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  1. Il BuonO

    When do you think Manny will be traded?

    I’d like it much better if they do trade him for something, anything and then sign him. It’s not an extension if he’s no longer under contract. But I agree with MM, the Orioles expect too much in return for a rental. And that’s what he is, regardless of how great he’s playing right now. They get no return and get a pick. Signing him isn’t out of the question. How Angelos could be convinced by whom ever sold him on Davis and not be convinced that Machado is more valuable to the franchise is beyond me. But there you have it.
  2. I had a busy weekend so I didn’t have a chance to comment in the Gausman thread, but this is exactly what I was thinking. More than that, I was beyond frustrated after thinking he’d turned that proverbial corner. Maybe he’s stuck at the light.
  3. Il BuonO

    Do you like country music?

  4. Il BuonO

    Joseph Optioned to Norfolk (Booo!)

    Your facts are a ridiculously small sample
  5. Il BuonO

    Joseph Optioned to Norfolk (Booo!)

    If they only had nine Chris Davises to run out there it wouldn’t even take that much.
  6. Il BuonO

    Joseph Optioned to Norfolk (Booo!)

    This year? Yes, I’m sure the 27 games Rickard played and the 33 Stewart played are representative of their abilities.
  7. Il BuonO

    Joseph Optioned to Norfolk (Booo!)

    Ftfy and that’s clearly Davis’ turf.
  8. Il BuonO

    Joseph Optioned to Norfolk (Booo!)

    Yes, but Joey Rickard provides vital ML experience and leadership.
  9. Il BuonO

    PED Suspensions Coming

    I guess you missed my post after the one you quoted here. Some supposition in what I agreed with in @Sessh‘s post, but still interesting. Is it naïveté on my part or hubris on your part that determines Ruth’s guilt (frame it as you will)? This strikes me as opinion more than fact which you’re entitled to have. However, I’ve researched it as well. Ruth may have cheated (corked bat) but PEDs weren’t even invented yet. Amphetamines? Maybe, but it’s far more likely he abused alcohol (not performance enhancing) in copious amounts. This is from an earlier article which i believe is still relevant. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.sbnation.com/platform/amp/2013/12/30/5255996/mlb-baseball-drugs-peds-steroids-amphetamines-greenies-hall-fame I don’t idolize players past or present. My run-ins with a former great, pathological in his addiction, who I idolized as a kid proved that to me once and for all. Ruth, Mantle (don’t think he did and probably shortened his career by abusing alcohol) Mays or Aaron all may have cheated in one degree or another, but (and it’s certainly a mitigating factor) the change in body mass and improved stamina one can achieve with anabolic steroids iwithout question does improve performance. Do amphetamines change body mass in any way? Not to my knowledge, but I may be naive. Are there positive effects? Sure. I drink more coffee when I’m tired or slam down some Dr Peppers. I’m instantly energized, but sodas and coffee is hardly an elixir. Greenies may have given those who used them a temporary boost, but they weren’t slamming 60-70 HRs over several years because of them. Now, is there any difference between cheaters? Absolutely not. Gaylord Perry cheated. In the Hall. McGwire, Bonds, Clemens all cheated and the walls are gradually coming down. More than ever people and especially writers seem to be saying, “Ah, this has always gone on. Why should we keep them out now?” Well, Roy Oswalt didn’t cheat. And I thought he made a compelling argument. A day after Berkman told the Chronicle that he’d love it if all the dirty players are exposed Oswalt admitted that he was so proud of his teammates’ candor that he sent him a text message thanking him for speaking out for all the clean players. “I feel the same way,” Oswalt said via phone from Mississippi a day after Rodriguez admitted taking steroids. “I feel that going out there natural against these guys that are taking the drugs is not fair to me. They’re already All-Star players and they’re taking drugs. That’s not fair for me. They’re cheating.” https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.chron.com/sports/astros/amp/Astros-Oswalt-backs-Berkman-calls-out-steroids-1748090.php I guess the argument can be made that if the integrity clause is violated who determines the severity of the punishment. Or, how is it determined? That’s why the HOF is there. Maybe baseball shouldn’t moralize at all about anything. But then treat it like wrestling where you know it’s a con instead of a game with rules and yes, integrity. Maybe they’re all painted with a broad brush, I don’t know. I do know that if I had played I’d be pretty ticked off if I played it clean while other guys cheated.
  10. Il BuonO

    PED Suspensions Coming

    Good stuff, very informative. I’m still not convinced what Ruth tried was significant. Maybe he wasn’t smart enough to get the good stuff back then. Don’t know and don’t hold him up as some bastion of baseball honor. I don’t disagree whether general tenor of your post.
  11. Il BuonO

    vs. PHILLIES, 5/16 (12:05 PM Start)

    And good thing he rarely listens to the advice of the baseball people he hires if it disagrees with his own. The problem isn’t that he’s cheap, it’s that he’s got a problem when it comes to asset allocation within the organization. Moreno went down this path with the Angels and was the driving force behind the Pujols and Hamilton contracts. Then, he blamed DiPoto. Now, Eppler seems to have the reins, Moreno seemingly having learned his lesson. Thank goodness the Orioles don’t have any burdensome contracts to bear, eh?
  12. Il BuonO

    Two Norfolk players use opt out

    Pretty impressive either way. It took me a year or so to really improve my 60 times from HS to college.