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  1. 2018 Los Angeles Dodgers

    Manny to Dodgers, Manny to Dodgers! I haven’t heard any trade rumors for a while.
  2. 2018 Los Angeles Dodgers

    Justin Turner suffered a broken wrist after being HBP. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2018/03/justin-turner-diagnosed-with-broken-wrist.html
  3. Do you like country music?

  4. Thoughts on Manny @ SS and Beckham @ 3B ??

    Because you think some of those players are worth more now? I assure you they are not. So, while they weren’t completely out of it, they also didn’t have a very good chance. They also would’ve gotten far more if they had traded Machado, Britton or Brach. Last season.
  5. Jazz-American Art Form

  6. Thoughts on Manny @ SS and Beckham @ 3B ??

    Right. Two weeks later they were behind six teams. New York, Tampa Bay, KC, Minnesota, Angels and Seattle.
  7. Updates on Hunter Harvey

    Well, at least your priorities are in order.
  8. Jomar Reyes 2018

    It’s a start.
  9. Thoughts on Manny @ SS and Beckham @ 3B ??

    Eh, with six teams in front of them. Not good odds.
  10. The 5th Starter Competition

  11. What If Tillman Gets Hammered in Spring Training?

    But, but track record!
  12. What If Tillman Gets Hammered in Spring Training?

    I certainly hope he succeeds, but it’s a cautious optimism.
  13. TT: Predicting the Opening Day Roster

    I don’t agree, but that’s different from playing a guy who has a ‘track record’. Maybe he means you’re low hanging fruit.
  14. Santander

    As well he should.