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  1. Nah. Here’s an idea.... https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2019/05/orioles-trade-rumors-andrew-cashner-bullpen-reliever.html
  2. Il BuonO

    Manny Machado 2019

    Boo him for what? I’m thankful I got to see as much of him as I did. Great player.
  3. A clean inning to boot? What in the world....
  4. See, see??? If you stick around long enough you get to watch Tanner Scott pitch!
  5. That was no rant. I prefer deadly accurate analysis.
  6. Vin Scully had a few interesting stories.
  7. Matt Wortherspoon=innings eater/warm body
  8. Any chance we get to watch more of the fabulous Matt Wortherspoon?
  9. Mancini disappointing along with everyone else now. 😏
  10. Alert! Alert! A Mancini AB! Meh....
  11. I didn’t want to be presumptuous, but can I say, “Hell yeah!”?
  12. Wow, I think the Orioles have a keeper here, huh?
  13. I wish they’d forget the forgotten man.
  14. The Seattle pitcher has walked five guys into the 4th inning and the Orioles are losing 10-2.
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