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  1. Br10n

    Mesa Brothers Declared Free Agents By MLB

    From MLB trade rumors..... The Mesas are planning on hosting a showcase for all 30 teams in the near future, Sanchez further reports. He lists the Orioles ($6.5MM), Marlins ($4.3MM), Rays ($3.6MM) and Dodgers ($2.78MM) as the teams with the most remaining money to spend.
  2. Br10n

    Grade the Gausman Deal

    FYI - O’Day and Trumbo are both free agents after 2019. The contracts are not that different.
  3. Yesterday, Connolly called the trade a head scratcher. DD must have called after that.
  4. Dan Connolly..... Orioles executive vice president Dan Duquette wants to make two things clear about Monday’s trade that sent $750,000 in international bonus slots to the Philadelphia Phillies for minor league infielder Jack Zoellner. One, the Orioles liked Zoellner. A lot. They scouted him this summer while putting an intense spotlight on the Phillies’ farm system and Duquette believes Zoellner adds an element of plate discipline that the organization needs and covets. Secondly, the decision to trade international bonus slots is not contrary to the club’s message from earlier this summer that it is putting an emphasis on international development. On the contrary, Duquette says, this is exactly what he said he would do when the Orioles acquired $2.75 million in the slots in two separate trades with the Atlanta Braves in July. “It gives us the ability to add international players and also acquire additional players from other organizations,” Duquette said.
  5. Br10n

    Machado Trade Expectations

    His last AB in Orange and Black....
  6. Br10n

    The Trades are Coming

    I don’t see Peter being an issue. They will be clearing money off the books. They have traded draft picks away to clear money off the books. This time they should actually receive something of value when clearing that money. fYI - They only have two contracts beyond 2019....Davis and Cobb
  7. Br10n

    Why not just promote Gary Rajsich to GM?

    I love this ida. I would keep DD as a VP and Gary as GM. Buck and Brady get the door. I know it will not happen. I am the one that also said CD will retire at the end of next year so call me crazy.
  8. Other - The losing will force the front office to do things it would not do otherwise. I see the losing as a positive.
  9. What I am suggesting is 4 years into the contract.
  10. I have one that may seem just as crazy. Chris Davis will retire after the 2019 season. He has too much pride to show up for a pay check he is not earning.
  11. Br10n

    Harvey Scratched?

    He could be called up if Schoop goes on the DL.
  12. Br10n

    Only two more weeks...

    Bueller Bueller Bueller
  13. Br10n

    Os requesting offers on Machado

    The Orioles had the 10th highest payroll last year. 15 to 20 teams wish their owner was that cheap.
  14. Br10n

    Os requesting offers on Machado

    I see Friday as a big day. Teams will basically close down for the holidays Friday. In January teams will need to start focusing on improving with or without Manny. I hope the Orioles see Friday as a quasi deadline but I doubt it.
  15. Br10n

    Os requesting offers on Machado

    Quick Nats fact, since coming into existence they have made a trade with every team but one. Manny in not heading south on the Parkway.