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  1. vs Angels, 8/20

    Now they can't win at home either. It will take a miraculous run for this team to get the WC.
  2. If they repeat the record for the first 40 games (24-16), they would finish at 84 wins, and just might squeak in as the second WC, assuming that no current WC contender separates themselves from the pack. They probably need to go better than 24-16. It will all depend to the current 19-game stretch with only three games on the road.
  3. MLB Host Flores: "Orioles Need a Complete Rebuild..."

    Let's face it, Machado is out of the Orioles' price range. He will likely get the largest contract in MLB history at the end of 2018. Let's just hope it's the Dodgers and not the Yankees or Red Sox. The Orioles should focus on resigning Schoop and build the offense of the future around him and Mancini.
  4. The Walk Off

    He is going to be missed. Please, let him go to the Dodgers.
  5. The Wildcard Race

    There's still a lot of games to be played and with the mediocrity in the AL you never know. But it would take a complete turnaround from what this team has shown this year so far. No heart, no clutch, no talent.
  6. Just tell me why Davis is batting clean up?

    At this point, I say It may be his vision. Perhaps he is not seeing right and is hiding it. It has happened before in Sports.
  7. O's vs Jay Buhner's former squad - 8/16/17

    Exactly. Did I say DD signed him?
  8. O's vs Jay Buhner's former squad - 8/16/17

    That would work, plus Davis hitting at least his weight against lefties.
  9. O's vs Jay Buhner's former squad - 8/16/17

    Angelos couldn't resist staying out on this one and there is the result.
  10. O's vs Jay Buhner's former squad - 8/16/17

    Let's face it, this team doesn't have it this year. How much proof is needed? They will try again in 2018. If they can get another SP or two and perhaps a career year or two in the lineup, they might do something.
  11. O's vs Jay Buhner's former squad - 8/16/17

    Walking and hitting everyone to get to Davis was the Mariner's strategy all along. Sorry for the gallows humor.
  12. O's vs Jay Buhner's former squad - 8/16/17

    They will trade an out for a run every time in this situation. Machado should have been more patient. Let him walk in a run.
  13. vs. MARINERS, 8/15

    I am afraid you can't just move a player who never played SS into SS. Has Schoop ever played any SS?
  14. vs. MARINERS, 8/15

    This team is playing with no urgency in the middle of a race, making mistakes, not capitalizing on opportunities. I don't think they have what it takes. Not this year.
  15. vs. ATHLETICS, 8/12

    Perhaps the kicker pulled a hangnail and they were forced to go for two after the 7th TD.