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  1. I was happy we didn't trade Zach Britton. You don't trade the best closer in baseball. That pitch is awesome. If the O's have any chance this year to make the playoffs they need Zach Britton.
  2. jgaro

    We get Tim Beckham...and its a good pick up

    JJ Hardy is the oldest looking 34 year old I have ever seen. His contract was just as bad as the Davis deal. He is batting .211 with 3 Home Runs this year. Yes he is very good in the field, but his batting was hurting the team. It is time to move on from JJ. Hardy. He is slow, can't hit and always hurt. I think he is going to have a hard time finding a job next year. If Buck puts him back in I think it will be a big mistake. Beckham has put some life in this club. JJ had 3 fine years with this team and then 3 injury ridden seasons. Time waits for no one.
  3. jgaro

    Chris Tillman

    Everyone says the O's don't have a number 1 pitcher. Tillman is proving that theory wrong. He sure looks like a number 1 pitcher to me.
  4. Miller is a must sign. Hunter should be released. I have no confidence in Hunter or Matusz.
  5. jgaro

    Brian Roberts to retire

    I can't forget all the time Roberts was out and basically stole money from the organization. He made at least 20 mil being on the disabled list and had his 1'st child during all his agony. Great gig if you can get it. Sure he had some good years here but on some really terrible teams. He seemed to be a selfish player that built up his stats so he could get those big paychecks. I don't consider him any higher than many other ex O's you never hear from anymore.
  6. Joseph is the first Orioles catcher and the first rookie to hit a home run in five straight games. I like Wieters and I think he starts next year if healthy. If his asking price is too high he will be out of here. The O's won't pay Wieters, Davis and Cruz. Manny will eventually be getting a big contract too. We will either wind up with a huge payroll, which I doubt or Angelos is going to have to seriously change his philosophy of owning a Major League Baseball team.
  7. jgaro

    Gonzalez optioned to Norfolk

    The O's will not eat a $50 mil contract. He will get every opportunity to get his act together. Matusz needs to pitch better or I think he will be the next one to go. It doesn't look like Buck has too much confidence in him right now. The Cardinal got two bloop hits off him and Buck yanked him really quick with a 6 run lead. I would rather have that spot for Gonzo, but he probably doesn't want to go to the pen. It has worked out really well for Britton and if he wants to help the team thats what he needs to do.
  8. jgaro

    Yankees release Brian Roberts

    Roberts had good stats during his tenure here. However, we just never won when he was in the lineup, ever! For some reason the team chemistry was just always off. Of course we had no pitching then either. I will just remember him when he played well. I am pretty sure his career is over. No way the O's want him back. I am content with the team we have now. It is all about pitching and chemistry. Team first and having a great coach doesn't hurt. If Buck doesn't want him thats good enough for me.
  9. 8/6/1986 Texas vs Orioles. We were leading 11-6 going into the 8'th inning. Sheets and Dwyer had both hit grand slams and I thought the game was over. We lost 13-11. I relate that game with the end of the O's great winning era. It has been pretty much downhill ever since then with only an occasional glimpse of that winning spirit. My brother and I took my youngest sister to that game for her 18'th birthday. We couldn't believe we lost that game.
  10. jgaro

    Most overrated Oriole (by OH posters)?

    Adam Jones has a lot of potential talent but his baseball IQ is bad. He doesn't run the bases well and doesn't get a good jump off the bat on a fly ball. He has a sporadic arm as well. His plate discipline is just bad. Once he starts chasing those outside curve balls he is done. I expected him to blossom into a better player that he is. He has all the skills, but his baseball IQ keeps him average. Cal was never a fast runner but he was great on the bases because of his IQ. Jones needs to learn how to play by thinking what he will do with the ball before it comes to him. At least that is what I see. He looks unprepared whenever a ball gets by him.
  11. Guthrie deserved to go elsewhere. How much losing can one pitcher stand. He never complained or pointed the finger at anyone but himself. I hope he does well in Denver, because he sure didn't stand a chance to do well here. I wouldn't want to be a 8-10 million dollar a year pitcher and have to play for this organization. I will be rooting for his future success.
  12. jgaro

    Guthrie traded to Rockies for Hammel & Lindstrom

    I am happy for Guthrie. He pitched very good for a losing club and only blamed himself whenever things went bad. I hope he has a lot of success in Denver. Maybe this change of scenery will be good for him.
  13. No one on this current team should not be considered as trade bait. This team has lots of holes. Pitching and fielding both need to be upgraded. I like MW a lot but should the right trade come along I think the team has to consider it.