnaby Graves

    vs. BLUE JAYS, 6/10

    Everything in the world is terrible except alcohol. And Spotify. And alcohol.