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  1. Exactly right. No one looks forward to the Ty Blachs of the world. The point of a rebuild done correctly is to develop guys who can contribute to the next competitive team on the field. That doesn’t happen by advancing guys who aren’t ready.
  2. Oh, we’ve all seen worse on this team. Seems like he’s worth a shot.
  3. Never liked him, but he’s made a nice career for himself there.
  4. Il BuonO

    Austin Hays 2019

    Sure, take a cheap shot at Stewart’s expense! If he was a soccer star nobody would care how he uses his head.
  5. Let alone pronounce.
  6. I’ve referenced this before. Big difference is that Meche, even though he was bad the year before he decided to retire, was productive for two years of the contract. “This isn’t about being a hero — that’s not even close to what it’s about,” Meche said this week. “It’s just me getting back to a point in my life where I’m comfortable. Making that amount of money from a team that’s already given me over $40 million for my life and for my kids, it just wasn’t the right thing to do.” Meche told the Royals’ general manager, Dayton Moore, that he did not want any of the paycheck due him. No settlement, no buyout, no strings. The Royals had been roundly criticized for signing Meche in the first place — he was 55-44 with a 4.65 earned run average in six seasons for the Mariners — and Meche believed they had already paid him enough. https://www.nytimes.com/2011/01/27/sports/baseball/27meche.html
  7. Rays announcer with a San-tan-dahr pronunciation.
  8. Yes. Stewart doesn’t have the arm strength to play RF.
  9. Is the NBC piece wrong? Because the article states the Nats were asking for $475 mil. I don’t know, I’m just asking.
  10. Villar battled but he swung at ball four.
  11. Miguel “Box o’ chocolates’ Castro? Just when you think he’s going good he jerks you back into reality.
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