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  1. Thanks, that's my point exactly. You forgot to mention that a team can start in the 4th division and rise to the 1st if they are well-managed and have (or acquire) enough fan support. The quintessential American rags-to-riches story. The problem with American sports leagues is corporate socialism. The owners protect each other and the government protects them all by giving them anti-trust exemptions. You can make a lot of money in socialism, at least the corporate kind. Do not kid yourself, many industries in the US operate exactly like this. In the US capitalism is for the little guy only, for the rich mostly it is corporate socialism.
  2. This kind of aberration is due to the absence of relegation in American sports. Teams have no incentive not to stink egregiously except for losing money at the box office, but even that is smoothed out by revenue sharing. It's the most anti-free-market system imaginable, in the Land of the Free. And it's getting worse. You are going to see MLB teams lose 130 games soon.
  3. No player is untradeable but the Orioles would have to be blown away by an offer to trade Mancini.
  4. Uli2001

    WAR is a JOKE

    Well, I never said Trout wasn't the better player.
  5. Uli2001

    WAR is a JOKE

    Fair reply, thanks. But why do we need to have statistics for everything? Is everything in the game of baseball even measurable? Can Robbie Alomar's impact on defense be encapsulated in a stat? I think these are important questions.
  6. Uli2001

    WAR is a JOKE

    Rhetoric is a device of speech, which allows one to convey a point more economically. It has nothing to do with sincerity. For example, a rhetorical question is not a really a question, but that doesn't mean the speaker is not sincere. When I say "I know what OBP is but I do not know what WAR is" it does not mean that I do not know what WAR is. It mean that it is not an objective, well-defined metric.
  7. Uli2001

    WAR is a JOKE

    I see that some of you do not understand rhetoric.
  8. Uli2001

    WAR is a JOKE

    You're right I don't understand the stat. Do you? What does wins above replacement even mean? I know what batting average, OBP, RBI, and slugging percentage are. I don't know what WAR is.
  9. Uli2001

    WAR is a JOKE

    Thanks, that's my point. He is not creating twice more runs than Alomar, so why is his WAR two times larger? And since his defense is not better, perhaps his WAR should be closer still to Alomar's. Defense will never be measured accurately by statistics, anyway. Defense is in the eye test. Fielding percentage, DWAR, forget it. You know defense when you see it and Alomar was one of the best defensive 2Bs ever, and according to many, the best.
  10. Uli2001

    WAR is a JOKE

    You can go with popular opinion and pontificate on Trout's greatness all you want, but he is not worth two Robbie Alomars. He doesn't drive in twice more runs, and he doesn't save twice more runs with his defense (which is pretty average). Alomar is his prime was batting .330 year in and year out where is Trout in this category. You can say that Trout is better than Alomar, fine. I never said he wasn't. But the WAR thing is saying that he is twice as valuable, and that I don't buy.
  11. Uli2001

    WAR is a JOKE

    Thanks, but no, actually I meant in the negative light. As in the "Roberto Alomar was an average defensive player according to our stats" light.
  12. Uli2001

    WAR is a JOKE

    Is "nerd" offensive now? I must be getting old.
  13. Uli2001

    WAR is a JOKE

    It would be nice to know why the OP was voted down and by whom. After all this is a discussion board.
  14. Uli2001

    WAR is a JOKE

    And yes he is first in OBP and 7th in OPS. As for defense, he is trailing eight other CFs in defensive WAR. So nothing makes sense.
  15. Uli2001

    WAR is a JOKE

    If you want to appreciate how much of a joke WART is, in 2019 MLB so far Trout is 36th in batting avg 27th in RBI 22nd in HRs 11th in slugging and 2nd in WAR. (please delete the previous incomplete post.)
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