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  1. Good analysis. I also prefer the open league system. It is strange that in America, of all places, competition-stifling trusts (the major leagues in all sports) are accepted/allowed in the first place.
  2. You did capture many of the lowlights there. There are many more. Jorge Julio's blown saves comes to mind, Gary Dell'Abate and Brian Robert's strange injury do too.
  3. Last year I definitely thought they would be in the WC hunt, before the season started. They had the talent for it, but I had no idea how badly messed up the clubhouse and dugout had become. This year I had much lower expectations but I thought they would be a little better than they are showing. So it's still disappointing.
  4. After being hit his hand was feeling comfortably numb.
  5. On April 11, the Mariners were 13-2 and were the toast of baseball. Not only did they have a gaudy record, they were leading the league in many statistical categories. On May 11, the Mariners are below .500. Crazy game.
  6. All of a sudden the Orioles pitching is looking legitimate in this series.
  7. Sale has got to be out of the game, right?
  8. Talk about one night you win, one night you lose, and the other night you lose again.
  9. I guess so, but to me those two are the ones who stand out so far as possible pieces of a future contender.
  10. Mancini and Means are the early bright spots on this team. Hopefully we are seeing two of the pieces of a future contending Oriole team.
  11. Do you figure that Villar was sitting on that 77 mph curveball?
  12. If the Orioles release him, watch him become an ace on some other team. Just watch.
  13. Whoa, where did THAT come from?
  14. This has got to be one of the shortest game threads ever.
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