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  1. Remember when Chris Davis was going to be let go before the season starts.....
  2. @ the 40 game mark, we have 2 more wins than we did in 2018! Second Pick, here we come!
  3. IMO the Orioles will 99.999999% select Rutschman @ #1. If they somehow move off him, I'd guess they would go with Vaughn because you know the Orioles... we love discounts!
  4. I thought I was able to get a Trey Mancini bobblehead tonight....something my nephew was very excited to get..... but apparently you needed a certain ticket for that... which is $40 for Upper deck seats
  5. When he first came to Baltimore he was renting a property right down the street from me. Saw him a handful of times, really nice family.
  6. This came to my mind.... If you are a Howard Stern fan, the time when Eric the Actor was doing something at a WNBA game... he sold zero tickets and Fred kept playing the clip from animal house below
  7. I remember Palmer said during the broadcast when Castro was getting rocked by the Yankees (not sure) after he gave up a long home run down the left field line to Fraizer... he said he might be tipping his pitches or something. He was throwing hard 94/95 but everything was getting hit hard, they were jumping all over his pitches.
  8. Does anyone still listen to that station??... Its been years for me but it always seem every show had the same handful of callers that had nothing to do all day.
  9. Well I guess someone had to finally use all those Bird scooters..
  10. Well we finally got a young guy mentioned on a MLB article..... https://www.mlb.com/news/unheralded-rookies-off-to-hot-start-in-2019
  11. I thought Elias wants these guys to be fully redeveloped at the AAA level... so most likely not until September.
  12. LOL. Really Cobb, you want to go there?!?.. pop-ups? Our staff has been getting hammered. It's simple to fix. Make. Better. Pitches. It's almost humorous watching our catchers consistently make a low and away target and our pitchers are completely off target. Often these are 0-2/1-2 counts.
  13. Boston had a flaw to begin the season. They never addressed/improved their bullpen which is really hampering them right now with while their starting pitching is struggling. If this continues, they might not even be in the WC race.
  14. Orioles ruined him... Just like every other decent arm. Once he's gone, he will be Arrieta2.0.
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