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  1. Count me as a big Buck fan. He was human, therefore he made mistakes as we all do. However, we all should be so lucky as to have our grandchildren have as much knowledge about their jobs as Buck had about his, and also have his work ethic. I sure hope he does not end up with the Yanks.
  2. Regardless of where they are from, international or domestic, I wonder what the % is for 17 year olds who signed, making it to the major leagues as decent, regular players, as opposed to not making the bigs at all, or making it only as 4A players. Seems like a real shot in the dark unless after all is said and done, there are some bucks saved here. And we do not build a farm system up necessarily, by saving bucks; it takes getting good flesh and blood talent.
  3. Answer to question as to WHY TRY AT ALL is several reasons. Pride in your work, Honesty to your employer, and Dignity as a Human Being. My goodness you are getting paid big bucks to Play a childs game. Surely you should be expected to give it your Best even if your Best is not equal to some other peoples Best.
  4. Not a life and death issue, but I do not understand ANY Oriole fan not being at least a bit happier on days that the NYY lose and the Baltimore Orioles win. The two teams place in the AL Standings does not detract for one minute the joy I feel when those two happenings come together on the same day. Regardless of the circumstances, when this happens , a not so good day up to that point becomes just a bit better, or a good day, becomes a very good day.
  5. Yes, but remember he plays for the team in Baltimore and not for the team in N.Y.
  6. I am not surprised they have little MLB talent playing for Baltimore this year. They jettisoned nearly all of their good to middling players last year and are left with the leftovers, but for a very few legit MLB ers. And that was done with the knowledge that few if any, minor leagures in their system were ready for the bigs. You reap what you sow.
  7. So of the 3 pitchers Orioles got from the Yanks in the Britton giveaway, 1 needs TJ surgery and the other 2 cannot get anyone out. A marvelous trade that was, for the Yanks as usual. And no, I am not going to try to sugar coat it.
  8. Why does his performance tonight not surprise me? The Orioles have a magnet like attraction for SP who on a good day, might get through the lineup one time before collapsing, and on many days do not make it through the lineup one time. Adley looks to have a strong arm, so maybe he can pitch
  9. For Treys sake, I hope he is traded to an organization which appreciates his MLB ability. Seems he is getting into the definition of a Matt Weiters, who was expected to, almost single handed, rescue the team from the abyss. That is way too much expectation of anybody, even if it were Lou Gehrig in his prime. And no one knows for a fact, just how much value he would bring over in a trade. I take exception to those who call him a one dimensional player. He is no HOF player, but how many are. He is your definition of the day by day major leaguer who grinds it out for a team. Mostly unglamorous but still getting the job done.
  10. Just a guess on Mike Wright. It could be more of the Orioles lack of a good hitting lineup, than Mikes newfound pitching abilities.
  11. If ever there was a textbook example of SECOND GUESSING, this is it. Must be a slow day on the board. Oh, late game.
  12. I would consider it a moral victory if I lived long enough to regularly see Orioles SPs pitch a baseball game. I did not say once through the lineup, on a good day, but actually pitch a baseball game, win, lose or draw, through 7,8, or 9 innings. To those who say it cannot be done anymore, I say it is not done anymore because the Orioles pitchers do not have the talent at this time, and they have been trained to do Quality Starts. Excuse me, but I do not call 5 or 6 innings of 3 or 4 or more runs a Quality Start. Neither do I call twice through the lineup with several runs allowed, a Quality Start. The bar is so low that it sickens me, and STILL they cannot measure up to it. That to me is One good measure of just how pathetic these people are as Major League baseball pitchers.
  13. AMEN|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||.
  14. I understand the frustration level of those on this board because I share it too. The really unthinkable part is it is still JUNE. Heaven help us to somehow get through this season. Many resemblances to the Post War 1940s St. Louis Browns, who had to compete with the returning Veterans from the war. No more playing against the replacements of those major leaguers who had been away from baseball due to the war which resulted in the Browns going to the World Series in 1944. I do not know what the answer is other than grin and bear it. Hope does spring eternal, so for those who think they have years to wait and hope for a contender, good luck.
  15. I understand the Taking Inventory term and keep the ones who are good, but so few are good on this roster, I could not in all honesty call them a team. because for it to really be a team there should be teamwork in the games, and so Maddons comment, while generally a good one, for this group of people has to be taken with a huge grain of salt.
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