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  1. Mayor McCheese

    O's need to a plan for SS this season

    Schoop should be available. He will be non tendered
  2. I hope some of the OH members can help me out...does anyone have any of the items they would like to sell. I can pay $$ or buy tickets for another game. These are just things I put in my basement / man cave. Thanks!!
  3. Mayor McCheese

    I think we just saw the passing of the torch

  4. well.... he definitely won't go to Boston. That's my expectation.
  5. Heyman is garbage.... Remember when Prince Fielder signed with the Nationals Jon?
  6. Mayor McCheese

    vs. D-RAYS, 5/12 (Game One of Doubleheader)

    And we are down 0-3.... what else is new...
  7. Mayor McCheese

    Connolly: Oh, the Humanity

    @DanClarkSports Dylan Bundy's Declining Velocity Fastball 92.59mph - March 92.00mph - April 91.48 - May Sinker 92.38mph - March 91.88 - April 89.89mph - May Something is wrong with Bundy..... The Orioles staff broke him.
  8. Mayor McCheese

    Hypothetical Scenario

    Well If we trade Manny now.... they will have him for 3/4 of a season
  9. Mayor McCheese

    Who's most to blame for this mess?

    In the past yes - I think we could blame ownership.. I just I don't know if you can blame ownership on this current mess. I'd put all the blame on Dan and Brady. This is just a complete garbage fire.
  10. Mayor McCheese

    Adam Jones - "Hopefully we can go 20-4..."

    Roy - Do you think that Dan and Buck wanting to keep these "core" guys together for so long has hurt us now? I know we did dabble on some Free Agent pitching but not lets get crazy and say that any of the guys that we signed/traded for (Miley, Gallardo, Ubaldo, etc.) were decent signings. Most of the bats were AAAA fodder.
  11. Mayor McCheese

    Wanna reinvigorate the team/fanbase? Re-sign Manny.

    This is very simple... if you want to see the fan base happy.... the orioles should release Chris Tillman like right now. Just do it.
  12. The Dodgers have some decent prospects where they could put together a package for just Manny. Would be nice to put a package together with Manny, Davis, +prospect for a decent return plus salary relief. But like many others, I feel that Dan is incapable of making any trade like this... since it does not involve any dumpster diving.
  13. Mayor McCheese

    Roch: Dan Duquette - Cavalry is not coming.

    His "cavalry" consisted of hmmm... Gallardo, Ewbaldo, Wada, etc.