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  1. I would have liked to see Hays in the OD lineup, mostly because hes about the most (only?) exciting player that could make the team out of spring. But if a few weeks gives us a years extra control, what is the big problem here? Hes going to continue facing virtually the same talent, and he will get his shot along with a few others later this season. We aren't winning a lot of games this year, Hays making the OD lineup or getting called up in May wont change that. Maybe that's an optimistic outlook on the new front office, but I'd rather have that than shooting down every move that is made, whether its prudent or not, just because you dont like ownership. I feel like I'm in the WNST comment section sometimes.
  2. He was sick with the flu and bronchitis, but has been in Sarasota since Saturday, per Roch. So much for him not caring.
  3. https://twitter.com/ESPNChiCubs/status/1086421037217128448?s=20
  4. If I were Elias I'd prefer to be called Maestro.
  5. I can imagine it's not pleasant. But it's also not typical at all. I've flown several times in the middle east, Africa and a bunch of times in Europe, and I've never once experienced what you are talking about. In fact, every single time I've just had to walk through a medal detector and do the same with my luggage. I'm curious how many times you've encountered this, because I have never once heard of it happening. That's a pretty American thing to do.
  6. Have you ever flown in either of those places? Because what you just said is simply not true. Flying in those places is a breeze compared to going through TSA.
  7. You're absolutely right, I did focus mainly on that, it was just something that I thought was kind of a strange thing to say kind of off-handedly in your post. To be honest I agree with most of what you said in your original post and think you are right on the money, I just took issue with your introductory sentence, so much so that I felt the need to respond to it (albeit I'll admit it wasnt a very constructive comment). About the issue of race playing a factor: I will certainly agree that racism does still exist in this country; people are still discriminated against in many regards from day to day for the color of their skin, their religious beliefs (or lack their of just so I'm covering all the bases here) gender etc. However I maintain that we have made great strides and are progressing as a society and for the vast majority of people (including those who peruse these parts) I dont believe that racism is as prevalent as you make it seem. Anyways that's longer than I had hoped to write at 1:15am and I'm fading fast so I'm calling it quits.
  8. Why does every thing have to involve race with some people?
  9. I'm beginning to think you actually just want the Orioles to spend a ton of money on somebody regardless of their value or how overrated and overpriced they are.
  10. I don't think I've ever seen so many complaints from one poster on this board.
  11. Yep! The Yanks just bought a 36 year old injury prone player for $45 million and 3 years. The Orioles dont have a chance! MSK
  12. Because they already have a ton of depth in the OF. Its pretty clear that they wouldn't even have a place for him.
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