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  1. If he knows he's out going into that presser, why not just get it over with and announce it?
  2. For me it boils down to one thing. Chris Davis. Anyone involved in making the decision to sign Davis and then to have him bat leadoff needs to go. Who ever those people are should never get another job in MLB. I love what Buck did for the club. I think he is a big reason why we got back to the playoffs. If he's responsible for Davis, then all of that means nothing. He ruined the franchise for years to come.
  3. spleen1015

    No fight, no passion , no pulse....no chance...

    It wasn't evident to you guys on day 1 that is was going to work out this way? We were batting CHRIS FREAKING DAVIS leadoff! They had no chance the first inning of the first game.
  4. spleen1015

    Glenn Davis or Chris Davis?

    I think this is my biggest issue with CD. His contract is going to prevent us from being able to resign Machado. We likely wouldn't be able to do it anyway, but that contract really doesn't help.
  5. I'll admit, I never expected them to take 3. This was a fun series to watch.
  6. spleen1015

    vs. ASTROS, 4/04

    Some luck going our way!
  7. spleen1015

    vs. ASTROS, 4/04

    I'm kind of torn. The 2 guys in front of you walk and you swing at the first pitch. Yet, I like to see them swinging at pitches they like.
  8. spleen1015

    vs. ASTROS, 4/04

    Yikes, Blue. Sheesh.
  9. spleen1015

    Ongoing Lineup Thread, 2018

    Its one of those things where there's no good option with some of these guys.
  10. spleen1015

    Ongoing Lineup Thread, 2018

    That's the kind of lineup I would like to see every day. No Davis, Rasmus or Alvarez.
  11. spleen1015

    vs. ASTROS, 4/04

    Hoping Bundy puts together another good start. No Davis in the lineup. Woot!
  12. spleen1015

    Amidst this sea of negativity

    10-40 is about I would expect.
  13. Machado is one of the last things I would complain about at the start of this season.
  14. spleen1015

    Amidst this sea of negativity

    You can call it negativity, but I feel like it is realism. I'm not surprised at the 1-4 start. I will be surprised if we are 3-7 come Monday. I hope we are 5-5.
  15. spleen1015

    Anyone else slowly growing tired with Buck?

    While I don't like this Davis at leadoff experiment, I can't put the blame on Buck 100%. We all know how last season ended and DD didn't do a single thing that made the team better. I think he made the team worse. I would rather see Santander play every day than Rasmus. At least you're giving a young guy a chance to see what he has in the majors. That's why I admire the optimism on this board. You guys can ignore the lack of effort of DD's part and still have hope. It may not even be entirely DD's fault either. I'm sure PA dictates a lot of what happens. He at least holds the purse strings.