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  1. Come June I'm thinking the Orioles still go with Adley as the 2019 #1 pick... some people might be more for Witt Jr. but either or, I would be happy as both have tremendous talent. I know the Adley pick brings back all the Wieters hype. I would think Elias and Co. do whatever it takes to sign the top pick.
  2. The Orioles are not going to cut Chris Davis. I repeat, The Orioles are not going to cut Chris Davis. I repeat, The Orioles are not going to cut Chris Davis.
  3. With the second pick of the 2020 MLB Draft the Baltimore Orioles select..... That would be defying expectations...
  4. Meh I hope Elias shows him the door next season. I lost all credibility for Brady when he said Mike Wright is an elite athlete and let Wright chose his workout routine instead of listening to Wallace and Chiti. Then came the infamous Trumbo, O'Day, Cashner, etc signings..... yeah Brady sure knows how to pick'em.
  5. I am not aware of any dilemma..... Davis will be your starting First baseman. The only time we won't see him is against a SLHP. We don't need 50 threads about this. This is (maybe) a 50 win team, with or without him. If you think ownership is going to say, ok enough.. lets just eat that money. That's never going to happen. They may come to a decision but I think that might be more set up for next season with another $17MM off the books.
  6. I still can't believe that we are not last @ 3B position. Maybe they just felt bad for us...Nunez and Ruiz/Wilkerson, that's just....awful.
  7. We are going outside the box here... no need for a closer... You put him in as your first inning opener. Maybe even 2.
  8. Here we go.... We could sign Kimbrel and have him be our opener.
  9. Hyde said we'll see them in Baltimore sometime during the "summer". So I really don't think anytime soon. Maybe after trade deadline.
  10. I am not even sure how this roster is going to look. They were talking about the possibility of carrying 3 catchers. Makes sense right.
  11. 1st inning ERA - 6.44 (.285BA 128 runs).......5th inning ERA - 6.56 (.300BA 122 runs) Good to see they are using the analytics (woohoo) to make decisions but is there anyway they can revisit the first inning... seems that its a moot point if we can't fix that first especially If we are trotting out the same cavalry (lol ) as last year....
  12. It was amazing to watch. Wright would get ahead of hitters with a really good pitch, then try to put him away with either a hanging breaking ball or a flat FB. Also, that NYY lineup was a serious joke and he still labored through it giving up 8 hits with 3 HR's. Can't wait to see him face a real MLB lineup. ughhh.
  13. Yeah.... He looks toast. Probably should be cut before ST ends. just kidding...... lets go!
  14. Best bet if you don't care about getting inside for the game... do this. Get downtown. Drink, Eat, Drink... wait for game to start. Have another beer. Search StubHub. Buy cheap ticket. Walk into stadium around the 2nd or 3rd inning. Worst case, you don't find a ticket and just watch it at the bar.
  15. And to think people on here were actually thinking the Orioles to surprise people based on some ST games... This is a 50 win team here. Nothing more Nothing less () .... We really just need to keep stacking the farm with prospects and hope in a few years we have some good MLB players that come out of it. The problem we have, is that we have no decent talent to even trade for prospects. Looks like we will have to build through the draft and international signings only for now. Its not only going to be a long season... its going to be a long time until we are competitive again.
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