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  1. And if you see some guy named "Dan Clark" say anything about him being traded (I unfollowed him a long time ago)....... remember folks, he said 100% Machado was signing the Yanks per his source - (J. Schoop)
  2. Adley is going to be a star. On a side note.... Anyone have an extra nutcracker giveaway, I will pay $$. I would have been at the game but she had ballet practice and the nutcracker is her favorite.
  3. David Hess is the next Mike Wright of the Orioles. We have seen enough of him as a starter to know that he is not any good. He could linger around in the BP with the only purpose to eat innings. His stuff is below average. No soup for him, NEXT!
  4. Hmmm.... Was Means "cheating" last night? He def was dabbing/rubbing his two fingers inside his glove then going right to the ball.
  5. I have not seen Means pitch that much this year but I noticed last night he kept rubbing his 2 fingers inside his glove, does he usually do that!?
  6. Of course the Orioles finally have a #1 pick, and the top overall player is a Catcher..... ugh. If Rutschman is the real deal, he will only be in the minors for what 1.5 years?
  7. Have bases loaded no outs, score < 1 run
  8. We are not going to be the Astros in 2-3 years. We are not going to be the Astros. We are not going to. We are not. We suck.
  9. Roberts may have saw more then we have. Did Mancini even move? We could not tell. However, baseball fundamentals....say that a first baseman is to back up the catcher on this play. Yes Severino camped out on the ball but the ball ended up almost 10 feet (or more) behind him and almost back into play....IMO Roberts was right, Mancini should have been at least somewhere near that play to help out but he was no where to be seen at least from what I saw on the TV. We all heard Hyde just brush it off in the post game presser...saying he was off the bag and was no where close to even attempt to make a play...but I am sure this is something that will be discussed behind closed doors.
  10. Good points. He was a whole wada nothing for the O's
  11. Don't forget about SP?/RP? Tsuyoshi Wada
  12. Remember when Chris Davis was going to be let go before the season starts.....
  13. @ the 40 game mark, we have 2 more wins than we did in 2018! Second Pick, here we come!
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