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  1. Do you like classical music?

    Eh, written at age 15. Pretty sure I was playing ball w the kids in the neighborhood at 15.
  2. Jazz-American Art Form

  3. Do you like country music?

  4. Carlos Beltran Retires (November, 2017)

    Thanks for that. Lot of good questions there answered thoughtfully by Beltran. He is a great example of someone who was blessed with the tools to play the game at the highest level, yet remains humble to this day even with all the success.
  5. The Future

    Like all of us, he’s dreaming of a future without both of them.
  6. If We Can't Attract the Pitching...?

    Platoon player. No one would want him hitting vs LHP. But he was just as productive as Jones in fewer ABs and plays better defense. (That would be the thing he really does well.) And you ease Hays into a part time role in the meantime.
  7. Yeah, the problem there is his increasing salary. Money which could go towards a front line starter. Well, a #4 with the Orioles.
  8. If We Can't Attract the Pitching...?

    He said provocative things when KC played the O’s in the ALCS?
  9. If We Can't Attract the Pitching...?

    Actually, Jones moving out of CF improves the defense almost immediately. They could go with a Dyson/Hays platoon and move Jones to RF.
  10. Shohei Otani

    I’m sensing some sarcasm.
  11. If We Can't Attract the Pitching...?

    Eh, he produced 2.6 bWAR and he’s considered a plus defender (+10 DRS) in CF. Jones, by comparison produced 2.5 bWAR (in 250 more ABs) and he’s below average (-12 DRS in CF).
  12. Carlos Beltran Retires (November, 2017)

    I loved watching Beltran in his early years with KC and when he absolutely lit up the PS with Astros. People forget he was an elite defender in CF and won three GG. He could always hit and I wonder what could have been without the knee injuries he endured. Still, a HOF career and a class act.
  13. If We Can't Attract the Pitching...?

    I think he means Dyson the OF.
  14. Four years for Davis but especially Holland is a lot of risk. They both have injury histories.