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  1. That’s what I was thinking. Anticipating a catch there?
  2. If there’s any chance of him performing at the ML level in the future, the argument is you don’t want to destroy his confidence by keeping him up too long.
  3. Hard to dispute the hard contact numbers and his approach needs to improve, but his .116 Babip isn’t helping matters.
  4. I’m sure Brady appreciates your description of him as a ‘lackey’ in his defense. 😏
  5. Definitely a nice catch and that type of sinking LD is already tough enough, not to mention he was playing extremely deep before it was hit.
  6. Clean innings isn’t the problem. He’s inherited six runners, not one of them has scored. He didn’t try to go up and away. Severino was set up low and away, Givens missed that location by a lot.
  7. Yeah, he’s goofy looking. Liked his stuff tonight, though.
  8. Props to @Obando for giving the kid his own thread. That CH is filthy.
  9. Just talk it over when you’re back in the dugout. I don’t need tough love from a journeyman catcher.
  10. I’m glad you mentioned this. Thought I was the only one who noticed. There’s a difference between mentoring a young staff and overstepping. Bundy didn’t look happy with Sucre the other day. I’m not crazy about all the hand gesturing and facial expressions. It borders on showing up your own guys.
  11. Really like Fry....deceptive arm slot and always around the plate.
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