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  1. badmamajama

    vs. WHITE SOX, 9/14

    IDK if you're joking or not but is there a list somewhere of players who goes to these offseason camps?
  2. badmamajama

    vs. WHITE SOX, 9/14

    The jokes do write themselves don't they? But seriously, the out of shape guy who's pitched more innings in one season than he ever has before for a late summer call up in BMore? Buck and DD need to both go.
  3. badmamajama

    vs. WHITE SOX, 9/14

    Oh, I'm sure that's it. But I think there were a few other choices they could have gone with. Not the guy that was obviously out of shape and could use a good off-season conditioning program.
  4. badmamajama

    vs. WHITE SOX, 9/14

    I don't even know why they called Ortiz up. I seem to remember him saying when he was called up that this was as many innings as he had ever pitched before. I'm not ready to write the guy off after 2 appearances because he's out of shape and got hurt. But he needs to hit the stair master or something in the off-season and drop about 15-20 lbs.
  5. badmamajama

    Grade the Gausman Deal

    All. Of . This. I give this a D and the Schoop deal a C. If the Intl $ gets them VVM it jumps to a C, if not, a F. I just feel as deep as ATL minor league system is and this was the best they could do even with the Intl $$$'s and DoD's salary.
  6. badmamajama

    DD is not under contract next year and

    Yes, I would have liked them to have kept Nick. But understood why it didn't happen. So while I don't blame him for not re-signing him, it doesn't stop me from blaming him on not finding a suitable replacement for him. Hindsight being what it is and all. I'm just saying not bring back Nick would be like 25th or so down on my list as the reason not to bring back DD.
  7. badmamajama

    DD is not under contract next year and

    You could have made almost any other argument for the reason DD should be fired like: re-signing Trumbo and Davis. Signing Ubaldo and Gallarado. And a few others but Nick was my favorite O's player since Cal retired and I even though Nick had to go.
  8. I find it weird that Jones would turn down a trade to a contender. This might be his last chance to play for one. At age 32 and dwindling production, not too many teams will be lining up to sign him.
  9. badmamajama

    Britton Trade Expectations

    On top of that, Perez has had elbow problems.
  10. badmamajama

    Britton Trade Expectations

    The Braves are gonna have to come up off some those prospect eventually. I could see them not want to part with Soroka, Wright, Gohara and Anderson. But Touki, Muller, Wilson and those who grade out in that range should be available. They all can't and won't be great major leaguers. They're contending right now and it's a good a time as any to use that depth to go for it.
  11. badmamajama

    Machado Trade Expectations

    I thought I had read that but Heredia didn't play in the Futures Game and other players on other teams who did aren't listed as temporarily inactive. BTW, I'm not saying those 4 names are the haul for Manny, just found it interesting.
  12. badmamajama

    Machado Trade Expectations

    Don't know if this means anything but on mlb.com top 30 prospects list for the Dodgers it has Ruiz, Diaz and Heredia as temporarily inactive where it says team and D. Santana has a blank for team.
  13. badmamajama

    Machado Trade Expectations

    Now get him the hell out of there.
  14. badmamajama

    Machado Trade Expectations

    Looks like he has a good glove and strong arm. Plus he seem to have good speed. Bat doesn't look all that strong though.
  15. badmamajama

    2018 MLB Draft Discussion

    Yeah, because those are never wrong.