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  1. luismatos4prez

    Who Will Get Cut From The 40-Man By Opening Day?

    What are everyone's thoughts on Miguel Castro? Does he make the club next year? He doesn't get hit very hard, but he also walks a lot of guys and doesn't miss many bats. And adding Cervenka seems like a foregone conclusion to many. His bat seems okay, is his defense really impressive?
  2. luismatos4prez

    'GM' Candidates and when

    I can't edit it in, but he also mentioned he saw Mullins as an average player at best, which I think is fair.
  3. luismatos4prez

    'GM' Candidates and when

    A few notes from Keith Law's Q&A about the Orioles: Q: Jomar Reyes had a good finish to 2018. Still a rising prospect for O’s? A: No, that ship has probably sailed Q: Keith, where do the Orioles go next? A: I'm very curious to see where they go; I thought Showalter had to go, but Duquette had to do that job with one hand tied behind his back, and there was a credible argument that he should stick around to get to fully execute his vision with a manager of his choice who wouldn't work at cross purposes to his own. I can certainly think of a few names of GM candidates who'd be great fits. Q: Does Ryan Mountcastle have enough of an arm to stay at 3B? Does Grenier have enough of a bat to be a regular SS? A: Probably not, probably yes, in that order. Q: Does Brady Anderson's continued presence hinder the Os from getting a good GM candidate to consider taking the job? A: One of the questions any candidate should ask in the interview is whether Anderson will report to the new GM or to ownership. The only acceptable answer is the former. The latter is a dealbreaker
  4. luismatos4prez

    October 4, 2016-Two Years Later

    Fielding the best team possible is the #1 goal, but I think there's value in being an extension-happy franchise. If you have guy who's a clubhouse leader and well-liked by the fans, it makes a lot of sense to keep him. I believe ODay was appropriately cheaper than Miller, too. My mom is a casual Orioles fan. She gets sad when some of the few names she remembers go away. It makes her less interested. Mussina, Markakis, Machado leaving definitely have a negative effect on those type of fans. I always root for productive Orioles to be extended. Within reason of course - even I was appalled at Chris Davis's contract. But I wanted Jones, Trumbo, Machado, Markakis, Cruz, all those guys signed to extensions within reason. I think it's a good way to do business as a mid-market club.
  5. luismatos4prez

    This is one of the worst teams ever

    I'd be happy if they brought him back, Flash would immediately be the best defensive infielder on the Orioles (at 3B especially). But I doubt it happens. Wilkerson is almost back, and I'm sure they see him as a younger, cheaper Flash.
  6. luismatos4prez

    Who’s our GM & Manager Next Year?

    I think of Buck similarly to Brian Billick. Billick was a great coach for the Ravens, but after almost a decade he lost effectiveness and the team started to stink. This is the worst year in franchise history by a wide margin. The team just needs a fresh start. Let's get a different manager in here.
  7. luismatos4prez

    Renato Nunez Claimed from Texas

    I'm tired of guys who can hit monster bombs but strike out a lot, don't get on base, are slow as molasses, and can't field. Having one or two on the team is okay. The Orioles have 6 in the starting lineup (Trumbo, Davis, Valencia, Nunez, Jones, and Mancini). You can't win like that. Nunez isn't good enough, and I don't believe in his potential. His ceiling is Wilson Betemit: a decent hitter who will kill a team with his glove.
  8. luismatos4prez

    Chris Davis

    A man has to have goals — for a day, for a lifetime — and that was mine, to have people say, "There goes Chris Davis, the worst baseball player who ever lived."
  9. I love shifts. Love them. If you can't hit the ball to all fields or drop a bunt, you deserve to be out. If the shift "gets in your head" you deserve to be out. I think offenses will adjust to being less Chris Davis/Joey Gallo and more contact hitters that can hit to all fields. Which is also great.
  10. luismatos4prez

    Would you trade Adam Jones even up for these CF's?

    I want AJ back next year with Mullins and Stewart Let Mancini, Trumbo, and Davis fight for 1B/DH at bats. No outfield for any of them.
  11. luismatos4prez

    '18-'19 Free Agency strategy

    Don't want Beckham or Nunez playing for the Orioles next year. We have money to offer. Even with reducing the payroll, I'd offer Iglesias more than other teams would to play SS for a few years. If he wants to win, then just go with Beckham. Bring back Flaherty if possible too. Sisco and Wynns/Joseph (non-tender, MiL deal) can catch. Davis, Trumbo and Mancini can rotate through 1B/DH. No outfield for any of them. Flaherty, Iglesias, and Mountcastle would be my infield ideally. Beckham at SS more likely since Iglesias probably won't come here. Valera/Wilkerson can be the Utility guy. I'd resign Jones. I just like him. Put him in RF to start, Mullins in CF, and Stewart in LF. Hays can come up eventually, too. Yaz/Rickard can backup. There are a lot of veteran starters out there this winter. Gonzo, Happ, Iwakuma, Harvey, Kazmir, etc. Sign one of them if you can. It's a bad team, especially the infield. But I'd like to see good defense, and young guys getting chances.
  12. luismatos4prez

    Chris Davis

    What was the crowd response to him striking out and GIDPing tonight? I'm wondering if the OPACY crowd has been booing him like crazy lately. I haven't heard either way.
  13. luismatos4prez

    Machado Trade Expectations

    I'm excited for July. I hope Machado, Britton, and Brach are all moved. AJ if he wants to go. Trumbo, too, but I don't think he's movable even with the hot streak. I'd like to see Meisinger, Fry, Stewart, Mullins, etc. Let's see some AAAA, hungry guys play. I actually like JP Crawford as a buy low candidate. Him plus a pitcher would make me happy. The Dodgers seem best. Is May, Bannon, and Ruiz too much to ask? The DBacks seem thin on prospects. Is Duplantier + Leyba too much? The Braves have a lot of prospects, too. 2 out of Fried, Touissant, and Pache would be a good haul. I'd trade Britton to the Astros. Cionel Perez seem like a good ERod-like return.
  14. luismatos4prez

    O's to call up Ryan Meisinger and Paul Fry

    I believe both Yefry Ramirez and Paul Fry are international bonus slot trades. Good to see that Duquette has gotten some (small) return for those trades. Meisinger was an 11th round draft pick a few years back. It feels like the Orioles have been drafting/developing a bit better in recent years.
  15. luismatos4prez

    vs. RED SOX, 5/20

    I like Hess. He's not all that good, but I like him. It's such a breath of fresh air watching a young guy playing for his job. Rather than struggling veterans. I'd so much rather watch Hess, Rickard, Mullins, Stewart, etc. than Gentry, Davis, Tillman, etc.