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  1. What If Tillman Gets Hammered in Spring Training?

    Tillman will get at least 10 MLB starts this season before any demotion to the bullpen is made. Just sign Alex Cobb already....
  2. Wall to Wall Baseball on Masn

    Buck and Dan will be playing the roster shuffle game most of April... Pretty sure the Orioles transaction log will look like a Fantasy Football league after Week 1 of games... Add/Drop, Add/Drop, Add/Drop, etc.....
  3. Opening day tickets

    You know its going to be bad year when threads like this get hijacked into a thread about Broadway musicals....
  4. Opening day tickets

    Pretty sure the Orioles will not release Opening day tickets to the public even though they have tickets available but the Orioles will state that its "sold old". All the available seats remaining will be sold through StubHub so they make $$$$. Your best bet is to find someone who has extra tickets through social media (facebook, twitter, or even here) before hand or you'll have to deal with the sketchy scalpers outside the stadium.
  5. Schoop absence from Fanfest

    Completely disagree about FanFest. I know plenty of young fans that would have loved to meet one of their favorite players... it would have made their day. We all know how arbitration works out - Player offers higher amount / team offers lower amount, usually they will settle on an amount and no tears were shed.... I don't see this as a reason to skip FanFest...........even if they are trying to trade his BFF.
  6. Decision Checklist for the Orioles

    Thanks for the link! I haven't been on here since the last few weeks of the season. My apologies
  7. Decision Checklist for the Orioles

    It really seems like that the club has no plan or idea of what they are doing. They need to understand that a complete rebuild is necessary (if they are not going to extend Manny and Schoop) and that fans would be OK with that if they choose that direction. But in other news.... Did anyone else see Adam Jones cryptic twitter tirade a few weeks ago.....doesn't seem like he wants to be here anymore. I know its probably reading a lot more into it then it should be but its not the first time, or the second time that he has acted like this on social media.
  8. O's trade for Hellickson

    I wonder if Kim's agent was asking the FO for him to be traded.
  9. Hyun Soo Kim appreciation thread

    Well at least he did not end up in Toronto......
  10. Realistically, we will be out of contention in a couple weeks. We need to focus on SP for 2018-2020... and it doesn't look good right now.
  11. Deadline Deal Orioles Mega-Thread

    I am just curious to the FO decision on that one... He will have little value if they wait to the offseason and almost no value at next years deadline. Trading him now would make the most sense if they are going to trade him.
  12. Deadline Deal Orioles Mega-Thread

    The Orioles have the top position player (that should be available) and also 2-3 of the top relievers on the market.... I sure hope we can get some kind of top prospect(s) in return for these guys, if we do nothing then you can just tell there is a disconnect at the FO level. It's time to move on and start rebuilding
  13. vs Cubs 7/16

    You really think the Orioles will DFA Jimenez?!?? Angelos won't allow that... his mind frame is that if he is paying him then he will play. Maybe a demotion to the pen but he will still be an Orioles until the end of the season.
  14. vs Cubs 7/16

    He did OK in Atlanta like 5-6 years ago but after 2013 he has been horrible. Lets not also forget that the Braves were concerned with his approach with players as well as developing young prospects.. so yeah he has sucked, sucked for past 2-3 years.
  15. vs Cubs 7/16

    Do they know that the point of the game is to NOT give up runs......FFS someone needs to be held accountable for this... Fire McDowell Fire Dan Fire Buck but yet our GM is like... "well let's just wait until they play to their full potential that this team should be at"