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  1. After watching Martes tonight, I might be happy w a straight up trade for Britton.
  2. Yes, but I'm still amazed at some of the misses to his glove side. Sometimes he's a foot off the plate.
  3. So good to see the Orioles relievers increasing their trade value.
  4. I prefer Davis looking at third strikes than totally perplexed.
  5. Not many SS converted to pitchers.
  6. On a positive note, no walks and he's struggled with that.
  7. Givens would be coveted regardless of what hand he throws with.
  8. He's really quick changing gloves.
  9. Nice play, Tejada. Unexpected
  10. Martes is the guy some have talked about if the Stros want Britton? He's nasty.
  11. That's why we keep him.
  12. Or Britton
  13. Givens ~ future closer
  14. Nastiness. Givens is pumped.