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  1. Left-hander Kevin Magee from Aberdeen today: 6 IP 10 K 1 BB 4 H (on only 82 pitches) Last year's 9th round pick. Really strong numbers this year, but he's also 23 and in Aberdeen. I wonder if there's any potential there.
  2. Remember that a lot of the money is deferred. 23M is just 161 divided by 7. He's really getting 17M for the next 3 years and then Bonilla-style paydays for a while after.
  3. True, but it's not really an issue like it is for teams like the Rays or Astros. There are about 15 DFA-worthy players on the 40 man roster right now. If anything, Elias will struggle to fill it this winter. I would bet Dwight Smith, Cody Caroll, Luis Ortiz, Yacabonis, Tayler Scott, Rio Ruiz, Rondon, Chris Davis, Brooks, Hess, Sheppard, Steve Wilkerson, and Jace Peterson would all clear waivers. Plus some other bullpen guys on the roster are questionable right now.
  4. The Orioles have to give DJ Stewart a real shot. It's really strange to me that they haven't, especially with Smith Jr. hurt now.
  5. I would DFA Hess, Ortiz, Wilkerson, and Rondon and not lose a wink of sleep. Losing Ruiz or Carroll wouldn't trouble me much either. And I doubt Alvarado gets added.
  6. Way hey and up he rizes
  7. Is 1/10 too much for Cashner if he was a free agent?
  8. Pretty different minor league careers. Schoop was in Baltimore at age 21/22 because of his defense (and the playoff push). Mountcastle gets to mash juiced up baseballs in Norfolk. Of course in 2015, I also claimed that Mancini would never hit in the big leagues so what do I know?
  9. Schoop is a pretty good comparison for him, offensively. Schoops low OBP high SLG profile makes him around a league average hitter overall. Most of his value comes from his defense, if you look at his page.
  10. Not ironic. Davis was a Top 50 prospect and a .317/.374/.594 hitter in the minors who hadn't hit well in the majors (94 OPS+) Reed was a Top 50 prospect at one point too I read, and a .280/.377/.538 hitter in the majors who has hit nothing in 150 PAs with Houston. Guy has an option too, if I'm reading this right.
  11. Would be a good pickup - shades of Texas giving up on Chris Davis.
  12. Who should they have signed? James Shields and Bartolo Colon are still out there if we wanted. Gio Gonzalez was signed on a minor league deal somehow. Randall Delgado (MiL deal with NYY) is pitching well in AAA. Brett Anderson signed for only $1.5M and he's pitching well.
  13. I went from frustrated with Dan Straily, to laughing, to feeling genuinely bad for him. They have to stop throwing him out there.
  14. Y'all forgot about Chris Tillman. Threw two complete game shutouts in Norfolk in 2010. A no-hitter and a one hitter. That curveball was so good sometimes. https://www.baseball-reference.com/register/player.fcgi?id=tillma001chr&type=pgl&year=2010 Very exciting to see Zimmerman putting up a start like this!
  15. Guess not. Semantics aside, I'm in favor of moving him up (if that is the case). I want Diaz and Hays jogging down the Orange Carpet in spring.
  16. Very interesting. Promotion or Injury. It's worth noting that his career line at AA is .286/.379/.452 in 665 PAs. Why not push him?
  17. D.J Stewart should not be in AAA still. He's a low ceiling guy (which we knew when he was drafted), but he's major league ready.
  18. I like him! Even after he regresses, he's still an above average hitter I think. Not a good defender so he's basically a 2nd division starter, but he's still a Major Leaguer that we got for nothing.
  19. Rutschman is a Top 25 prospect in baseball right now, who just happens to not be a professional yet. I'd be very disappointed if they don't take him.
  20. Treinen was never an Oriole, was he? Are you thinking of Josh Hader?
  21. Wilkerson looked alright in centerfield tonight. Nothing particularly difficult but he was moving well from what I could see. Is it just me or are the Orioles having more communication problems in the outfield than other teams? Feels like I've seen a lot of near collisions this year, though I don't think it's hurt them at all yet.
  22. Anonymous quote. Could have been Davis talking about himself.
  23. Some good starts! DJ Stewart and GrayRod in particular are impressive. I wanted Stewart in Baltimore this year but we can't complain about Dwight Smith Jr. being given a chance so far. But if you're almost never going to take a walk (like Mountcastle or Jonesy or Salvador Perez), you'd better hit close to .300 or at least provide defensive value. And Mountcastle isn't going to be a plus defender. I'll go on record as saying I'm not a believer at all in Adam Hall even with his start.
  24. Fantastic performance by Means tonight. Really impressive. Sat Diaz down right after that staredown, too.
  25. Choi would write his name 최지만, which uses the Korean (Hangul) alphabet. Most Koreans could write their names using the Chinese Characters also, but they almost never do.
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