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  1. luismatos4prez

    Chris Davis

    What was the crowd response to him striking out and GIDPing tonight? I'm wondering if the OPACY crowd has been booing him like crazy lately. I haven't heard either way.
  2. luismatos4prez

    Machado Trade Expectations

    I'm excited for July. I hope Machado, Britton, and Brach are all moved. AJ if he wants to go. Trumbo, too, but I don't think he's movable even with the hot streak. I'd like to see Meisinger, Fry, Stewart, Mullins, etc. Let's see some AAAA, hungry guys play. I actually like JP Crawford as a buy low candidate. Him plus a pitcher would make me happy. The Dodgers seem best. Is May, Bannon, and Ruiz too much to ask? The DBacks seem thin on prospects. Is Duplantier + Leyba too much? The Braves have a lot of prospects, too. 2 out of Fried, Touissant, and Pache would be a good haul. I'd trade Britton to the Astros. Cionel Perez seem like a good ERod-like return.
  3. luismatos4prez

    O's to call up Ryan Meisinger and Paul Fry

    I believe both Yefry Ramirez and Paul Fry are international bonus slot trades. Good to see that Duquette has gotten some (small) return for those trades. Meisinger was an 11th round draft pick a few years back. It feels like the Orioles have been drafting/developing a bit better in recent years.
  4. luismatos4prez

    vs. RED SOX, 5/20

    I like Hess. He's not all that good, but I like him. It's such a breath of fresh air watching a young guy playing for his job. Rather than struggling veterans. I'd so much rather watch Hess, Rickard, Mullins, Stewart, etc. than Gentry, Davis, Tillman, etc.
  5. luismatos4prez

    Ben Revere?

    Just got released. Would anyone take him over Gentry as a backup OF and base stealer? That would make our LF/RF options Mancini (R), Trumbo (R), Rasmus (L), Revere (L), Santander (R)
  6. luismatos4prez

    Is Miguel Gonzalez Returning To The Orioles?

    Could be for if they shut Bundy down. He's a better option than Tillman right now.
  7. luismatos4prez

    Why I Find It Painful to Watch the O's Lately

    Excerpt from Buck's postgame presser tonight: [video=youtube;bsB7UQ8BlE0]
  8. luismatos4prez

    2 More LHP

    Steve Pearce will save us. We could use a right-handed bat to replace Reimold (who ought to be cut) at this point. Another of the Delmon Young/Lew Ford/Danny Valencia/Steve Tolleson mold.
  9. luismatos4prez

    Who do you want batting....

    Taylor Teagarden
  10. Kim Machado Jones Davis Trumbo Schoop Alvarez/Pearce Wieters Hardy is my lineup for the rest of the year. There's no need for Jones to leadoff anymore.
  11. luismatos4prez

    A few impressions

    I like Parra, Joseph and Givens quite a bit. I do not think Urrutia, Clevenger, Lake, or Paredes are nuggets. I would shell out for Davis, Parra, and Pearce this offseason.
  12. Hey Tony, are you a fan of Zach Davies? I'm finding it difficult to decipher from your posts.
  13. luismatos4prez

    Update on Chance Sisco

    I'm normally a wet blanket about prospects but I'm officially excited about Chance Sisco and Jomar Reyes.
  14. None yet. I'm a bit younger than Manny. I believe Rougned Odor or Jurickson Profar was the first major leaguer to be younger than me. Can never remember which.
  15. luismatos4prez

    Tyler Wilson and the 2015 Starting Staff....

    What's the record for IP to start a career without allowing a HR? Wilson is at 24 2/3 now. I like him in the 6th starter/mopup role. I don't trust him with any more than that.